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Why The Certified Lover Boy Heart Designs is Perfect For February

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and a new haircut is one of the best ways to shower yourself with love.

In the midst of scheduling those reservations at fancy restaurants or crafting flower arrangements, deciding what new haircut to sport for the romantic holiday should not be another task to add to the agenda. Revisiting past trendy hairstyles is a great option for inspiration, and the one trend that is bound to make a comeback for February is Drake’s Certified Lover Boy haircut.

In 2021, Drake’s heart-shaped hairstyle became the Internet’s latest obsession, sending social media users into a frenzy for its bold and distinctive look. The rapper displayed the heart-shaped pattern sketched into the hairline of his low cut as part of his rollout for his sixth studio album, “Certified Lover Boy.” Months later, social media users joked about the haircut after Drake posted a now-deleted photo of himself with another new hairstyle: a cross between a bowl cut with a side swept bang that still incorporated a heart-shaped pattern on top. 

Although the rapper received mixed reviews about the style after it went viral, the heart-shaped design garnered massive popularity. It quickly became a trend, and people started to duplicate the pattern and incorporate it into their different hairstyles. 

Why The Certified Lover Boy Heart Designs is Perfect For February
Image Source: @fadeologist_24

Image Source: @dreamcutsbarberlounge

There was also a rise in men requesting the rapper’s Certified Lover Boy pattern as an added treat to include in their fade. From incorporating the heart-shaped design onto their hairline or having their barber shave it on the back of their head, the trend represented a form of self-expression.

Why The Certified Lover Boy Heart Designs is Perfect For February
Image Source: @dizzy_cutz

That creativity found its way into protective styling as well. Hair stylists soon found ways to include the famous pattern into braids, twists, cornrows, and locs, making it more versatile for various hair textures and hairdos.

Why The Certified Lover Boy Heart Designs is Perfect For February
Instagram: @_braidsbae
Image Source: @creationsbymanii
Why The Certified Lover Boy Heart Designs is Perfect For February
Image Source: @ophelia__7

Drake’s impact on heart-shaped hair trend is not the first instance where a celebrity’s influence propelled the direction of a particular hairstyle. Hair painting has taken over social media feeds recently, and other male celebrities have joined the fun. In 2020, NBA legend Dwayne Wade made headlines after dyeing a portion of his hair red and blonde to resemble a flame on the back of his head. Adding his personal flair to the artistry, Wayne, alongside other public figures, pushed the culture forward for current and future generations to follow.

Why The Certified Lover Boy Heart Designs is Perfect For February
Image Source: @hairbyjaredesg

Known for its bold colors, eccentric shapes, artistic prints, and unconventional designs, hair painting is not a new technique. It draws inspiration from hair culture in the 1990s and 2000s. 

Why The Certified Lover Boy Heart Designs is Perfect For February
Image Source: @c0mptonkitty
Why The Certified Lover Boy Heart Designs is Perfect For February
Image Source: @mademyjackiebieber

Rapper Lil Kim is known for pushing the needle when establishing a one-of-a-kind style. In 2001, the trendsetter debuted one of her most iconic hairstyles: a blonde straight wig with the Versace logo monogrammed throughout. Within that year, she repeated a similar look but wore a teal wig with black undertones and the Chanel emblem printed across its bangs.

Lil Kim’s boldness and vision to stray from conventional hairstyles make her one of the initial influences that made this genre of hair creativity mainstream. Celebrities such as Cardi B, Saweetie, Megan Thee Stallion, and many others have found ways to integrate similar hair designs into their public personas.

Why The Certified Lover Boy Heart Designs is Perfect For February
Image Source: @iamcardib

The impact of Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” heart-shaped haircut is no different from what celebrities have recreated in the past that current generations follow today. 

To replicate his trendy haircut, visiting a barber trained and skilled with shaving designs is essential for accomplishing this desired pattern. A barber can either freestyle the design or outline the shape before cutting. Consider adding a pop of color or a set of hearts to stand out more and show off your February haircut just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Want to experiment with hair dye at home? Learn how to prepare your curls for color.

