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Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas
Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas
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Summer is the time of the year to try new hairstyles while vacationing nearby or overseas. 

While braids or twists are the go-to options for traveling, wearing a natural hairstyle can be a liberating experience. Constant manipulation damages the strands from the roots to the ends, resulting in breakage, split ends, and other hair issues for many people with natural hair. Protective styles have been the solution to limit damage. 

Protective styles require less time and effort and provide a break when figuring out the next hairstyle. However, if worn excessively, they can damage hair as well. Hair loss is one of the biggest problems caused by wearing protective styles too much. With several types of hairstyles to consider for travel, the best option may be to wear it in its natural state.

NaturallyCurly caught up with five travel influencers about this experience of wearing their natural hair while jet-setting and their holy grail products that they can’t travel without. 

1. Kendall Robinson – @kendallrobin.son

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas
Image Source: Kendall Robinson

What is your go-to hairstyle while traveling?

I love a protective style for convenience. But I love a twist out with a braided front when I wear my natural hair!  

What has been your experience wearing your natural hair while traveling?

When I wore my hair natural on vacation for the first time, it was so nerve-wracking. I went to Jamaica, and I felt like it was the best place to wear my curls because I felt embraced and empowered. I received so many compliments, and it made me more comfortable wearing my curly hair out while abroad!

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas

Wearing my hair curly in Jamaica was so beneficial for my natural hair journey. I felt so free and able to just be my natural self. I think I overestimated the maintenance or difficulty I thought I would have to deal with when wearing my hair curly. All I needed was a little curl refresh every morning, and I was ready to go!

What are your holy grail products that you can’t travel without?

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas

I love Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La, Lightweight Curl Defining Custard, and Aunt Jackie’s Flaxseed Recipes Don’t Shrink Elongating Hair Curling Gel! I love the smell, and the products work well with my curl pattern. For edges, I use Edge Booster and Got2b Glued to seal them in humid environments. Those are my holy grail products and a must-have when traveling with curly hair!  

2. Makeda Sofia – @passportprincessa

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas
Image source: Makeda Sofia

What is your go-to hairstyle while traveling? 

When traveling I’m a braids girl through and through. Braids are a protective and low-maintenance style. They are the best thing to have when I go to hot countries or know I’m going to be on the go, so I’m not constantly manipulating my curls. I want to spend as little time on my hair so that I have more time to explore and enjoy the destination. When I go to the Dominican Republic,  I go with my hair natural and get a trim, which is the best wash-and-go that withstands the Caribbean humidity! If there are cooler temperatures where I’m going, I will do a twist out. 

How has wearing your natural hair while traveling shaped how you view your hair?

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas

Regardless of the perception of my Type 4 hair, whether negative or positive, I will always love my natural hair and am comfortable in whatever form it’s in. Depending on where I travel, I will wear my hair in whatever form I desire. I will likely do a protective style if it’s hot and humid. If it’s cool or cold, I will probably have my natural hair out because I know I can maintain the style without being affected by humidity. 

What are your holy grail products that you can’t travel without?

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas

For braids, I swear by the TPH by Taraji Scalp Care line. The applicator tips make getting to your scalp a breeze on vacation wash days. The Mielle Organics White Peony Leave-In Conditioner is the easiest way to add moisture to my scalp and natural hair underneath the braids. Lastly, the PATTERN Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross Curl Mousse or Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse helps to keep any frizz at bay.

I use either Mielle Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Mousse with Babassu or Mielle Rice Water Moisturizing Hair Milk for twist-outs. They both provide definition and moisture, which my hair needs. If I want more definition, I’ll add a gel. But for the past couple of years, I have been using this combo for my twist-outs, and my hair loves it. 

3. Nylah Akua – @nylah.akua

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas
Image Source: Nylah Akua 

What is your go-to hairstyle while traveling?

My go-to hairstyle is easy. I wear it naturally (straight with a middle part) or a high bun. 

What has been your experience wearing your natural hair while traveling?

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas

As a black woman traveler, I often get looks or stares when I travel to a place where I’m a minority. With my locs, though, I’ve gotten an abundance of compliments on my hair. It’s nice and refreshing to hear people from places like Costa Rica or Mexico complimenting my hairstyle as is.  My only negative experience is not having access to products that work well with my hair. 

When I’ve run out of shampoo/conditioner or just forgot to pack it, I’ve had to use products that are never good for my hair. It either strips it or doesn’t clean enough. I’m definitely more confident in my locs and wearing them as is without having to “style” them. It’s freeing to wake up and just go without worrying that I don’t look nice. I am also more intentional about ensuring I have the right products for my hair to remain healthy and beautiful. 

What are your holy grail products that you can’t travel without?

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas

The Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Shampoo is a good clarifying shampoo that doesn’t strip my hair of moisture. I love how soft and moisturized the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Conditioner makes my hair feel after rinsing! I’ve been using the NaturAll Jamaican Black Castor Oil Serum with Lavender –even before my locs, and the growth is unreal. The PATTERN Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross Scalp Serum has peppermint, rosemary and lavender oils, which help to soothe and moisturize my scalp.

4. Coco Bates – @cocobates_

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas
Image Source: Coco Bates 

What is your go-to hairstyle while traveling?

I love wearing my kinky-coily hair-textured wig from Kinkistry when I travel. My natural hair texture is very similar to it when it’s in a twisted or braid-out and blends in effortlessly with it. I love the convenience of being able to pull my wig off at any time to wear a cute wash-and-go or a puff up-do. I also love having the option to swim in the ocean wearing my natural hair. Wearing a kinky-coily textured wig while traveling allows me the ease of alternating between wearing protective styles and styled hairstyles without over-manipulating my real hair.

What has been your experience wearing your natural hair while traveling?

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas

Growing up in the 90s and early 2000s, natural hair wasn’t something that was deemed beautiful by the majority of people. Even today, it seems as if looser curl types are categorized as beautiful, especially if they are unmanipulated with gels and twists or braid-outs. However, because I enjoy traveling to less touristy areas, many people that I come across have not been affected by mainstream propaganda.

No matter if I’m wearing a tight kinky afro, a week-old twist out, or 1-month-old box braids with tons of new growth, locals are always mesmerized by natural hair. I also don’t feel the need to always “do” or “fix” my natural hair, especially when I don’t have access to a shower with strong running water. This has led me to not care what people think about how I choose to wear my hair, either while traveling or when I’m in the U.S., especially when it’s in its naturally kinky state.

What are your holy grail products that you can’t travel without?

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas

I discovered this really amazing brand, Papa Rozier Farms Moringa Oil & Castor Oil, almost ten years ago, and it has been a staple in my natural hair care routine ever since. The quality of their castor oil, which is made in Haiti, is extremely rich and nourishing. It’s cold-pressed, chemical-free, and it’s one of the purest castor oils that I’ve ever used. It keeps my scalp nourished, promotes hair growth, and seals in the moisture of my hair strands without it feeling greasy. It’s also great for my skin as well.

The Knot Sauce Coil Detangler is packed with so many quality ingredients like aloe vera, flaxseed, and shea butter. It’s light and creamy, smells yummy, and my hair is absolutely in love with it. I use it for just about any hairstyle, too. I never forget to pack my Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Hair Mask whenever I’m traveling for longer than two weeks. I used their brand for the first time when I wore my color-treated hair in Bali. After swimming in salt water and soaking up the sun for days at a time, my hair needed some much-deserved moisture.

5. Sharinda Simmons – @theptonomad 

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas
Image Source: Sharinda Simmons

What is your go-to hairstyle while traveling?

Depending on the location, my go-to hairstyle for traveling is either a wash-and-go or a protective style like braids, mini twists, or a sewin. I love the versatility of my natural hair. I can change my look anytime throughout my trip.

What has been your experience wearing your natural hair while traveling?

While traveling in Nairobi, Kenya, I noticed the local people staring at my hair and whispering to themselves. Completely confused, I was wondering if something was wrong. Suddenly, a woman approached me and asked if I knew what my hair was telling me. She said my silver streak meant I would be rich and wealthy. Since I was 16, I have had a silver streak in the front of my natural hair. I often hid it to fit in but decided to wear it out as an adult. This was such a heartwarming and affirming experience. 

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas

I have had my worst natural hair experience traveling in Jamaica of all places! It was the one place that I felt that I could let my guard down and be unapologetically Black. But I failed to remember that tourists in Black lands are often the worst. I booked a hotel at a beautiful resort in Negril for my birthday and decided to relax by the in-pool bar.

Suddenly, I am surrounded by a group of white U.S. and European tourists. One greeted me while grabbing a fistful of hair and running their fingers through it. I felt another do the same behind me as they asked me how I keep up with “this” and how I get my hair like this. I instantly shot up out of my seat, and then I froze. I think I was in shock. I never thought that I would experience this situation so close to home.

How did these experiences shape how you view and wear your natural hair? 

These experiences have taught me to walk confidently in my most authentic self. I won’t allow anyone to make me feel out of place based on my skin tone, hair, or any other parts of my appearance. I deeply believe in boldly showing up in places, especially as a Black woman, and that I won’t conform to the world’s standards of beauty. Wearing my natural hair while traveling feels like a revolt. I want people to see me and my crown and know I control my narrative. And even if I’m wearing a protective style, it will be in a style that looks like Black natural hair.

What are your holy grail products that you can’t travel without?

Five Women Share Their Hair Experiences While Traveling Overseas

I love how lightweight the Pattern Beauty Leave-In Conditioner is, yet it really moisturizes my 4A hair. I like to layer it into my wash-and-go before going into the ocean; it smells so good! I use SUNDAY II SUNDAY Soothe Me Dry Scalp Relief Hair Serum to soothe the itchiness that can come with protective styling, especially braids, and sew-ins. It is so refreshing and works fast! 

Design Essentials Natural Twist and Set Setting Lotion is a miracle worker! My braid-outs and two-strand twists are set and dry in half the time it would take if I were to let my hair air dry. It’s perfect for those midday hair washes after the beach or pool. Lastly, sunburn on the scalp is terrible. For styles where my scalp is exposed, like cornrows and braids, I use COOLA Organic Scalp Spray & Hair Sunscreen Mist With SPF 30 to protect my parts.

What have your hair experiences while traveling been like? Let us know in the comments!

The CROWN Act Celebrates Five Years Of Protecting Natural and Protective Hairstyles

July marks a historical month and a bold achievement for the CROWN Act. 

Image Source: @thecrownact

The third of the month commemorates five years since the legislation, which stands for Creating a Respectful and Open World For Natural Hair, was passed in California in 2019. The CROWN Act prohibits discrimination against hair textures and protective styles in the workplace and educational institutions. Since it was first enacted in California, the legislation has been enacted in 26 states.

The Annual CROWN Awards

Ahead of its signing anniversary, Dove hosted the annual CROWN Awards in June. The event in Los Angeles celebrated Black women and girls striving to redefine traditional beauty and hair standards. The CROWN Awards recognized honorees across different categories of entertainers, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

Image Source: @thecrownact

Media personality Tai Beauchamp hosted the extravagant luncheon and presented the CROWN Awards in front of a vibrant crowd. Before Beauchamp kicked off the celebration, a small, intimate group of attendees gathered to take photos and share affirmations about how they viewed their crown.

Guests set the tone of the lively event by using terms such as “magical,” “authentic,” “freeing,” “versatile,” and “powerful” as positive phrases to describe their hair. A presentation of a delicious selection of Southern cuisine followed with options ranging from mac and cheese to collard greens, banana pudding for dessert, and more. 

In partnership with bodycare brand Dove, a founding member of the national alliance CROWN Coalition, awards were presented to honorees for their strides in uplifting and empowering Black communities to embrace their natural hair in all spaces. This year’s selection of honorees featured actress Uzo Aduba (“Orange Is The New Black”), Graceyn “Gracie” Hollingworth (“Gracie’s Corner), LaTosha Brown (Southern Black Girls & Women’s Consortium Founder), Eunique Gibson (Because of Them We Can Founder), and Supervisor Holly Mitchell ( Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors).

