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Before You Take Down Your Braids, Read This
Before You Take Down Your Braids, Read This
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Braids are a popular, practical style for natural curlies when they are transitioning, growing out a cut, or simply giving their hair a break from manipulation. Braids (and twists) look beautiful, and you can get creative with lengths, thickness, and color without damaging the hair- but only if you are careful!

How to Take Out Your Braids

Before You Take Down Your Braids, Read This
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You may be annoyed that your time with them is up; I know I was. However, it would be best if you put that energy into taking them out correctly to cause less stress to your scalp and hair.

My keywords for this process: time and slip.

You must set aside enough time for this process just as you did for installing the braids in the first place; the worst thing to do is to rush, as you may cause damage in doing so. Add a slippery detangling product to the hair that makes it easy to glide through its surface — this is the best way to remove knots or any tight style from the hair.

Before You Take Down Your Braids, Read This

You can create slip using your favorite leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, oil, or a mix of water and conditioner. When taking down my braids, I prefer moisturizing my scalp beforehand with one of these products:


1. Spritz the braids with some warm water

Then follow up with your chosen product with a slip, carefully ensuring you cover all parts of the hair.

2. Begin from the bottom upwards


You know we love our braids… but the take down process should be just as easy to love.

♬ original sound – The UnBraider
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If your braids are much longer than your natural hair, you can cheat by cutting the bottoms, but still leave enough space where your natural hair ends. Keep in mind that your natural hair is now stretched and has probably grown. Simply trim the ends and use a comb to unravel the first few sections of the braid.

3. Apply more detangler to your fingertips and slowly unravel the braids/twist

4. Slowly remove the extensions

Image Source: @lovemonicabeauty

Once you have unravelled the braid/twist to the root, you will be able to slowly remove the extensions. Take a breath; it will feel amazing!

Do not be alarmed if you see huge knots at the ends or some breakage. We shed hair daily, so the weeks (or months) worth of hair in our braids will equate to a decent amount of hair fall.

5. Deep condition

Before You Take Down Your Braids, Read This

Once the protective style is removed, you want to treat your hair like a newborn baby—give it lots of TLC. Clarify as if your scalp has been working overtime!

Deep condition with heat to get your best conditioning treatment out the cupboard and sit under a cap/hooded dryer for a good 30/40 minutes, your hair will thank you for it. I like Mielle Organics Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner and Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner.

Once you’ve followed this process, allow your hair to breathe! Do a simple wash and go—no crazy manipulation. You want to let your hair be in its natural state and relax for the next week or so. You should find your natural hair back in great condition after being tucked away for so long!

How do you care for your hair after wearing a protective style?

This article has been updated since its original publication.

My Crece Pelo Dominican Hair Treatment Review
I tried Crece Pelo Phitoterapeutic Treatment on my curly hair. In English, it means “Natural Hair Growth” treatment.
before, during, and after using Crece Pelo Phitoterapeutic Treatment
Crece Pelo Phitoterapeutic means Natural Hair Growth in English. This is a Dominican hair treatment that uses natural, plant-based ingredients such as nettle, rosemary, and watercress to help your hair instead of harsh ingredients. It is meant to be used after washing as a deep conditioner that promotes the hair’s health and also stimulate growth.

Product claims

The treatment promises to add the necessary nutrients to help your hair grow and improve its overall strength, shine and texture.

My first impression


I was really impressed by the size of the product! It comes in a big 16-ounce tub and has even larger sizes available (36 and 61 ounces”>. I was also surprised to see that the product is filled to the very top of the tub appealing to those like myself who want to get their money’s worth.

Consistency and scent

It is a thick creamy consistency similar to a deep conditioning hair masque. The products strong smell did put me off as I felt like it smelled like a flowery perfume. This then led me to think it must have a ton of nasty ingredients; however, it does fade. Eventually, I got used to it–hey, better than a nasty smelling product!

This treatment to me was very similar to the Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor due to the fact that I saw results straight away during application; my hair began to curl up and look healthy whilst the product was working its magic.

