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15 Products for Refreshing Your Curls to Stretch Wash Day

Do any other naturalistas absolutely dread wash day? I used to adore the opportunity to do nothing but pamper my curls for a few hours. Now that my life is a little busier, wash day feels like an inconvenience, and I tend to put it off for as long as possible. Unfortunately, I also have the type of hair that doesn’t maintain its style for longer than a day or two.

That’s where curl refreshing products come in. Back in the day, to refresh your second- and third- (and fourth- and fifth- and… fourteenth-“> day hair, many of us used the same trick: we combined a little conditioner and a little water and spritzed that into our hair. It was like a homemade curl refresher.

These days, you don’t have to make your own curl refresher because there are oodles of products specifically designed to revive your curls. They’re light, typically water-based, moisturizing, and provide some hold for any quick re-adjusting you want to do to your curls.

Here are 12 amazing products for refreshing your curls to stretch wash day a little longer.

1. Oyin Handmade Juices & Berries Nourishing Herbal Leave-In Hair Tonic

15 Products for Refreshing Your Curls to Stretch Wash Day

This herbal spray is excellent for softening and moisturizing hair, especially coils, braided styles, and locs. It features lavender, nettle, chamomile, and other herbs that stimulate your scalp and encourage hair growth. A little of this stuff goes a long way, and it smells like fruity goodness.

2. Ouidad Botanical Boost Curl Energizing & Refreshing Spray

15 Products for Refreshing Your Curls to Stretch Wash Day

This spray contains aloe, antioxidants, and plant-based ingredients like ginseng and spirulina. It’s great for thick curls as well as frizz-prone hair. It’s moisturizing enough to reactivate your curl pattern and smooth away frizz, but not heavy or sticky on the hair.

3. Camille Rose Naturals Fresh Curl Revitalizing Hair Smoother

15 Products for Refreshing Your Curls to Stretch Wash Day

This Revitalizing Hair Smoother can serve multiple purposes. Use it to detangle, as a daily leave-in, or as a curl refresher. It hydrates dry hair, defrizzes, and smoothes. It’s light enough to use with other hair products, and it’s beloved by all curl types.

4. All I Need Naturally Baobab Creamy Curl Refresher

15 Products for Refreshing Your Curls to Stretch Wash Day

This water-based curl refresher is creamy, so it’s great for those who need a thicker product to really bring their curls back to life. It contains aloe juice, baobab, and argan oil to provide deep hydration without weighing down your curls.

5. Obia Naturals Curl Hydration Spray

15 Products for Refreshing Your Curls to Stretch Wash Day

A natural vegan curl refresher for only $10? Amazing. The two stand-out ingredients in this hydration spray are argan oil and rose oil. Naturalistas love it for refreshing all curl types, from waves to curls. It has won not one, but two Editor’s Choice awards.

6. Curlfriends Rejuvenate Texturizing Mist

15 Products for Refreshing Your Curls to Stretch Wash Day

Loose curls and waves will appreciate this curl refresher from CurlFriends. It adds volume to limp curls, reduces frizz, and softens hair. It also contains rosemary extract, which promotes scalp health, boosts hair growth, and prevents dandruff.

7. SheaMoisture Hold & Shine Moisture Mist

15 Products for Refreshing Your Curls to Stretch Wash Day

Another NaturallyCurly award winner, the Hold & Shine Moisture Mist is a classic at this point. It contains silk protein, coconut oil, and neem oil. It moisturizes and adds shine at the same time. It’s perfect for looser curl textures.

8. The Mane Choice Sweet Strawberry Fruit Medley Kids Hydration Spray

15 Products for Refreshing Your Curls to Stretch Wash Day

This product was chosen by type 4s for the 2018 NaturallyCurly Editor’s Choice Awards. It contains aloe juice, biotin, and a nourishing blend of herbs. From the editors: “This power-packed product is filled with essential vitamins and nutrients. It is perfect for enhancing shine strength and manageability.” Because sometimes kids products are the best products.

9. Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Coconut Water Curl Refresher

15 Products for Refreshing Your Curls to Stretch Wash Day

This curl refresher features sunflower oil, milk protein, and chamomile to hydrate and define your curls. It can be used on either wet or dry curls, plus it smells diviiiine.

10. Alikay Naturals Wake Me Up Daily Curl Refresher

15 Products for Refreshing Your Curls to Stretch Wash Day

This anti-oxidant rich curl refresher packs a lot of benefits into one bottle. It moisturizes, strengthens hair, reduces frizz, enhances shine, and prevents damage. Featured ingredients include wheat germ oil, pomegranate oil, and sweet almond oil.

11. Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer

15 Products for Refreshing Your Curls to Stretch Wash Day

Looking for a curl refresher that’s not a spray? This curl enhancer from Aveda is water-based, but it comes in a creamy formula, making it easy to evenly hydrate all of your curls. It also contains wheat protein to lock in curl definition.

12. Flora & Curl Jasmine Oasis Hydrating Hair Mist

15 Products for Refreshing Your Curls to Stretch Wash Day

This miiight be the prettiest bottle on the list. This hair mist was picked by type 3s for the 2018 Editor’s Choice Awards. It reactivates and hydrates curls with a “powerful blend of rose flower water pure aloe vera and handpicked bioactive floral ingredients and herbal essences.”

What’s your favorite product for refreshing your curls? Let us know in the comments.

6 Common Deep Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid
6 Things Not to Do When Deep Conditioning
Photo of :@kaylaniquiocho

Curly hair without deep conditioner is like peanut butter without jelly. Fries without ketchup. Waffles without syrup. They need each other, but it’s not quite that simple.

There are a ton of different types of deep conditioners, and there are a ton of different types of curly hair. It’s definitely possible to deep condition in a way that is “wrong” — or, at least, that doesn’t maximize the potential benefits of deep conditioning.

Here are a few of the mistakes you might be making with your deep conditioner, because you and your hair deserves the best!

You’re using the wrong product for your hair type.

You already know your curl type, right?! If you have a looser, thinner hair texture (type 2 and 3a”>, you should use a deep conditioner that’s on the lighter side. Conversely, if you have tighter coils (type 3b and above”>, a heavier deep conditioner may be more effective for your curls.

It’s not just about curl type, though. You should also consider whether your hair is high or low porosity, whether it’s chemically treated, and whether it has any brittleness or damage. Every deep conditioner is formulated to nourish your hair in a specific way, so you’ll need to figure out what your hair likes to find the perfect one for you.

For example, most deep conditioners fall into two categories: protein or moisturizing. Protein deep conditioners contain hydrolyzed protein, and they rebuild and strengthen your hair strands. These deep conditioners don’t need to be used very often — there is such a thing as too much protein — but they’re a vital part of the hair routine for damaged curls. Moisturizing deep conditioners, on the other hand, intensely condition the hair, so they’re great for combating dryness and keeping your hair generally healthy.

Tip: Try samples of deep conditioner before you commit to a whole jar. Most natural hair companies offer deep conditioners in the form of a single-use packet for a couple bucks.

You’re not leaving it on for the right amount of time.

Every deep conditioner includes instructions for how long to leave it on your hair, and it’s important to follow them. Some formulas only need to sit on your hair for 5 minutes to be effective. Others need to stay on for 15 to 30 minutes.

One common assumption is that the longer you leave the deep conditioner on your hair, the more effective it’ll be. But in fact, the opposite can be true! These products are typically a lot heavier than your everyday products; they’re not designed to sit on the hair for a prolonged period of time. Avoid leaving a deep conditioner in your hair overnight or for longer than the package recommends, as this can result in over-conditioned hair and/or buildup.

You don’t deep condition often enough.

Aim to deep condition regularly rather than for a super long time each time. For many hair types, deep conditioning weekly is just right — not so often that it weighs down your hair, but often enough to replenish your hair and avoid damage.

However, depending on your hair type, you may want to deep condition more or less often. If your hair is extremely dry and damaged, for example, you can deep condition twice a week until your hair is back on track. Other curlies may only need to deep condition twice a month.

You’re not using enough product.

This is not the time to be shy or conservative with the amount of product that you use! Apply the deep conditioner generously so that each and every strand is coated with product. Focus on your ends, since they’re often the most fragile and damage-prone part of the hair.

If you’re worried about running out of product because your deep conditioner costs a million dollars, consider that cheap deep conditioners often contain many of the exact same ingredients as high-end ones, so there may be a less expensive alternative to your fave product. Compare ingredient lists to see if you can save some money or make your own.

6 Things Not to Do When Deep Conditioning

Image: @discocurls

You’re not adding heat.