The list of categories and honors awarded included:

  • 2024 Entertainment Award – Uzo Aduba 
  • 2024 Young CROWN – Graceyn ”Gracie” Hollingsworth 
  • 2024 Vanguard Award – LaTosha Brown 
  • 2024 Business Award – Eunique Jones Gibson 
  • 2024 Legacy Award  – Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell 
The CROWN Act Celebrates Five Years Of Protecting Natural and Protective Hairstyles
CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 14: Yaya DaCosta attends the 2024 CROWN Awards Presented by Dove at The Blackbird House on June 14, 2024 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Natasha Campos/Getty Images for 2024 CROWN Awards Presented by Dove)

Attendees heard from honorees Aduba, Brown, and Mitchell as they accepted their awards. Each recipient took the time to share their personal hair journeys and the inspiration they pulled from past experiences, leading them to advocate for advancing Black beauty in their respective crafts. 

The CROWN Act Celebrates Five Years Of Protecting Natural and Protective Hairstyles
CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 14: (L-R) Uzo Aduba, LaTosha Brown, Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell, and Tai Beauchamp speak onstage during the 2024 CROWN Awards Presented by Dove at The Blackbird House on June 14, 2024 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Natasha Campos/Getty Images for 2024 CROWN Awards Presented by Dove)

“This award means so much to me because I feel like it is representative of me,” Aduba said. “To be recognized by this community and world for who I am, you’re authentically seeing me and celebrating.”

Legislation like the CROWN Act makes it illegal for corporate institutions to discriminate against people based on their hairstyles and urges them to be more accepting of cultural differences. At the same time, the CROWN Act serves as a reminder for textured hair communities to accept themselves.

MY CROWN Journey

Being present in a room filled with women who shared similar stories about their natural hair journey, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own. As a natural with 4c hair, loving and proudly wearing my kinky curls took time. Unlike others who’ve known their hair type since birth, it wasn’t until I was 16 years old that I saw my curl pattern. 

Until my teenage years, I relaxed my hair for as long as I can remember. It was like clockwork. Every six to eight weeks, I would endure the –sometimes painful– treatment of perming my hair. As I continued to relax my strands, my curiosity grew as I aged about my natural hair’s identity. Despite flipping through baby pictures, I didn’t know whether my hair was curly, coiled, or kinky.

A part of me felt disconnected from fully knowing myself because it was decided for me at an early age how to wear my hair in this world. The resurgence of the Natural Hair Movement in the 2000s was pivotal in my hair journey. Seeing more people embrace their natural hair inspired me to take matters into my own hands by discovering my curl pattern. In 2016, I quit perms and did the “big chop” to find out.

My eight-year natural hair journey hasn’t been the easiest, as I quickly learned that the world does not always accept textured hair. I’ve experienced the awkward phase of wearing an uneven afro and heard offensive descriptions of my 4c hair being characterized as “nappy.” Those encounters made me quickly realize that my confidence had to be rooted in self-acceptance – a quality at the core of the CROWN Act movement.

Join the movement by signing the petition that urges remaining lawmakers to ban race-based hair discrimination nationwide.

We Are The Revolution: 10 Unapologetic Hair Moments to Celebrate Juneteenth

Black hair has constantly redefined beauty standards by pushing the needle on what has been traditionally seen as mainstream.

There is a rich history behind Black hair that goes beyond its beauty. The unique hairstyles and variety of textures tells stories of experiences only Black and brown communities know. Its complexity has been the focus of political and social movements that, at one point, weren’t as celebrated as they are now. A sense of pride comes with embracing Black hair for oneself, but also in spaces where locs, twists, and other natural styles are encouraged to be concealed.

In honor of Juneteenth, here are ten unapologetic hair moments disrupting conventional beauty norms and forming new standards. 

1. 2021 Inauguration – Amanda Gorman

We Are The Revolution: 10 Unapologetic Hair Moments to Celebrate Juneteenth
WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 20: Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman delivered a poem during the inauguration of U.S. President Joe Biden on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2021 in Washington, DC. During today’s inauguration ceremony Joe Biden becomes the 46th president of the United States. (Photo by Erin Schaff-Pool/Getty Images)
Image Source: Getty Images

In 2021, poet and activist Amanda Gorman captivated audiences’ attention with more than just her words at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s inauguration. As Gorman read her powerful poem “The Hill We Climb,” viewers noticed her stylish updo.

While dressed in a striking yellow blazer and bright red headband, she took that moment to honor her Black heritage by wearing stylish braids. The braids were wrapped into a bun, with a few front pieces accessorized with gold hair jewelry.

2. Met Gala 2019 – Lupita Nyong’o

We Are The Revolution: 10 Unapologetic Hair Moments to Celebrate Juneteenth
NEW YORK, NY – MAY 06: Lupita Nyong’o attends The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes On Fashion – Arrivals at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 6, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Rabbani and Solimene Photography/WireImage)
Image Source: Getty Images

Class was in session as “Us” actress Lupita Nyong’o dressed according to the 2019 Met Gala theme, “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” As she stunned in her rainbow pink Versace star-patterned dress and rainbow-colored top that resembled wings, her hair was also a standout feature.

Her afro made a fashion statement on the red carpet, celebrating the beauty of textured hair. The several golden hair picks placed throughout different parts of the afro added flair to the iconic look.

3. Cannes Film Festival – Naomi Campbell

We Are The Revolution: 10 Unapologetic Hair Moments to Celebrate Juneteenth
British model Naomi Campbell at Cannes Film Festival 2024. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Red Carpet. Cannes (France), May 15th, 2024 (Photo by Rocco Spaziani/Archivio Spaziani/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)
Image Source: Getty Images

Naomi Campbell has proven throughout her modeling career that she can rock any outfit and hairstyle. So when she arrived on the 2024 Cannes Film Festival red carpet wearing a curly middle part hairstyle, there was no doubt it would be flattering on the model. Campbell is known for her straight hair. This time, however, she decided to switch it up and embrace a textured hair pattern instead.

4. Super Bowl Performance 2024 – Andra Day

We Are The Revolution: 10 Unapologetic Hair Moments to Celebrate Juneteenth
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – FEBRUARY 11: Singer Andra Day performs prior to Super Bowl LVIII between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs at Allegiant Stadium on February 11, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Image Source: Getty Images

The “Rise Up” singer sported a protective hairstyle as she blew the crowded stadium away with her powerhouse vocals. The singer performed “Lift Every Voice and Sing” in February at the 2024 Super Bowl.

She delivered a special rendition of “The Black National Anthem,” wearing auburn twists in a half-up, half-down hairstyle. She secured the top half of her twists with a nude-tone claw clip that complimented her business chic outfit.

5. JaJa’s African Hair Braiding Broadway Show – Dominique Thorne

We Are The Revolution: 10 Unapologetic Hair Moments to Celebrate Juneteenth
Image Source: Instagram

The “Black Panther” actress dominated the theater world as one of the leading performers in the Broadway show “Jaja’s African Hair Braiding.” Onstage, she wore locs styled in a high ponytail—this wasn’t an average ponytail. To add extra personality, curly hair pieces were attached on the ends, giving the overall look more dimension and fullness.

6. 2024 Country Music Awards – Tanner Addell

We Are The Revolution: 10 Unapologetic Hair Moments to Celebrate Juneteenth
AUSTIN, TEXAS – APRIL 07: Tanner Adell poses in the press room during the 2024 CMT Music Awards at Moody Center on April 07, 2024 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Chris Saucedo/Getty Images)
Image Source: Getty Images

With the help of Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter” album, more eyes have been drawn to other Black country music artists. Tanner Addell, featured on “BlackBird,” is one artist experiencing an influx of new fans. She recently attended the Country Music Awards, where she showed off her gorgeous blond bantu knots.  

7. Coachella 2024 – Chloe Bailey

We Are The Revolution: 10 Unapologetic Hair Moments to Celebrate Juneteenth
INDIO, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 12: (FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Chlöe performs onstage at the 2024 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival at Empire Polo Club on April 12, 2024 in Indio, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Coachella)
Image Source: Getty Images

Chloe Bailey does not let her locs stop her from experimenting with different hairstyles. The “Have Mercy” singer made her debut solo Coachella performance in April. While her top-notch performance blew fans away, her hair stole the show. The singer sported a braided ponytail with loose ends, her locs still apparent at the front of her head.

8. September 2018 “Vogue” Cover – Beyoncé

We Are The Revolution: 10 Unapologetic Hair Moments to Celebrate Juneteenth
Image Source: Instagram

There is nothing that Queen Bey can’t do. The multifaceted singer and performer made history not once but twice by being “Vogue’s” cover star for their September 2018 issue. She is the first subject to grace the magazine’s front page with cornrows. Beyoncé is also the first to have a Black photographer, upon her request, capture her essence and beauty for the publication’s cover.

9. Coach’s 75th Anniversary Pre-Fall Fashion Show – Winnie Harlow

We Are The Revolution: 10 Unapologetic Hair Moments to Celebrate Juneteenth
NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 08: Winnie Harlow walks the runway at the Coach 75th Anniversary: Women’s Pre-Fall and Men’s Fall Show – Runway on December 8, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Thomas Concordia/Getty Images for Coach)
Image Source: Getty Images

Strutting down runways is not a new experience for this “America’s Next Top Model” alum. In 2016, however, it was Winnie Harlow’s first appearance walking a catwalk with her natural curls on display. Her curly afro turned heads, as natural hair isn’t typically seen on major runways. As more fashion shows embrace diverse hair textures and styles, Harlow will always be remembered for proudly wearing her natural hair.

10. Supreme Court – Judge Ketanji Brown

We Are The Revolution: 10 Unapologetic Hair Moments to Celebrate Juneteenth
WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 30: In this handout provided by the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. (R) looks on as Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson signs the Oaths of Office in the Justices’ Conference Room at the Supreme Court on June 30, 2022 in Washington, DC. Jackson was sworn in as the newest Supreme Court Justice today, replacing the now-retired Justice Stephen G. Breyer. (Photo by Fred Schilling/Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States via Getty Images)
Image Source: Getty Images

Judge Kentanji Brown became the first Black woman justice to serve in the Supreme Court. She fearlessly wears her sisterlocks in the courtroom. The representation she provides for other Black women with locs continues to shift the discourse of “professional hair” in the workplace.

Black hair will always be a moment worth celebrating and highlighting. The constant pressure to assimilate to society’s vantage point of hair and beauty is dissolving. As more people continue to embrace the versatility of Black hair, it inspires younger and future generations to take pride in their natural hair. 

Feeling inspired to switch things up? Discover the latest haircut trends as inspiration for your big chop. 

The Fellas of #DadsDoHairToo Movement Share Their Journey Of Doing Their Child’s Hair

Dads are not usually the first people to come to mind when it’s time to do their children’s hair.

But, it can be a bonding experience between a child and their father as they tackle the tedious process of washing hair and styling it together. While it’s typical for the mother or woman in the household to take on the responsibility, more men are embracing doing their children’s hair. 

The #dadsdohairtoo hashtag was created to normalize fathers as their children’s hair stylists. 

Thousands of videos and images of dads combing, brushing, washing, and completing different hairstyles are pictured throughout the hashtag. The joy coming from kids after seeing how their dad styled their hair will always be an Instagram-worthy moment.

In honor of Father’s Day, NaturallyCurly spoke with a few dads about their experience styling their children’s hair.

Dad’s Talk Haircare

1. Wilfred Rivera – @_jrrivera

The Fellas of #DadsDoHairToo Movement Share Their Journey Of Doing Their Child’s Hair

What has been your experience doing your child’s hair?

Since the beginning of trying to make a neat ponytail, I have had a huge learning curve. Now, it’s getting my daughters’ baby hair correct and even doing a few styles. After being divorced, I had to learn to do my daughter’s and son’s hair, which was a blessing in disguise. So many great conversations and memories have come from the opportunities to do my kids’ hair and show up as best I can.

What lessons have you learned while experiencing this hair care journey with them?

The Fellas of #DadsDoHairToo Movement Share Their Journey Of Doing Their Child’s Hair

Getting a neat ponytail takes a lot of repetition, and not all hair care products give you what they say. Also, I learned not to be afraid to start over in the middle of a hairdo. There’s value in getting my kids’ hair done correctly and seeing my daughter smile when it’s done right.

What advice would you share with other fathers learning to style their kids’ hair?

Take the time to talk to your child and let them know you’re a beginner. Be open to the suggestions of others, which, for me, was on the Internet. Find products that help you get the job done, keep getting the repetition in, and enjoy the process!

