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8 Tips to Workout With Naturally Curly Hair

Do you want to hit the gym but worry about what working out will do to your hair? Don’t let your hair hold you back from getting fit!

Here are eight ways to style your hair for working out! Your best style will depend on your hair length and texture, but we’re confident there is a style that will work for your workout.

1. Pineapple

8 Tips to Workout With Naturally Curly Hair
Image source: @so_manti

A pineapple will keep your hair up and out of your face for your workout session. This style was born on the NaturallyCurly forums, and it’s a go-to for many curlies for all kinds of scenarios: sleeping, working out, second-day hair, and more.

All you have to do is gather your hair on top of your head and tie it (the looser, the better for preventing a dent), the finished look resembles a pineapple! This is a style for you if you want to show off your curls while working out.

Grab a cute silk scarf for extra protection. A silk scarf and a sweatband will serve as an accessory!

Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:
You will not have to do much to refresh this style. A silk scarf will keep your hair laid down even after your workout. After all the movement from exercising, you may need to adjust your scarf. You can spray water, a leave-in conditioner, shine mist, or a curl refresher on your curls to give them moisture and shine for the rest of the day!

See how the fitness expert Samantha Ortiz, refreshes her pineapple after working out here!

2. Braids

8 Tips to Workout With Naturally Curly Hair
Image Source: @thejordan.paige

If you know you want to commit to increasing your workouts and want an effortless style, braids are for you! Braids are an easy protective style and can get you out the door to the gym faster. You won’t have to worry about having a time-consuming hair routine before and after exercising.

Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:
After working out, you won’t have much to do with your hair. Resist the urge to pack gel with alcohol on your edges. Use edge balms and pomades instead to keep your edges moisturized and healthy. You can also apply oil or a light leave-in conditioner to nourish and tailor your edges.

3. Top Knot

8 Tips to Workout With Naturally Curly Hair
Image Source: @g2dance

Keep your hair stylishly pulled back with a top knot. A top knot is a protective style that will give you a clean, sleek, and polished look.

Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:
Rock this style anywhere! Slick down any fly-away hairs with oil or serum. Moisturize and flatten frizzy edges by using pomades and balms.

4. Twists

8 Tips to Workout With Naturally Curly Hair
Image Source: @crystal_tothetop

If you want a style that requires little maintenance, you can two-strand twist your hair. Put your twists up while exercising to keep your hair out of your face. They make an easy and protective style.

Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:
For twists, all you might have to do is touch up your edges. As with braids, avoid the urge to pack gels with alcohol on your edges. Gel products for edges in combination with hair brushes can cause hair loss and damage. Nourish baby hairs with leave-in conditioners, oils, pomades, and edge balms.

5. Cornrows

8 Tips to Workout With Naturally Curly Hair
Image source: @myra_murray

Cornrows give your scalp lots of parts, which helps your head sweat out during and after an intense workout. You won’t have to worry about your hair being ruined. Make sure your cornrows are not too tight to avoid hair damage.

Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:
Use an oil or serum to smooth any frizz down. Skip on using thicker products to avoid product buildup. Stick with using a light edge balm or oil. You can also use a light pomade or leave-in conditioner for your edges. Stay away from harsh brushes for baby hairs. Too much pulling can lead to damage. Use your fingers to style your edges instead!

6. Puff

8 Tips to Workout With Naturally Curly Hair
Image Source: @olovesuuu

A ponytail will never go out of style. Ponytails are easy to do, and take less than 5 minutes to complete! Ponytails tied too tightly with ponytail holders can be damaging. Instead of using tight ponytail holders, use a Snappee hair tie. Snappee hair tie’s serve as a ponytail holder, without causing damage by pulling natural hair too tightly. View Snappee’s quick 5-minute video on how to use the Snappee hair tie, here. Buy a Snappee hair tie in the NaturallyCurly Shop here.

Image source: @naturallycurly

Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:
Spray your ponytail style with shine mist, water, leave-in conditioner, or curl refresher for shine!

7. Slick Back Low Bun

8 Tips to Workout With Naturally Curly Hair
Image source: @lovebribree

A bun is always a popular gym style. A bun is a simple option for a quick and easy on-the-go look.

Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:
Mist your hair with a shine spray or a leave-in conditioner. Oil, edge pomade, and edge balm can also be applied, if needed, to make your bun style last after the gym!

8. Ponytail Braid

Image source: @aby_lawrence

If you like exploring styles that stand out, try a ponytail braid! Add gold or silver cuffs to your ponytail braid to make a statement style like this!

Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:
Since this is such a sleek style, you would only have to take care of light frizz if it occurs. Apply serum to the frizz. If necessary, use edge balm and pomade for the perimeter of your hair.

Working out and having a cute hairstyle IS possible. You DON’T have to give up one or the other. Go into your workout session confidently by trying a hairstyle to help you reach your fitness goals!

What styles do you wear for working out? What new style will you try when working out?

See what hair products to pack in your gym bag here!

Need more encouragement on working out with natural hair? Learn some curly hair tips for the gym here.

Best Curly Hair Extensions That Match Perfectly

Want extra length or volume for your natural curls? Need an easy curly hair routine in under 10 minutes? Are you thinking about trying a new hair color? Find out which curly hair extensions match your natural hair texture perfectly!

1. Bebonia

Image Source: Bebonia

Bebonia is all about natural curl power combined with a simple hair routine. You can use their special clip, flip, and go technique. With Bebonia, you can shop for extension pieces and curly ponytails in ringlet, curly, spiral, and coily styles. Products for damaged and dry hair should be used to keep these extension pieces nourished and healthy. To preserve the quality of Bebonia extensions, use leave-in conditioners, leave-in treatments, serums, and heat protectant sprays.

Be sure only to use alcohol-free and sulfate-free conditioners and shampoos when caring for Bebonia pieces.

2. Indique

Image Source: Iloveindique

Indique has a unique presence in the market due to establishing their extensions as fashion accessories. Say hello to extensions that replicate your natural hair and have the behavior of your natural hair. Indique provides curly and wavy styles. Braiding hair, clip-in units, clip-in sets, machine-wefted hair, closures, frontals, and lace front wigs are provided by Indique. The brand also features haircare products found on Indique’s site and should be used on Indique hair pieces.

Indique also provides an Indique Hair Care Guide for customers to download, which provides information on maintaining Indique hair.

3. KinkyCurlyYaki

Image Source: @KinkyCurlyYaki

KinkyCurlyYaki supports versatility, allowing women who want to switch their look-up to have a resource that is affordable and fun. These hair extensions can blend with every hair type, including 3c-4c textures. Frontals, closures, weft hair extensions, and clip-ins are available. When choosing KinkyCurlyYaki hair, stay away from products with alcohol.

To learn how to maintain your KinkyCurlyYaki hair, follow the curls and coils instructions listed on the KinkyCurlyYaki haircare page.

4. Kurly Klips

Image Source: @Kurly Klips

Kurly Klips promises that the hair you buy online will look exactly like the picture you viewed. The owner, Lana, ensures that hair meets her strict standards. She commits to replying to customers’ questions within 24 hours and infuses her Type A tendencies into her brand to treat each customer like a queen. Spirals, 3c curls, and fro clip-ins can be purchased.

Coily and curly ponytails and puffs are also available. Every hair texture has a specific haircare guide, which can be found on the Kurly Klips site.

5. True and Pure Texture

Image Source: @True and Pure Texture

True and Pure Texture wants you to be true to yourself with extensions authentic to your natural hair texture so that blending is simpler. You can shop for curly and coily wigs, closures, clip-ins, and bundles. True and Pure Texture extensions should be cared for as your natural hair. Moisture should be applied by using water and leave-in conditioners on every True and Pure Texture piece.

6. Her Given Hair

Image Source: @Her Given Hair

Her Given Hair helps natural girls and women change their hairstyle, not their natural and beautiful hair texture. These extensions reflect natural hair patterns and textures and provides an opportunity to play with different colors, densities, and lengths. Curly and coily textures are sold for 3b-4c textures. Clip-ins, lace closure pieces, ponytails, puffs, lace closure wigs, u-part wigs, lace front wigs, full lace wigs, pre-styled wigs, and wefted hair are all of the extension options at Her Given Hair.

Her Given Hair extensions should be co-washed, detangled, separated, and sealed. Check out Her Given Hair’s haircare tutorials to view care techniques.


Image Source: KINKISTRY

KINKISTRY hair extensions are affordable and blend with natural hair textures and patterns. KINKISTRY hair extensions are different from other brands’ extensions because they maintain their original curl patterns after styling manipulation. Clip-ins, wefted hair, closures, and bundles are made for curly and coily hair in 3a-4c textures.

View the KINKISTRY Blog to learn how to treat and care for KINKISTRY hair.

8. Heat Free Hair

Image Source: Heat Free Hair

Heat Free Hair encourages women to treat extensions as their hair, to feel like themselves. This virgin hair extension brand uses a handmade crafting process to create 3b-4c textures for clip-ins, wefted hair, wigs, and closures. If you’re looking for a custom approach, Heat Free Hair sends a customized haircare card to every customer that lists instructions for maintaining the hair.