If you have low porosity hair, and you’re not using heat with your deep conditioner, you are seriously missing out! Low porosity hair is more resistant to absorbing moisture, so products tend to sit on top of the hair without fully penetrating and doing their job. Heat opens up the hair cuticle so the moisture can get in. You can add heat by using a steamer, Hot head, or a hooded hair dryer, or you can simply warm up your deep conditioner a bit before you apply it.

You use deep conditioner before shampooing.

Always apply deep conditioner after you shampoo, not before. Shampoo cleanses and (in some cases”> strips the hair of moisture, so it basically undoes all of the moisturizing power of the deep conditioner. On the other hand, deep conditioner restores moisture and rebalances your hair after shampooing.

If you deep condition your hair and then shampoo it afterward, that’s technically a “pre-poo” treatment. Pre-pooing is great for your hair, but it doesn’t count towards your regular deep conditioning routine!

What deep conditioner mistakes have you made?!

How to Treat Seborrheic Dermatitis with Curly Hair
How to Treat Seborrheic Dermatitis with Curly Hair
Image Source: Getty Images

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition that causes itchiness, flakes, and scaly patches. It’s not the same as dandruff or psoriasis. It’s actually a chronic form of eczema, and while the exact cause is unknown, scientists think genes and hormones both play a role. It may also be related to a yeast (fungus”> in the oil secretions of the skin.

Sometimes, seborrheic dermatitis goes away without treatment… And sometimes — like in my case — it’s a never-ending chronic condition that’ll probably remain with me until I die. Fun times, I know, but I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds! I used to despair over my frustrating scalp, but now I have a handle on how to deal with it, and honestly? I barely even worry about it anymore.

Here’s how I manage seborrheic dermatitis with my with curly hair and how you can, too!

Step one is acceptance

Dealing with my seborrheic dermatitis was impossible until I finally accepted that 1″> I had it, 2″> it wasn’t my fault, and 3″> it wasn’t going to magically go away. Then, the solutions became about management rather than trying to get rid of it — and I’m happy to say that seborrheic dermatitis IS very manageable. It’s all about finding the combination of natural and medicated products that work for your particular case. With the proper regimen, you can get rid of the flakes entirely and stop thinking about your scalp condition so much.

Natural products for managing seborrheic dermatitis

There is a range of natural products that help decrease the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis. Here are a few that I’ve personally tried and can recommend:

  • Apple cider vinegar: Pure apple cider vinegar, straight onto your scalp. Let it sit for a while and then rinse it out. ACH has natural antibacterial and antifungal qualities. The smell goes away, don’t worry!
  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil is another natural antibacterial and antifungal. My doctor recommended that I apply it to my scalp before shampooing; that way, you get the benefits of coconut oil without your scalp becoming overly oily, which can worsen this condition.
  • Peppermint oil: Peppermint oil, like any essential oil, needs to be diluted with a carrier oil before you apply it to your skin. It soothes inflammation, and that tingly feeling does wonders for itchiness!
  • Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is another useful antifungal for treating seborrheic dermatitis. Mix a small amount into a carrier oil before applying.
  • Evening primrose oil: My doctor suggested that I take evening primrose oil supplements. Evening primrose oil contains GLA, a fatty acid that reduces scalp inflammation.
  • Fish oil: Fish oil supplements also contain fatty acids that nourish the scalp.

I’ve never been able to fully treat my seborrheic dermatitis with natural products alone, but they do reduce mild symptoms and provide relief.

If DIY isn’t your thing, I love Cantu Shea Butter Apple Cider Vinegar Root Relief, which contains both ACV and peppermint oil and is so soothing. Other options include EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Scalp Therapy and Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Oil Scalp Treatment.

Another natural way to treat seborrheic dermatitis is to do your best to avoid known triggers that exacerbate the condition. These include stress, illness (take your vitamin C!”>, hair products with alcohol, hormonal changes, and harsh shampoos.

The one product I can’t live without: medicated shampoo

Medicated shampoos are far from “natural,” but THEY WORK.

The active ingredient that works best for me is coal tar, which is in Neutrogena T-Gel. I honestly don’t know where I would be without T-Gel — it’s my go-to scalp treatment! As long as I use it at least once a week, my scalp is a non-issue.

Other common active ingredients include pyrithione zinc (like in Head & Shoulders”>, selenium sulfide (like in Selsun Blue”>, ketoconazole, and salicylic acid. You don’t have to get a prescription for any of these shampoos; they’re available over-the-counter.

Medicated shampoos can be extremely drying; like many shampoos, they contain sulfates and will strip your scalp. Unfortunately, there are no sulfate-free medicated shampoos that I know of, although I’d LOVE for someone to invent one! In the meantime, applying coconut oil to my scalp before shampooing really helps. I also tend to co-wash after using the T-Gel to re-moisturize my scalp and roots.

How to Treat Seborrheic Dermatitis with Curly Hair
Image Source: @Getty Images

What to do when it becomes unbearable

If natural and over-the-counter products are NOT doing the trick and your scalp is so ridiculously itchy and flaky that you just cannot deal — go to the doctor and ask about getting a prescription treatment.

My doctor prescribed me fluocinolone, which comes in the form of an oil or a cream. I haven’t actually used it in years (thanks to the T-Gel!”>, but when I was initially getting my scalp under control, it truly saved me. Even though I don’t use fluocinolone anymore, it’s reassuring to have it around in case I have a horrible flare-up (hey, ya never know”>.

Fluocinolone is a type of corticosteroid; other types include hydrocortisone, clobetasol, or desonide. There are also antifungal treatments that you can apply as a cream or shampoo. Your doctor will likely prescribe you one of these options at first. They might prescribe you an antifungal medication to take as a pill if other treatments aren’t working.

My doctor advised me to use prescription products as a last resort — use them sparingly as needed, then switch back over to non-prescription products ASAP, to avoid any negative side effects. Your doctor can advise you on how to use yours!

If you have seborrheic dermatitis, what are your GO-TO products for your scalp?!

Top 10 Spring Hair Trends of 2019 To Try Next

This spring, there are a ton of exciting new hair trends to choose from. You can go for a drastic move, like chopping off all your hair, or try something with a little less commitment, like a simple hair ribbon.

Here are 10 of the hottest spring hair trends for 2019, according to the runways, trendsetters, and beauty experts.

Spring Twists

Top 10 Spring Hair Trends of 2019 To Try Next

Image: @braidsbyaja

Spring twists are a natural, protective style that use coily hair extensions to create a springy and twisty hairstyle. It’s different from other twists because of the texture of the hair used to install it. Spring twist hair is a wavy pattern that is thick and has to be separated to create the style. Spring twists are great for every time of year. While installing the style will take resilience, the end result will be sure to wow you.

Pixie Cuts

Top 10 Spring Hair Trends of 2019 To Try Next

Image: @thecutlife

If you’ve been dying to cut off all your hair, now is the perfect time for a fresh start, because pixie cuts are in this spring! There are so many good reasons to go shorter – you remove damaged hair and cut your styling time in half. Plus, you’ll get to feel the breeze on your neck all summer long.

Copper Hair Color

Top 10 Spring Hair Trends of 2019 To Try Next


If you have naturally brown hair, copper is the way to go. They can work well for practically any hair type and skin tone.

“I’ve found that copper highlights complement most skin tones and add a nice dimension and contrast to dark brown hair,” Los-Angeles hairstylist Cherin Choi explained to Refinery29.

Temporary Color

Top 10 Spring Hair Trends of 2019 To Try Next


Unusual, experimental hair colors were all the rage last year, and this year is no different. Try something truly off-the-wall, like orange or gold. You don’t have to commit to several months of bleaching and dying and touch-ups, either. Temporary hair colors are more advanced than ever; they actually work and they’re easy to remove. Some fan favorites include Hair Paint Wax or Eva NYC Chameleon Temporary Color Spray.

Curly Bangs

Top 10 Spring Hair Trends of 2019 To Try Next


Curly bangs used to be a disaster zone. Now, cutting bangs into curls is practically standard procedure. This year, super long bangs that graze the eyebrows are on trend. Yes, you may have to trim your bangs every two seconds so that you can actually see out of your eyeballs, but the mysterious, artsy look will be worth it.

Super-Long Braid

Top 10 Spring Hair Trends of 2019 To Try Next

Image: @tylauren

This spring, slick your hair back into a long – like really long – braid. Obviously, you’ll need to add extensions, but this is a low-maintenance and quick hairstyle, even for those who don’t have great braiding skills.

Flower Accessories

Top 10 Spring Hair Trends of 2019 To Try Next

Image: @saharaya

When you picture flower accessories, your mind may go straight to Coachella. But flower crowns were a thing way before Coachella even existed. This spring, take inspiration from the ‘90s instead.