2. Jason Dunnigan – @the_modern_dad

The Fellas of #DadsDoHairToo Movement Share Their Journey Of Doing Their Child’s Hair

What is your child’s favorite hairstyle to create?

My boys are simple. They just want their hair combed and clean. We use a matte pomade and then some firm/strong-holding hairspray. The girls are more adventurous. My older daughter lets me try new braids all the time. Our favorite is usually a Dutch braid; she even lets me do a crown braid. 

With my youngest daughter, you have to say it’s a character like Skye (from “Paw Patrol”) or Gabby (from “Gabby’s Dollhouse”) and then try to make it resemble that the best you can. I am not the best with rubber bands, but I have been practicing and have been able to do more with my younger daughter’s hair because that’s what she prefers. 

What lessons have you learned while experiencing this hair care journey with them?

The Fellas of #DadsDoHairToo Movement Share Their Journey Of Doing Their Child’s Hair

I knew the importance of keeping their hair clean, but fresh cuts help, too. Whenever I wash my girls’ hair, I not only wash and condition it but also let them know what I am doing and explain what it will do for them. “Okay, we are going to do conditioner now so that we don’t have any troubles when combing.” Plus, I try to teach them how much to use and how to do it themselves. 

Also, it’s just hair. If they want to try something—go for it! My boys wanted to bleach, and I figured, what the heck! Let’s do it! They talked me into it, and I will forever remember when we all bleached our hair together. 

What advice would you share with other fathers learning to style their kids’ hair?

You’ve got this! It’s a process that takes practice, but I promise you that the time you spend with your kids while you do their hair will be remembered. Start basic with a bun or ponytail, then work your way up. The only way you are going to get better is if you practice. 

Have conversations with your kids as you do their hair. It’s not always going to be perfect, but that’s okay. You will get better. Your kids will be proud to say, “Yeah, my dad did my hair today,” instead of people looking and obviously knowing that their dad did it. 

3. Andre Archer – @andrearcherjunior

The Fellas of #DadsDoHairToo Movement Share Their Journey Of Doing Their Child’s Hair

How would you describe your journey doing your child’s hair?

My experience has been an exciting learning journey. I’ve had to discover what works and what doesn’t, learn about my daughter’s hair texture, and how to “part” it correctly. Each time I do her hair, I gain more confidence as I build my skills. It’s been very rewarding. I love it when people think her mom did her hair, but it was me!

What has doing their hair taught you about yourself as a parent?

Doing my daughter’s hair has taught me I can take on new challenges and succeed. It has created a special bond, allowing us to share moments that normally only moms have. Additionally, it has relieved some pressure from my wife. We can now share the responsibility of hair care. This shared responsibility has taught me that dads are capable if we try.

What advice would you share with other fathers learning to style their kids’ hair?

Just do it—watch videos and practice what you see. Find hairstyles you think you can do and build from there, gradually taking on more complex styles as you gain confidence. Be patient with yourself and your child; it takes time to get it right. 

Remember that anything you set your mind to, you can do. Being involved in your child’s hair care creates lasting memories and bonding moments that will be cherished by both you and your child forever.

Looking for kid-friendly hairstyles to try? Check out 15 curly styles perfect for all ages.

  1. UNITE BOING Curl Shampoo
  2. Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk
  3. SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Kids ExtraMoisturizing Detangler
Rachel From ‘ThatCurlBlog’ Shares Her Tips For Finding a Mousse That Won’t Weigh Down Fine Hair

Multiple reasons can contribute to the lack of volume, often resulting in flat curls. Certain ingredients in products and build-up are the biggest causes of wavy hair weighing down. This is why mousse is essential in a hair care routine. It replenishes the curls by adding volume and moisture from its lightweight formula.

Rachel From ‘ThatCurlBlog’ Shares Her Tips For Finding a Mousse That Won’t Weigh Down Fine Hair
Image Source: @thatcurlblog

Curly hair enthusiast, Rachel from “ThatCurlBlog”, shared with NaturallyCurly that she prefers mousses over gels because they provide a long-lasting hold for her curls. 

“As much as I love gels, I find that some of them can be either too light or too hard, resulting in giving me soft curls,” she said. “Whereas with mousse, I can tell after one routine that I’ve used too much, and I can go in with the next routine using a lesser amount.”

As summer quickly approaches, humidity will be another challenge for maintaining volume with wavy hair. Rachel shared that she fights off humidity by searching for products that contain Polyquaternium, PVA/VP Copolymer, Acrylates Copolymer, and Polyacrylate-2 Crosspolymer. 

With Rachel’s product recommendations, your waves will flourish this summer and all year round.

1. Authentic Beauty Concept Amplify Mousse

Rachel From ‘ThatCurlBlog’ Shares Her Tips For Finding a Mousse That Won’t Weigh Down Fine Hair

This salon-quality mousse doesn’t leave my hair feeling weighed down, even if I use two full pumps of product. I get the slightest cast, which can easily be broken by gently scrunching with my hands, with oil or without.

2. Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Mousse

Rachel From ‘ThatCurlBlog’ Shares Her Tips For Finding a Mousse That Won’t Weigh Down Fine Hair

When I first discovered the brand was available in Walmart Canada, I immediately went to grab their mousse and curl cream and immediately loved it. I start in small amounts with this mousse. It gives me definition and hold.

3. INNERSENSE I Create Definition Styling Foam

Rachel From ‘ThatCurlBlog’ Shares Her Tips For Finding a Mousse That Won’t Weigh Down Fine Hair

For those looking for a cast, this foam delivers. It’s also a product I recommend starting with small amounts because the cast can be quite strong. A tip I’ve learned from someone from my audience is to dilute the product with water, which has helped me get the right amount of hold with a cast that is easy to break.

4. Pattern Beauty Palo Santo Mousse

Rachel From ‘ThatCurlBlog’ Shares Her Tips For Finding a Mousse That Won’t Weigh Down Fine Hair

This is the Palo Santo-scented version of their original Curl Mousse. It comes out in a foam consistency, which I find to be more moisturizing than most mousses that come in an aerosol can. It provides a light to medium hold, which is perfect for layering underneath a gel or used on its own for a softer look.

5. Curlsmith Bouncy Strength Volume Foam

Rachel From ‘ThatCurlBlog’ Shares Her Tips For Finding a Mousse That Won’t Weigh Down Fine Hair

For all of my protein lovers, this is a great foam to add to your collection if you want to add some grit closer to your roots. When I have that grit feeling at my roots, it usually results in more volume. Applying this closer to my roots after I’m done applying curl cream and gel or curl cream and mousse is a great final touch. It provides a very light hold. I suggest pairing this foam with an additional styler.

6. Rizos Curls Curl Defining Mousse

Rachel From ‘ThatCurlBlog’ Shares Her Tips For Finding a Mousse That Won’t Weigh Down Fine Hair

This is another moisturizing mousse that smells like marshmallows. Not only does it provide a fluffy scent, but fluffy volume as well. This mousse provides light to medium hold and can pair well with gel. 

7. John Frieda Curl Reviver Mousse

Rachel From ‘ThatCurlBlog’ Shares Her Tips For Finding a Mousse That Won’t Weigh Down Fine Hair

This is an OG mousse in my routine. Paired with a curl cream, it always gives me a bouncy wash day without the extra weight. I find I get great hold from mousses in an aerosol can. A little goes a long way to ensure your hair doesn’t get weighed down.

8. DESIGNME PUFF.ME Volumizing Mousse

Rachel From ‘ThatCurlBlog’ Shares Her Tips For Finding a Mousse That Won’t Weigh Down Fine Hair

I love how lightweight their products, including their mousse, are. After using their products, my hair smells like a curly hair salon. This mousse provides a good amount of hold without a crunchy feel to the curls after diffusing.

Rachel’s Styling Tricks To Prevent Weighed-Down Hair

Rachel From ‘ThatCurlBlog’ Shares Her Tips For Finding a Mousse That Won’t Weigh Down Fine Hair
Image Source: @thatcurlblog

The key is to start small and then emulsify in your palms with water before applying to your hair. There is a very fine line between too much and too little product. The second tip is to rake up and away at your roots to give you a lifted look at the roots, which helps prevent your hair from sticking to your scalp. Then, only microplop (gently removing excess water and product from your hair) when you feel it is necessary. If your hair becomes frizzy after removing excess water, you can always wet it again to help redefine it. If it isn’t soaking wet, I wouldn’t worry about it. Finally, you don’t have to layer on 5 different products to get to your result. 

When I started my curly hair journey, my hair was extremely damaged, and I needed to layer on as many products as possible. As I became more comfortable with my hair routine and experimented with different techniques, I aimed for 2-3 stylers. These could be a curl cream, mousse, and gel or a curl cream and mousse/gel. The combinations are endless. If one routine isn’t working out for you, switch it up.

Still struggling with flat hair? Check out these other suggestions to help with volume.

  1. The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam
  2. Mielle Pom/Honey Mousse 
  3. Dippity-Do Girls with Curls Curl Boosting Mousse
20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments

Braids are the ultimate go-to hairstyle for when you want to take a break from wearing natural hairstyles, especially during the summer.

Once the warmer weather hits, it’s almost like clockwork to see an influx of braided hairstyles. Despite the endless number of styles to try, one of the biggest benefits of braids is their protective elements. Protective styles will always be in the natural hair community’s back pocket for all curl types and textures. 

While it’s fun to experiment and be creative with different curly hairstyles, it can get exhausting. From the extensive wash day routines to frequent manipulations, the peace of having braids is incomparable. The versatility, designs, lengths, and colors offer endless style opportunities. 

20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments
Image Source: @marsaimartin

Braids are an art form that, at one point, was not as remarkably celebrated in pop culture as it is today. Now more than ever, braided hairstyles are celebrated across music, film, TV, sports, print, social media, and other mediums. Celebrities such as Gabrielle Union, Lupita Nyong’o, Kerry Washington, Marsai Martin, Janelle Monae, Tracee Ellis Ross, and other high-profile individuals wear braids on-screen and off. 

With the help of mainstream media, other women have been empowered to wear braids in other industries opposite of the red carpet. Lawyers, news anchors, politicians, corporate employees, legal professionals, and others freely flaunt their braids online and in real life. 

Some may view the increased representation of braids as another trendy moment worth joining. But for Black and other people of color, showing off their braids is an acceptance of African culture. With each new creative design and style exposed to the masses, another opportunity is presented that keeps African and Black culture alive. 

If you need some braid inspiration, here are 20 culture-defining braided styles worn by society’s most influential people.

1. Beyonce – Lemonade Braids

20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments
Image Source: Pinterest

Beyoncé released her sixth studio album, “Lemonade” in 2016. Her “Formation” video featured the superstar in a series of braided hairstyles, including the well-known “Lemonade” braids.

2. Keke Palmer – Micro Braids


It’s been 18 years since Keke Palmer taught us how to spell prestidigitation. Film: ‘Akeelah and the Bee’ (2006) Written and directed by Doug Atchison Starring: Keke Palmer, Laurence Fishburne, Angela Bassett and Curtis Armstrong #akeelahandthebee #kekepalmer #spellingbee #scrippsnationalspellingbee #prestidigitation #spelling #moviescene #film #angelabassett @kekepalmer

♬ original sound – The Oscars – The Oscars
Image Source: TikTok

Keke Palmer starred in this film as a child and has since impacted the lives of many young girls and women. Throughout the film, she is seen wearing braided micro braids.

3. Storm Reid – Braided Crown

Image Source: @stormreid

During a 2022 visit to the “Kelly Clarkson Show,” actress Storm Reid took her followers backstage as she waited to make her special appearance. 

4. Janet Jackson – Large Individuals 


Edits Poetic Justice/Janet Jackson. With the black girl/woman you find in the 90s. These braids are everything! #janetjackson #boxbraids #braids #plaits #90sthrowback #poeticjustice

♬ original sound – 106 & Park
Image Source: @around.the.way.braids

Janet Jackson was the leading lady in the 1993 film Poetic Justice. The popularity of her box braids inspired fans to recreate the look, which is now a highly requested braided hairstyle.