Why I wanted to try Crece Pelo Natural Phitoterapeutic Treatment

I first heard about the product through friends that mentioned Dominican products were really good for the hair and I had seen a few Dominican curly girls on YouTube raving about them. Luckily, I was sent this product to try (not sponsored”>. It is targeted to curly girls with damaged hair, and my curls had been experiencing breakage. They were becoming much drier than usual.

How I applied the treatment

I apply this treatment generously every other week after washing, as it is a much deeper treatment. After using the product it can dry out the hair so I alternate a deep conditioner and then use this treatment the week after.

After my hair is cleansed I literally take a huge handful of the product and slap it onto my hair and finger comb it through so it is distributed to the whole hair evenly. Leave on (without heat”> for around 10 minutes and then rinse and style my hair.

For about five months, I have used this product to the bottom of the tub–it’s almost empty! I can probably get one more treatment session out of it but it lasts a LONG time especially if you use it monthly or fortnightly.

Where I got it

Mine was sent to me in the mail, but during my travels in New York, I noticed the Crece Pelo line in every beauty supply store for a much cheaper price than online. If you don’t see it in your local beauty supply store or live in the UK like myself, you can order Crece Pelo  Natural Phitoterapeutic Treatmentfrom certain UK online stores and Amazon. The 16-ounce tub is around £30 on

My final review

Overall I think this is a great product. I believe it will really appeal to those who want great curls, but are put-off from intense DIY protein treatments. This product has improved my hair’s health tremendously; my curls feel much stronger, have more flexibility, and hardly any breakage.

Have you tried this Dominican hair treatment before?

Which other ones do you suggest for curly hair? Let me know, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, UK Curly Girl.

This article was originally published in 2016 and has been updated for grammar and clarity.

The Dos and Dont’s of Protective Styling
Last year I had my first actual protective style experience when I wore box braids for a month–and I loved it!

As a natural curly girl, hair care requires a lot of time and effort, so having the chance to skip refreshing, defining and styling your curls is a well-deserved treat. If you want to practice less manipulation, protective styles are also a great way to encourage hair growth.

However, protective styling is not always smooth sailing, I have put together my personal list of dos and don’ts of wearing box braids, twists, bantu knots, braid outs or any other protective style.

The Dos and Donts of Protective Styling
Image Source: @naturallycurly, of @alannanicolex

The Dos of Protective Styling

Do moisturize on the regular

This point is aimed at long-term protective styles. If your hair is tucked away, you may assume you don’t need to moisturise it, but that is far from the truth. As your curls are still prone to dryness, use a detangling moisturizer or leave-in conditioner that is water-based in a spray bottle so that it is easy to get to the roots between your braids or twists. When I had my protective style installed, I did this once a day or every other day.

Do try an apple cider vinegar rinse

If you suffer from sensitive skin, this is very important. The shop-bought hair you add to your protective style is sprayed with chemicals to preserve it whilst in packaging, which may irritate your scalp or skin (I had an itchy neck and face at times”>. This can be prevented if you cleanse the hair in apple cider vinegar (as you would your own hair”> and dry before applying. Read how NC’s video producer uses ACV to cleanse her hair.

The Dos and Donts of Protective Styling
Image Source: @naturallycurly, of @ownbyfemme
Do keep them in long enough

It is important to keep your box braids or twists in for over 4 weeks as your scalp needs to adjust to the style; when you take them down too soon, you are putting a ton of pressure on the scalp, which causes damage and breakage. Allow your hair to grow over the month or so–this will naturally make the protective style looser. Over-manipulation is a huge culprit for hair loss, so avoid this at all costs.

Do use the LOC/LCO Method

I make sure to apply as much moisture as possible when wearing a protective style. The best way to do this is by following the LOC/LCO method. I find that my braids or twist-outs hold much longer this way, and I can prolong the style for a week straight!

Do a pre-treatment

The night before putting my hair into a protective style I always make sure to give my hair an in-depth wash day, including cleansing with a clarifying shampoo, protein treatment, and deep conditioner with my heated cap. I style in loose twists with a very light water based leave-in–you do not want oily, product build-up hair before installing your style.