Try a curly hair extension that matches your natural curl texture! With curly hair extensions you can switch up your look, have protective styles, and still rock a natural appearance!

What inspires you to wear curly extensions? If you are interested in using plant-based extensions, check out our interview with Rebundle.

10 Loc Retwisting Products for Shine, Hold, and Length Retention

Some people call them “dreadlocks,” while some refer to them simply as “dreads” or “locs.” What you call them is up to you – how you care for them is, too. While freeform is a style a lot of loc’d individuals opt for, some yearn for uniform locs with shiny and smooth roots. If the latter describes you, use these products to create and maintain the healthiest, most beautiful locs possible. Click the product links to find out where each is available.

knotty boy

1. Knotty Boy LockStead Tropical Tightening Gel

For those who have their locs re-tightened by the palm roll method, a pea-sized amount of this gel goes a long way. It’s made with shine-promoting aloe vera, Xanthan gum, sucrose for hold, and hemp seed, vitamin E, and lime oils for ultra hydration and scalp care. The Xanthan gum provides hydrogen bonding within the cuticles, allowing for the smoothest roots without flaky residue.

lockology locking gel

2. Lockology Locking Gel

This lightweight Locking Gel was formulated to give moisture and hold to your locs – without stickiness, flakes, or buildup. It’s vegan-friendly and has 90% organic ingredients like aloe juice and lemongrass oil.

dr locs locking spray

3. Dr. Locs Imani Locking Spray

This is chamomile tea-based spray is a great option for anyone who prefers a spray formula. You can use it to hydrate freshly twisted locs or rehydrate your locs. People love the fresh scent and that it cuts down on frizz.

jamaican mango locking gel

4. Jamaican Mango & Lime Resistant Formula Locking Gel

It has the hold of a wax without the tacky, greasy build-up. Nourishing mango and cocoa butters seal moisture into the cuticle and provide a number of necessary nutrients, flavonoids, fiber, and vitamins for healthier locs. The lime and green tea extracts soothe the roots during twisting while providing several antioxidant and antiseptic qualities for a cleaner, more bacteria-resistant scalp.

murrays gel loc lock

5. Murray’s Gel-Loc Lock

This water-based twisting gel is packed with the benefits of vegetable, nut, and fruit extract oils that focus on hair and scalp health. The amino acids are crucial to length retention and stronger locs, and olive oil is a natural protectant of the elements.

taliah waajid locking

6. Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products Lock It Up

This creamy, alcohol-free formula won’t leave any flakes behind. This cream has natural ingredients like yarrow root, rosemary, nettle, and Indian hemp. This Holy Grail’s hold is just one of the reasons it won a NaturallyCurly Best of the Best Award, voted by thousands of our NaturallyCurly readers. 

products for locs

7. Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter

Corn, soybean, cocoa, and shea butters are the first 4 ingredients, so you know your hair is getting maximum moisture from this pomade. Soybean oil is known for its deep penetration into the hair shaft, acting as an effective sealant for moisture and protection from elements, prolonging wash day for your locs. It also benefits those with a sensitive scalp or skin conditions like eczema.

Knatty Dread Dreadlocks Cream

8. Knatty Dread Dreadlocks Cream

For those who don’t want a hard wax in their hair, this retwisting product is an effective alternative with its creamy consistency. Made with all-natural ingredients and based on shea butter and natural lanolin, this cream is ideal for those starting locs on fine type 4 hair.

products for locs

9. Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera 100 % Gel

Whether you prefer to DIY your aloe vera gel or use this store-bought product, aloe vera gel provides a great hold for locs and soothes the scalp without the flakiness or buildup of some heavier products. The DIY version won’t last as long, so this Fruit Of the Earth product may be more convenient. 

Darcy's Botanicals Organic Coconut Butter Styling Pomade

10. Darcy’s Botanicals Organic Coconut Butter Styling Pomade

A healthy conditioning pomade for those with less dense hair, this product does not leave a heavy feeling–it is light but still contains beeswax for hold and smoothness. It’s completely organic, formulated with coconut and peach kernel oil for deep moisture penetration to the scalp and sealing, growth-promoting capabilities with vitamin E.

What are your favorite products for locs?

This article has been updated with new products and product links.

How to Use a Diffuser Without Ruining Your Curls

Many of us curly girls have heard the benefits of diffusing, but upon trying a diffuser for the first time we’re left with more frizz than air drying. Diffusing can be a key step in your routine – if you know how to do it correctly. 

Why use a diffuser on curly hair?

The air force from a hair dryer can ruin how your hair clumps into defined waves or curls. A hair diffuser can reduce the air velocity from your hair dryer, allowing you to dry your hair without disturbing your curls. Diffusers are also beneficial for anyone in a hurry needing to dry their hair quickly and safely.

In addition to drying time, you maximize the volume of your waves, giving the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Some have complained that they experience a lot of frizz when they diffuse, and that could be due to using the diffuser incorrectly. It will boost volume, but the right techniques and product application should do the trick.

The benefits of using a diffuser

  • It prevents frizz when done correctly
  • It doesn’t disturb your natural curl pattern
  • It speeds up drying time without adding frizz
  • It is less damaging than direct heat from a blow dryer

How do you use a diffuser?

If you are new to diffusing, here is how to perfect your technique for voluminous, defined curls. Before you start, make sure you have a diffuser that stays on your hair dryer (many will fall off”>. Look for a universal diffuser attachment like a Pop Up Silicone universal attachment or the Hot Sock, they fit most dryers. 

Image Source: @sojazzyjae

Step 1. Apply products

Apply your favorite styling products to soaking wet hair and then allow your hair to air dry partially before using the diffuser. Some people dry as much as 75% before they diffuse, but this will depend on your preference.

Step 2. Insert duckbill clips

If you need to add volume at the crown of your head, then inserting duckbill clips at your roots can help create lift at the root of the curl.

It will look something like this when you’re done: 

Step 3. Set your hair dryer to the medium, cool setting

Be sure not to over-dry your hair, as this will create frizz. Some curlies diffuse their hair with the heat setting on to speed up the drying process, but when possible, we recommend avoiding using heat on curls for their overall health. 

Image Source: @thatcurlblog

Step 4. Hang your head sideways or upside down

Hanging your head sideways or flipping your head upside down is another way to create lift at your roots. Then, you can gently lower sections of your curls into the bowl of the diffuser. 

Step 5. Move the diffuser towards your head

In order to let the air circulate around the roots, you will have to lift the diffuser up towards your head.

Do not move the diffuser around the way people do when blow-drying straight hair; this will disrupt the clumping of your curls and curl formation! Instead, lift the diffuser up towards your roots, hold it still for as long as you can (at least 30 seconds), and then gently lower it and repeat on the next section.

Step 6. Repeat

Diffuse in large sections until your hair is 80-90% dry. It’s best to dry your hair completely before leaving the house so that the humid air outside doesn’t create frizz as it’s drying. 

Image Source: @danielaapryl_

After you diffuse

Once your hair is dry you may notice a hard cast on your curls from the styling products you applied while your hair was wet. “Scrunch out the crunch” by smoothing a small amount of a light curl defining cream all over both hands and then scrunching your curls from the ends up towards the roots. This will break up the hard cast, without losing the curl definition.

You can shake out hair and fluff the roots for an extra boost of volume. Some curlies like their curls to be super defined, and some don’t mind sacrificing a bit of definition in favor of volume – it’s a personal preference! But if you prefer volume, then you can flip your head over and fluff it at the roots. Once you’ve done this, try your best not to touch your hair throughout the day so as not to cause extra frizz. 

Where to buy a diffuser

You can find “universal” diffuser attachments that fit onto the end of most hair dryers. Some blowdryers even come with a diffuser attachment. If yours didn’t, you can buy one separately from the links below. 

silicone diffuser attachment

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Pop-Up Silicone Curl Diffuser, $23

If you’re short on bathroom cabinet space (most curlies are) then this may be the universal diffuser attachment for you. It collapses like an accordion into a flat disc because of its flexible silicone material. This also makes it easier to travel with than traditional large diffuser attachments. 

devacurl devafuser diffuser

Devafuser, $55

This is called a universal diffuser but you will likely need a hair dryer that’s on the smaller side to fit this attachment. Some curlies find that their results with this diffuser far surpass other diffusers, but some find the shape of this attachment awkward to use. It comes down to personal preference, but it’s important to know these factors before investing the extra money.

conair diffuser

Conair Volumizing Diffuser Attachment, $11.99

This hard plastic diffuser attachment is similar in design to the popular Diane Soft Finger Diffuser, which is getting harder to find in recent years. 

This article was originally published in 2016 and has been updated for clarity and grammar.
Why Avocado Oil Makes the Best Summer Hair Oil
Photo: Aleksandra Abramova / Getty Images
Is your hair fine and in need of a lightweight oil? Are you out in the sun often? Do you have a lot of damage (from heat tools or the environment”>? Consider trying avocado oil for your hair this summer.