How to Style Face Framing Layers for All Textures

Layers are one of the best beginner options when you need help figuring out where to start when getting a haircut. The versatility of layered haircuts makes them trendy and adored by many celebrities. They come in many different shapes and sizes and work well with any hair texture when executed properly. One major benefit of sporting a layered cut is how flattering the results are when framing the layers to a person’s distinct face shape. Volume, movement, shape, and fullness are a few other qualities that make having layers appealing. Layered hairstyles are a great alternative when not ready for a big chop.

Whether you’re in the mood for a layered haircut with bangs or feel confident trying out a bob, scroll through our styling recommendations for face-framing layers on coily, curly, and wavy hair.

1. Curtain Bangs and Long Layers

How to Style Face Framing Layers for All Textures
Image Source: @nisamarandajones

Bangs can be tricky because they can go one or two ways: you either love or hate them.

Curtain bangs are an option that achieves a similar frame without having to do the risky traditional chop. Carol’s Daughter recommended that the best way to achieve this desired look is to cut gradually on dry, defined hair. When deciding the length, the hair care brand also mentioned starting long and cutting more if needed.

2. Middle Part Coiled Afro

How to Style Face Framing Layers for All Textures
Image Source: @naptural85

Definition and shape are crucial to accomplishing this fun and flirty hairstyle. For a fuller and more voluminous look, consult with a stylist when deciding the best way to cut layers and shape an afro. Finger coiling is a low-maintenance styling technique that can last up to two weeks. Although it is a tedious process, the results are worth it!

3. Heart-Shaped Wash and Go

How to Style Face Framing Layers for All Textures
Image Source: @curlygirlcrissy

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, this fun style requires cutting the hair in layers to achieve the heart shape. Cutting at a vertical angle is crucial to getting the maximum volume and depth out of this style. After defining, scrunch the front parts of the wash and go to mold and shrink the curls right above the eyebrows.

4. Shag Haircut for Curly Hair

How to Style Face Framing Layers for All Textures
Image Source: @hairbyravenc

This ’80s-inspired haircut emphasizes the curl’s texture and is flattering for many face shapes because of its versatility. A leave-in conditioner helps maintain this style by keeping the curls moisturized and frizz-free. Scrunching different pieces with your hands adds the distinct shape that makes this haircut stand out.

5. Deep Side Part 

How to Style Face Framing Layers for All Textures
Image Source: @naturalfrecklesandcurls 

One of the many benefits of curly hair is the ability to repurpose a hairstyle and create a new look. Add more drama by parting the hair lower than where it naturally separates on the side that fits your face frame the best. Reshape the hair’s symmetry and adjust it to your liking.

6.  Curly Wolf Cut

Image Source: Getty Images

A blend between the mullet and the shag, this hairstyle has become very popular and has been seen on many celebrities walking the red carpets. Master hairstylist Naté Bova told Instyle that cutting layers around the face frame, sides, and back ensures that the top of the hair is flatter and not round. You get the best of both worlds with a curly wolf-cut!

7. Wavy Hair Short Layered Bob

Image Source: @styled_by_carolynn

Bobs will always be in season all year long. Different ways to style this include parting the hair down the middle or on the side with a part of your hair tucked for a more chic look. Cutting long face-framing layers creates this look. Add mousse to give it extra movement and body!

8. Fringe Bangs on Choppy Wavy Hair

Image Source: Getty Images

Any hair type and texture can pull off this two-for-one cut, especially those with wavy hair. Asking a hairstylist to taper the sides of the bang so they blend into the remaining parts of your hair makes for the perfect pairing. 

9. Tousled Wavy Layers 

How to Style Face Framing Layers for All Textures
Image Source: @simoneashley

Rocking a tousled hairstyle is not as messy as it sounds. This other popular style is often achieved with a curling iron, but the look can still be achieved without heat. Simply wet the hair, split it down the middle or on the side for your desired part, and braid the pieces. The braids must be completely dry before unraveling and brushing them out.

Entering a new month is a good enough reason to justify trying a new hairstyle, including a fresh haircut. The range of possibilities that layered hairstyles provide makes these popular looks more inviting. Keeping textured hair moisturized, free of frizz, and bouncy makes all the difference.

Interested in learning more? Find out which hair care products work best for your coils, curls, and wavy textures!