Do enjoy your protective style

Take a huge amount of pictures and show off this style! You may be like me and do not plan on having a protective style for a while so try out different styles, go to events to show off your new look and enjoy the break from your curls.

Don’t forget about your edges

Protect those edge, girls! When you are getting your braids or twists done by a stylist, make sure you tell them to leave your edges out. I once felt some burning and told the stylist; she happily loosened the braid and reinforced that I tell her again if I ever feel like they are too tight. I have seen protective styles cause major hair loss and thinning in other women because of this. Looking for an edge tamer? This one is a top seller in Shop NaturallyCurly.

The Dos and Donts of Protective Styling Don’t allow product to build up

Product build-up is caused when you use too much conditioner and stylers, which can cause a white, thick film (or flakes”> on the scalp and can often look like dandruff. While wearing a protective style, avoid using a heavy gel; I only used liquid leave-ins with a spray top to avoid heavy-handed application.

Don’t sleep without protecting your hair

This is essential, as it will be the most important factor to keep your protective style looking fresh and neater as long as possible. I always sleep on my satin pillowcase and make sure to wrap the top of my head with a satin scarf (to keep my edges in tact”>. Without taking these steps, you will end up with the style loosening quicker and frizzies popping out of the protective style.

Don’t take down your style while it’s wet

This is always an issue when trying to get the perfect twist-out or braid out–I have made this mistake many times. As I was in a rush, the result comes with much less definition and way more frizz. When the hair is completely dry, it allows time for the hair to soak up product and form to the texture that the twists or braids will create.

Don’t forget to wash your hair

Even though your hair is nicely tucked away–out of sight, out of mind–you still need to wash your hair! Do not leave your poor tresses for weeks on end without a cleanse; carefully wash your scalp using a spray bottle to control how wet the rest of the hair gets.

Don’t listen to ignorant and negative comments

Going to the workplace with a protective style can cause a stir; I noticed that when I had my box braids in everyone at work was amazed at how my “hair grew over night.” I literally had to explain to the whole office what box braids were, how they worked and fielded constant questions and comments on the hair change every minute! Most were positive, but I did have a worker at my local hair shop tell me that he prefers me without braids (which isn’t nice to hear when you know you like them and you will be wearing them for a long while”>. I just advise you to ignore the comments and rock your protective style with confidence–head to the net and look at all of the naturals around the world who are also rocking the same style as you. You will feel much better!

The Dos and Donts of Protective Styling
Image Source: @naturallycurly, of @williethewayfarer for @unity_in_color from @heyjinnij

To sum it up

Overall, when done correctly, wearing a protective style is such a great experience. You will feel like a new woman, and all without causing damage and while promoting healthy hair growth!

Want more?

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7 Quick Tips That Make Traveling with Curly Hair So Much Easier

Photos courtesy of @Africamiranda

Does packing give you anxiety about how your hair will adapt to a new climate? Due to that fact that most curls NEED moisture daily and especially in hotter places, you will need to travel with some of your staples in order for your hair to look its best the whole trip.

Traveling would always cause me some unease in regards to my hair. For curlies we can’t always just up and go, depending on where you are traveling to, finding hair products that will cater to your needs can be a struggle.

I recently traveled to Miami, Florida where the weather was hot and humid pretty much every day! Holidays that take you to the beach, where your hair is bound to dry out from the constant beating sun and salty water, can give any curly girl anxiety pre-trip.

However, there are some ways to prepare for a trip that will help maintain your hair’s health and keep your frizz and moisture worries at bay. Below are some ways you can salvage your hair whilst traveling the world!

1. De-pot your products

To save you the nuisance of having to pay for an overweight suitcase (thanks to your hair products, and of course, clothes”>, I like to bring my favorite products and just put them in smaller bottles.

You can do this by purchasing the empty travel sized bottles and tubs available from most beauty supply/pharmacy/travel stores.

Simply transfer your favorite hair and even beauty products into the smaller packaging. You’ll hardly ever use a full sized product within a week or 2, so save yourself the weight and waste. Just make sure to label or separate them (you wouldn’t want to use a shampoo as your shower gel!”>.