5. Snoop Dogg – Braids and Bobos

20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments
Image Source: Getty Images

Snoop Dogg has never shied away from wearing braids. Braids are one of his signature looks that fans of the artists have grown to admire about him and his music.

6. Brandy – Box Braids 

20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments
Image Source: @boshbabexoxo

Brandy is an icon for many reasons, especially regarding beauty and hair. She became the first Black princess to play “Cinderella” and, in the 1977 live-action musical, wore box braids as part of her costume.

7. Issae Rae and Yvonne Orji- Braided Space Buns

20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments
Image Source: @insecurehbo

Insecure served dozens of iconic styles courtesy of the amazing team behind the scenes. We saw Issa go from a TWA to fun, braided looks that put her coils front and center.

8. A$AP Rocky – Box Braids

Image Source: @gq

Rapper A$AP Rocky unapologetically wears his hair in braids and has been doing so for years. He isn’t afraid to feature them in his projects, as he has previously done for the album cover of “Long. Live. A$AP.”

9. Rihanna – Anti Album Promo

20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments
Image Source: @paoloroversi

Rihanna will forever be famous for impacting the beauty, music, and fashion industry. Her Anti album was a cultural moment that changed her presence in pop culture, served iconic music, and showcased a range of beautiful looks.

10. Nipsey Hussle – Cornrows

20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments
Image Source: @nipseyhussle

Nipsey Hustle barely strayed away from his signature look: cornrows. Here, he is pictured in one of his last campaigns for his collection Marathon X Puma 2019.

11. Zoë Kravitz- Micro Braids

20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments
Image Source: @highfidelityonhulu

“High Fidelity” actress Zoë Kravitz is known for her signature bohemian Micro Braids and the versatile ways she styles them. For Hulu’s series adaptation of the classic 2000s movie, Zoë is front and center as an executive producer trying to get over a former flame.

12. Alicia Keys- Beaded Fulani Braids

20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments
Image Source: @aliciakeys

Alicia Keys is hair inspo for many stylists and clients who want to mimic the style that put her hair on the map. She debuted onto the music scene with her debut album The Songs In A Minor showcased her beautiful braided style on the album cover and breakout single “Fallin”.

13. Omarion – Braided Man Bun

20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments
Image Source: @omarion

Singer and actor debuted his braided Man Bun in 2016 and ushered in a new wave of people interested in recreating the style.

14. Allen Iverson – Cornrows

Image Source: TikTok

NBA player Allen Iverson was known for the creative designs of his cornrows, and he was just as famous for his basketball skills.

15. Aaliyah Edwards – Multi-colored Individuals

20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments
Image Source: @aaliyahedards_24

WNBA player Aaliyah embraces color braids as she has been seen wearing bright colors throughout the basketball season.

16. Zaya Wade – Micro French Curl Braids

20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments
Image Source: Instagram

The model stunned wearing these Micro French Curl Braids during the 2024 Paris Fashion Week.  

17. Tiffany Haddish, Braided Side Part

Image Source: @girltripmovie

To say Tiffany Haddish was a scene stealer in Girls Trip is an understatement. This movie marked the meteoric rise for this fabulous actress and comedian.

18. Zendaya – Bust Down Middle Part Individuals 

20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments
Image Source: @zendaya

Zendaya can own any hairstyle she tries, including the middle part Knotless Individuals, which she wore in 2020. The iconic high fashion breastplate with her soft makeup perfectly balances chic and femininity.

19. Sha’Carri Richardson – Small Feed-In Braids

Image Source: @nike

The track star showed off her floor-length small Feed In Braids in one of her latest Nike x Jacquemus collection campaigns.

20. Yara Shahidi – Braided Ponytail

20 Braided Styles on Screen That Were Culture-Making Moments
Image Source: @grownish

The “Grown-ish” and “Black-ish” actress added her own flair to the popular braided ponytail, featuring slicked-down edges and gold adornments at the base of the style.

Learn more from celebrity stylist Vernon Francois about refreshing your curls, braids, and locs this summer!

Fitness Trainer Samantha Ortiz-Young Talks The Step You Don’t Want to Miss to Revive Your Hair After The Gym

Exercising or skipping the gym is a decision that often leaves people with textured hair choosing the second option.

Fitness Trainer Samantha Ortiz-Young Talks The Step You Don’t Want to Miss to Revive Your Hair After The Gym
Image Source: @so_manti

There is no question about the wonders of a workout routine for a person’s physical and mental health. However, the hair damage that results from completing an intense workout makes it harder to maintain a consistent exercise regime. For those with curly and oily strands, sweating is the culprit behind avoiding the gym.

Sweat is essential for the body, helping keep it cool as large amounts of energy are exerted. While sweating is beneficial, its impact on the hair is more of a hassle many people would rather not deal with. Sweat happens when sweat glands release moisture from different areas of the body, including the scalp. 

The scalp is where hair follicles are located. Excessive sweat on the scalp can irritate and clog hair follicles. A board-certified facial plastic and hair surgeon told The Zoe Report that harbored bacteria and fungus from clogged hair follicles cause scalp inflammation, which could potentially affect hair growth. 

Image Source: @so_manti

Dry hair is also a symptom of excessive sweating due to the high salt content. People with dyed hair are more prone to breakage. When hair strands frequently switch from wet to dry, it causes extra dehydration and brittleness. Dry hair can also be a symptom of a dry scalp. When the scalp isn’t producing enough oil to moisturize the layer of skin, itching, flaking, and other irritations can be the outcome.

On top of poor hair and scalp health, the urge to increase the number of wash days is time-consuming with natural hair. It’s natural for a person to feel as if their hair is unclean after working out, but over-shampooing can be just as damaging. Although shampoo cleans the hair, too much can strip essential oils produced from the scalp that keep it moisturized.

For many, the choice becomes clear when the pros and cons of working out with natural hair are considered. But there are ways to revive curls and coils after a workout that help limit potential hair damage.

Fitness Trainer Samantha Ortiz-Young Talks The Step You Don’t Want to Miss to Revive Your Hair After The Gym
Image Source: @henryknightny

NaturallyCurly spoke with New York Latina Fitness Coach Samantha Ortiz-Young about how she maintains her curls as someone who works out four to five times a week.

As a person who works out frequently, what changes do you notice with your curls after exercise?

Frizziness and loss of definition from the crown of my head to the back of my neck are changes I notice. I like to put my hair back in a ponytail that’s not too tight and sometimes add a headband to help with the sweat…Afterward, I remove my headband and hair tie and let my hair air dry before manipulating it in any way.

What hair products do you use to refresh your natural hair after sweating and being exposed to other elements?

Fitness Trainer Samantha Ortiz-Young Talks The Step You Don’t Want to Miss to Revive Your Hair After The Gym

I use the Sunday II Sunday Root Refresher and add some Rizos Curls Defining Mousse. Lastly, I love to add OUIDAD Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel.

Regarding your wash day routine, is there a specific regimen or method you follow to revive your hair?

I wash my hair once a week and use Cantu’s Shampoo and Conditioner with Shea Butter from their avocado line. If I’m not using that, I use the OUIDAD Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel. I also deep condition with the Cantu Deep Treatment Masque with Shea Butter.

When working out, my go-to hairstyle is a ponytail because I don’t like my hair completely down. As a curly girl, once you put your hair in a bun – that’s it, game over. I also will do a single braid to keep the definition of my curls. 

What advice would you give those who want to go to the gym but skip it because they don’t want to mess up their hair?

Image Source: @so_manti

Health is wealth. The curly girls can bring their curls back to life and preserve them. The steps I gave can give curly girls an idea of how to refresh their hair and keep them voluminous and defined. When I work out, I usually do strength and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is very intense. I sweat a lot and can have my hair last at least 5-6 days. I hope that incentivizes them to love their curls, have their hair look like they just had a wash day, and still prioritize themselves. 

Need hair inspo for your workouts? Check out these ten curly hair routines.

  1. Essations Tea Tree Solutions Dry & Itchy Scalp Shampoo 
  2. Aunt Jackie’s Frizz Rebel – Coconut & Sweet Almond
  3. CURLS Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner

Curly Chemistry’s Tonya Lane and Her Inspiration Behind Creating Safe Online Spaces

Tonya Lane understands the value of cultivating a safe, trusting online community. She is the creator of Curly Chemistry, a digital platform where she discusses ingredients, shares product reviews, and teaches viewers the best practices for caring for natural hair.

“Curly Chemistry believes that all hair is good hair,” Lane said. “We foster a judgment-free zone, uplifting the curly hair community. We are equipping people with information and tools to excel and be empowered in their hair care journey.” 

With natural hair as her focus, she had not always known what her curl pattern looked like because she had previously used relaxers. It wasn’t until around 2015 that her curiosity led her away from the straightening chemicals to uncover her natural texture.

Curly Chemistry’s Tonya Lane and Her Inspiration Behind Creating Safe Online Spaces

“My relationship with my natural hair has been one of discovery,” Lane told NaturallyCurly. “…In that discovery, I had to learn how to listen to my hair.”

Lane took her exploration one step further by pursuing a career in the beauty industry as a cosmetic chemist. She works with brands that are developing hair care products. The responsibilities from her career and beauty interests inspired Lane to widen her reach. 

Lane began her digital creation career on YouTube in 2009. In her videos, she educated her subscribers on the ingredients and science of hair care. Online users flocked to her page as Lane filled the educational gap on natural hair in the beauty industry. 

“Seeing false ingredient information and misconceptions about natural hair online also inspired me to share my knowledge,” she said. “…I see myself as an advocate for ingredients that represent and show them in their true light.”

Lane rebranded as Curly Chemistry around 2019 to establish her brand’s identity. She rebranded her YouTube channel and expanded her content onto Instagram. Her outreach stretches across both platforms with more than 300K supporters. Her most rewarding part is that followers share their hair results after watching her content.

“They’re understanding their hair more, information about ingredients in products, and learning successful techniques,” she added. “Their confidence is building. They’re feeling more empowered about their hair, but also themselves.”

Curly Chemistry’s Tonya Lane and Her Inspiration Behind Creating Safe Online Spaces

The confidence Lane touched on sheds light on a more significant issue. For Black and women of color, the way these communities view their hair can have an impact on their mental health.

Black hair is often described as a “crown.” While it is celebrated more in today’s culture, Black hair remains an ongoing political battle. The negative perception of Black and natural hair can be dated back to slavery. One of the various dehumanizing methods was forcefully removing the hair of enslaved people. This was done in an attempt to strip them of their cultural identity. 

Stripping Black people of their identity presented itself in new ways. Before the Natural Hair Movement in the 1960s, Black women and men were conditioned to assimilate to whiteness by straightening their hair. The Natural Hair Movement fought against that notion and empowered Black communities to return to their roots. The resurgence of natural hairstyles, such as afros and locs, encouraged others to embrace their textures.

More measures are now in place to protect natural hair communities. The CROWN ACT protects against nationwide hair discrimination, specifically in the workplace. It was created in 2019 to preserve people’s “crown” for current and future generations.

Image Source: @curly.chemistry

“When it comes to hair, it’s so much deeper,” Lane said. “…It’s also part of our identity and represents our internal views. For women to see results and feel confident and empowered, that’s my reward.”

Why Online Safe Spaces Are Important

In this digital age, the rise of cyber hate and trolling continues to be a major issue that affects online users. The toxicity can cause mental health challenges, such as depression and anxiety, because of its intensity. Safe online spaces serve as an outlet to promote healthy interactions and conversations and find connections with others.

“A positive space and environment always allow room for growth,” Lane said. “It’s hard to grow and learn in an environment that’s demeaning or undermining… If you have a positive, uplifting community, people will be open to learning and asking questions.”

Image Source: @curly.chemistry

Lane’s goal to teach hair care has remained the same. Her ability to welcome healthy discourse makes her hair care community a one-of-a-kind experience.

Looking for new office hairstyles to try? Test out these professional looks for your next office visit.

  1. KinkyCurly Knot Today
  2. Taliah Waajid Green Apple & Aloe Nutrition Curl Elixir 
  3. Aunt Jackie’s Curl Boss – Coconut Curling Gelée
JooY Founder Jennifer Yen Expands Her Beauty Empire With Scalp Care Brand

Jennifer Yen understood healthy hair starts at its roots as she embarked on her next beauty venture.