What are the benefits of avocado oil for hair?

According to Curl Chemist Tonya McKay, avocado oil is comprised mainly of oleic acid, palmitic acid, and linoleic acid. It also has several other fatty acids present and contains significant amounts of Vitamins A, E, and D, again with Vitamin E being present in significant amounts. This oil is valued for its light feel and excellent emollient properties.
Avocado oil is valued for its light feel and excellent emollient properties. It’s beneficial for damaged hair because of its high vitamin E content. 
Avocado oil contains significant amounts of tocopherol, or Vitamin E, a moisturizing agent for both hair and skin due to its ability to penetration beneath the surface. Studies have shown that it’s absorbed directly into the hair cortex, where it can moisturize and plump the hair shaft. This has been found to be significant for curly hair, which is more likely to have a damaged cuticle layer than straight hair. In addition, the vitamin E in avocado oil is also known to possess properties that aid in the prevention and reversal of some forms of hair loss. As a powerful antioxidant, it protects the hair from damage caused by free radicals encountered due to exposure to UV radiation (sunlight”>, chemicals and pollutants. As a good source of monounsaturated fat and soluble and insoluble fiber, avocado oil is derived from the leaves, estragole, which is most commonly used in the cosmetics industry. 

Try one of these popular avocado hair products. 

Giovanni 2chic Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Conditioner

This conditioner will soften and moisturize even the most damaged, fried hair.

SheaMoisture Moringa & Avocado Power Greens Moisturizing Nourishing Daily Shampoo,

This smoorovides easy movement and bounce to your curls but isn’t greasy.

Burt’s Bees Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo Treatment,

This pre-poo will add extra conditioning properties and a glossy finish to brittle curls.

NOW Foods 100% Avocado Oil

You can find this oil in natural grocers and use it as a pre-poo or hot oil treatment for deep conditioning and softer hair. [prodmod] applying avocado mask to hair

Make your own avocado hair masque

You can use avocado oil for a homemade avocado hot oil treatment, or if you don’t own avocado oil you can actually use the whole avocado. This moisturizing hair recipe is all-natural and ideal for fine hair that is dry from damage. Courtesy of Back to Her Roots.

You need:

  • 1 ripe avocado, pitted and scooped out
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2-3 drops lavender essential oil (optional”>


  1. Add in the avocado, olive oil, honey and essential oil. Whip on high until light in color and smooth in a small mixing bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer.
  2. Dampen hair with water. Spread mask onto hair, paying particular attention to the ends (feel free to rub it in a bit”>. Clip your hair onto the top of your head, cover with shower cap, and heat—either using a hair dryer for 15 minutes or by sitting in the sun for 30-45 minutes.
  3. Remove shower cap, rinse out mask, and then wash and condition hair as usual.
20 Curl Friends to Follow on Instagram for Curly Hair Inspo
20 Curl Friends to Follow on Instagram for Curly Hair Inspo
Image Source: @tierechristyan

It’s a new year Curl Friends! This is the time of year we set new hair goals, revamp our hair care routine, and plan our new looks. Whether you’re in search for a new look, the latest products, new styles, or simply hair and lifestyle inspiration, Naturally Curly has curated a list of 20 new curl friends you should be following in 2020. Get ready to reach your goals in 3, 2, 1…

1. Naturally Shauniece (@naturallyshauniece“> 

Shauniece is your favorite curl friend and mom bestie guiding you through your natural and healthy hair journey and your best mom life. Shauniece provides tutorials for maintaining a tapered haircut, and teaching naturalistas healthy hair tips all while sharing her hilarious perspectives on raising teenage sons.

2. Tiere Christyan (@tierechristyan“>

Tiere has a head full of luscious, colorful, and healthy curls we all desire. If you’re looking to add color to your curls, then Tiere is a must follow. Tiere is also the host of Curlstruck YouTube series called, “Bigger Than Hair” where she host conversations on topics like relationships, motherhood, upbringing, career, and much more.

3. Tiffany Shannel (@tiffofalltrades “>

Tiffany is a Dallas-based natural hair, lifestyle, and beauty influencer who provides her community with innovative tutorials, detailed product reviews, and perspectives on motherhood and family. If you’re looking for both inspiration and detailed information to help you with your natural hair journey, TIffany is the perfect new Curl Friend for you.

4. Inked Curls (@inkedcurls“>

Lisa is a Brooklyn beauty and lifestyle influencer who loves textured curly hair, tattoos, urban streetwear, and sneakers. Lisa has a niche for DIY tips for cutting, coloring, braiding, and overall care for one’s curls.

5. Naturally Madisen (@naturally_madisen“>

Madisen is a 26 year old beauty and lifestyle blogger from Charlotte, North Carolina. Madisen is a resource for women who are looking for clean beauty products to use in their natural hair, skincare, and makeup routine. Madisen is an excellent source for naturalistas looking to support smaller brands.

6. Shanise Nicole (@shanisenicole_“>

Shanise Nicole is a YouTuber, Army wife, and mother who does it all including protective styling, natural hair styling, family vlogs, and cooking vlogs. Shanise specializes in protective styling, especially wigs. Curl Friends looking for a new look without compromising healthy hair, should follow Shanise.

7. Foxy Naturally (@foxynaturally“>

A Louisiana-based natural hair influencer who believes “good hair is healthy hair”. Foxy provides detailed hair styling tutorials for twist outs, rollers, and wash and goes. She also shares product reviews and DIY hair treatments. Curl Friends love her before and after photos.

8. Coconut and Concrete (@coconutandconcrete“>

Wes is a self-proclaimed city raised island girl who rocks one of the most coveted tapered haircuts on Instagram. If you’re looking for styling tips for your tapered haircut, then Wes is a must follow. Who knows, Wes may take you and your curls to vacation in the Caribbean.

9. Your Fab Life Today (@yourfablifetoday“>

If you’re looking for TWA inspiration, then Kenia of Your Fab Life Today is your girl. Kenia’s TWA curls are popping and she shows versatile styling and product reviews for short natural hair.

10. Candacee Renee (@candacee_renee“>

Candacee is a happily married curl friend sharing her authentic natural hair journey. On Candacee’s YouTube channel she shares tips for achieving the perfect wash and go, honest product reviews, and how-to tutorials.

11. Mamas Kitchen and Curls (@mamaskitchenandcurls“>

Charis, the mama behind Mama’s Kitchen and Curls, has a passion for helping other women navigate their natural hair journey along with sharing her personal journey through motherhood and life along the way. Charis also provides professional consultation services for curl friends looking for extra support with navigating their natural hair journey.

12. Free Your Curls (@freeyourcurls“>

In 2015, Kourtney transitioned to natural hair and started Free Your Curls to share her natural hair journey as she freed her own curls. Now an influencer and blogger, Kourtney shares tips, reviews and tutorials for any natural or transitioning naturalista.

13. Call Me Hairdini (@callmehairdini_“>

Looking for a new look? Well, Call Me Hairdini has all the tricks for versatile looks from wash and goes to Senegalese twists. If you enjoy traveling adventures while maintaining your curls then you should be following Call Me Hairdini.

14. Curl, Curvy, and Fit (@curlycurvyandfit“>

A lover of curls, curves, and fitness, Stevie creates digital content for hair tips and tutorials, fashion for curvy women, and her personal fitness journey. Stevie is learning how to fall in love with herself and takes us along her journey to help inspire naturalistas to discover self-love.

15. Power In Your Curl (@powerinyourcurl“>

Kenya is a curl coach and the woman behind Power In Your Curl. She helps women master their natural hair so they love their hair and feel comfortable being their natural selves. Not only does Kenya offer specialized curl coaching, she also provides hair guides, and sends tips directly to you.

16. The Blended Beauty (@theblendedbeauty“>

An Atlanta based natural hair and beauty influencer, Florence shares a holistic approach to natural hair and skincare. She loves sharing cruelty-free products that are good for both hair and skin. Florence has a niche and passion for supporting black-owned small businesses.

17. Vecoya (@vecoya“>

Vecoya Banks is a natural hair and makeup lover who resides in Washington, DC. When she’s not sharing products and natural hair tips, she’s busy being the founder and creator of “Love The Hair You Wear Event”. Vecoya created “Love The Hair You Wear Event” to help women of color to embrace their natural hair roots, self-esteem, and enjoy the company of other natural beauties.

18. Thairapy (@thairapy_“>

Thairapy is a platform where natural hair and mental health meet. Rosa, the Creative Director, is dedicated to sharing natural hair styles, and hair and beauty products. When she’s not sharing natural hair inspiration, she’s using her social work license to host her IGTV series called, “Thairapy Talks”, where she discusses mental health topics. Follow Thairapy if you want to feel good on both the inside and outside.

