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Hair Heaven: Is The Bob Cut The New “It Girl” Style?

The bob. An infamous haircut defined by a blunt cut on above shoulder-length hair, the razor-sharp bob is a rather boss lady hairstyle some may be too intimidated to try. Not because they’re scared of cutting their hair short, but because the shake-worthy bob has a personality of its own.

A bob is not just a haircut, but a persona. Depicted in cinema as a haircut for strong, emotionless women — like Annalise Keating in How To Get Away With Murder — the bob is an anti-hero, an attitude, and a force to be reckoned with. It takes a certain personality to really rock a bob (and do it right), which is why we weren’t surprised when the “It Girl” Megan Thee Stallion posted herself in a middle-part bob on Instagram. 

With over 2 million likes on the post, Thee Stallion’s blunt cut bob had the bumped ends little girls was terrified of growing up. In addition to the ends, her bone-straight hair and a middle part personify a straight-forward woman of strength, power, and hardness, who really doesn’t have time to play. 

The bob is an attitude every It Girl possesses. From music to entertainment, and even the women in our family, the blunt cut is a hairstyle for a woman with no fear. Although a bob has intrinsic characteristics, just like every It Girl, a bob is not limited to a single type of personality. 

We saw the hairstyle on Coco Jones at the VMAs pink carpet last night. The opposite of Megan Thee Stallion, Coco’s bob had flipped ends, not bumped, which instilled an attitude of priss and sass to the short cut. 

Although similar in the ultra-straight style, the slight outwards bend complemented a side-part, not a middle part, which can personify someone who could take you down and you wouldn’t even see it coming. 

Every It Girl has the personality to really kill it in a bob — Nicki Minaj has been for years — but that doesn’t mean everyone would want to. Especially considering the power of the bad girl haircut fell into the wrong hands, often given a bad rep as a “Karen” cut for aggressive, violent white women. 

But as our favorite celebrities — Megan Thee Stallion, Coco Jones, Nicki Minaj — reclaim the bob, could the blunt cut be the new It Girl style?

Autumn’s Most Stunning Hair Dye Trends for All Skin Tones

Fall is almost here. As the leaves change colors, so should your hair. The fall season introduces a palette of hair dye to help you cuddle with the warmth and beauty of this time of year. From spicy ginger to honey brown, let the weather guide you into a new hairstyle to start the season.


Autumn’s Most Stunning Hair Dye Trends for All Skin Tones

Spice your hair up! The red-toned hair color has been popularized in the past year for the warm, spicy tone. An intense, ultra vibrant color, stay warm with red hot hair this season.

The rich, coppery tones can complement various skin tones and add a touch of vibrancy to your appearance.

Wine Red

Autumn’s Most Stunning Hair Dye Trends for All Skin Tones

Go red, just like the Merlot in your wine glass. The medium-toned Crimson hair color is a classic, intoxicating tone. 

Wine red pairs well with any skin complexion, with a light, velvet appearance if you prefer to stay more natural-looking. 


Autumn’s Most Stunning Hair Dye Trends for All Skin Tones

Just like cranberry, baby. Dye your hair burgundy just like your fingers after a bag of cherries. The deep reddish-brown is a rich blend of mature tones. Burgundy hair is a luxurious and deep red-purple shade for the most elegant appearance this fall. 

Honey Brown

Autumn’s Most Stunning Hair Dye Trends for All Skin Tones

Honey brown, not blonde. A sun kissed brown is, in a way, a memory of the hot sun warming up your hair. The light-toned natural brown has a yellow undertone, unlike popular red. If you like colder weather, go for the cool, honey color to stand out.


Autumn’s Most Stunning Hair Dye Trends for All Skin Tones

You don’t have to dye all of your hair. Lighten your hair with highlights to add contrast to your natural color. From luminous blonde to hazelnut brown, touch up your hair with brightness and dimension if you can’t decide on just one tone.