Hair Barrettes

Top 10 Spring Hair Trends of 2019 To Try Next


This nostalgic hair accessory is a curly girl essential for those wild flyaways or simply adding some glam to your everyday style. Whether you go with exposed bobby pins, metallic snap clips or rhinestone hair pins you’ve got endless options to step your hair game this season.

Embracing Natural Gray Hair

Top 10 Spring Hair Trends of 2019 To Try Next


Embracing your hair as it naturally grows out of your head also includes embracing your gray. It’s amazing to witness women of all ages, textures and backgrounds embrace their gray hair with grace.

Braided Bob

Top 10 Spring Hair Trends of 2019 To Try Next

Image: @khatbrim/

Spring usually calls for a fresh do’ and box braids are always in style. Keep it short and sweet with a braided bob.

Are you hoping to try any new hairstyles this spring? What’s your inspiration? Tell us in the comments!

I tried the EDEN BodyWorks Almond Marshmallow Collection

I have been seriously neglecting my curls lately. Between work, winter, and general life stress, I recently went a full two weeks without washing my hair (which for my 3b hair type, is a long time!”>. THE SHAME. At that point, I could either let the Curl Police come lock me up for my sins or fix this mess. So, I tried out the new Eden BodyWorks Almond Marshmallow collection.

The Almond Marshmallow collection consists of three items: the Hydration Serum, the Therapy Leave-In Conditioner, and the Split End Repair Masque. The Hydration Serum is designed to “nourish dry, brittle hair,” smooth frayed ends, and protect from damage. The Therapy Leave-In Conditioner is supposed to offer “instant improvement” for split ends. And the Split End Repair Masque is designed to prevent breakage and damage. My poor underappreciated curls needed all of the above.

On my dreaded and much-procrastinated wash day, I tried all three of these Eden BodyWorks products. I also experimented with each one to figure out my favorite way to use it. Here’s my take on the collection!

Featured Ingredients

This trio features sweet almond oil and marshmallow extract. Sweet almond oil is a favorite oil for naturally curly hair; it’s lightweight, yet deeply moisturizing, and it adds softness and shine. Marshmallow extract, on the other hand, is a slippery detangler that also smoothes each strand.

Other notable ingredients include aloe vera, glycerin, and cocoa butter.

First Impressions

This line of products has a strong, sweet scent. The smell is a little strong and perfumey for my preferences – you can definitely smell it for hours after your wash-and-go – but it’s a pleasant smell.

I like the product packaging. The colors and design are elegant and simple, and each product comes in an intuitive package design that makes it easy to dispense without making a mess.

Eden BodyWorks Split Ends Repair Masque

I tried the EDEN BodyWorks Almond Marshmallow Collection

First, let’s talk about the Split Ends Repair Masque. This masque is creamy and luscious. It’s a great medium texture, not too thick and not too thin. The marshmallow extract makes it incredibly easy to work through my curls, and I don’t ever have to worry about applying too much.

The directions say to leave this masque on for 40 minutes and use it weekly. I’ve been so lazy that I definitely haven’t done all that, but even after leaving the masque on for a shorter amount of time, I notice that my curls are softer and smoother and generally healthier-feeling. I love using deep conditioner in place of regular conditioner in the shower sometimes, and this masque works really well for that purpose.

Eden BodyWorks Hydration Serum

I tried the EDEN BodyWorks Almond Marshmallow Collection

Look, I’m no expert on serums. I’ve rarely, if ever, used one in the past. At first, I wasn’t sure how to apply this Hydration Serum. I tried applying it after my leave-in conditioner, and the results were okay. Then I tried applying it to wet hair before any other products, and woo, jackpot! It definitely improves my wash-and-gos. The serum has a soft gel texture that easily slips through my curls and leaves them feeling hydrated and smooth. I love this stuff!

Based on customer reviews, other people prefer to layer this serum on top of leave-in conditioner and then apply gel or styler, so do what works for you.

Eden BodyWorks Almond Marshmallow Therapy Leave-In Conditioner

I tried the EDEN BodyWorks Almond Marshmallow Collection

Lastly, the Therapy Leave-In Conditioner. I was skeptical of this product at first, because it’s a spray leave-in, and those almost never work for my curls. The first ingredient is water. My 3b curls prefer a milky or creamy texture – something that provides slip and definition. Nonetheless, I gave this conditioner a shot.

When I tried the Therapy Leave-In Conditioner as my solo leave-in conditioner for a wash-and-go, it was pretty much as effective as I’d expected, which was not much. The watery conditioner seems to just sink into my wet hair and not do much. My hair wasn’t very defined after using it. If you generally love spray leave-ins, though, you’d probably like this one!

I also tried using this product as a refreshing spray, and it’s useful for that purpose because it’s like water and conditioner in one bottle. Sometimes I use it to spritz and revive my front curls and ends. With a bit of gel on top, it’s perfect.

Final Thoughts

Here’s what my hair looked like after using all three products together (plus some gel to style”>.

My curls were so soft and fluffy – and WOW, they really needed it. The Almond Marshmallow trio definitely did what I needed it to do, as far as reviving my curls!

I wouldn’t use these three products together for a wash-and-go in the future. But, they do each have their own purposes. My favorite product out of the trio is definitely the Hydration Serum.

Have you tried the Eden BodyWorks Almond Marshmallow trio? What are your thoughts? Share with us in the comments!

It’s True CBD Oil is the Key Ingredient for Healthier Hair

CBD oil has exploded in popularity in recent months. It’s used for seemingly every ailment in the universe, from anxiety to acne, and hair care is no exception. There are now shampoos, leave-in conditioners, and even hair gels with CBD as the featured ingredient. But does CBD actually provide any benefits for the hair, or is it just a trendy gimmick?

To find out I talked to Mollie Twining, Founding Partner and Director of Sales, at CBD for Life, a company that produces CBD pain management and beauty products.

Move over, coconut oil, JBCO, and baobab oil there’s a new oil that is changing the game.

Its True CBD Oil is the Key Ingredient for Healthier Hair
Image source: @theesperanzamaria

Background on CBD

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, an extract derived from hemp or cannabis plants. It’s the second most prevalent compound in cannabis, right after THC, which is the one that gets people “high.” Unlike THC, CBD has no intoxicating effects, but it does provide a range of physical and psychological benefits. Recent studies have shown CBD to be an effective treatment for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, cancer-related symptoms, and acne, among other issues.

CBD is now legally sold in every state, thanks in large part to the 2018 Farm Bill. And while the ingredient is just now gaining momentum, Mollie says it’s been around for a while.

“CBD has been used for quite some time,” Mollie told me. “I believe it is now being spoken about and used so freely due to the passing of the Farm Bill.”

CBD for the hair and scalp.

There’s not yet much scientific research on the benefits of CBD for the hair and scalp. But based on what hair experts know about the oil and its nutrient profile, it’s very promising, and users have noticed great results.

Here are a few benefits of CBD oil for your hair:

  1. Enhance hair growth. CBD contains nutrients that boost hair growth, Mollie says. “CBD helps stimulate and enhance the growth of hair through the scalp’s absorption of the main fatty acids, Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. [It also] contains GLA (gamma linoleic acid”> which promotes natural hair growth.”
  2. Strengthen and protect hair. Hair strands are made out of protein, which is why experts recommend a protein treatment for weak, broken hair. CBD oil contains all 21 amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. When used regularly, it can help strengthen and fortify your hair. Also, CBD is full of fatty acids that provide moisture and seal the cuticle. It’s rich in antioxidants, too, like vitamins A, C and E, so it helps to protect the hair from environmental damage.
  3. Improve scalp health. “CBD contains high doses of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and vitamin E – all of which are great for the scalp,” Mollie said. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory, which makes it ideal for common scalp conditions like psoriasis or follucilitis. Moreover, it balances your scalp’s natural production of sebum (or oil”>, whether you have too much or too little.“CBD is an adaptogen, meaning it regulates sebum production so it is great for oily, dry or normal hair types,” Mollie explained. “It helps to address dry, flaky scalp as well as eczema and psoriasis.”

How to use CBD in your hair care routine.

Mollie recommends incorporating the CBD For Life Shampoo and CBD For Life Conditioner into your routine, using them as often as you’d regularly wash your hair. These products contain CBD isolate and cannabis sativa oil – and like all CBD hair products, they do not contain any THC.

To receive the full benefits of CBD for your scalp and hair, you might also want to add a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer to your routine, like the Eco Natural Cannabis Sativa Oil Leave-In Conditioner. To target scalp health in particular, try the Emera Nourishing CBD Scalp Therapy.

CBD also goes by other names in hair products, including “hemp oil” or “hemp seed oil.” On the other hand, “hemp” or “hemp extract” is a slightly different ingredient that contains less CBD, but still offers some benefits.

Have you ever used CBD in your health/beauty routine? Let us know below!