19. Coily Dawn (@coily_dawn“>

Residing in Jackson, Mississippi, Dawn is a natural hair, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. She first started blogging as a way to document her transition to natural hair, but soon realized that representation for textured hair was lacking on social media. Dawn seeks to change the narrative of textured hair while taking us along her personal journey.

20. Traline Denita (@tralinedenita“>

Traline is a natural hair lover, certified makeup artist, and fashioned obsessed. On her YouTube channel you can find natural hair tutorials, product reviews, fashion advice, and a peek into her massive shoe closet. Traline expresses her passion for natural hair through her apparel line celebrating natural hair and melanin. Follow Traline to feel your best and embrace your own kind of beauty.

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Hair Care Gift Sets to Keep Your Curls Moisturized on the Go

Hi Curl Friends! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, holiday shopping and gift giving. This is the time of year where brands curate gift sets of some of our favorite staple products as well introduce us to new products. Whether you’re planning your 2020 hair goals or looking to try out new products, there’s a holiday gift set for you. Holiday gifts sets may come in travel or reduced sizes and are designed to introduce you to a particular product while saving you money. What better to stock up on your favorite products and save money? Here’s a round-up of holiday hair care gift sets to jump start your 2020 hair goals. 



Hair Care Gift Sets to Keep Your Curls Moisturized on the Go

Pattern Beauty On-the-Go Kit


One of the most anticipated 2019 hair care product launches was Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern Beauty. Naturalistas wasted no time purchasing Pattern Beauty because we all want curls like Tracee Ellis Ross. Well, if you have yet to try Pattern Beauty, now’s the perfect time. The On-the-Go Kit is the perfect treat if you’re looking to try new products because it includes 3oz containers of the Hydration Shampoo, Heavy Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, and a cute jelly cosmetic bag. If you really like the collection or are eco-friendly then you’re going to love the refillable tubes. The kit sells for $24 online at Pattern Beauty



Hair Care Gift Sets to Keep Your Curls Moisturized on the Go

Cantu Winter Care and Repair Kit – 3ct


Do your curls need extra moisture during the harsh winter months? Well, this limited edition holiday collection is designed to help achieve stronger, healthier hair during the winter months. The holiday set is for all hair types and curl patterns and includes the Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream, Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment, and the Tea Tree & Jojoba Hair & Scalp Oil. The set is only $10 and is available at



Hair Care Gift Sets to Keep Your Curls Moisturized on the Go

Carol’s Daughter Monoi 3-Piece Starter Kit


This three piece starter kit is $26 and includes 2oz containers of the Monoi Repairing Shampoo, Repairing Conditioner, and Repairing Hair Mask. Each product is designed to give you stronger and longer hair, especially if your hair is over-processed or has heat damage. The collection is available on Naturally Curly.

Hair Care Gift Sets to Keep Your Curls Moisturized on the Go

As I Am Coils & Curls Care Package



Struggling with products that work for you, or are you having trouble developing a consistent routine? The As I Am Coils & Curls Care Package is created for you. As I Am products are designed to nurture and style the texture that’s naturally yours. This six piece collection is formulated for you to experience product performance on a “Get-To-Know” basis. The collection includes the Coconut CoWash, Leave-In Conditioner, Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner, Curling Jelly, Twist Defining Cream, and Double Butter Cream. You’re sure to have plenty of styling options with this collection. The kit is $23.99 and available at Naturally Curly



Hair Care Gift Sets to Keep Your Curls Moisturized on the Go

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Travel Size Gift Set


The Black Vanilla collection is formulated to give hair intense moisture and shine. If you’re experiencing dry, dull, or brittle hair, then this collection may be the remedy for you. The limited holiday travel gift set includes the Black Vanilla Sulfate Free Shampoo, Black Vanilla Conditioner, Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner, and the Hair Milk Refresher Spray. The gift set is $10 and exclusively available online at Carol’s Daughter.  



Hair Care Gift Sets to Keep Your Curls Moisturized on the Go

Cantu Winter Clarify and Curl Conditioning Kit 


This all new 2019 holiday kit is the perfect addition to your winter hair care routine with a mix of products and styling tools to help you achieve your best hair during the harsh winter months. The collection comes with one of Cantu’s staple products, the Curling Cream, followed by the Clarify & Renew Hair & Scalp Masque, and the popular double lift pick to pump up the volume. The kit is $10 and available at Target and Walmart stores. 



Hair Care Gift Sets to Keep Your Curls Moisturized on the Go

Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Gift Set 


If your 2020 hair goal is growth, then the Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Gift Set should be on your must have list. The new Rosemary Mint Organic Hair Oil and Strengthening Hair Masque will be the perfect addition to your regimen. Each product is designed to strengthen and restore your curls while promoting hair growth. The gift set is $9.99 and available at Target Stores


Need to finish last minute holiday shopping? Shop Naturally Curly’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for new hairs tools to kick start your 2020 hair goals? Read 10 Innovative Hair Tools of 2019 That Every Curly Girl Needs


The 1 Wash Day Step We Wish We Could Skip

No matter where you are on the textured hair spectrum, chances are your Wash Day can sometimes be a hindrance for one reason or another. And although a wash routine varies by hair type, season, budget, lifestyle, and so much more, we can all agree that there are some tedious steps we’d like to avoid or skip altogether. In a recent poll we learned that most of our online NaturallyCurly community would rather go without some of the same 4 steps.

The 1 Wash Day Step We Wish We Could Skip
Image Source: Getty Images/Mango Productions

If, like our online community, one of these common Wash Day steps feels unbeneficial or unnecessary at times, here are some suggestions so that your next one doesn’t feel like a burden.


A “pre-poo” is a term used to describe an oil treatment that you apply to your scalp prior to shampooing or conditioning. This can be a store-bought treatment that contains all the ingredients you need, or if you are a frequent DIY-er, some concoction you create in your kitchen from items that are probably already in your pantry.

Good news is, you can actually skip the pre-poo step if you don’t have any breakage, are happy with your hair growth rate, and have hair that isn’t prone to getting tangles.

Try this easy-to-follow pre-poo recipe during your next Wash Day:

  • ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons castor oil
  • 4 drops tea tree oil

After mixing all ingredients in a bottle, apply to dry, thirsty hair from root to tip. Leave it in for 15 minutes under a plastic cap to seal in moisture before conditioning.

Embedded content:

If you’d rather buy one, Righteous Roots PRE-POO Pre-Wash Detangler virtually cuts Wash Day in half for you when you let it sit on your scalp for 15 minutes. It also doubles as a detangler! Your pre-pooing session makes for enough time to eat dinner, read a couple chapters from your book, or study to decompress before what could otherwise be a rigorous Wash Day. Mielle Organics Mongongo Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment is another effective way to open your cuticles and prepare them for manipulation during co-washing and detangling.


Does the thought of raking through clumps of curls to get out knots and tangles make you cringe? Us, too! That’s why it’s another popular Wash Day step that many of our NC community members would skip if they could. Unfortunately, going without detangling will bring about more damage than good in the long run. It’s important to properly detangle each time you condition and cleanse your hair so that you can prevent further hair shedding, matting, and split ends.

Thankfully, there are useful tools that will make detangling much more simpler and faster. Denman D3 Classic Brush is an Editor’s Choice winner because of its nylon pins for tackling the tiniest of knots and anti-static rubber pad for easier grip during the process. Our very own NaturallyCurly Shower Comb is a wide-tooth comb that will also make Wash Day so much easier.

A detangler with good slip will do the trick for promoting healthy, happy definition without taking too much of your time (or causing pain”>. A long-time Best of the Best Award winner is Kinky Curly Knot Today which is perfect for all hair types, from loose waves to tight coils. This leave-in detangler contains organic mango extract and slippery elm to help your detangling tool glide through and undo tough knots without yanking on your roots. SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Detangler will also give you great slip while retaining smoothness to dry, damaged hair.

With a good amount of conditioner saturated in your hair, start from the ends of your hair and gently work your way up for super detangled, defined curls.


For those of us who have curls and coils that easily tangle overnight, twisting and braiding is imperative. Still, it can be a drag if you are low on time and energy. That’s why it’s important to use quality curl-defining products that will help prolong the time in between Wash Days.

Combining your moisturizing and styling into one step will not only cut down Wash Day time, it might also let you avoid braiding and twisting altogether. On freshly washed hair, scrunch in aloe vera-infused Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Style Setter to hold your definition in place for days on end. As a low-maintenance routine, follow up the next day with a detangling refresher by spraying and finger-fluffing with something like Taliah Waajid Curls, Waves & Naturals Curly Curl Cream. It intensely eliminates frizz and enhances texture while boasting moisturizing properties at the same time — so you can go 3 days or more without having to re-twist.

To avoid having to twist your hair every single night, technique for preservation matters just as much as a good defining product. Consider the time you schedule your wash routine: if you plan on being social or in public during the day, it may be best to cleanse, condition, and style the night before. Investing in a hooded dryer might be helpful for this, as you don’t want to go to sleep with soggy, damp curls that might get your pillow and sheets wet or perhaps cause an annoying head cold. If you need to refresh your curls before an event, do so with a t-shirt and a trusty leave-in conditioner like TGIN Green Tea Super Moist Leave In to retain moisture and add lightweight but soft ringlets that will last for days.