The serial entrepreneur founded JooY, a scalp care brand dedicated to expanding the hair and beauty community’s focus on scalp care. JooY launched in April with a collection of five new products. Inside the collection are the brand’s Clarify Shampoo, Clarify Conditioner, and Scalp Energizing Brush, with its hero products being the Soothing Scalp Serum and Scalp Resurfacing Serum. 

Tackling the beauty industry is not a new feat for Yen, who is also the founder of skincare and makeup brands Pürlisee and Yensa. Since forging her lane, the decision to expand her empire into scalp care came from a personal experience on her self-care journey.

JooY Founder Jennifer Yen Expands Her Beauty Empire With Scalp Care Brand
Image Source: @jenyen1

Yen battled hair loss during the COVID-19 pandemic and was puzzled by the shedding. While searching for a solution, she leaned on her cultural roots for healing. In her youth, Yen said her grandmother and mother would emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy scalp. As part of her Asian heritage, she grew up using fermented ingredients for skincare. She applied those lessons from her childhood and improved the health of her hair. 

Yen infused her family’s haircare rituals into JooY’s formula by incorporating fermented superfood ingredients. Apple cider vinegar, algae, peppermint, avocado, rice water, ginger, and aloe are a few plant-based ingredients in the brand’s products. 

NaturallyCurly spoke with Yen about the importance of scalp care, JooY’s mission, and the definition of success for a newly launched brand.

JooY Founder Jennifer Yen Expands Her Beauty Empire With Scalp Care Brand

What inspired you to create a scalp care line, and what takeaways from your previous business experiences helped you build JooY?

My grandmother, mother, and aunt were obsessed with beauty while I was growing up. Hair was important, but my grandmother always told me that healthy hair starts at the scalp. They would use home remedies like black sesame oil, avocado, apple cider vinegar, and seaweed on their hair…When it comes to the scalp, it’s truly an extension of your face and skin and should be treated the same way. 

After all the years of developing skincare, we took that knowledge and applied it directly to the scalp. I know the scalp is always an afterthought because we don’t see it. The same way you exfoliate your face once a week or every two weeks is the same idea with the scalp, with our Scalp Resurfacing Serum that clarifies, exfoliates, and cleanses it. 

What other influences did you pull from your Asian heritage when developing your products and formula?

I always believe in remedies used for thousands of years by women and within the generations of women in my family. My aunt, grandmother, and mother have beautiful hair and skin, so I look at them and trust that these remedies were also used by their grandparents and aunts.

It 100% influenced the ingredients we used. Growing up, we ate a lot of fermented foods because they are really good for our digestive system. The fermentation process helps break down ingredients and gives rise to amino acids that help with deeper penetration. I learned about the fermentation process in my childhood, too.

Our tagline is “Never forget your roots.” In Asian culture, our roots go back thousands of years. We are raised to never forget where we’re from. The root of your life and family is the foundation for flourishing and growing.

How did you create the brand’s name, JooY?

JooY Founder Jennifer Yen Expands Her Beauty Empire With Scalp Care Brand
Image Source: @officialmorejooy

If you look at our logo and icon, you will see that it’s the number eight. Eight is the luckiest number in Chinese culture. It symbolizes prosperity, great health, and infinite possibilities. So, each one of our products is infused with eight fermented superfoods.

I came up with JooY after reading an article in 2008 in which Gwyneth Paltrow said she used the two “o’s” in Google to come up with the name of her brand, Goop—Gwyneth Paltrow two “o’s.” I remembered that and thought JooY would be even better. So, it’s my initials with two “o’s” turned upside down to symbolize eight.

How are these products formulated to address and serve the needs of all hair types and textures?

We’re targeting the scalp, not so much hair. But we do have a clarifying shampoo and conditioner that is great for all hair types and textures. The gentle JooY Clarify Shampoo removes residue and buildup and prevents itchiness. The JooY Clarify Conditioner is lightweight enough to be used on the scalp and hair. 

Why was sustainability an essential and intentional business decision that you upheld as part of the brand’s identity?

JooY Founder Jennifer Yen Expands Her Beauty Empire With Scalp Care Brand
Image Source: @officialmorejooy

I always considered sustainability when developing JooY. By the time I developed it, more packaging options were available, and it wasn’t cost-prohibited. All of our products and tubes use 30% post-consumer recycled material. We also have large refillables. 

We need that for our environment, and the new generation needs to be conscious of sustainability. I would love to see more packaging innovation around that.

What does growth and success look like for you that’s unrelated to a monetary value?

Partnering with the right retailers with our ethos – clean beauty and sustainability. For women and men, they genuinely love our beauty products and know what we’re doing. This is a product you need to feel. It’s not like makeup, where you can see it right away. But you’re able to feel it right away.

Have you checked out JooY’s products? Let us know in the comments.

Maintain Curl Volume Under A Graduation Cap With These Natural Hair Tips and Tricks

Graduation is a celebratory occasion, and it is only right that students show up authentically as their truest selves.

For some, this can mean decorating their graduation cap to represent the person they’ve become while pursuing their degree or finding an outfit matching their style. For people with natural hair, confidently wearing an afro or twisting out underneath their graduation cap reflects their identity and self-expression.

Maintaining curly hairstyles underneath a graduation cap can be a hassle, especially if the ceremony is outdoors. Between unpredictable weather and nature, figuring out how to style your hair for the unexpected may be difficult. But there are ways to prevent a hair disaster from happening. 

Natural hair influencers Emily Hernandez and Camryn Hergenroeder shared their advice with NaturallyCurly about the best ways to maintain volume and make natural hairstyles last throughout the special day.

The Finger Coiling Method 

Maintain Curl Volume Under A Graduation Cap With These Natural Hair Tips and Tricks
Image Source: @exzrln

Hernandez recommended finger-coiling curly hair for its defining and voluminous results. First, she used a decent amount of Camille Rose Coconut Water Leave-In Detangling Hair Treatment, applying the product mostly to the roots. After sectioning her hair, Hernandez used Camille Rose Curlaide Moisture Butter to start finger-coiling her hair. To retain moisture, she used either Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Scalp & Strengthening Hair Oil or Difeel Tea Tree Premium Hair Oil and massaged her scalp once she finished. 

Image Source: @emusw0rld

To prevent messing up the coils, Hernandez suggested using plopping to dry the hair. Plopping involves wrapping the hair in a towel so the curly can air-dry. If opting for a shirt instead of a towel, Hernandez said she uses a 100% cotton t-shirt while her hair is still drenched.

I leave the shirt on my hair when it’s about 45% dry, then I remove it coming in with a diffuser to speed up the process,” Hernandez explained.

For more volume, Hernandez found that separating the coils from the bottom to top while also fluffing from the roots helps and “achieves voluminous picture-perfect defined curls.”

Maintain Curl Volume Under A Graduation Cap With These Natural Hair Tips and Tricks

Her final production recommendation was the Camille Rose Rosemary Water Daily Strengthening Mist, which promotes healthy hair growth.

Less Is More

Maintain Curl Volume Under A Graduation Cap With These Natural Hair Tips and Tricks
Image Source: @camrynscurls

Hergenroeder’s method of achieving more volume is to use fewer hair products. She suggested using a lightweight leave-in conditioner like The Innate Life Leave-In Spray.

During the spring and summer, there’s more moisture in the air, so you can go with a more lightweight spray,” she explained. “…I sometimes experiment with skipping a leave-in during the summer for even more volume. But you might want to test this ahead of time because there’s a risk for excess frizz.

She also suggested products with hydrolyzed rice protein for extra volume. Her go-to’s are the Miribel Naturals Va-Va Volumizing Foam and INNERSENSE I Create Lift Volumizing Foam.

Swap Out Mousse For Gel 

Hergenroeder suggested using mousse for bigger hair results. Her holy grail mousse is the Miche Gel-To-Foam Styling Mousse, where she said she uses about ten pumps for her entire head. She also found that only using a leave-in without curl-holding product results in “big, fluffy curls.” She warns, however, that a person’s curls may only last for a while if only using a leave-in. 

Image Source: @camrynscurls

Styling From The Roots

The digital creator’s last pieces of advice targeted styling at the root of the hair. She instructed fluffing or picking the hair at its root while upside down or flipping it from side to side. Using a volumizing hair spray or powder helps lift the root, creating more volume. She suggested fluffing or picking all sides of the head, not just on top.

Instead of styling your hair by brushing it down, you can brush it 90º from the scalp to get more lift at the roots, Hergenroeder added. “If you don’t brush your hair, you can scrunch upside down so your curls aren’t stuck to your scalp.

In addition to figuring out how to make a hairstyle last for graduation day, positioning the cap on textured hair has been an ongoing issue for the natural hair community. To find a temporary solution, digital creators have created countless DIY hack videos involving a hot glue gun or duct tape. Even with the hacks, people found altering their graduation caps to lay flat on top or tilt because of the fullness of curly and oily hair.

A Grad Cap Solution For Natural Hair

Maintain Curl Volume Under A Graduation Cap With These Natural Hair Tips and Tricks
Image Source: @unlincoln

Myayla Wright experienced this issue firsthand during her high school graduation in 2020. She wanted to keep her natural curls instead of straightening them, so she also turned to the DIY hack. However, unsatisfied with the results, Wright and her mother, RaShawnda, discovered a way for people to wear graduation caps without compromising their natural hair.

Along with Ryan Wright, co-founders Rashawnda and Myayla developed a three-piece accessory that secures and helps graduates maintain any hairstyle under their cap. The family business, Grad Cap Remix, was founded in 2022 and has since transformed the lives of graduating students.

Celebrating graduations isn’t just about the accomplishment itself; it’s about honoring the hard work, dedication, and resilience that go into reaching that moment,”  the co-founders shared with NaturallyCurly. Being a part of that celebration, by providing a product that allows people to be their true self, fills us with a sense of pride and purpose.

The accessory works as an insert with its three-piece system. Graduates assemble the product inside the cap and are provided with a solution to their hair struggles in under 30 seconds. 

Image Source: @gradcapremix

Grad Cap Remix has also become more than a tool for the natural hair community. The Wrights found that those with cochlear implants, sensory issues, bangs, large heads, or students wanting to prolong the wear of their makeup have also discovered their creation useful. 

It feels incredibly rewarding and humbling to know that we are making an impact on individuals who are reaching such significant milestones in their lives, the Wrights continued….Being able to support and empower people as they graduate and embark on new chapters in their lives is an honor.”

There shouldn’t have to be a battle between wearing your natural hair on graduation day and feeling confident while walking across the stage. Feeling confident while walking across the stage is achievable and can be done with an afro, twist, or any other natural hairstyle. With these tips and tricks, maintaining voluminous and defined curls will also be worth celebrating during graduation season.

Trying to find a specific hairstyle to wear for graduation? Check out these five hairstyles to help style your curls for graduation.

Making It Easy For Men: What Your Barber Wants You To Know Before Your Appointment

The barbershop experience is one of tradition and culture, which can be daunting for someone who has never stepped foot into the establishment.

While it is where men and women go for a haircut or style, the space provides more than the services offered for clients. One can find community and mentors and engage in entertaining yet meaningful conversations about various topics. At the same time, clients leave the chair with confidence after getting a clean cut or touch-up. 

The barbershop experience is formed over time, but there are ways to leave a good impression when visiting a barbershop as a newbie. 

Learn more about what to expect and the best ways to navigate being the new person in the shop below. 

How Do You Find The Right Barbershop?

Making It Easy For Men: What Your Barber Wants You To Know Before Your Appointment
Image Source: @dreamcutsbarberlounge

Before settling on any barber shop, it is essential to do research beforehand. It may take some time for new customers to discover the right place, but it is possible. Word of mouth is a tried-and-true method that can be helpful when figuring out which barbershop to visit. Speaking with other men or people who regularly visit a barber shop is an ideal choice to help narrow down which establishment to try. Speaking with people who frequently get their haircut can suggest a specific barber to try out, provide insight into the shop’s atmosphere, and assist with making that initial introduction.

Another helpful method is reading reviews of the barber and the shop they work in. If a barbershop requires setting an appointment online, try searching for the review section on the website. Reading about other people’s experiences, whether positive or negative, helps paint a complete picture of what to expect as a potential client. 