2. Bring samples

If de-potting sounds like a little too much work for you, you can check if your favorite products offer samples or travel sized versions of their products that will last you for your travels. On most flights you are able to bring liquids on board that are under a certain weight and size (most commonly 3 ounces or less”>. Here are a few curly brands that offer travel sizes:

I like to bring an edge control (these are usually already packaged in small tubs”> and hair gel (transferred myself into a smaller tub”> along with lip balm and whatever else you may need to get into easily post-flight. This saves you space and weight for bigger items in your main suitcase.

5. Avoid spills

We have to be extra careful with when packing products to prevent spillage all over your clothes (yes this has happened to me!”>.

I usually bring a jar of coconut oil with me on holiday as an all-purpose body moisturizer/hair oil/sun protector/makeup remover, but the last thing you need is to open your suitcase and find oil all over your clothes.

I tape the lids of my products shut, cover them with paper towels (this will soak up the product if it does leak”> and then tape the paper to seal it together. Lastly, as an extra pre-caution I place the product in a clear Ziploc bag, so if it leaks the bag will contain the spillage.

6. Prevent dryness

While traveling you may not have as much time to do your full washday routine. I personally found that I had to wash my hair more than my regular once a week routine due to pool water, sand, and dryness!

As we know shampoo can cause some dryness, I highly recommend deep conditioning, even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes during your shower. In addition, I would recommend that you do this at least every 2-3 days, depending on your vacation activities; this will make it easier for you to maintain your curls throughout your travels and makes the detangling process much easier!

Co-washing will also be your best friend whilst traveling; it’s quick, easy and effective for refreshing your curls. Co-washing can also be done daily depending on your hair’s needs.

Make sure you bring some gel or edge control and scalp oil to maintain any dryness that does occur.

7. Bring your scarf or pillowcase

Protecting your hair with a satin pillowcase/scarf at night is also ESSENTIAL, as this will help to retain the moisture through out the night and keep your hair from rubbing against itself of a harsher bedding material. I would advise that you either braid your hair up in order to retain moisture and softness, in addition to keeping it detangled, or putting your curls up in a pineapple style.


8. Wear braids or twists

Going on a holiday is meant to be a break right? If you want to make it as easy for yourself as possible, consider applying braids or twists. This is probably your best bet for traveling, as your hair is out of the way there will be no need for detangling or re-styling daily!

9. Rock a headscarf

Rocking a stylish headscarf is also an easy, quick and stylish way to keep your hair tucked away and moisturized. Plus it’s a great look for those all those travel pictures you’ll be taking!

These tips should help in making your next journey a fun and anxiety free for you, your travel partners and your curls!

How to Sleep with Curly Hair to Avoid Matting
How to Sleep with Curly Hair to Avoid Matting

How I keep my hair from tangling is really thanks to my night routine. I detangle my hair after washing and then will style and go about my day, when it gets to night-time I must make sure I take the following steps to ensure my hair won’t get tangled or matted throughout the week.


When I have worn my hair in a wash and go that day, before bed I will put my hair into a pineapple (high loose ponytail”>. This keeps your hair out of the way whilst sleeping and is great for keeping your curls defined as they won’t be squashed whilst you sleep.


Sleeping with your hair in a pineapple is pointless if you don’t pair this with either a satin or silk scarf, bonnet, or pillowcase. This has been the best thing I have ever done to my hair. It prevents the dryness and tangles you naturally get whilst sleeping. I use my satin pillowcase and satin scrunchie for my pineapple.

How to Sleep with Curly Hair to Avoid Matting


Another essential tip for preventing tangles is moisture! I make sure my hair stays moisturised at night-time. I add some coconut oil (shea butter in the winter months”> to my ends whilst my hair is in the pineapple. This keeps the hair moisturised and helps to make your curls even fresher in the morning.