No true Wash Day can be avoided without actually washing your hair. But luckily, there are ways to go longer in between the days of intense cleansing that zaps so much time and effort from your day. Many of our NaturallyCurly folks like to keep their hair fresh and clean while skipping a full out wash routine by using a dry shampoo after a workout, traveling, or anything else that might make curls feel dirty and duller than usual.

Believe it or not, making dry shampoo from scratch doesn’t take much time or ingredients. You need:

  • ¼ cup organic cornstarch
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 5 drops of your favorite essential oil

In a sealable jar, mix these ingredients with a spoon. Apply it with a foundation brush to your roots, gently rubbing with the pads of your fingers to absorb excess oil and grime from your day-to-day. Store it away in your purse or gym locker for a quick refresh anytime you need it.

If you prefer to buy a product that does the trick just as well, Uncle Funky’s Daughter Defunk Hair Refresher Tonic doubles as a curl refresher while invigorating your scalp with chamomile and lavender. It’s meant to be left in and can be used daily if needed. DevaCurl No Poo Quick Cleanser is another botanically-infused curly girl favorite because it adds subtle body to 2nd-day hair and beyond.

Which Wash Day step do you wish you could skip?

How do you make it easier? Let us know in the comments below, and follow us on social media for more tips from our NaturallyCurly community!

10 Things We Learned From Our ’90s Curl Crushes

If you’re like us, the ‘90s played an important part in your existence when it comes to beauty, culture and style. In fact, in 2019 we’re still following so many trends that our faves used to rock. Here’s what we know to be true with our curls, thanks to inspiration provided from our ‘90s curl crushes.

You can rock fringe bangs on curls.

10 Things We Learned From Our 90s Curl Crushes
Image Source: Getty Images

A young Mariah Carey did it so naturally on her type 3a/b curls. We live for a fresh wind-blown look that looks both effortless and flirty.  

The middle part defies age and time.

10 Things We Learned From Our 90s Curl Crushes
Image Source: Getty Images

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker is a prime example that some hairstyles can be worn over and over, decade after decade, and still look great. Her famous middle part is one she’s worn since the ‘80s and continues to do so with class and sophistication. 

Make your middle part even smoother using Giovanni Anti-Frizz Polishing Serum to tame flyaways and add shine.

Bantu knots are fun and protective.

10 Things We Learned From Our 90s Curl Crushes
Image Source: Getty Images

From Mel B (Scary Spice”> to Janet Jackson, the ‘90s were all about experimenting with color while embracing historic cultural traditions. As the black power visuals had a new wave of influence, Bantu knots embellished with colorful twine were all the rage. 

Bombshell waves are the perfect “Girl Next Door” look.

In the ‘90s, Minnie Driver and Andie MacDowell played America’s Sweetheart with their innocent but playful curls.

Want to achieve the look for a fun date night? Use a curl-friendly heat protectant like Cantu Thermal Shield with a curling wand for voluminous waves that will last through the evening.

Box braids are super versatile.

‘90s box braid styles are protective and last for months. Brandy proved that they are also versatile and can be worn in many styles. 

To prolong and maintain your box braids or other braided protective style, don’t forget to oil your scalp in between dry shampoo washes. Alikay Naturals Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil after refreshing with Batiste Dry Shampoo.

Backcombed curls can be sexy.

10 Things We Learned From Our 90s Curl Crushes
Image Source: Getty Images

Iconic beauty Julia Roberts proves to us, time and time again, that using a wide tooth comb to brush back curly bangs is a refreshing twist on a classic look.

On dry but recently cleansed waves, take your NaturallyCurly Shower Comb and gently rake back your bangs. This look is great for a hot summer day or for a casual office style.

Curly bobs and pixies aren’t childish.

10 Things We Learned From Our 90s Curl Crushes
Image Source: Getty Images

And actually, they can be quite elegant and polished. Meg Ryan has always shown us that it’s possible to rock Shirley Temple-esque ringlets past age 40. Remember that infamous Felicity haircut worn by Keri Russell?

Use a strong hold product like Jessicurl Spiralicious Styling Gel for touchable, frizz-free ear to chin-length curls that don’t give you helmet head.

Hair spritz isn’t off the table.

10 Things We Learned From Our 90s Curl Crushes
Image Source: Getty Images

Big hair doesn’t care, and ‘90s curly volume can actually benefit from hairspray when used right. From Boy Meets World’s Danielle Fishel as Topanga to 

Try Alex Anthony Curl System Touchable Hairspray holding sections of your hair, focusing on your roots for more lift and shape. 

Accessories will add flair to any updo.

10 Things We Learned From Our 90s Curl Crushes
Image Source: Getty Images

Back in the ‘90s, butterfly clips and scrunchies did the trick for adorning any bright and colorful outfit, whether it was in the office or at the gym. Saved by the Bell’s Elizabeth Berkley was known for her chunky headbands that showed off chandelier earrings and such. Lisa Bonet, who played Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show, also rocked gaudy hair accessories over her curls and locs like no other. 

You can get the look, too – shop our Loza Tam headbands. This line doubles as satin-lined nightly protection from unwanted frizz or can be worn around during the day. 

Our locs can flourish.

10 Things We Learned From Our 90s Curl Crushes
Image Source Getty Images

‘90s Lauryn Hill honed in the beauty of locs during the ‘90s black empowerment movement. She played with various lengths, letting us know that they don’t have to be dull or a long-term commitment if we wanted to switch it up. She supported the fact that wearing locs are simultaneously classy and edgy, all while paying homage to our roots.

” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>SheaMoisture JBCO Loc & Braid Butter is great for starting locs that are healthy and moisturized.

Who was your ‘90s curl crush?

Let us know on NaturallyCurly Instagram!

10 Ways to Get Your Best Wash & Go With 3 Products or Less
10 Ways to Get Your Best Wash & Go With 3 Products or Less
Image Source:@atoya_thecurlyhairstudio

You hear this phrase all the time:Wash and Go.

But what does it mean, exactly? The term refers to when you wear your natural hair in its original state, free from manipulation using styling tools, braids, twists, or stretching. Ideally, you want to style your damp hair fresh out of the shower in a low-maintenance and quick manner (hence the phrase”>.

The Wash and Go is a hairstyle just as unique as your texture. Depending on porosity, length, density, humidity, and other factors, a Wash and Go can be achieved using a combination of different cocktails and techniques. For many of us, it’s been all about trial and error. However, it doesn’t have to be so hard to find the right mix.

Luckily, the NaturallyCurly community is here to help you get started if you are still searching for what will work on your curl pattern! Here are some ways that our community gets their best Wash and Go — using only three products.

10 Ways to Get Your Best Wash & Go With 3 Products or Less


Flip, coat, scrunch.

  • Type 2/3 wavy-curly @curlinOC uses the flip, coat, scrunch method to achieve her best Wash and Go. First, she starts with a sulfate-free shampoo (EO Essentials Lavender & Quinoa”> on her roots and scalp, followed by a coconut water-based conditioner (Not Your Mother’s Blue Sea Kale & Pure Coconut Water Conditioner”>. Then she uses a hair spray (Aussie Instant Freeze”> to lock in definition.
  • Type 2b/c wavy Pam trusts Bounce Curl to do the trick. First, she uses their shampoo, then applies Kinky Curly Knot Today, then defines with a light creme gel.
  • Type 3a/b @goodymcgoodface likes to use As I Am Coconut CoWash to cleanse and condition, It’s a 10 Leave-in Conditioner, and Garnier Spray Gel to scrunch and hold.
10 Ways to Get Your Best Wash & Go With 3 Products or Less


Condition, seal, moisturize.

Shampoo, co-wash, define.

How do you rock a Wash and Go with 3 products or less?

Let us know below! Visit SHOP NaturallyCurly to shop curly, coily and wavy products, and follow us on @NaturallyCurly for more NC community advice.

7 Inspiring Sudanese Women Who You Should Follow ASAP
7 Inspiring Sudanese Women Who You Should Follow ASAP
Image Source: @s.lly

With all the chaos going on around the world, logging into social media can feel draining and overwhelming at times. Most recently with the crisis in Sudan, it seems like some people are focusing on the bad and the ugly rather than celebrating the beauty. Here at NaturallyCurly, we’re choosing the latter.

Here are some of our favorite Sudanese movers and shakers promoting positivity through beauty, fashion and career inspiration.

Sahar Koje (@sahar.koje“>

7 Inspiring Sudanese Women Who You Should Follow ASAP

Sahar will keep you informed while representing and showcasing her country. Heavily involved in raising awareness around Sudanese women, Sahar’s page is what you need for an equal balance of today’s climate.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied (@yassmin_a“>

7 Inspiring Sudanese Women Who You Should Follow ASAP

Author and fashionista Yassmin will serve you colorful and versatile fashions while pouring gems of motivation onto your feed by way of her tweet-worthy words.