10 Galentines Gifts your Curlfriend Will Actually Use

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and in 2019, we are way beyond worrying over what gifts to buy for your significant other/bootycall/situationship. Nope, this is the year of the curlfriend – you know, your gal pal with curls? The one who always picks you up from the airport and offers you her leftover mac ‘n cheese? Yeah, she and her curls both deserve a nice Galentine’s Day, and we’re here to help you figure out an amazing gift.

These 10 gifts will work well for any curlfriend for Galentine’s Day, regardless of her hair type. If she’s into pampering her hair, and you’re into pampering her, these products are the perfect place to begin.

Satin Scrunchie

10 Galentines Gifts your Curlfriend Will Actually Use
Image source Grace Eleyae

The hair scrunchies of your youth are back in fashion, but this time, they’re new and improved. Satin scrunchies won’t snag your curls or become tangled. They’re soft, stretchy, and surprisingly cute. Bonus – Your curlfriend is less likely to lose them at the bottom of her purse.

Satin-Lined Hat

10 Galentines Gifts your Curlfriend Will Actually Use
Image source

The groundhog predicted an early spring this year, but let’s be real – he’s usually wrong. Your curlfriend needs to keep her head warm, but regular winter hats are an instant road to frizz and dryness. Instead, buy her new favorite hat: a satin-lined beanie from Grace Eleyae.

Deep Conditioner

10 Galentines Gifts your Curlfriend Will Actually Use

A curly-haired girl can never have enough deep conditioner in her life. It’s quite possible that your curlfriend is reluctant to splurge on a high-end deep conditioner – even though they’re often so magical that they’re wayyy worth the higher price tag. Gift her a fancy deep conditioner like the DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask or the Ouidad Curl Immersion Triple Threat Deep Conditioner and she will love you forever.

Q-Redew Hair Steamer

10 Galentines Gifts your Curlfriend Will Actually Use

Want to literally change your curlfriend’s life forever? Buy her a Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer. Imagine a spa treatment, but for your hair, but one that you can hold in your hand in the comfort of your own home. The steamer adds an intense boost of moisture and makes your curls beautifully soft.

Curl Cream

10 Galentines Gifts your Curlfriend Will Actually Use
Image source Maui Moisture

Even if you’re on a budget, you can still make your curlfriend’s day with a high-quality, affordable curl cream. It’s a must-have item in any curly hair kit. Type 4 curlies love the Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl Smoothie, while type 3s favor the Curl Junkie Spiral Lotion Hair Styling Creme.

Detangling Brush

10 Galentines Gifts your Curlfriend Will Actually Use
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Is your curlfriend still detangling with her fingers or a wide-toothed comb? No shade, but she might just fall in love once she tries a curly-hair-friendly detangling brush. Some curlies love the Curly Hair Solutions Flexy Brush. Others prefer a Denman Brush or Wet Brush. Either way, these brushes make the detangling process easy and painless.

Scalp Treatment

10 Galentines Gifts your Curlfriend Will Actually Use

Scalp health is an often underrated aspect of caring for curly hair. A nice scalp treatment, like the Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Scalp Treatment, might seem like an extra indulgence. But this product balances pH, soothes itchiness and irritation, and cleanses impurities from the scalp – all of which are totally necessary for hair health.

Hair Oil

10 Galentines Gifts your Curlfriend Will Actually Use

When it comes to curly hair, not all oils are created equal. Darshana Hair Oil is a consistent favorite among NaturallyCurly editors and readers alike. It’s an Ayurvedic formula featuring ingredients like sunflower, coconut, and orange oil, along with several nourishing Indian herbs. You can use this hair oil in a variety of ways – before shampoo, after conditioner, in a hot oil treatment, or as a mid-week pick-me-up for your curls.

Colorful Headwrap

10 Galentines Gifts your Curlfriend Will Actually Use
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Look, every curly-haired person has their bad hair days. Or bad hair weeks. Or bad hair months. No judgment! That’s where head wraps and turbans come in. A gorgeous, colorfully-patterned head wrap like these Fanm Djanm wraps will turn those cringe-worthy bad hair days into a cause for celebration.

Hair Pick

10 Galentines Gifts your Curlfriend Will Actually Use

Hair picks are indispensable tools for creating more volume in your curls, but some of them can create unwanted frizz, especially when used on dry curls. That’s where the Spriggle comes in. This unique hair pick is specially designed for use on dry hair. It lifts and freshens your curls without messing up the curl pattern.

Curlfriends of the world, what do you WISH your best gal pal would buy you for Galentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

How to Revive Winter Hair
How to Revive Winter Hair

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Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a tropical paradise, you likely know the winter hair struggle all too well. Cold, dry air can wreak havoc on hair of any type, and naturally curly hair is particularly vulnerable to the elements. The dryness! The itchiness! The frizz!

We have over a month left of winter left here in North America, so the struggle is far from over. You can sit back and wait for spring – or you can try these methods to revive your dead, brittle winter hair.

1. Switch to a more hydrating shampoo

As a curly-haired person, it’s always crucial not to wash too often, or use a shampoo that’s too drying. But this becomes even more important in the winter, when you need every ounce of moisture that you can get. It’s helpful to switch to a totally different shampoo in the winter than the summer, one that’s significantly more hydrating and won’t strip your hair, like the Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo, or the Briogeo Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Avocado Hydrating Shampoo.

2. Splurge on a haircut

Dry, frizzy hair tends to lead to breakage and split ends. You’d be surprised how much even a simple trim can revive your hair! By removing any wintertime damage, you’ll give your healthier strands a chance to shine. Some types of haircuts, like a Deva Cut, will also make your hair fluffier and more voluminous.

3. Use natural oils on your scalp

If your scalp is just as dry as your winter curls, try applying natural oils like coconut oil, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil to your scalp at night time before wash day, or throughout the week as needed. Coconut oil adds plenty of moisture and protection, while tea tree oil and peppermint oil soothe inflammation, relieve itchiness, and restore the scalp.

4. Step up your deep conditioner

If your hair is dry and brittle, you should be applying an intensive hair mask at least once a week. It’s also important, though, to use a deep conditioner that actually works. Look for a silicone-free hair mask that’s rich with moisturizing oils, butters, and other natural ingredients. Naturalistas love the DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask, the Mielle Organics Babassu Oil Mint Deep Conditioner, and the Soultanicals Afrotastic Curl Elastic Deep Conditioning Treat.

5. Add some heat to your routine

Lastly, let’s talk about the importance of heat. No, not the blow dryer or the straightening iron. Instead, it’s time to pull out the hooded dryer, the steamer, and the heat therapy cap. Heat is incredibly helpful for maintaining moisture in the winter. It opens up the hair cuticle, allowing moisture to penetrate your strands more effectively.

  • The “greenhouse method”: One mild way to add heat is the “greenhouse method,” which entails applying (hot or cold”> oil, butter, or deep conditioner to your curls and then wearing a plastic cap to trap the moisture and raise the heat. This Deep Conditioning Hair Cap System from Briogeo is basically the greenhouse method in a box.
  • Hair steamers and other gadgets: If you need even more heat, the most effective method is a hair steamer. Steamers are an investment, but they’re so worth it – it’s like an actual spa for your hair! You can also sit under a hooded or bonnet dryer while your hair mask does its work – about 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can buy a microwavable heat therapy cap.
  • Hot oil treatments: Hot oil treatments are another excellent way to add an instant dose of heat and moisture, and it’s easy to make your own at home. Olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil all work well for hot oil treatments. To safely heat the oil before you apply it to your hair, pop it into the microwave for a few seconds at a time, or put the oil container into a pot of hot water. Test it on your wrist, then apply it to your hair and cover it with a plastic cap for 30 minutes.

What’s your favorite way to revive dry, brittle winter hair? Tell us your tricks in the comments!

How to Make Your Own Baobab Hair Treatment
How to Make Your Own Baobab Hair Treatment
Baobab fruit. Image source: Valentin Casarsa/Getty Images

Baobab oil is an ingredient that’s easy to fall in love with. It’s super moisturizing yet non-greasy, and it works wonders for dry, fragile hair. You can gain a lot of the benefits of this oil by simply adding a few drops to your conditioner. But when you need some real, deep hair nourishment, a DIY baobab hair treatment is the way to go.

Baobab oil is derived from the baobab tree, which is native to Africa. The oil is full of vitamin E, fatty-acids, and antioxidants. Translation: It intensely moisturizes the hair and scalp, and it also penetrates the hair strands to heal and protect damaged hair. If you’re struggling with dryness, dullness, frizz, humidity, or damage, baobab oil can seriously help.

An at-home hair treatment is an easy way to get the most out of this amazing oil. But first, you’ll need to get your hands on some 100% baobab oil.