Protective Styling

Throughout the week (usually on day 3 hair”> I’ll feel that I can no long wear my wash and go. At night, I braid my hair in 4 plaits (or twists”> then add coconut oil. This is a great way to lightly detangle your hair so that it is manageable for the rest of the week. I then cover the braids in a satin bonnet whilst still sleeping on my satin pillowcase. This is just to protect the braids from frizz and keep the protective style super moisturised and defined.


Along with these techniques I also have a few products that help with tangles.

  • Satin pillowcaseI love my satin pillowcase as it protects my curls as I move around a lot in my sleep, which means I would usually wake up in horror finding my scarf or bonnet not on my head! With the pillowcase you won’t have this problem.
  • Satin bonnet: This a great way to protect your hair even further than the pillowcase. You can purchase these at most beauty and hair supply stores. They are great for holding in moisture throughout the night.
  • Coconut oilI like to make sure I moisturise and detangle my ends with some coconut oil at nights.
  • Shea butter: In the really cold months I like to apply this also to my ends at night as it is thicker and works as an intensive moisturiser throughout the night leaving the hair so soft.
  • Kinky Curly Knot Today: My favorite detangler due to its amazing slip. If you have a lot of tangles you may want to refresh your hair. This is great to use before doing your braids or twists if you find the coconut oil isn’t helping to tangle just spritz your hair lightly with water and apply some of the detangler to your fingers and finger detangle any knots.

These steps are crucial to keeping my hair under control throughout the night shift! I would recommend satin or silk accessories for everyone, as they will keep your hair from knotting, drying out and frizzing in the night.

How to Refresh Dry Curly Hair

This is how I refresh my old wash and go’s! After a few days my curls can become very dry and undefined but I don’t always have the time to wash my hair or restyle it by twisting or braiding. As a solution I refresh my current wash and go to make it last until my next washday. Here is my method of refreshing my dry curls.

Step 1:

This step is the most important part of the routine: adding water! When doing this you don’t want too use too much and not too little. To control the amount easily, I like to use a spray bottle. Using too much water will weigh the hair down and take your hair longer to dry (we want a quick fix here”> and using too little won’t allow the conditioner to soak into the hair for extra moisture.

I begin by sectioning my hair in four parts and working one section at a time so I don’t miss out on any curls. When spraying with water, you should be able to feel the products used on your last washday begin to seep out. That is when I know I have used enough water.

Step 2:

When refreshing my hair I only ever like to use a leave-in conditioner — not an extra gel or cream as I do not want to get heavy product buildup or stiffness. You will already have conditioner and styling products in your hair so you only want to reactivate them with a little help.

To help revamp the curls I use a light leave-in like the CURLS Coconut Curlada Conditioner, which is a rinse out conditioner but is great as a light leave-in due to its amazing slip. I also like to use the SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil leave-In for the same reasons.

I apply a dime-sized amount of conditioner to each section and finger comb it through.

Step 3:

Once detangled, I then add another dime-sized amount and work into the ends of my hair for extra moisture as these are the oldest parts of the hair and tend to feel the driest.

Step 4:

When all sections have been conditioned, I leave my hair to air dry, which shouldn’t take long while getting dressed and doing makeup or tasks around the house. Once my hair is dry, it bounces back with much more volume and definition.

Step 5:

To seal in the moisture I just added to the hair I like to use almond oil, which is great for conditioning the hair due to its high vitamin E content. When massaged into the hair, it also naturally makes curly hair look lustrous and shiny.

I apply some oil to my palms and rub it through my hair once over as you don’t want to drown your hair in product (we’re trying to avoid as much buildup as possible”>. This step is important because it seals in all of the moisture just added to the hair.


You are left with defined, bouncy, and shiny hair that will last you a few more days until your next washday!

Watch the video

How often do you have to refresh your hair? Share your tips in the comments section, below.

Natural Curly Hair Products from the UK You NEED To Try!

The UK’s natural hair scene has taken off in a big way over the past five years, and now there are more than a handful of brands to choose from! Although many are natural hair care brands, only a few sell products that are made with ingredients that are 100% natural, so if you like your products, not 90, 97 but 100% natural, then you’ll want to check out the products below to use for your curls!