Samar (@samar.qandd“>

7 Inspiring Sudanese Women Who You Should Follow ASAP

The multi-faceted graphic designer dabbles in her love for beauty and skincare to bring some cheer to our feeds. As she shares with us tidbits of her curly hair routine, Samar also teaches how to incorporate a fashion-forward approach to sporting traditional cultural pieces.

CleoTurana (@cleoturbana“>

7 Inspiring Sudanese Women Who You Should Follow ASAP

The self-proclaimed turban connoisseur offers plenty of sharp but modest street style with her fiercest, most confident high-definition photos and video snippets.

Olz Ola (@ola_ellaib“>

7 Inspiring Sudanese Women Who You Should Follow ASAP

For a strong Sudanese woman who is comfortable in her own skin and able to make light of situations at the same time, Ola is your person. The Black and Muslim comedienne — who refers to herself as “The Walking Hate Crime” — aims to break the stereotypes about women in comedy.

Asma Elbadawi (@asmaelbadawi“>

7 Inspiring Sudanese Women Who You Should Follow ASAP

Highly acclaimed British poet, professional basketball player, Adidas global ambassador and TedX speaker Asma shines all over our timelines in more ways than one. As an advocate for diversity, she has helped the movement to allow the hijab to be worn during games.

Hayah A (@haya_aa“>

7 Inspiring Sudanese Women Who You Should Follow ASAP

Minnesota-based fashion blogger Hayah has no problem speaking up for issues that go overlooked. Using her platform as a voice for the current Sudan crisis in her home state, we find tons of inspiration on the college graduate’s page.

Follow these ladies already, or know of some others we may have missed? Let us know in the comments!

These 2 Products Made My Protective Style Braids Last Longer

devri protective 2017 1

I am currently having a moment with feed-in braids.

Well, aside from my typical go-to, a headwrap in between wash days, I have decided to revisit Ghana braids as a form to leave my natural curls alone for a while. And while I sometimes find myself missing my hair too much to allow a protective style to do what it is truly meant to do, I am proud to say that this time around has been different. Repeat after me: 3 whole weeks. Believe it or not, that is probably a record even for me, someone who has been rocking twists and braids since her childhood.

I’m not going to sit here and act like I got through the 21 days without having that occasional itch — literal and figurative — to take my protective style braids out and just massage my scalp to oblivion.

There have been literally only two products I have used throughout the entire duration of my Ghana braids tenure, and they both come from Taliah Waajid’s new line, Protective Styles.

The first is Refresh And So Clean Bamboo, Avocado And Peppermint Dry Gel Shampoo and the second is Intense Moisture Bamboo And Coconut Milk Strengthening Leave-in Conditioner.

devri protective 2017 2

Every few days I refresh the length of my actual hair with the leave-in, which allowed my curls to stay frizz-free and blend in with the braiding hair.

I also applied some directly to my exposed roots, massaging it into my scalp all the way down. The shampoo is an interesting gel-like substance that sticks and allows curly girls to not focus too much on hair health maintenance.

devri protective 2017 6

Both products from this line gave me a tingly, minty, cool feeling that helped me keep my hands out of my hair for longer than I had expected.

This, in turn, allowed me to keep my feed-in braided style as smooth and fresh as possible. Although I am taking these braids out tonight, I already have another appointment scheduled for another protective style, and I am excited to try the rest of the Taliah Waajid line that is a part of these two amazing products.

devri protective 2017 3

The Taliah Waajid Protective Styles Leave-in Conditioner is lightweight and milky, but the ingredients pack a major punch.

It is water-based and contains healthy hair-promoting aloe leaf juice, coconut milk, sesame seed oil, sunflower oil and bamboo extract.

The Dry Gel Shampoo has effective ingredients like witch hazel, peppermint oil, and castor oil to name a few.

devri protective 2017 4devri protective 2017 5

Have you rocked a protective style this summer?

If so, what has been your favorite? Do you have any holy grail products that have helped the journey become a little easier? Let me know in the comments.

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Photos by@cassandra_jk

Whitney White @Naptural85 on Self-Confidence and The Advice We All Need

If you are a beauty, fashion and wellness enthusiast in New York City and missed the 1st Annual Essence Beauty Carnival, you definitely missed out. From Ciara to Jackie Aina to Iman, there was no shortage of powerful women of color in attendance. Complete with colorful carnival-themed photo booths to insightful panels regarding everything beauty, fashion and wellness, Saturday and Sunday were jam-packed with curated shopping, inspirational life messages, and encouraging career advice. Black, women-focused beauty, fashion and skincare brands made their goodies available to hundreds of people from all over, while budding entrepreneurs and industry icons alike graced the stage.

Whitney White Naptural85 on Self-Confidence and The Advice We All Need

On behalf of NaturallyCurly, I got to speak with natural hair star, Whitney White, better known as Naptural85 to her 1 million YouTube subscribers and 682,000 Instagram followers. We discussed her role in the latest Natural Hair Movement as well as plans for the future, and of course, her recent business venture as Founder of Melanin Haircare.

Devri: There weren’t a lot of people showcasing the natural hair journey online at the time you started. What was that like?

Whitney: I was very much “the emotional artist” [at the time I Big Chopped]…so I didn’t really know what was going to come out of it. I actually originally planned to loc my hair. I was going to cut it off and loc it… everything was brand new, so it was really exciting.

D: Was there any technique in particular that just didn’t work?

W: It’s not really up to us — I could try a Bantu knot-out today and tomorrow it’s not going to work. I can’t point out one particular thing.

D: What about when your hair was shorter when you Big Chopped? Did you face any challenges with that?

Whitney White Naptural85 on Self-Confidence and The Advice We All Need

Photo courtesy of Antoine DeBrill

W: Yeah, I immediately put braids in my hair in the beginning. I was heavily in Jui-Jitsu… I remember one day I was rolling on the mat, and [my teammates] were like, “What’s that?” I looked down, and it was a braid on the floor. That was a point when I learn how to my hair in a TWA. I had to force myself to be comfortable in that moment.

D: Are there any product, technique, or style that you’re really into?

W: I’m really into this product line called Melanin Haircare. I’m very into aloe. It’s amazing. I had a moment where I was really into coconut oil, and I think I overdid it. Aloe is so good for your scalp, your hair, it’s medicinal. I’m really into letting my hair do its thing. In the beginning of my journey, I had to have a sleek twist-out, now I don’t care. I also love protective styles and twists.

D: All of these brands which have existed for a long time and now they have curly hair lines. What is your take on that?

W: That’s business– I’m not surprised. They’re going towards the trend, which is natural hair. As far as other brands coming out with lines, I think that’s great. Now we have companies — we don’t know what their intentions are — but I don’t care, I’m glad that you are making something that we can use.

D: You’re also a mother and a wife. How do you balance those roles with self-care and maintain your business?

W: I’m working on it. This year has been insane, and self-care is so, so, so important to me. When I first had my daughter Olivia, it’s like I had something to prove. I wanted to make sure that I was still holding myself accountable. But at the end of the day, I burned myself out. And that’s not healthy. Last year, I felt the effects of that [burnout] and I was very tired. This year it’s just very important to me to take care of myself. You can’t do your best for your kids, and you can’t do your best for your company, if you go work all day. You cannot tip yourself one way

D: Do you have a favorite self-care practice?

W: I do. I used to love yoga. Right now I love herbal teas. They’re so medicinal. I love peppermint, turmeric and ginger. It’s great for your skin and hair, so it’s like a double [win].

D: What have you learned from your natural hair journey that is important to pass down to your kids?

W: When I had my daughter, it was really important for me to have her love her natural curly hair. At the end of the day, I just want her to be happy and confident in her hair. Right now, she actually wants me to cut her hair. She hates me washing her hair. She doesn’t care how it looks, she just wants it to be short because she sees her brother Theo in and out [in the bathroom] so we’re talking about it. Just be confident.

Whitney White Naptural85 on Self-Confidence and The Advice We All Need

Photo courtesy of Antoine DeBrill

D: One thing that resonates with me and our community, is that you’re really positive. You really are uplifting in that way. How do you that in this world, with all the trolls and haters — how do you stay positive?

W: I really just want to share my journey as honestly and openly as possible. No one’s perfect! I find a lot of comfort in seeing other people go through life normally. That allows me to express myself to how I am, genuinely. I just share what I’m going through. Social media is great… I look at it sometimes [and think] we put so much pressure on ourselves. Where did that come from? Back when we started, it was just so natural. I really want people to really see my flaws, not for you but for me. I don’t ever want people think I’m so perfect that I can’t mess up. I know that helps other people, but it helps me, too. I just do me and don’t put too much pressure

D: What do you want your online community to get out of your content? What is your intention?