Many products have filler oils and other ingredients, which means you may be getting more of the filler oil than the actual baobab oil! Read the label carefully. It should only have one ingredient – the baobab oil itself.

Baobab Hair Treatment Recipe

For a simple baobab hair treatment, you only need a few ingredients.

  • ⅓ cup Baobab oil
  • ⅓ Coconut oil*
  • 10-12 drops Lavender essential oil (optional”>

*If your hair is sensitive to coconut oil or if you’d rather use something lighter, you can choose any other carrier oil, like almond or jojoba.

  1. Combine the oils in a heat-safe bottle, jar or bowl.
  2. Warm the oils briefly. You can do this using the microwave or a bowl of hot water. If you use the microwave, put the container in for about 30 seconds at a time until the oils are thoroughly heated. If you use hot water, simply place the container with the oils into a pot of hot water for a few minutes.
  3. Test the oil on the back of your wrist to make sure that the temperature is just right.
  4. Divide your hair into at least four sections. Clip each section out of the way.
  5. Unravel one section at a time, and apply the warmed oils to your hair from root to tip, including your scalp.
  6. Put a plastic shower cap on your head. Let the oils work their magic for up to 45 minutes.
  7. Lastly, shampoo your hair. Rinse and style as usual!

This hair treatment will result in softer, shinier, healthier hair. You can reapply weekly. And since this treatment is for your unique head of hair, you can customize and tweak the recipe in any way that you need to.

If you’d rather go store-bought, there are plenty of hair products with the power of baobab oil in them, here’s a few of our faves ORS HAIRepair Coconut Oil & Baobab Intense Moisture Creme, All I Need Naturally Baobab Growth Oil Cocktail, and SheaMoisture Baobab & Tea Tree Oils Low Porosity Protein-Free Conditioner.

Have you ever used baobab oil in your hair routine? Let us know in the comments!

Product Review: R+Co Body Vibes Hair Magic Smart Stickers

What if I told you that you could pop a cute little sticker onto your shoulder and enjoy better hair in a matter of days? Skeptical? So was I. But that’s the premise behind these new Hair Magic Smart Stickers, a limited edition collaboration between R+Co and Body Vibes.

Product Review RCo Body Vibes Hair Magic Smart Stickers

Body Vibes burst onto the scene back in 2017 with an endorsement from Goop. The company manufactures stickers that emit a specific vibrational frequency, purported to help harmonize your bodily systems. These stickers can do everything from improve your complexion to treat your anxiety, and while there’s no scientific evidence to support those claims, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that they work.

As someone who uses crystal healing – another woo-woo remedy with no real science to back it up – I’m not totally opposed to the idea that a vibrational sticker could improve my health in some way. But my scalp health? A sticker?

These Hair Magic stickers are designed to “increase oxygenation and maintain a healthy scalp environment.” That is their only claim. Theoretically, a healthier, more oxygenated scalp should lead to other hair benefits, like longer and healthier hair, since circulation issues can absolutely lead to hair loss over time.

As someone with seborrheic dermatitis, scalp health is a constant struggle for me. Frankly, if a sticker can help, I’ll try anything at this point. I had faith that, if they did work, I’d notice – my chronically flaky, itchy scalp is very sensitive to any environmental changes.

I tested the Hair Magic stickers for two weeks to see whether I noticed a difference.

The Experiment

The R+Co Body Vibes Hair Magic package instructed me to apply one sticker “to the left side of the heart or above it.” The stickers are programmed to 963Hz. Each sticker remains effective for up to 72 hours, and there are six stickers in the package, so a package should last for eighteen days total. Each package is $36.

These stickers supposedly harmonize your body, like tuning a piano. Again, there’s not much science to back this up, but similar patches have nonetheless been used by health professionals for many years.

So I stuck the sticker on. It had a cute crown on it to symbolize the crown chakra, and I put it on my left shoulder. I switched the sticker out for a new one every three days and waited for them to harmonize my scalp.

The Results

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from these stickers. I was hopeful, because the internet is full of positive reviews of Body Vibes’ other stickers, like those for Self-Love or Focus. But I was also skeptical, because how can you program a piece of fabric? And how could my scalp, of all things, be affected by a shift in frequency?

Structurally, the stickers are well-designed. They stick to your skin even in the shower, and you hardly notice they’re there. I didn’t experience any skin irritation or other negative side effects.

Soon after I first applied each sticker, I did feel some tingles in my head and scalp. However, I’m convinced that that was the placebo effect. I’m sad to say that, after a couple weeks, I didn’t notice any real difference in my scalp or hair. My seborrheic dermatitis remained undeterred, and I didn’t notice any increase in hair growth or health.

That said, this product’s claims are pretty vague, so I can’t say whether it “worked” or not. It only claims to help maintain a healthy scalp environment, and there’s no real way to measure that. Is my scalp healthy? I don’t know; it’s probably as healthy as it was before? Who can say!

Final Thoughts

So would I recommend these Hair Magic stickers? If the idea of altering your vibrational frequency appeals to you, I say go for it – but skip this particular sticker and go with one of Body Vibes’ other products. I can totally see how a special vibrational frequency could improve your mental health, for example, and it clearly works for a lot of people. Scalp health? Not so much. I didn’t notice any effects, so it’s a pass for me.

If you’re really determined to use these stickers for your hair, there’s also a Vision On sticker to “heighten artistic expression and increase focus for hairstylists.” At $6 per sticker, the stickers aren’t outrageously expensive, and who knows? They could slowly but surely make you more vibrationally attuned.

Have you ever tried a Body Vibes sticker? Would you give it a chance? Let us know in the comments!

How to Repair Your Hair After Bleach
How to Repair Your Hair After Bleach
Image source: @jmayoxo

Over-bleaching your hair can easily send you into full-on panic mode. Worst case scenario: your hair literally falls off into your hands. Best case scenario: your hair looks and feels like Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz.

The bad news is that there’s no quick, easy way to repair your hair after bleach. The good news is that with commitment, patience and the right products, you can get your old head of hair back.

Here are a few tips that hair experts use to restore damaged hair after bleach.

Apply an Intensive Protein Treatment

Bleach damages your hair by causing the hair strands to weaken and eventually break. Those hair strands are made of protein. Therefore, you can gradually strengthen your strands by applying protein treatments.

If you have the means, it’s a great idea to go to a salon, where a stylist can give you a professional-strength protein treatment. If not, though, there are some excellent at-home protein treatments available, like the Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment. Use this treatment about twice a month to repair your curls, and don’t forget to moisturize after each application.

Get Rid of the Damage

If you do go to a salon, one of the first steps they’ll likely take is to chop off as much as the visibly damaged hair as possible. Hopefully, that’s not too much of your hair! It’s important to remove the most damaged areas of your hair, because split, broken strands only get worse over time. Moreover, damaged hair is hard to comb and style, which can cause collateral damage when it’s time to detangle.

If you’re brave, you can do this at home, too; ask a friend for help if you’re worried about hard-to-reach areas.

Make Hair Masks Your Best Friend

Repeat after me: “Hair masks are my lord and savior.”

Seriously, you may have loved hair masks before, but regular hair masks are an absolute necessity for damaged, bleached hair. They balance, restore, and repair all at the same time. Many naturals with damaged hair swear by the It’s a 10! Miracle Hair Mask, which is rich in oils and collagen (though it’s not Curly Girl method friendly”>. It’s pricey, but its name doesn’t lie – it works miracles.

Whichever hair masks you choose, apply one at least once a week.

Try Olaplex

Aside from protein treatments and hair masks, there’s a third restorative treatment that can help damaged hair: Olaplex. Olaplex is commonly used in salons to help strengthen and reconstruct hair strands during the bleaching process. It’s also very helpful for repairing damaged hair. It works by restoring the bonds that break under harsh chemical treatments. Honestly, the science of Olaplex is all a bit confusing, but you can read more about how the treatments work here.

A salon can give you a full, three-step Olaplex treatment, or you can buy all three steps and do them at home yourself. Warning: It’s pretty $$$.

Wash Less Often

Since hydration is so important for hair repair, it’s a good idea to adjust your wash day routine a bit. You might find that heavier, more moisturizing products do better for your hair during this time. Switch out your shampoo for a co-wash or cleansing conditioner. Swap your leave-in conditioner for a cream or butter.

Along the same lines, try washing your hair less often so your hair can retain as much of its natural moisture as possible.

Avoid Heat and Color

Unfortunately, you’ll need to steer away from the blow dryer, the flat iron, and the curling iron for a few months until your hair can handle the heat. Also, this should go without saying, but you should avoid touching your hair with any type of chemical processor, including bleach and dye, without consulting with a professional stylist.