If the barbershop only takes appointments over the phone, searching them on Yelp is another option. Although Yelp is typically used for restaurants, reviews of barbershops and hair salons are also on the digital platform. For those who prefer viewing a visual portfolio, Instagram and TikTok are alternatives that allow new clients to see pictures and videos before committing to a new shop.

Image Source: @pyaar_kaye

What Are The Best Ways To Prepare Before Getting A Haircut Or Style?

Making It Easy For Men: What Your Barber Wants You To Know Before Your Appointment
Image Source: @clippergoddess

The next step is determining the haircut or style to tell the barber to recreate before sitting in the chair. Being specific produces better results. While describing the cut or style, try finding a picture that reflects the desired look.

Barbers usually consult with new clients about their hair history and answer questions or concerns that may surface. This consultation allows clients to be transparent about any previous hair struggles or goals that the barber must know before cutting and styling. Also, it helps clients briefly discuss their lifestyle so that the barber can recommend a cut or style that can be maintained with or without a recurring appointment. 


Insane textured fringe transformation Another client from North Carolina to get the famous low blowout taper fade with a messy/fluffy fringe. Been rocking that style for a minute so it was time for a change LINK IN BIO TO SET AN APPOINTMENT ‼️ _______________________________________ #richmondvabarber #richmondva #vabarber #rvabarber #barber #taperfade #haircut #texturedfringe #nguyensteadycutting

♬ original sound – Richmond Barber • Thai Nguyen
Image Source: @nguyensteadycutting

The consultation is an open conversation between the barber and the client. Other important topics to discuss before getting started include hair types, textures, length expectations, current products being used, and other styling preferences.

What Are The Do’s and Don’t of Barbershop Etiquette?

Image Source: @crescendo_men

Do: Arrive with washed and product-free hair. 

Coming into the barbershop with clean hair removes the hassle of a barber working through oil and product build-up. It makes their job easier and makes it more manageable to complete a sharper cut.

Don’t: Text Or Talk On The Phone While In The Chair

Moving around while the barber cuts or styles can impact the result. Instead, use that free time to start a conversation with your barber or discuss topics with others in the shop. This helps build relationships and cultivate a community, making future experiences more comfortable.

Do: Show Up On Time

Arriving late to an appointment can be viewed as disrespectful, especially by a first-time client. Late arrivals are also frustrating for barbers because they can push back other appointments they have lined up for the day. Communicate about late arrivals with a courtesy call or text to inform the barber of the delay or if the appointment needs rescheduling.

Don’t: Go Back And Forth About The Price After The Service

Barbers charge a set fee for specific cuts and styles. If you have a concern or question about the pricing, bring it up before the service starts. Also, ask about discounts or specials they may be running that month. Knowing how much the cost of service is in advance helps to prevent confusion and conflict in the long run.

Do: Tip Your Barber

Although tips vary across locations, tipping between 15-20% is a rule of thumb to follow. Tipping is a way to show appreciation and gratitude for the services provided. It also is a sign of respect for the work that they do. Tipping a barber directly ensures they receive the full portion of their time and effort instead of being split between other barbers.

Experiencing a barbershop can be intimidating at first, but it can also be an enriching experience. Many people cultivate a community after getting to know each other and adapting to the new environment. With the help of these tips, the barbershop will soon become a place to look forward to returning every few weeks.

Are you curious to learn about barbershops from a woman’s POV? Learn what to expect before your visit. 

Founder Kaylah Joseph Expands LAID Hair Care Into a Luxury Beauty Bar  

Kaylah Joseph, founder of LAID Hair Care, saw a gap in the market for quality hair care products that promote healthy hair. After discovering that the products she used caused clumps of her hair to fall out, finding a solution to healing her scalp and replenishing hair strands became her top priority. 

LAID Hair Care was created in 2020 to combat hair loss, reverse alopecia, and provide customers with ingredients for hair health. The brand has grown from Joseph mixing ingredients in the kitchen to her products being distributed nationwide. At 28, the entrepreneur became the youngest CEO and founder to have shelf placement at Walmart and CVS.

Image Source: @laidhaircare

She is now taking LAID Hair Care to the next level and expanding the company into an affordable luxury beauty bar. The Alabama-based CEO will have her first beauty bar placed in a Huntsville Walmart. Along with including her products, Joseph plans to partner with other Black-owned hair care lines for shelf placement in her beauty bar. It will also feature wigs, weaves, extensions, products for men, and more.

NaturallyCurly spoke with Joseph about her early beginnings with LAID Hair Care, her partnership with retailers, and her new beauty bar ahead of its opening in March 2024

Founder Kaylah Joseph Expands LAID Hair Care Into a Luxury Beauty Bar  

What was your relationship with your hair growing up, and how has it changed over the years? 

When I was younger, I used to wear braided hair all the time. I loved my braids, beads, and hair. As I got older, I saw other girls wear their hair straight. When I was nine, I asked for a perm to put my hair into a ponytail and other styles…I didn’t have a bad relationship with my natural hair or perm. I always enjoyed the versatility.

LAID Hair Care sets itself apart as it can be used on natural and straight hair. Why did you think creating a product for both hair types was necessary?

LAID Hair Care is a hair health brand. You must ensure that you put good ingredients on your scalp and hair. Not only do Black women suffer from hair loss and alopecia, 41% of my customers are white and Spanish women…Everyone is suffering from hair loss, damage, and breakage.

Founder Kaylah Joseph Expands LAID Hair Care Into a Luxury Beauty Bar  

What’s the significance behind creating that space and deciding to expand your business relationship with Walmart by having the beauty bar flagship be there and not anywhere else?

This is revolutionary. LAID Beauty Bar is something that I could not have dreamed of. Retail with a product line is extremely hard, expensive, and challenging. Within my first couple of months of being on retail shelves, another company tried to duplicate my formula.

When I realized that that’s how this world works and I didn’t see too much integrity in it, I said, ‘Let me do something that’s going to be a little bit different.’ I want something where I can say my impact is beyond this aisle placement.

With LAID Beauty Bar, I’m asking Walmart to include Black women in this space… They [Black women] are already coming into Walmart, but we don’t have the full braiding hair, wig, weaves, beads, or the cheap lip gloss we love from the beauty supply store. Then, we don’t see those who look like us for those conversations.

I want to give us [Black women] something that’s legacy and not something that will be sold to the highest bidder. It’s not about selling the company. It’s about making sure that that structure is intact so Black women can feel safe and are offered a wellness solution.

What made you want to document the progress of building the beauty bar publicly on social media? 

Somebody needs to be inspired by seeing the steps. I hope that I am inspiring a generation that shifts from gatekeeping…It also adds another element of emotional connection, so people know who I am as an entrepreneur and what I stand on. I want LAID Hair Care always to represent what’s impossible becoming possible.

Founder Kaylah Joseph Expands LAID Hair Care Into a Luxury Beauty Bar  

As the youngest person to have shelf placement at Walmart, how does it feel to make history in the hair care world and cement your impact in this business?

I’m honored and privileged to compete at this level. I welcome it and take it seriously. I can’t do what I sometimes want to do or say what I want to say because I have a community behind me who would be very disappointed if I didn’t approach this with the grace and honor they entrusted me with.

In what ways did your HBCU contribute to your go-getter, entrepreneurial spirit? 

Going to an HBCU is being around the best of the best…If you graduated from an HBCU, you have that drive and hustle. Constantly being around people with that drive, hustle, and go-getter mentality inspired me for all four years…I was constantly surrounded by excellence, so I didn’t know anything else.

What comes to mind when you reflect on your business journey, what it took to get to where you are, and the soon-to-be opening of your first beauty bar? 

It’s been a rollercoaster of very real highs and lows. It will be worth it because someone else will be inspired to pursue their dreams independently.

Have you tried LAID Hair Care? Let us know in the comments.

Low Maintenance Styles to Help With Pregnancy Brain From Hairstylist Sophie Rose Gutterman

Pregnancy is a transformational nine-month journey that changes the body in more ways than the expected growing belly.

A few physical changes include nail growth and glowing skin. One symptom that some pregnant women experience, in particular, is changes to their hair. Hormonal changes in the body can cause excessive hair shedding or growth. Hair can also become thicker throughout pregnancy. Medical News Today noted that changes in hair thickness can be seen nearly 15 weeks into the nine-month journey. Pregnant women may notice hair growth on other body parts, such as the face, chest, abdomen, and arms as well. 

While these changes can be concerning at first, the good news is that most pregnancy symptoms are temporary. In fact, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reported that hair should revert to its original condition within six months after childbirth. While that timeline may seem lengthy, there are ways to manage the hair with styling options as it alters.
Image Source: @tiffanylynnxoo

Low-maintenance hairstyles are a pregnant woman’s go-to option for navigating hair changes. These are considered easy to manage because they reduce time, energy, and effort while maintaining a presentable appearance. The biggest benefit of low-maintenance hairstyles is that they do not require excessive styling.

During pregnancy, hair can drastically shift in texture, growth, density, and more. On the other hand, hair can also become dryer, greasy, and shed. While each hair experience is unique, low-maintenance styles play a part in maintaining hair health by limiting damage or over-manipulating the hair. In addition to their low styling effort, low-maintenance hairstyles can be a convenient option after delivery.

Protective styles offer a wide range of options for soon-to-be mothers. They can last for weeks and require minimal upkeep. Braids can be styled in many different ways and save a lot more time than it takes to work with the hair in its natural state. Twists also fall under the protective styles category. They are an alternative for expectant mothers who prefer their natural hair to be covered while pregnant.   

Low Maintenance Styles to Help With Pregnancy Brain From Hairstylist Sophie Rose Gutterman
Image Source: @beautyxsophierose

Sophie Gutterman, an international hairstylist, has ten years of experience in the hair industry, working with a high-profile clientele list and editorial campaigns. She provided insight on other ideal low-maintenance hairstyles to consider wearing while pregnant and after childbirth.

Besides wanting the hair to be out of the way during pregnancy, treating the hair with care after giving birth is very important because your body is going through so many changes, Gutterman told NaturallyCurly.

Although hair types are versatile and require different needs, the hairstylist offered universal suggestions for managing and maintaining healthy hair that can be applied to various textures. 

Sometimes it’s just our body type, but things you can do to try to prevent the hair from shedding is not stopping the prenatal after giving birth,” she said. “Always check with your doctor, but most prenatals are safe to continue taking.

She also noted which foods and vitamins contribute to promoting healthy hair.

Just like going to the gym and eating healthy, foods rich in nutrients and fish oils are great for hair health,” Gutterman added. Also taking a hair, skin and nails vitamin and even adding collagen and biotin to a smoothie daily.  Her favorite supplement that she has found to promote hair growth and other wellness interests is the collagen powder, No-Injection Collagen by Nurse Jamie.

When choosing hairstyles, she recommended a few options for expecting women and new moms.
Image Source: @orchenoire

Gutterman described a claw clip as a staple hair accessory that “never goes out of style. “Pull some pieces down to frame your face, grab the rest, and clip it up,” she said. This takes under two minutes to do and looks great.

Image Source: @destinylo_

A low braided bun is another effortless style she recommended and said takes no more than five minutes to do.

“A low braided bun is perfect for a date night,” she continued. “Wrap the hair with an elastic to create a low ponytail. Braid the ponytail, then twist it into a bun and secure it with a few bobby pins.”

Low Maintenance Styles to Help With Pregnancy Brain From Hairstylist Sophie Rose Gutterman

Lastly, braided waves made it onto Gutterman’s list of low-maintenance hairstyles. Braided waves are “a great way to achieve a fun look with minimal effort.” Using a leave-in conditioner provides the best results to achieve this beachy look. Gutterman’s favorite product for this hairdo is the All About Curls Luxe Leave-In Detangler.

“After the shower on towel-dried hair, apply a leave-in, brush the hair, and braid it in a few big braids,” she instructed. “When you wake up, the hair should be dry. Take out the braids and let it be free. You can always pin some pieces away from the face if you have bangs.”

Rocking a short cut while pregnant removes the burden of finding a new hairstyle that fits this new phase of life.

Take a page out of Rihanna’s lookbook for wearing short hairstyles. The mother of two was recently seen in Los Angeles sporting a blonde, short pixie cut. This low-maintenance style requires minimal effort besides the occasional trim every four to six weeks.