W: Haircare, fun! It’s so much fun. Hair is just hair, but then it’s not just hair. Love your hair because it’s your roots, it’s how you express yourself. It’s everything. But also, don’t put too much of yourself in your hair. Be OK to let that go. It’s just like life — it’s a journey. Sometimes you have to change it up. Have fun with your hair. Let’s not take it too seriously. We can celebrate it and love it, but we can be positive about it.

D: What advice would you give yourself?

W: Have more confidence in who you are. I spent a lot of time trying to be other people. It took me a really long time to figure out who I was. Even to this day, I feel like I’m in a really big transition right now, where I’m trying to figure out which way I want to go. I didn’t grow up with that confidence, with my relaxers and buns, and I really found myself through my natural hair community. People come to me and say, “You helped me so much!” and I’m like, “You helped me so much!” I would tell my younger self and any other younger kids, don’t try so hard to fit in. Be confident in your own natural beauty and natural self.

Check out the video below, and Naptural85’s YouTube channel here!

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This Brazilian Salon Has a Customizable Treatment Kit for Every Curly Dilemma
This Brazilian Salon Has a Customizable Treatment Kit for Every Curly Dilemma
Image Source: @devrivelazquez

When I heard the news about my new favorite Brazilian and women-owned salon in Harlem, Beleza Natural, launching a new product line catered to curlies like myself, of course I had to go, learn, and support.

I first heard about Beleza Natural, a Harlem-based salon owned by two Brazilian female entrepreneurs, when I took an Airbnb Experience Tour of the neighborhood. The last stop was the salon, where I indulged myself in a super rich deep conditioning treatment that my curls desperately needed.

Recently I was invited back to Beleza Natural to check out the launch of their latest product line, Mix It Up, where I sat in awe of the presentation, full of information and insight that I hadn’t known in almost a decade of being in the beauty industry, as well as a live demonstration of the products at work with a woman who had a similar hair texture to mine.

This Brazilian Salon Has a Customizable Treatment Kit for Every Curly Dilemma

Beleza Natural’s story is truly one that encompasses struggle and triumph. Started by two fierce women in Brazil who decided they couldn’t find what their community needed in the current market, twenty years, 130,000 clients, and 3,000 employees later, New York City became the first international branch in 2017 with a growing popularity amongst the natural hair community across the city.

The Mix it Up collection features a range that considers people who follow No and Low Poo, paraben-free, vegetable-based, hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and cruelty-free regimens. The fun part of the collection is that it is customizable based on ingredients, which is important since we all have hair that is specific to us as individuals. I got to see a head of coily hair be transformed by a shampoo, emollient treatment, lipids, minerals, protein, and vitamins concentrate. Then, the stylist applied a Mix it Up styling product. In the line, there are two to choose from: Curl Enhancing Cream, which contains myrica wax and passion flower extract for high detangling power, and the Curly Hair Definer, which has peach extract and gelatin for a light, differentiated hold for loose hold and water retention.

This Brazilian Salon Has a Customizable Treatment Kit for Every Curly Dilemma


The purpose of Beleza Natural’s new Mix it Up collection is meant to emphasize the importance of feeding your natural texture with health and nutrition in mind. The presentation came fully equipped with a nutritionist, Maya Feller who explained the benefits of the specific ingredients used in this formula, like quinoa protein, pistachio butter, amaranth, olive and cotton oils, ginger and berry extracts.

I had the pleasure of trying the customized formula on my own type 3c/4a curls, and I have to say, I am in love with the results. My hair has been feeling depleted of moisture and natural oils, and the combination of lipids and protein really defined my curl pattern without weighing my volume down or making my hair stiff. The curl definer was lightweight and helped my definition last for 3 full days before I washed again. On wash day, the shampoo had a pleasant fragrance that I went to bed with and didn’t strip my hair or leave it feeling dry. I followed up the next morning with an oil treatment using the macadamia and pistachio butter mix, and my curls are basking in their juiciness right now.

If you’re located in NYC, I recommend checking out Beleza Natural Salon and invest in their products if you want a custom-made treatment kit that won’t let your curls down for days on end. The Mix it Up formula is recommended once a week for extremely dry or damaged hair like mine, so I’ll keep you posted about my results over time!

The Bebonia Curly Hair Extensions Gave My Curls Life

Springtime is here, and I thought I could use a change in my typical curly hairstyle. At the same time, I know I don’t want anything too permanent, and I’m not really into color right now since I’m letting my old hue grow out. After lots of research for ways to experiment, I discovered Bebonia, a NYC-based line of premium quality clip-in hair extensions catered to women with naturally textured hair. The problem is, I don’t know how to install extensions into my own hair. I decided to reach out to its founder, Soleil Guerrero, for assistance.

“My personal experience and struggle with loving and properly caring for my curls helped spark the idea,” says Guerrero of her inspiration for starting Bebonia. “I realized that people with textured hair were under-represented in the hair extension industry. Specifically with easy, healthy and flexible hair extension methods such as clip-ins. I worked for about 10 years as an Enterprise Sales Professional for tech companies then decided to leave the corporate world to launch my own hair extension brand.”

Of course, I wonder if someone with this genius type of idea has had any curly hair dilemmas of her own. As a supporter and consumer of products catered to those with natural hair, I wonder if it comes from a real place or just the desire to capitalize on what’s ‘on-trend.’ Soleil assured me that, in fact, she had her fair share of struggles growing up. “Absolutely! I hated my curls and believed that I looked more professional with straight hair. I used to flat iron my hair every morning cause severe damage. When I made the decision to go natural, I didn’t feel beautiful and confident which is where my Bebonia’s come into play. They made and are still making the process of my loving my curls so much easier.”

The Bebonia Curly Hair Extensions Gave My Curls Life

I went to Guerrero’s studio where she showed me what texture, length, and density I’ll need in order for the extensions to blend in perfectly with my real hair. I was surprised to know all the variety of ways Bebonia clip-ins can be used. We used 110-gram set of the ‘Ringlets’ style specifically designed for those with finer hair. She used both the 18 and 22-inch set to blend in nicely with my actual haircut shape. “It’s great for adding some natural volume to your hair. Our 220-gram set is our heaviest set and is catered for those who already have medium or thick hair and are looking to add length and have an extra voluminous look. This is the set that we recommend for those with short hair looking to add 18-22” hair extensions.”

The Bebonia Curly Hair Extensions Gave My Curls Life

For those wanting a thicker style, Guerrero suggests using the 220g set. “The lighter weight set might cause the extensions to look ‘stringy’ in your hair. For thinning hair, if you try to wear the 220g, it might be too heavy for your hair.” Speaking of thinning, hair health is one of those rare factors that Bebonia takes into consideration. Some protective styles can be used in a way that actually ends up harming the health of natural hair rather than helping it, but she is adamant about suggesting using the extensions in a way that will compliment hair–working with it, not against it. “BEBONIA’s are great for people that are transitioning back to healthy curly hair, have had a Big Chop, or are suffering from hair thinning. They can be used daily, for vacation or special events are great to add to updos.”

After installing my extensions to help me reach my length goals for the day, I was interested in replicating the style in the future since I loved it so much. The process was quick and painless, and my hair was big, voluminous, and full of the fluffy bounce I’ve always dreamt of. I wanted to know how to best preserve my extensions, especially since they can be an investment (about $139 for 1 110-g set”>. “Deep conditioning them and storing them properly is key,” says Guerrero. “Also, we advise our customers to not swim with them in the pool or beach. The chlorine is a harsh chemical that can shorten the lifespan of the hair extensions.”

The Bebonia Curly Hair Extensions Gave My Curls Life

So, based on BEBONIA recommendations, here are the fast do’s and don’ts of caring for premium curly hair extensions:

  • DO deep condition.
  • DO lay flat when drying.
  • DON’T flat iron (or use any hot tools on them”>.
  • DON’T bleach your extensions.

Find more about Bebonia’s Curly Hair Extensions online at, on YouTube and on Instagram @curlsbybebonia.

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair

Natural hair is a form of expression. These 15 artists have used their talents and skills to present natural hair in stunning ways, which any curly can love and appreciate. Support and follow these artists by getting a piece of their work for yourself, and other curlies!

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair
Artist: @ princess__kay_

Princess Kay is a self-taught artist. Her artwork is available at, where her home décor, furniture, stationary, tech, accessories, and apparel items are sold.

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair
Artist: @inspirebytyler

Tyler is a Chicago based artist. She enjoys painting and being creative. Tyler utilizes jewelry, hair, and fabrics in her art to make her work more realistic. Check out her paintings, tote bags, phone cases, and pillows on her website at to see more about her.

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair
Artist: @timokamura

Tim Okamura is a painter located in Brooklyn, New York that focuses on creating realistic imagery. He specializes in mixed media, collages, and spray painting. Take a look at his paintings by visiting his website

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair
Artist: @carlosdanielart

Carlos Daniel expresses his passion for black culture and self-love in his artwork. He excels in creating black girls with natural and curly hair, while encouraging self-love in his images.