Get Regular Trims

Lastly, make sure to stay on top of your hair trims. You don’t need to go to a professional to do this. Instead, just dust your ends once a month to remove any damaged or split ends.

What are your go-to methods for repairing bleached hair? Share with us in the comments below!

I Tried The Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel Stronger Hold
I Tried The Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel Stronger Hold


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with some newly released hair gels in an attempt to find a new favorite. Nowadays, the climate in my city is unbelievably, disgustingly humid, which makes this the perfect time to try Ouidad’s new Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel – Stronger Hold.

The original version of this gel has been out for quite some time, and it’s a favorite of some of the NaturallyCurly editors and readers. But the “Stronger Hold” version is a recent release, and it’s purportedly Ouidad’s most advanced frizz fighter yet. It’s designed to protect against both humidity and UV rays to keep curls defined and shiny all day.

Well, I was banking on it living up to its promise. I’ve found a couple other hair gels that I really like, but this New Orleans humidity has not been playing around lately. New Orleans is always humid, but things recently got to the point where everything in my house felt constantly damp for no reason. My bath towels didn’t stand a chance against the humidity, let alone my curls.

I tested the Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel – Stronger Hold on my 3b curls with a regular wash-and-go to see how well it’d stand up to the heat. Spoiler: I LOVE IT.

I Tried The Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel Stronger Hold

First Impressions

The Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel Stronger Hold features “anti-frizz nano technology” to seal the hair cuticle and protect it from humidity. It also features a “dedicated UV filter,” because yes, UV rays can damage your hair, too. If you usually take more of a pro-technology than an all-natural approach to your hair routine, this gel is right up your alley.

The gel is clear in color, and it has a slippery-smooth feel. It’s silky and easy to spread in your hands. I’m definitely a fan of the consistency and texture.

As far as smell goes, this gel has that clean Ouidad smell. It’s pleasant and not too strong.

Testing It Out

To test this gel, I washed and conditioned my hair and then applied a leave-in conditioner (Mielle Organics Avocado Moisturizing Hair Milk, my new favorite!”>. Then I raked the Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel – Stronger Hold through my curls section by section, focusing on my ends, crown, and front curls. Those are the parts of my hair that tend to get the most frizzy.

I used to use the LOC method, which involved using twice as many products on my hair as I do now. But a hair stylist told me that, with all the humidity here, it’s silly to add oil and cream to my curls rather than products that focus on definition and frizz-fighting.

So here I am, discovering the magic of hair gel.

This new Ouidad gel was easy to work through my curls, and it instantly made them feel soft, smooth, and ultra-defined.

Next, I blow-dried my hair on low heat with a diffuser.

I Tried The Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel Stronger Hold

The Results

After drying, my curls were still well-defined, but not crunchy or stiff whatsoever. They were bouncy, even and voluminous.

Impressively, I went out that night in the midst of a dense New Orleans fog with my hair loose, and my hair was still pretty defined at the end of the night! It did increase in volume, but more volume is always a plus, as far as I’m concerned.

This gel also manages to not dry out my hair despite its humidity-fighting capabilities, which is lovely. Another plus: It doesn’t flake.

Final Thoughts

I Love. This. Hair Gel.

It’s been a struggle to find a lightweight hair gel that does everything I need it to do – define my hair and keep it moisturized and last all day – especially in this crazy humidity. Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel – Stronger Hold absolutely gets the job done.

Honestly, I can’t think of any cons to this gel, but I do have a word of caution. I used it one more time on a braid-out – because I love it so much – and it left some white build-up on my front curls. There is, apparently, a limit to how much you should apply to any one section! Don’t go overboard and attempt to use it as an edge control like I did!

At $26, my wallet will cry a little when it’s time to buy a new bottle. But on the plus side, $26 buys you 8.5 ounces of this product, and a little goes a long way. I expect this bottle to last me for a couple months – fingers crossed.

Have you tried this magical gel from Ouidad? What are your thoughts?

How to Prevent Hair Breakage Before it Happens
How to Prevent Hair Breakage Before it Happens


If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, no matter our hair type, it’s that hair breakage is a real bummer. It looks bad, it feels bad, and it leads to other even more annoying problems, like frizz and stunted hair growth. In short, when a curly girl has a nightmare in her sleep, it’s probably about hair breakage.

Hair breakage happens when the shaft of a hair strand breaks, resulting in a shorter strand and, often, a split end. Once a strand of hair breaks, you’re never gonna put it back together, so the key move here is really about prevention. On the plus side, if you can prevent hair breakage, many of your other hair woes will be solved, too.

Here are a few ways to stop this frustrating phenomenon.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Hair breakage is often a side effect of dryness. If you have curly hair, you probably need tons of moisture in your hair anyway, so you know what to do – step it up on the deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner, and don’t forget to seal with oil to prevent your hair from losing moisture throughout the day. Read more about the steps you can take to prevent dryness on wash day here.

To retain moisture for the next few days, use a satin or silk pillowcase or wrap your hair at night. Otherwise, you’ll lose a ton of that moisture to your pillow. 

Try a protein treatment

In some cases, hair breaks because the shaft of the hair has simply become too weak. This is often the result of chemical processing (like hair dye”> or high porosity hair.

The hair cuticle itself is made of protein, so you can strengthen your hair strands by doing a protein treatment. Look for a store-bought protein treatment with hydrolyzed protein in it, like the Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor. You can also opt for a protein-rich deep conditioner, like the Mielle Organics Babassu & Mint Deep Conditioner

Detangle properly – and patiently

Never brush your hair with a regular brush while it’s wet. (Or dry, for that matter!”> Only use a brush that’s specially designed for waves and curls, like a Denman brush or a Wet brush.

Wet hair is easier to detangle, but it’s also more fragile and prone to breakage. Make sure that your curls are coated in a product with plenty of slip, like the Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling Conditioner, before you even touch a comb or brush.

When you inevitably run into tangles, be patient. Sit down, put some Netflix on, and get ready to really take your time with each knot so that you aren’t forced to yank it out of your hair. Ripping knots = instant breakage.

Protect your hair from heat

Unlike hair breakage, heat styling is a more controversial issue among naturals. Some steer away from it entirely, while others go wild with the blow-dryer weekly. If you do use heat on your hair on a regular basis, use some type of heat protectant to protect your hair from damage. Air-dry your hair for a bit before you blow-dry. Try not to use heat on your hair more than once a week, at most.

Be gentle with your up-dos

Yes, your ponytail looks flawless, but what about your hair strands?! Updos pull on your strands, and all that tension can lead to breakage (as well as hair loss”>. If you wear your hair up often, make sure to give it a break and let it hang loose sometimes. You can also practice looser up-dos using only gentle hair ties.

Get regular haircuts

It’s important to get regular trims to remove dead and split ends. Otherwise, those split ends will travel up each hair strand, resulting in even more hair breakage. If you’re cringing at the thought of paying for frequent haircuts, remember that you can dust your own ends easily at home. 

Watch your health

Stress can lead to hair breakage, believe it or not. So can the lack of certain vitamins and minerals, like zinc, iron, and folic acid. Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet, and try to find a way to manage your stress. Easier said than done, I know.

Buy a shower filter

Are you doing everything right, but still experiencing hair breakage, frizz, and dryness? It might be your water. Hard water contains minerals and heavy metals that can wreak havoc on your hair and cause cuticle damage. A showerhead filter takes all of that out, so your hair only soaks up water that’s as pure as the water you drink.

If you’re experiencing hair breakage, what remedies have you tried so far? How have they worked?

Product Review: Cush Cosmetics Creme De Palme Styling Gel
Product Review Cush Cosmetics Creme De Palme Styling Gel

I’ve been trying to find the perfect hair gel to incorporate into my routine, and it’s been a bit of a struggle. Lots of gels are fine, okay, meh. But none so far have been truly amazing, you know? Some are too heavy and stiff. Others just aren’t strong enough. All I want is a hair gel that is light yet still strong, and that won’t dry out my hair. Is that so much to ask?!

I just tried out the Cush Cosmetics Creme De Palme Lite Styling Gel, and guys, I’m pretty into this one.

This gel is a “Lite Moisturizing Styling Gel.” The “lite” and “moisturizing” parts are already promising – many gels are too thick and heavy for my 3b curls, and they can be super drying. This gel contains palm oil to nourish your hair, as well as castor oil, almond oil, and panthenol. Also important: it’s alcohol-free.

Recently, my second-day hair was looking pretty pitiful because, again, I haven’t found a great hair gel. I tested out the Creme De Palme Lite Styling Gel by using it to refresh and revive my 3b curls. Here’s how it went!

First Impressions

Product Review Cush Cosmetics Creme De Palme Styling Gel

The packaging is dark orange, and it comes in a standard 8-ounce bottle. Nothing too fancy here.