Low Maintenance Styles to Help With Pregnancy Brain From Hairstylist Sophie Rose Gutterman

Image Source: Instagram 

Beauty and curly hair creator Katrisha Rose also achieved a variation of this shortcut with a more sleek look.

Image Source: @gabgonebad

For those with longer hair, this TikTok creator’s content is dedicated to making life easier for pregnant women and current moms. Wendy Sandoval’s version of doing a half-up, half-down hairstyle while 34 weeks pregnant includes adding more volume at the top of the ponytail. 

She divided a portion of her hair into two before securing her ponytail with a hair tie. The content creator then brushed the two portions of hair she started with into the same ponytail holder.
Image Source: @mswendysandoval

Another digital creator shared one of her easy hairstyles for pregnant women with shoulder-length hair. The style requires sectioning the top of the hair into three parts. She then took each section and folded the hair under to create a knot. As her final step, she teased the hair to create a crisscross updo.

Image Source: @shelly_lynn_beauty

The classic bob is a fan-favorite among many pregnant women for a simple, short, and basic option. Its versatility adds an extra layer of flair that, even when “messy,” can make a person look put together without requiring much effort.
Image Source: @lianamichelle_

Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience that requires adapting to new physical changes during each stage. As soon-to-be mothers encounter different symptoms, figuring out the next hairstyle can be one less concern. Low-maintenance styles are the ultimate and simple go-to options for everyday hair care, whether loose curls or tight coils.

Let us know in the comments your go-to hairstyles that you wear when you are pregnant.

How to Use Curly Hair Products on Fine Hair Textures

Although coating curly hair with conditioners and oils is the typical styling method for coarser hair, that process looks different for fine hair textures.

Fine hair describes straight and sleek textures. These hair strands are smaller in diameter and thinner than coarse hair, which is thicker. Fine hair’s thin strands create distinct challenges, making finding the proper hair products essential. One challenge of fine hair is its proneness to tangling from heat damage, coloring, and using relaxers. Hair greasiness, which can cause the hair strands to appear stringy, can also occur from using heavy products. Breakage is another common problem found with fine hair textures. 

Managing fine curly hair is achievable despite the issues that many people face. The first step to determining the proper products is understanding the different patterns of Type 1 hair. There are three subcategories, so it is important to identify which hair type matches a person’s texture to determine what curly hair products work best. 

How to Use Curly Hair Products on Fine Hair Textures
Image Source: @alex_youngg_

If no curl pattern or wave exists, that hair texture would be described as type 1A. Essentially, type 1A is extremely fine, pin-straight hair. Although similar, the difference between Type 1B is that it has a slight, natural wavy pattern. Even though it is still straight hair, it has more volume and body than type 1A. The last subcategory of fine hair is type 1C. This hair type has thicker and coarser strands out of the group. It still presents as straight hair. However, type 1C is more voluminous, and the ends of the hair strands tend to curl inward.

Taking care of fine curly hair is different from managing coarse curly hair. One main distinguishing factor is the type of natural hair products to use. Fine hair textures do not respond to heavier curly hair products in the same way 3a or 4c hair types do.

Image Source: @heydonae

Finding products that moisturize and de-frizz works best for fine, curly hair. It is easier for this hair type to have excessive product buildup, so washing type 1 hair more frequently is more common. Lightweight and clarifying shampoos are the best options to help prevent buildup while replenishing the strands of moisture. 

Shampooing Fine Curly Hair

How to Use Curly Hair Products on Fine Hair Textures

The Bounce Curl Gentle Clarifying Shampoo is a favorite among consumers and a former Best of the Best award winner. Infused with pomegranate and pumpkin enzymes, this gently clarifying shampoo adds moisture and volume after use. Another curl favorite is the Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo. This cleanser’s formula adds shine and removes buildup without stripping the hair of its natural oils.

Adding Moisture To Reduce Frizz and Breakage
Image Source: @alexa.dodd

Additionally, fine hair is prone to dryness and breakage due to its high porosity. Hair with high porosity loses as much moisture as it absorbs. Adding moisturizing products like conditioners and oils helps repair brittle strands. Living Proof No Frizz Vanishing Oil appears to have been made specifically for fine, curly hair types. This is a top product recommendation because it absorbs quickly, is lightweight, and can easily be layered with other products. 

How to Use Curly Hair Products on Fine Hair Textures

Ceremonia Weightless Hydration Conditioner For Fine/Thin Hair moisturizes and strengthens the hair without weighing it down. Kérastase Curl Manifesto Lightweight Conditioner is another option that reduces frizz, easily detangles, and is not heavy on hair strands.

Achieving Fullness With Volume
Image Source: @rizoscurlshair

Volumizing hair sprays help boost definition and body while styling. These sprays can be used on dry and damp hair. However, to see the best results, they should be used on slightly wet hair. Rizos Curls Alcohol-Free Volumizing Hair Spray, AG Hair Curl Trigger Curl Defining Spray, and Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium are starting points that have produced promising results.

Avoiding the ingredient sulfate is essential when searching for new hair products or reevaluating the ones currently being used. Also, avoiding heavy styling products or conditioners is best to prevent hair from looking flat.

Finding the proper hair care routine for any hair type is a long, tedious process. For type 1 hair, it’s essential to know which subcategory the strands fall under to determine which products work best. Achieving health, moisture, and volume is achievable regardless of hair type. 

Interested in learning more about your hair type? Discover more about fine versus thinning hair.

  1. TRESemme Moisture Rich Luxurious Moisture Shampoo
  2. HASK Argan Oil Repairing Conditioner 
  3. ORS HAIRepair Coconut Oil & Baobab Vital Oils for Dry, Damaged Hair & Scalp
How Men’s Grooming Differs Between Their Beard and Hair Care

A solid haircare routine is essential to wellness and overall well-being.

While haircare brands and companies prominently market to women, proper hair care benefits men. Establishing a wash-day routine promotes hair health in several ways. Preventing dryness, hair brittleness, and damage are common hair issues that people experience throughout their hair care journey. If not treated with the proper products, bigger problems could develop.

Hair loss is a significant issue that impacts many men. Research shows that more than 80 percent of men will experience hair loss in their lifetime. While baldness or hair thinning can be hereditary, alopecia is one of the main reasons behind hair loss in men. A study in the National Library of Medicine reported that the medical condition affects 30-50% of men by age 50. 

Despite age, hormonal imbalances, and genetics being factors of alopecia, not maintaining healthy hair care habits can also play a role. Limiting the amount of heat, hair coloring, and other chemical uses helps prevent early hair loss and contributes to hair growth. Having a healthy scalp also impacts hair growth and retention. Scalp irritations, such as dandruff and inflammation, damage the hair strands sprouting from underneath. Following good hair habits using cleansing shampoo and hydrating conditioner supports a healthy scalp. 

How Men’s Grooming Differs Between Their Beard and Hair Care

The Deep Clean Shine Starter Clarifying Shampoo by Mixed Chicks and the R+Co Cassette Curl Conditioner + Superseed Oil Complex contain those clean ingredients and hydration for scalps prone to dryness. Following up with the Uncle Jimmy Curl Kicker helps to lock in moisture for all waves, curls, coils, and kinky hair textures.

Creating a Hair Care Routine Based on Your Needs

On the other hand, establishing a proper hair care routine for beards looks different than the average regimen for caring for hair on the head.

How Men’s Grooming Differs Between Their Beard and Hair Care
I like my hair clean
Image Source: Getty Images

While convenience may lead one to assume that using the same products for hair on a beard works the same, that is not the case. The purpose of regular shampoo is to remove oil and dirt that builds up from the last wash day. The ingredients and chemicals in regular shampoos are not designed to prevent the harshness they may have on facial hair.

The skin on the scalp tends to be less sensitive than that on the face. As a result, the scalp can endure shampoo formulas. Because the skin on the face is more sensitive, different types of hair products are required to clean beards. Products specifically designed for beards have different ingredients that are more gentle than those found in hair products and protect facial skin.

Since regular shampoo is known to strip away oils, beard wash does not deprive the facial hair of its sebum oils. Sebum oil is a substance that the body naturally produces, and it helps keep a beard moisturized. Sebum oil also protects the beard from dryness, dullness, thinning, and dandruff. OKAY Pure Naturals for Men Castor Oil Hair & Beard Shampoo product is designed to cater to beard cleansing and hair and includes caster oil to restore that moisture and shine after use. Finishing with the Scotch Porter Beard and Hair Conditioning Spray seals in the hydration with nourishing oils like Argan, Marula, Avocado, Coconut, and Kukui. In return, the beard is left feeling soft and shiny.

The Difference Between Everyday Shampoo and Beard Products

The main ingredient difference between an everyday shampoo and a beard shampoo is the extra oils found only in beard cleansing products. In addition to the oils mentioned above, some products may contain shea butter or African black soap for extra protection. Every Man Jack Beard Butter is a product that includes natural ingredients that relieve irritation and itching and help keep the hair strands in place.

Avoiding ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates is crucial as they can damage hair, cause frizziness and dryness, and, in extreme cases, impact male fertility. 

Image Source: @thebeardedathlete

Finding the proper grooming routine for hair and beards is a journey. However, knowing the correct ingredients to look for and understanding what elements the hair needs helps to achieve positive results. While growth may be a significant goal, maintaining a healthy scalp and hair makes a significant difference. Developing a regimen that prioritizes hair health promotes hair growth for beards and hair on the head.

Looking for the right products for your scalp and beard? Check out our recommendations for male hair care brands. 

Uncle Jimmy Beard Growth Oil 

How Men’s Grooming Differs Between Their Beard and Hair Care

Bump Patrol Aftershave Sensitive

How Men’s Grooming Differs Between Their Beard and Hair Care

SheaMoisture Men Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Full Beard Detangler

How Men’s Grooming Differs Between Their Beard and Hair Care
Going Global: Haircare Brands Universally Loved

As March signifies Women’s History Month, celebrating outstanding accomplishments continues for women worldwide.

International Women’s Day empowers women worldwide by recognizing their achievements, raising awareness for gender equality, and championing change. This year’s theme is “Inspire Inclusion.” 

Inclusion is recognizing that there is space for every person to feel welcomed, especially in the hair care industry. Trailblazing women find new ways to disrupt traditional hair and beauty standards as society evolves. The power behind revolutionizing an industry to include a more representative version of the world fosters a more inclusive environment where people feel seen and heard. 

Here are ten hair care brands transforming the natural hair care industry to uplift all hair types.

1. Rizos Curls

Going Global: Haircare Brands Universally Loved

Julissa Prado founded Rizos Curls to fulfill a need for more curly hair products for other people and meet a need herself. Growing up, Prado found it hard to find a product that incorporated clean ingredients and sustainability. As a result, Rizos made those two qualities a priority for her hair care line. Her best sellers include Rizo’s deep conditioner and hydrating shampoo, which are amazing with any hair texture.

2. Curl Mix

Going Global: Haircare Brands Universally Loved

Kim Lewis kept 4C hair in mind when she co-created Curl Mix. The hair care company simplifies the tedious wash-and-go hairstyle into four simple steps. Her Master’s Collection features products essential to defining kinky curls. These products cut detangling time in half and provide a heavy hold so natural hairstyles last for days.

3. Bomba Curls

Going Global: Haircare Brands Universally Loved

After suffering from severe traction alopecia, founder Lulu Cordero used hair recipes native to her Dominican Republic hometown to promote hair growth and health. She found the right blend of ingredients to create Bomba Curls’ formula. Her products nourish the scalp, seal moisture, and encourage healthy hair growth. Her award-winning Forbidden Hair Mask, also seen in Vogue, is a deep, conditioning treatment with restorative properties for any curl type.


Going Global: Haircare Brands Universally Loved

As one of the largest hair care brands in the world, OLAPLEX sets itself apart with its patent technology. Founded in 2014 by Dean Christal, its quality ingredients help restore healthy hair by repairing damaged bonds across all hair types. Cosmopolitan has deemed the N°3 pre-shampoo treatment a holy grail item for its ability to improve and strengthen hair strands.