Big Hair Beauty Deep Conditioning Clay Mask

Natural Curly Hair Products from the UK You NEED To Try

 This mask is so good you’ll want to taste it! It looks like Oreo frosting and it smells delicious. If you are looking for a deep conditioning mask that will penetrate the hair and also get rid of product buildup, then this is the one for you! The rhassoul clay cleanses the hair while leaving it soft and defined.

I find using this mask under a steamer for more than 30 minutes gets you the best results! Big Hair also has travel-size options for their products, which is great if you would like to try before you buy or if you will be traveling this holiday season.


Root 2 Tip Grow It Long Scalp Serum

Natural Curly Hair Products from the UK You NEED To Try

 If your scalp is a problem and nothing seems to get rid of dandruff, I seriously recommend you put your trust in this 100% natural oil serum mix. I have been using this ever since starting my natural hair journey and found it helped to grow my edges within 3-4 weeks of using it daily in the areas needed.

My favorite thing about this product is that it is so easy to apply to the hair, and the consistency of the product is a bit thicker than an oil so it doesn’t leak everywhere when applying to the scalp. Its strong dose of rosemary instantly calms my irritation when I get a breakout of itchiness, leaving my scalp clear and soothed. 


Curly By Nature Nourishing Gloss Balm

Natural Curly Hair Products from the UK You NEED To Try

For an instant fix of moisture and shine! This gloss balm is great for all curl types and a little goes a very long way. Add just a small amount in sections to enhance your curl pattern. And let the mixture of natural oils included like avocado, carrot, pumpkin, and baobab nourish the hair and reduce frizz.

You can also use the balm on your scalp thanks to the jojoba wax, which is great for growing the hair. This is the perfect product to pack in your handbag when your hair needs moisture on the go! 

Flora & Curl Moroccan Lava Curl Refresh Clay Wash

Natural Curly Hair Products from the UK You NEED To Try

 This product will appeal to you if you love the thought of being in control of making your products! The clay comes in powdered form; you simply water and use to your liking. I suggest you mix about two tablespoons of the clay with water, and then scrunch into your curls from root to tip and let it sit on the hair for 15 minutes before rinsing.

After using this clay wash, your curls will feel lighter, cleaner, refreshed, and much softer thanks to the moroccan clay, banana, coconut, and sweet scent of lavender!


Big Hair Beauty Whip Moisturising Butter

Natural Curly Hair Products from the UK You NEED To Try

 As naturals, we all know products aren’t cheap, so when you can find a product that has multiple uses, you’ll want to get your hands on it! This moisturizing whipped butter is double whipped and made with avocado butter, shea butter, sweet almond wax, vitamin E, and hydrogenated vegetable oil! Just imagine how beneficial this is going to be for your hair and skin during the winter!

While moisturizing your skin, it also leaves it with a nice shimmer. This product is also great for your second- and third-day braid/twist outs. I get my best results by using this on dry hair. It’s perfect for use in the winter to soften and moisturize your ends.

Anita Grant Babassu Shampoo Bar

Natural Curly Hair Products from the UK You NEED To Try

I fell in love with these shampoo bars when I started my transitioning journey. because when you’re transitioning you’ll want to find the most moisturizing way to cleanse your curls and this product is the perfect remedy!

The bars are made with babassu oil and a mixture of different herbal, natural, and moisturizing ingredients. Some of the most popular choices are ‘Coconut Milk & Honey’ and ‘Plantain, Spinach & Olive’. The bars can even be used on your skin!! They will cleanse your scalp and hair without stripping the natural oils.

Shea Butter Cottage Argan & Cocoa Liquid Shampoo

Natural Curly Hair Products from the UK You NEED To Try

This shampoo is perfect for those with damaged hair who want to avoid any further damage from using harsh products. The organic argan oil infused in the shampoo helps to improve the structure of the hair, while cleansing and conditioning. You’ll also see chunks of genuine Ghanaian shea butter melt into your hands when applying to the scalp!

All of the Shea Butter Cottage products are natural and sourced from the owners’ native home of Ghana.