1. UNITE BOING Moisture Curl Cream

2. Rucker Roots AntiFrizz Silkening Growth Serum

3. Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Refresher Spray

We’re loving all these face framing layers, which one will you try this season? Let us know in the commetns!

Hair Bows Are Making A Comeback, and Gen Z is Joining In On The Nostalgic Trend

Last year’s “girlhood” became a trending topic that infiltrated food, finances, and fashion and is crossing over into 2024. Girlhood represented the shared mindset of relatable experiences distinctly between women. The early beginnings of the social frenzy started with “Girl Dinner,” a viral fad where users showed their evening meal with random food items or light snacks to substitute for cooking or lack of groceries. “Girl Math” became famous for its amusing TikTok videos where women jokingly explained justifications for personal spending habits. Now, the latest expansion of the phenomenon is one that is not only familiar but also nostalgic for Gen Z as they resurrected hair bows from a childhood accessory and turned the style into a fashion statement.

Hair Bows Are Making A Comeback, and Gen Z is Joining In On The Nostalgic Trend
Image Source: @miucaiah

In the past, hair bows were primarily used to keep hair in place. Ponytails, high/low buns, puffballs, and plaits remain everyday hairstyles for which young girls use these accessories.

The traditional boutique hair bow is looped and tied to create the centerpiece, adding an innocent, playful appearance that comes in various colors catered to children. 

hair bows
Getty Images: Peter Adams

More varieties of classic designs, such as the thin tassel version and even tuxedo-style bows, appealed to young girls.  

hair bows
Getty Images: Kevin Fishel
hair bows
Getty Images: Johnny Greig

Inadvertently, the designs and various fabrics of the different bows added dimension and vibrant colors that turned any kiddy hairstyle from basic to decorative. 

As “girlhood” transcends into other facets, the reboot of the hair bow is its latest addition to its growing evolution. Gen Z is rebranding the hair tool as an ornamental accessory, making it a must-have item. With the growing obsession with vintage fashion, this timeless piece provides the feminine and retro aesthetic many Gen Z content creators aim to cultivate.
Image Source: @.akayogirl
Hair Bows Are Making A Comeback, and Gen Z is Joining In On The Nostalgic Trend
Image Source: @taylormiree
Image Source: @nico1eodeon
Hair Bows Are Making A Comeback, and Gen Z is Joining In On The Nostalgic Trend
Image Source: ashleescurls

Social media influencers have also shown their version of following the trend with the hashtag #ribbonhairstyle. Popular influencer Monet McMichael filmed herself placing a large black bow into her hair in a half-up, half-down updo in a video, contributing to the viral TikTok trend with more than 254 million views.
Image Source: @monetmcmichael

Hair, beauty, and fashion influencer Olivia Emanuel did a braided ponytail hairstyle that she shared with her 204,000 Instagram supporters, giving a step-by-step on how to achieve the look.

Image Source: @olivia_emanuel

The versatility of it being worn as a clothing item or hair clip made the bow’s resurgence multifunctional, inviting adults to experiment with modernizing the accessory. A hair bow’s ability to add dramatic or subtle elements makes it easier to switch up any look conveniently. Despite being a childlike tool, the multifaceted use of hair bows has made them accessible for people of all ages to use at their disposal.

Adults are adding their twist to the trend. Tracee Ellis Ross, Rihanna, Quinn Wilson, and other celebrities have been seen on red carpets wearing hair bows as part of their ensembles or hair do’s.

hair bows
Getty Images: Taylor Hill
Image Source: @badgalriri

Instead of holding hairstyles together, they are now used as fashion pieces to compliment outfits, adding a youthful flair. 

hair bows
Getty Images: Kevin Winter

This popular trend will be around for a while, from wearing hair ribbons as fashion statements to finding creative ways to include bows in different hairstyles.

The options are endless when trying to achieve an effortless look for your curls to flourish underneath the hair bows. Using a curl custard adds definition to curls, coils, and waves. Top it off with hair oil for moisture and a refreshing sheen mist for shine before adding the hair clip.

1. Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils Curl La La Defining Curl Custard

2. ORS Olive Oil Girls Oil Moisturizing Hair & Scalp Lotion

3. Coconut Restore Moisture and Shine Mist

Like what you see? For more inspiration, check out these accessories for your next hairstyle!

Ending Hairstyling Bias Starts With Requiring Texture Education In Beauty Schools

The double standard of cosmetology training between Black and white hairstylists is an ongoing issue that is not only seen across beauty salons but also felt by consumers with textured hair.

Black women are among those consumers who have endured negative experiences from professional stylists not trained to work with curls, waves, or coils. This has led consumers to go to beauty salons that they know specialize in their hair type, many of which are predominantly led by Black stylists or people of color. As a result, a division between hair salons created a segregated environment between Black and white hair care professionals. 

The discrepancy between Black and white hairstylists traces back to the educational gap. While Black hair stylists understand how to treat textured hair and are trained to work with other hair types, their white counterparts are not held to the same standard. New York legislators are addressing this inequity by requiring all hair stylists to be trained in “various curl and wave patterns, hair strand thickness, and volumes of hair” to become licensed professionals. 

Source: thegrio

Bill S6528A was initially introduced in April by Sen. Jamaal T. Bailey, who shared his experiences of needing a quick haircut but needing to be more comfortable walking into an unfamiliar barbershop. On Nov. 17, Governor Kathy Hochul signed the bill into law and is slated to take full effect in six months. The law also requires that questions regarding servicing all hair types are included on exams.

While a person with finer hair can be serviced at any salon of their choosing, those with textured hair are left with the burden of being unable to walk into any salon without being denied service or fearing their hair may be damaged. Textured hair customers often face requirements before their hair appointment to make it easier for the stylist to complete their job. It continues to be more common for hair stylists to charge extra fees for the thicker and denser curl patterns. From demanding clients to show up with their hair washed, detangled, and blowdried to making derogatory comments about texture, salons’ inequalities force more textured hair consumers to leave behind salons altogether. 

Barber Shops run into similar issues. 

White clientele was the primary group served when Black barber shops arrived in America during the 19th century. After emancipation, Black barbers could serve who they wanted, which shifted their clientele to more Black customers. Still, the disparity remains. Black barbers can cater to clients of different backgrounds. On the other hand, white barbers are often not trained or unaware of the different tools and common conditions, like razor bumps and ingrown hairs, that more clients of color are prone to.  

The frustration from the lack of knowledge has led to many sharing their unpleasant encounters online, including models and actresses who have dealt with similar issues behind the scenes with stylists not knowing how to handle textured hair properly. 

Source: @thecrownact

In a 2022 interview, actress Storm Reid described the hair disparity as “dehumanizing” and “heartbreaking.” She noted that it was not until she worked with Kim Kimble while filming “A Wrinkle In Time” that her hair was appropriately treated.

Historically, cosmetology schools did not include educational lessons on styling textured hair. Straight hair was the primary hair type, and unless one sought additional training from a Black beauty school or other resources, learning how to do different hair types was not required. It was not until 2020 that the Milady Standard Cosmetology Textbook – one of the primary guides that beauty schools use to compose their curriculum – was updated to include more sections about working with textured hair. 

Despite the prevalent bias in the hair industry, progress is being made to rectify the disparities. New York was not the first state to alter their training requirements for hair professionals. In 2021, the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology standardized all licensing exams to include a section on cutting textured hair. It made Louisiana the first state to implement textured hair education in cosmetology schools’ curriculum.

Significant changes continue to be made as both regulations align with part of the CROWN ACT’s mission to “extend statutory protection to hair texture and protective styles” in professional environments and public schools. The act also works to prevent discrimination against natural hair and has been legislated in 23 states since its creation in 2019. 

Source: Instagram @thecrownact

Image Source: @thecrownact

While these advancements will not be quick fixes to a generational issue, they target the root of the lack of diverse training in beauty institutions. This can be a game-changer for consumers because it can ease the hair styling experience and release the burden of subjecting customers to a particular hair establishment. 

Even with the progress, however, it does not erase the generational trauma that has ensued from non-Black hair stylists. But, it can potentially reimagine the future of salons and barbershops for new hair professionals.

Join us in sharing your salon experience and how this new bill impacts you and your curls!

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