The Creme De Palme Lite Styling Gel has a different consistency than any other gel that I’ve tried. It’s milky-white and feels much more oily or creamy than most gels. It’s not sticky.

The gel also has a more herbal, perfumey smell than most of the others that I’ve tried. I can’t put my finger on what it smells like exactly, but it’s like a mix between a perfume shop, an incense shop, and a plant store. It’s not too overpowering.

Testing It Out

I started with frizzy, undefined second-day hair.

After spraying my hair with water, I applied some leave-in conditioner. Then I generously applied the Creme De Palme Lite Styling Gel to my hair, focusing on my roots and crown.

Because the gel has a smooth and creamy consistency, it was really easy to rake through my curls and distribute evenly.

I then let my hair air dry, which went pretty quickly since I didn’t start with soaking wet hair.

The Results

Product Review Cush Cosmetics Creme De Palme Styling Gel

After air drying, my curls were sharply defined.

The gel left some of my curls a little hard and stiff, but it was easy to break the cast by fluffing my hair a bit. (If you have no idea what that means, read all about gel casts here.”> This is definitely not a heavy gel that will weigh down your curls.

I didn’t spot any flakes, and my hair definitely wasn’t dry. If anything, it felt a little oily at first, but that feeling completely went away as my hair dried. My curls were soft and fluffy, yet still defined, and they stayed that way for the rest of the day.

Is this a miracle?!

Final Thoughts

I’m a big fan of the Cush Cosmetics Creme De Palme Lite Styling Gel!

This gel is truly light and moisturizing. It left my hair defined yet soft, and it held my curls in place all day. I’m afraid to jinx it, but… I think I finally found a hair gel that meets all of my requirements. Hallelujah!

At $14 for an 8-ounce bottle, this gel doesn’t break the bank, either. My only complaint is that it’s not widely available in stores.

You can buy the Cush Cosmetics Creme De Palme Lite Styling Gel here.

Have you tried this gel, or any of the other products from Cush Cosmetics? Are you a fan?

Product Review: SheaMoisture Green Coconut & Activated Charcoal Collection

As a self-proclaimed hair product junkie, I’ve tried A LOT of SheaMoisture products over the years. There’s a reason that the brand was voted NaturallyCurly’s Overall Favorite Brand two years in a row – they’re always coming out with intriguing new product lines, and many of them are absolute Godsends.

So when I found out that SheaMoisture released a brand new collection this summer, I was excited to put it to the test. The Green Coconut & Activated Charcoal collection is designed to remove impurities from throughout the day, while also providing a heavy dose of hydration; this is a goal that most modern curlies will likely appreciate. It includes products for both your skin and hair, including shampoo, conditioner, soap, and moisturizer.

Product Review SheaMoisture Green Coconut & Activated Charcoal Collection

I didn’t get the chance to try out all sixteen products in the collection (and honestly, who has the time?!”>, but I did try out exactly half of them, and I’m here to give you the scoop.

Featured Ingredients

The star ingredients here are activated charcoal and green coconut.

Activated charcoal has become trendy in recent years because of its ability to act like a sponge, binding to toxins and carrying them away. You can actually see the bits of activated charcoal floating in many of the products that I tried. Read more about the benefits of charcoal here.

This collection also features green coconut, which contains the moisture that your skin and hair need to stay smooth and soft. Green coconut is also full of essential vitamins and minerals.

Product Review SheaMoisture Green Coconut & Activated Charcoal Collection
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First Impressions: Packaging and Scent

All of the products in this collection smell the same: fresh, clean, and not too overwhelming. It’s definitely not my favorite SheaMoisture scent (the High Porosity collection takes that crown”>, but it’s not bad either.

As for the packaging, it has the neat, well-designed look that I’ve come to expect from SheaMoisture products. In this case, the packaging has a gray and green theme to match the featured ingredients.


Here are the products I tried within the brand:

1. Shampoo

First up, the review you probably came here for: the hair stuff. I tried both the shampoo and the conditioner.

The Green Coconut & Activated Charcoal Shampoo is sulfate-free, but it still gives a nice lather. I was impressed to find that it actually does cleanse my scalp, and provide moisture at the same time. My roots didn’t feel stripped afterward, but instead felt soft and hydrated and clean. I’m a fan!

2. Conditioner

The Lite Conditioner didn’t leave me quite as enthused. It has little chunks of activated charcoal in it, and although they do dissolve, it felt strange to put black chunks into my hair.

Also, I wouldn’t call this conditioner ;intensely’ hydrating. The consistency was thicker than I expected, but for my high-porosity 3b curls, the moisture level was average at best, and I had to apply a lot of it. This product would work better for those with thinner hair, who still want a good dose of moisture.

3. Cleansing Balm

Next up, the facial products!

I first tried out the Cleansing Balm, a product that “melts away makeup, impurities and pollution residue.” This is truly a balm – it’s thick and oily. This product is more like an oil cleanser than a traditional face wash.

I’m not a big fan of using oil to clean my face, so not surprisingly, I didn’t love this balm. It feels nice to apply, but it doesn’t rinse off easily, and it leaves my face feeling oily. If you’re into oil cleansing, though, this may work for you.

4. Moisturizing Jelly Cream

After cleansing my face, I applied the Moisturizing Jelly Cream. The consistency of this cream is definitely jelly-like, but it’s still easy to spread, which I appreciate. The cream feels refreshing and moisturizing, without being heavy – it’s perfect for the summer, especially for those who live in a humid environment, like I do. I even took it on vacation to Mexico!

5. Bath & Shower Jelly

Speaking of jellies! The Bath & Shower Jelly is designed to be used as a regular soap in the shower. In comparison to the Moisturizing Jelly Cream, the consistency is more like Jello than jelly. It doesn’t dissolve easily, and instead just remains slippery and solid. It’s difficult to use, either by itself or with a washcloth. However, it does lather, and it cleanses my skin without stripping it.

6. Cleansing Bar

The Cleansing Bar is basically a nice, big hunk of high-quality soap. It was a relief to use this after the Bath & Shower Jelly – no slippery parts to chase after, just regular good ol’ bar soap!

This soap lathers nicely, and it isn’t drying at all. It’s gentle, moisturizing, and cleansing. You could even use it on your face in a pinch.

7. Body Jelly Moisturizer

The Body Jelly Moisturizer has a similar effect to the Moisturizing Jelly Cream. It absorbs quickly and provides plenty of hydration. It’s not heavy, but instead is refreshing and cooling.

For me, this moisturizer would work better in the summer than in the winter, because it doesn’t offer the deep moisture that my body needs in cold weather – I’m more likely to reach for a butter rather than a jelly these days! But for those hot days when you need a little something light to avoid being ashy, this is great.

Product Review SheaMoisture Green Coconut & Activated Charcoal Collection
8. Bath Salts

Lastly, I tried the Bath Salts in a bath one evening. They dissolved quickly into the bath water, and the black lava salt is great for aches and pains.

The salts have the same fresh, clean scent that the other products have, which I found invigorating rather than relaxing. For that reason, I think I’d prefer using these Bath Salts in a foot bath, instead of a whole-body bath.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the best products in this collection do exactly what they’re designed to do – they provide a nice, thorough cleansing, while also moisturizing your skin and hair. My top three favorite products were the shampoo, Moisturizing Jelly Cream, and Cleansing Bar. I’ll probably use these until they run out!

On the other hand, some of the other products in the collection were a miss for me. Due to being too heavy, not heavy enough, or just plain hard to use, they fell short.

This collection also includes several other products that I haven’t gotten my hands on yet, including a Build-Up Blaster, Exfoliating Hair Mud, In-Shower Styler, Multi-Masque, Exfoliating Cleansing Powder, In-Shower Mask, and Mask Duo.

You can find the entire Green Coconut & Activated Charcoal collection on the SheaMoisture website or at Ulta.

Have you tried any of the products in the Green Coconut & Activated Charcoal collection by SheaMoisture? How did they work for you? Let us know in the comments below!
Product Review: Koils by Nature Herbal Curl Defining Gel

My hunt for a bomb hair gel is still on. As I seek to achieve amazing curl definition in the humid, southern climate where I live, I’m on the look out for a gel that gives me an all-day hold, without being heavy or drying. I just tried out Koils by Nature’s Herbal Curl Defining Gel to see if it’d meet my expectations, and I’m here to share my thoughts!

First, a little bit about Koils by Nature. This company makes vegan, organic, and cruelty-free hair products for men and women with all hair types. These products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, free of synthetic dyes – all that good stuff.

The Herbal Curl Defining Gel is one of Koils by Nature’s fragrance-free products, which I was excited about because I hate when hair products smell like I just waltzed into the perfume aisle at Macy’s.