5. Mielle Organics

Going Global: Haircare Brands Universally Loved

Monique Rodriguez, founder and CEO, started her hair care empire in 2014 and has become one of the most recognizable textured hair brands nationwide. As highlighted in the name, the hair care brand uses natural ingredients to meet each curl pattern’s needs and achieve healthy hair results. Her Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil has nearly a five-star rating from reviewers who have raved about their hair growth since using the product. 

6. Mixed Chicks

Going Global: Haircare Brands Universally Loved

Wendi Levy Kaaya and Kim Etheredge created Mixed Chicks to meet the needs of multicultural people. To reduce the amount of products needed to wear their curls out and in their natural state, Mixed Chicks became rooted in being the one-stop shop for men, women, and kids with curly hair. Its leave-in conditioner is a fan favorite.


Going Global: Haircare Brands Universally Loved

Mahisha Dellinger wanted to bring something different to the natural hair care industry when she founded CURLS in 2002. Instead of creating a product to help women manage their textured hair, she designed CURLS to define those curly, coiled, and kinky strands. Tia Mowry, Ashanti, Alicia Keys, and many others have endorsed her products. The Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Wash has been recognized as one of CURLS’ top-selling products for its restorative properties.


Going Global: Haircare Brands Universally Loved

Empowering women to be their best version is rooted in Thank God It’s Natural (TGIN) origination. Created by the late founder, Chris-Tia Donaldson, her vision for TGIN was to redefine traditional beauty and hair standards. That vision has landed the hair care brand in Ulta, Target, CVS, and other national retailers. The Rose Water Hydrating Curl Cream is a crowd-pleaser for its hydrating, frizz-free benefits.

9. GirlandHair

Going Global: Haircare Brands Universally Loved

Girl+Hair was founded by dermatologist Camille Verovic after she searched for products to help care for her natural hair after she had done the “big chop.” When she turned to protective styling, she realized the lack of products available to protect her curl type under her braids, weaves, or extensions. To fill the gap, she created a hair care brand to meet the needs of women on the go who desire to protect their natural hair underneath. Her Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo is a favorite among all hair types in need of cleansing their scalp.

10. Camille Rose

Going Global: Haircare Brands Universally Loved

Created to combat her children’s eczema, founder Janell Stephens developed a formula to solve the most common problems that come with managing natural hair. Her recipe for beauty includes natural ingredients that address the dryness and roughness of textured hair. The Curl Love Moisture Milk is an award-winning product that nourishes strands and leaves them smooth after use. 

Need hair care tips? Hear an expert on how to care for curls, coils, and wavy hair.

Cora Miller Fills the Gap In The Hair Care Industry with Young King Natural Hair Products For Men

Cora Miller took matters into her own hands to fill a gap in the textured hair care industry.

Miller sought natural hair care products designed for boys and men to manage her young son’s curls and coils. To her surprise, the first-time parent discovered a lack of textured hair care products for Black males.

“There was not anything I felt my son could see himself in, and that bothered me,” Miller said over Zoom. 

Her unsuccessful attempts to locate the necessary hair tools to style her newborn’s hair lasted nearly two years. Miller’s frustrations fueled her desire to find a solution that met not only her son’s needs but also those of Black and brown communities. 

“I firmly believe in representation,” Miller said. “It’s so important for our young men to see themselves on shelves, in places and spaces where they are normally not included.” 

To combat the hair care industry’s deficiency, Miller created “Young King” hair care with her husband in December 2019. Since its initial start as an online shop, the company has expanded onto the shelves of Target, Walmart, and CVS stores nationwide. The plant-based brand features conditioners, shampoo, curling cream, oils, and various products, including items for customers with locs and twists.

Young King hair care stemmed from Miller’s quest to fulfill a demand that impacted her and other parents with sons who have textured hair. Now, the business owner recognizes that the Young King brand’s purpose is bigger than serving as a bridge to close the gap.

Image Source: @youngkinghaircare

The intentionality behind Young King sets it apart from the available male hair products. Its clean, plant-based ingredients are specifically crafted and blended to hydrate textured hair. Free from sulfates, parabens, and other harmful elements, its natural ingredients add an extra layer of safety that also makes it useful for babies.

While Young King hair care’s physical components are a standout feature, the brand’s mission makes it resonate among customers. Miller seeks to flip the narrative of the unworthiness that society places on young Black boys. Young King also serves as a hair care tool that instills confidence by providing healthy hair, flawless curls, and growth results.

As young boys and men use these products to enhance their appearance, their self-love amplifies in return as they see a reflection of themselves to take pride in. In an industry typically geared towards women, Miller redefines traditional beauty standards by carving out space for young boys and men to be represented in hair care. 

“That notion of ‘when you look good, you feel good’ is traditionally associated with feminine and feminine beauty,” Miller said. “We don’t talk about that enough with young men or what self-care looks like for them…We’re trying to change that narrative to ensure our boys and young men understand and can own their self-care journey.”

Striving to redefine male grooming is a pursuit that Miller unknowingly has been preparing for before becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

Cora Miller Fills the Gap In The Hair Care Industry with Young King Natural Hair Products For Men
Captured by Stephon Williams

Before becoming a first-time businesswoman, Miller had a corporate background in social responsibility and impact. The skills she gained from her previous career, combined with her husband’s marketing experience, led the power couple to also develop online and in-person experiences for buyers to deepen their connection with “Young King” hair care beyond only purchasing products.

“Learning how to love and pour into yourself is a confidence builder,” Miller said. You can do that by having tools, resources, and products that speak to you and affirm who you are as a person.”

Young King also provides educational content to help parents understand how to manage natural hair and then teach those lessons to their sons. 

“Not only do we speak to boys and young men and help them on their journey, but we also speak directly to moms and parents,” Miller said. “Sometimes, that gap in education does not translate to the boys because parents don’t always know what to do or what that self-care journey looks like for them.”

Hair guides are available on the brand’s blog and Instagram account and teach customers how to use their products. Miller also sends newsletters that feature natural hair tutorials and hosts pop-up events where she and her husband engage with parents about textured hair and recommend certain Young King hair products for customers.

Image Source: @youngkinghaircare

Miller has seen immense growth with Young King despite its early challenges.

Launching only three months before the COVID-19 pandemic, Miller had no idea of the difficulties ahead of her. Due to the worldwide shutdown, establishing a community as a new brand and supply chain issues were the entrepreneurs’ most significant problems.

Still, Miller and her husband persisted with building Young King because they knew the brand’s purpose was bigger than the adversities they initially encountered.

Young King has flourished since its start and has cultivated a community on a national scale. 

Cora Miller Fills the Gap In The Hair Care Industry with Young King Natural Hair Products For Men
Image Source: @youngkinghaircare

In 2022, the brand partnered with Marvel to distribute a limited collection of products inspired by the film, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” That following year, the entrepreneurs appeared on the ABC show “Shark Tank,” but their dissatisfaction with the investors’ deals led to Miller and her husband rejecting their offers.

Although the last few years have been a whirlwind experience for Miller as a first-time business owner, her perseverance is anchored in the legacy that Miller and her husband are cementing for their children. 

As Young King reaches its five-year mark, the dedication and commitment behind redefining male grooming remain at the forefront of the entrepreneurs’ industry-changing pursuits. 

“We can change the narrative and make beauty inclusive for young men of color,” Miller said.

Are you ready to shop these empowering products for young boys? Check out their newest LOC’D IN collection which debuted this month for braids, twists, and locs.

Mullet Protective Styles are Becoming Black Women’s Latest Internet Obsession

The resurgence of mullets is steadily rising, and Black women are at the forefront of its comeback.
The eccentric look is a choppy hairstyle where the front, top, and side areas are cut short, and the back of the hair flows with length. Dubbed as the hairstyle that embodies the mantra “business in the front, party in the back,” rocking a mullet upholds a reputation of rebelling against conventional hair and beauty norms.

Mullet Protective Styles are Becoming Black Women’s Latest Internet Obsession
Instagram: @themyahphair

The mullet has a long history, and its origin has been linked to ancient Greece, Rome, and the Viking Age, as well as connections with certain Indigenous tribes that have been traced back centuries. The emergence of mullets in pop culture derived from the 1970s punk rock era, where freedom of expression and individuality were driving forces behind the movement that brought prominence to the unique hairstyle.

Edginess, unpolished, and boldness represented the punk rock era’s hair concepts, fashion pieces, music, and attitudes. Famed musician David Bowie inspired the rise in popularity of the mullet after being seen onstage and in public wearing it with pride. His public display led artists like Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, and others to sport the haircut, which helped catapult mullets into becoming a mainstream hair trend.

As mullets spiked throughout the 80s, the immense popularity grabbed the attention of athletes and other musicians. Tina Turner and Michael Jackson participated in the fad until its peak ended in the following decade. The craze over the mullet hairstyle dwindled and faded in the early 90s.

Mullet Protective Styles are Becoming Black Women’s Latest Internet Obsession
American Singer Tina Turner (Photo by DENIZE alain/Sygma via Getty Images)
Image Source: Getty Images

As the style continues to evolve, Black women have found new ways to reimagine the original style and modernize the haircut. 

The hairstyle has expanded since returning as a trend in 2023. Instead of restricting mullets to straight and textured hair, Black women are creating mullets with protective styles. Across social media, Black women are online showing how they are reviving the 70s and 80s trend. Mullets are now being integrated into braids, locs, and twists, unlocking a new level of creativity for the iconic haircut.

Mullet Protective Styles are Becoming Black Women’s Latest Internet Obsession
Image Source: @gina
Mullet Protective Styles are Becoming Black Women’s Latest Internet Obsession
Image Source: @iamlocd
Image Source: @sijisoetan

In 2023, many Black women candidly shared on TikTok the step-by-step process of achieving their mullets with a quick weave.
Image Source: @jadathestylist

To avoid experiencing the various cutting techniques that were once required to attain the desired style, they used quick weaves as a new method that drove the same results. Braiding the natural hair underneath, putting on a wig cap, and gluing or sewing extensions on top were the go-to options for those who did not want to fully commit to the cutting that comes with having a mullet. 

Black women have since adopted the old-fashioned style, altering the look in distinct ways that explore the endless realms of creative hair designs. Throughout the years, Rihanna, Zendaya Coleman, Teyana Taylor, and Ryan Destiny are among the crowd of celebrities who have shown off their version of fearlessly wearing a mullet.

Mullet Protective Styles are Becoming Black Women’s Latest Internet Obsession
LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 15: Actress-singer Zendaya attends The 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
Image Source: Getty Images
Mullet Protective Styles are Becoming Black Women’s Latest Internet Obsession
PARIS, FRANCE – JUNE 22: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY – For Non-Editorial use please seek approval from Fashion House) Teyana Taylor attends the the Rick Owens Menswear Spring/Summer 2024 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on June 22, 2023 in Paris, France. (Photo by Peter White/Getty Images)
Image Source: Getty Images

Rihanna was first spotted with the hairstyle in 2013, with a modern twist incorporating the top of her hair to resemble a pixie cut. She revisited the style in 2020 and wore a different variation that was more fuller than before.

Mullet Protective Styles are Becoming Black Women’s Latest Internet Obsession
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – SEPTEMBER 10: Rihanna attends a photocall to launch Rihanna for River Island SS14 collection on September 10, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)
Image Source: Getty Images

Also, in 2020, Destiny shared her rendition of the everlasting style with fans. The actress embraced bangs with flared shorter pieces of hair in the back to still achieve the style’s length component.

Beads, colored braiding hair, clip-ins, and other accessories included in the protective styles have contributed to a reimagined version of the mullet. Although the trend has not always centered on Black women, they continue to cement their stamp on the legendary hairstyle and redefine the various ways a mullet can be displayed now and in the future. 

Need help figuring out what haircut is best for your curls? Get inspired by these different styles. 

1. Bigen GB6 Golden Blonde SemiPerm Hair Color

Mullet Protective Styles are Becoming Black Women’s Latest Internet Obsession

2. African Pride Black Castor Miracle Extra Hold Braid, Loc, & Twist Gel

Mullet Protective Styles are Becoming Black Women’s Latest Internet Obsession

3. Treasured Locks H2G Hair Growth Shampoo

Mullet Protective Styles are Becoming Black Women’s Latest Internet Obsession

Will you be trying out a mullet protective style? Let us know in the comments.

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