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair
Artist: @delmainedonson_art

Delmaine Donson is a photographer and artist located in Cape Town, South Africa. She is committed to showcasing the beauty in women of color. Delmaine loves illustrating afro hair and melanin, and the beauty of sunlight on the skin of black women. Inspiration for her pieces of art comes from black women embracing their own true natural beauty each day.

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair
Artist: @loveiswiseillu

This artist has the coolest name! Check out Loveis Wise. Loveis is a freelance illustrator located in Philadelphia. She has created artwork for Cartoon Network, The New York Times, L’Oreal, BuzzFeed, Refinery29, Eileen Fisher, and many more companies. Loveis creates shirts, prints, earrings, pins, and journals. You can purchase her artwork at her online etsy shop at See more about Loveis Wise on her website at

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair
Artist: @brienneyvonne

Artist and illustrator Brienne Yvonne is located in New York City. Brienne celebrates the beauty of curly hair textures and locs by using fine-tipped pens and paper for creating natural hair portraits. Her artwork also presents relationships between black men and women.

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair
Artist: @jul_adney

July Adney creates paintings, sketched photos, cartoons, flyers, logos, and covers.

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair
Artist: @bydivya

Divya is an illustrator. She creates feminist comics, quotes, and cartoons digitally. All of her work is featured on her Instagram, at @bydivya.

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair
Artist: @debracartwright

Debra Cartwright is an art director and illustrator who makes watercolor prints, cards, and paintings. She hosts art workshops in New York. She provides art services including live painting sessions and illustration consultations. Access all her art links at, and shop for her art at

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair
Artist: @bflybydesign

Domonique is an artist from the Bahamas. She does paintings, drawings, and prints with intricate details and surreal images. Inspiration for Domonique’s artwork comes from nature and butterflies. Visit her website to view her portfolio, and shop for her tote bags, phone cases, clocks, mugs, apparel, and stationery products.

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair
Artist: @liamzer.carter

Liam is a graphic artist and art student. She creates cartoons digitally, mostly of black women with natural hair. Stop by her Instagram page @liamzer.carter, to see her work!

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair
Artist: @studio_ashleen

Ashleen is a Chicago based artist. Her illustrations and prints are full of geometric shapes and curvy lines to represent and show all types of women. Check out her etsy shop to purchase her items at Also visit to buy her bags, tech, apparel, stationary, bath, home decor, tabletop, and furniture pieces.

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair

Markus Prime makes drawings of figures, cartoons, and characters. His prints are sold on his website with heavyweight stock, along with apparel and stickers. Take a peek at his site,

15 Artists that Show the Beauty and Versatility of Natural Hair
Artist: @lebohanglang

Lebohang Lang Motaung concentrates on making realistic images of black women. She proves that hair is art. Lebohang brings her art to life by adding braids and twists to her drawings. She also does printmaking and etching! Explore her artwork on her Instagram, @lebohanglang.

Want to see more natural hair art? Check it out here.

Craving more paintings with natural hair? Take a look here.

Do you want to see even more curly cartoons and characters? See more here!

“4C” Is the Black Girl Magic Video You Didn’t Know You Needed
4C Is the Black Girl Magic Video You Didnt Know You Needed


California native SHAVONE is a bold MC with a sound that, according to her, is “rooted in musicianship and raw, intricate lyricism.” She not only raps, but plays the flute, too! And her most recent hit, “4C,” which has generated buzz from the online black and natural hair communities alike, showcase her random but impeccable skill set in a flowy manner that has us bedazzled with encouragement about embracing our coily hair texture.

With punchlines like, “They tried to bury us but didn’t know we were seeds,” and “Only we can save us,” the song proves itself as an ode to women with coarse, curly, coily, kinky, voluminous, afro-textured and god-given hair. The music video has an overflow of inspiration, too, even featuring a few of our online favorites like 4C vlogger Avielle Amor (@avielleamor“>, Muslim Activist Blair Imani (@blairimani“>, and Nigerian dancer, Nestraya (@nestreya“>. The video, which takes place in Brooklyn, New York, considers the city’s heavy and rich residue of generations of magical black women sprinkled throughout. In addition to SHAVONE, its creative team — Director Curtis Taylor, Jr. (mr.badbeard“>, Editor Xander Opiyo (@xanderopiyo“>, and Fashion Designer Shanel Campbell (@shanel“>

As we approach spring, “4C” is the anthem we need to walk into with dignity. Like our natural curls and coils, it is fun, effortless, and unapologetic. It requires little assistance and stands on its own as a representation of power, strength, and truly dignified beauty.

“Directing ‘4C’ was definitely a career highlight,” says Director Curtis Taylor, Jr. of his involvement. “Aside from being able to direct, it allowed me to listen and learn more then I spoke. It allowed me to learn and grow from incredible women who helped me navigate how to tell their story their way. As a team, we really wanted to pay homage to black beauty ritual and create a work that felt authentic. Of course I had to make a few nods visually to a classic like Crookyln. It was only right film it in Brooklyn…”
Shot at the salon of our beloved Hair by Susy (@hairbysusy“>, “4C” is a must-see video. “Words can’t really express the gratitude I have for the amount of work and divine spirit so many put into making ‘4C’ happen,” says SHAVONE of the success of her latest project. Get into it, share it, and let this be your new springtime anthem for the ages.

An NYC Airbnb Experience Highlighting the Beauty and History of Natural Hair
An NYC Airbnb Experience Highlighting the Beauty and History of Natural Hair
Image Source: @devrivelazquez

Upon returning to New York City after taking two months of what I like to refer to as a city-dweller detox, I wanted to immerse myself back into the culture of the beloved city in a big way. That’s when I learned about a new Airbnb Experience that was offering a tour of Harlem, a neighborhood in the popular burrough that I hadn’t yet fully explored in my two years of living here. I figured, this might be the best way to dip my feet into the richness of it all.

On a brisk Wednesday afternoon, I sat down with tour’s curator, Mikaila, for tea at a cute local and black-owned shop with vibes as warm and hospitable as the tea itself. The Fashion Anthropologist greeted me with a contagiously vivacious demeanor that instantly encouraged me to put my guard down and become all ears for a day of education, inspiration, and honest conversation in good company. When asked what all entails the role of a fashion anthropologist, Mikaila simply explained it like this: “I help people understand the cultural context of why you wear what you wear. Hair is part of our fashion identity.”

An NYC Airbnb Experience Highlighting the Beauty and History of Natural Hair

As Founder and CEO of The Common Thread Project, the fashionista and naturalista who has spent the past decade living and working in New York City knows a thing or two about the impact the Harlem Renaissance had on the nation’s natural hair movement and Black culture as a whole. But first, she dove into her introduction with these important factors to consider as a preface for her guided Airbnb Experience through the neighborhood:

Hair is our culture, it’s our history, it’s our politics.

The history of Black hair is so rich. We don’t really appreciate the dynamics, the history of our hair. It started on the continent of Africa and came here. For example, the Himba tribe from Namibia, always wear dreadlocks. The girls wear their locs in their face to signify age. When they hit puberty, they wear their hair out of their face.

When the Middle Passage started, Africans started braiding seeds into their daughters’ hair to help them along their journeys. Slave traders started shaving their heads off as a way to prevent this from happening, but to erase their identities. The shape and form of cornrows came from slaves who worked in cornfields. Those types of signatures make me want to scream inside — look at how functionality, history, tradition, and employment come together in one hairstyle.

Everybody has a hair journey.

“Mine was very much influenced by my mother. I was never allowed to have a perm (my mother is old school Jamaican.”> I was very resentful of that, especially in high school. There were so many periods in my life where I felt like I didn’t have control over my hair. I became 5’11’ at 11 years old.One of the ways my mom aged me ‘down’ was by braiding my hair in childlike styles — a lot of bubbles, barrettes, and plaits. From Africa to today, we’re going to realize how much our hair is tied to our ancestry.”

Your hair is your language.

“It says so much. We need to be thinking more critically [about it]. A lot of times, Black women will sabotage their hair for a look. If maybe Black women understood the importance in the conversation of themselves, we’d take better care of it. It’s a conversation of who I am. I just want you to be conscious of whatever decision you make, and informed. Is your hair a story that you want to tell the world?”

There’s a whole industry behind hair envy.

I admitted to Mikaila about a folder on my phone that is dedicated to hair of women from social media whose hair I ‘admire’ while I know that it can be toxic to my own mental health and self-acceptance. She says, “As Black women, whatever works for you, works for you. People want to be tied to their past. Hair is our DNA. We all want to know who we are. It starts here (points to head”>.” What I remembered in my talk with Mikaila was the true beauty in our uniqueness, especially as women of African descent. Our hair is ours.

If you plan on visiting Harlem, be sure to check this out. You will become more informed about the history of Black hair while taking a walking tour through popular hair shops and Salon Beleza, a Brazilian-owned hair salon catering to embracing natural hair. On Airbnb Experience, type in Harlem fashion and hair tour and people can book it. Or click here to go straight to the experience.