But even more important than smell, to me, is effectiveness. I tested the Curl Defining Gel on freshly washed and conditioned 3b hair to see how it’d hold up.

Featured Ingredients

Koils by Nature Herbal Curl Defining Gel is free of alcohol and protein. Instead, it’s packed full of natural ingredients like aloe vera juice, nettle leaf, moringa leaf, and marshmallow root powder. It also contains nourishing oils like Jamaican black castor oil to moisturize and protect your hair rather than dry it out.

There is NO fragrance in this gel, natural or otherwise. If you’re sensitive to scents for whatever reason, it can be really hard to find natural hair products that don’t contain any fragrance. Well, here’s one!

First Impressions

The bottle itself is very plain, which works well for the whole fragrance-free vibe. It comes in a pump bottle, which I love.

Product Review Koils by Nature Herbal Curl Defining Gel

When I first pumped some product out, I discovered that the texture is liquidy and has a thin consistency. This is definitely not a thick gel, which for me is a pro – I don’t want an overly heavy gel.

However, the smell is not my favorite. Yes, it’s fragrance-free, but that just means that it smells exactly like what’s in it. It smells sort of medicinal and chemical-y.

Testing It Out

I washed and conditioned my hair, then applied leave-in conditioner, and a little cream at the ends. I brushed everything out with my Wet brush, then generously applied the Koils by Nature Herbal Curl Defining Gel to my hair, focusing on my ends and crown.

Since the consistency is so thin, the gel went on smoothly and was easy to distribute. I didn’t have to struggle to work it through my curls or worry about applying too much.

Lastly, I blow-dried my hair with a diffuser on low heat.


Here are my curls, 90% dry.

Product Review Koils by Nature Herbal Curl Defining Gel

The Herbal Curl Defining Gel gave my hair medium definition, and it has a really soft hold.

On the plus side, my curls feel soft and touchable – this gel is not drying whatsoever. There’s zero crunch, build-up or flakes. Also, the initial smell didn’t linger in my hair at all. This is truly a fragrance-free gel.

On the other hand, the consistency is a tad bit too thin for my purposes. My curls are not as crisp or defined as I’d like, and there’s a bit of frizz still.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a very lightweight, all-natural gel, with a soft hold, that won’t dry out your hair, I’d recommend this. It would also be great for third-day hairstyles when you want to avoid piling more heavy products onto your hair.

If you’re looking for something to keep every curl in place for hours, though? This is probably not the gel for you. Look for a thicker, stronger-hold gel.

Personally, I’ll save this gel for when I want a really natural look, and don’t mind a little frizz. My hunt for a perfectly light gel with an all-day hold continues!

Product Review Koils by Nature Herbal Curl Defining Gel Have you tried this gel before, or are you interested in trying it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Product Review: Genedor Beauty Swirl Curls Gel Styler

Recently, I went to an actual curly hair stylist for the very first time and got some earth-shattering news. She told me to cut creams out of my 3b hair routine and, instead, add in a high-quality gel.

Apparently, for my hair type and climate, hair gel is a gamechanger. We live in New Orleans, where there’s already plenty of moisture in the air, thankyouverymuch. Rather than adding more moisture, I need to focus on keeping each curl in place and fighting the humidity.

Product Review Genedor Beauty Swirl Curls Gel Styler

And so here I am, on a quest to find a hair gel that I actually love. First up: the new Swirl Curls Gel Styler from Genedor Beauty.

In the past, I’ve avoided applying gel to every one of my curls, mostly because I’ve never found one that really inspires me, you know? Each one of them seems to have a major con. They might make my hair perfectly defined but then also dry it out. Or they’re lightweight and moisturizing, but also make my hair feel sticky. You get the picture. Instead, I usually only put hair gel on my edges and crown.


But now I need a gel that works all over, and I hoped that the Swirl Curls Gel Styler would be the one. I tested it out for review, and here’s what I found.


Genedor Beauty’s gel is designed to provide a soft to medium hold. It features pracaxi oil and jojoba oil, which both moisturize and seal. The gel also contains marshmallow root extract and glycerin.

First Impressions

Swirl Curls Gel Styler comes in a pump bottle, which is promising for a gel that I intend to use all over my head of long 3b curls. I much prefer pump bottles to jars – they feel more neat and sanitary.

Product Review Genedor Beauty Swirl Curls Gel Styler
The author’s wet hair after applying Genedor Beauty Swirl Curls Gel. Photo by Kim Wong-Shing

The gel itself is clear and has the consistency that I’d expect from a medium-hold gel – not too stiff, not too liquidy.

The product has a strong smell, though, which is not usually my thing. I’d prefer not to smell like my hair products all day, although it’s usually unavoidable! This one smells exactly like candy, somehow. It took me straight back to childhood – lollipops and Gushers.

Applying It

Because I’m impatient, I took a glob of this gel and used it for a quick updo soon after it arrived to my house. I wasn’t immediately a big fan – it left my hair feeling a bit dry and crunchy. But maybe I used too much? Not wanting to jump to hasty conclusions, I used it the proper way on freshly conditioned hair to see how it panned out.

I applied a dime-sized amount to each section of my hair and combed it through, both with my fingers and with a Wet brush. I focused the gel on my ends, as well as the top of my head and my edges, which usually get frizzy first.


Then I air-dried until my curls were dry. Here are the results.

Product Review Genedor Beauty Swirl Curls Gel Styler
The author’s dry hair after applying Genedor Beauty Swirl Curls Gel. Photo by Kim Wong-Shing

Concluding Thoughts

Swirl Curls Gel Styler left my hair defined, smooth, and mostly frizz-free. However, my hair was just a bit on the dry side; this definitely isn’t a moisturizing gel for me. It also felt a little sticky and gunky – like there was a lot of product in my hair.

I’m thinking that this gel is better used sparingly, on my edges and on the ends of my hair, rather than for all-over definition. I definitely wouldn’t use it for a twist-out or braid-out, but I know it would keep my edges in check!

At $21, the gel is definitely a bit pricey, but the bottle is 12-oz big, which is plenty because a little goes a long way.

How to Achieve Curl Definition Without Using Hair Gel

Curl definition tends to be a top priority for curly girls. Gel is one of the most common products used to achieve curl definition, and while there are definitely some amazing gels out there, many of them can lead to frustrating side effects – like crunchy hair, flakes, or dryness.

If you want to give your hair a break from hair gel – or if you just can not find a hair gel that actually works for your hair – you might assume that you also have to say goodbye to curl definition. But that’s not the case! There are plenty of other ways to define your curls without applying gel to every strand. Here are some tips and tricks.

How to Achieve Curl Definition Without Using Hair Gel
  • Skip the comb: A wide-toothed comb is useful for detangling, but it doesn’t do much to define your curls. Instead, use a Wet brush or Denman brush to detangle and distribute product throughout your hair. These brushes cut down on detangling time, and they leave each one of your curls shiny and defined.
  • Use a diffuser: To set your hairstyle into place, it’s best to use a hair dryer with a diffuser. When used correctly, a diffuser leaves your hair much more defined than air-drying or using a towel. Read more about how to diffuse properly here.
  • Use other holding products: There are other great holding products aside from gel, like mousse, butter, lotion, cream, or pomade. Many of these products are actually moisturizing, unlike most gels, and they also help to keep each strand in place.
  • Twist-outs and braid-outs are your friends: Twist-outs and braid-outs are a tried-and-true method of creating and maintaining curl definition for all curl types. You don’t need to use a gel to set these styles, either! You can use another holding product, or even just some cream or leave-in conditioner. The trick is to leave the twists or braids in place until your hair is completely dry. The longer you wait, the more defined your hair will be.
  • Try finger coiling: Another technique for creating curl definition is finger coiling. The method is easy – just take a section of your hair that’s about the same width as your finger, and twirl the hair around your pointer finger from the root to the ends. Then repeat all over your head – or just on the sections where you want more definition. The resulting curls are smooth, defined and free of frizz.
  • ‘Shingle’ your curls: Shingling involves applying product to each and every strand of hair on your head to ensure that every curl is defined. Usually, when you apply conditioner or a holding product, you apply it in sections to a bunch of curls at once. But when you shingle, you literally go curl by curl – one single curl at a time until your whole head is done. Yes, it takes a while, but the results are worth it!
  • Invest in some flexi rods: Lastly, try using flexi rods. Flexi rods give you bouncy, stretched and defined curls that’ll last for days. The effect is similar to a curling iron, but this method involves no heat. You can even use flexi rods on a braid-out or twist-out to change things up and extend your style. Here’s a tutorial on how to use flexi rods properly.

What’s your favorite way to achieve curl definition without using hair gel?! Share your methods in the comments!