With the products above you can create the perfect 100% natural curly hair routine to suit your needs without having to head to your own kitchen!

Have you tried any of the above products? Let us know your thoughts about them in the comment section below.

Where to Find the Hottest Head Scarves

It’s chilly out, and the best time of year to stock up on some new head scarves!

For those with long hair, this can be a great way to combat curls being blown in your face by those crazy winter winds. Shorter-haired curlies, this is also a great way for you to keep your hair protected from damage. And for everyone, headwraps offer a super-cute look thanks to the many designs available.

Where to Find the Hottest Head Scarves
Image by iStock/Juliana Nazarevska

Check out some of my favorite places to find the hottest head scarves below!

1. Kaji Headwraps

If you are more of a solid-colors woman, then Kaji’s got you! They have a full range of colors, from yellow to khaki, along with some classic patterned headscarves. This is a UK brand (international shipping available”>.

2. Knots_UK

Bright and bold? Knots UK is for you, and is another UK brand. This company specialises in African prints and a variety of fabrics.

3. Wrapqns

Wrap Queens is based in the U.S., and has a huge range of wraps to choose from with fun names, like “Bodak Yellow” and “Bruk Out”! You’ll be sure to find a wrap that fits your style. International shipping available.

4. Asodara

Headwraps, headbands, and chokers! You can get a full matching sets this fall from Asodara. They have half and full sizes in African prints. U.S.-based, but international shipping available.

5. Ceeceesclosetnyc

Headwraps, silk lined headwraps, bandanas, handbags, and more! U.S. based, and made in Nigeria. These wraps are very popular on the ‘Gram! CeeCees Closet has a large range of bright, African-print headwraps, fit for any queen! They offer gift wrapping and ship internationally.

6. Caheez

Cute satin-lined headwraps and turbans! If you are looking for different sizes/types of headwraps, both with satin protection, head to Caheez. U.S. based with international shipping.

7. Ruby Sampson

Available via NaturallyCurly SHOP, Ruby Sampson is the home of luxurious silk lined headwraps, in a range of cute patterns. US based, with internationals shipping available.

Protecting your hair doesn’t have to be a nuisance; you can do it in style with some of these headwrap designs. I hope this has given you some fashion inspo! And if you know of any other places to get cute scarves, share them with us in the comments below!

9 Curl Products for Your Matcha Fix

You might just be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the green tea powder they call ‘matcha’ popping up on the menu in your local cafes. It’s becoming more and more popular within the health and beauty scene. It originates from the Japanese spiritual ‘tea ceremonies’ a tradition whereby the powdered green tea leaves are placed into a bowl with hot water and whipped together to be served to attendees.

Green tea has already been proven to improve brain function, prevent cancerous cells from growing, and aid in weight loss. However, matcha is even more beneficial to the body as you are drinking 100% of the actual tea leaf and benefiting from all of its nutrients.

So you may be wondering how this form of powdered green tea can benefit your hair?

Well, it contains vitamin C, vitamin E and panthenol (a type of vitamin B”>, which is a humectant used in many shampoos and conditioners to aid in moisturizing the hair. Matcha is full of antioxidants that help to fight dandruff, stimulate the scalp follicles, and increase the hair’s strength. 

You can apply the matcha directly to the hair in the form of a mask, tea rinse, or conditioner, or you can consume it to receive the amazing benefits it holds.

Below are nine curly hair products that are infused with this super tea so you can get the matcha fix your hair’s been looking for!

9 Curl Products for Your Matcha Fix

1″> Briogeo BE GENTLE, BE KIND Matcha + Apple Replenishing Superfood Shampoo 

Briogeo has created the ultimate superfood shampoo by mixing matcha with other fruits and vegetables that benefit the hair. Apple has been proven to help prevent hair loss due to its soluble fibre, antioxidants to stimulate the scalp and vitamins like biotin to encourage hair growth.  

2″> Briogeo BE GENTLE, BE KIND Kale + Apple Replenishing Superfood Conditioner

Next, we have a conditioner to match with the matcha (see what I did there!”> shampoo. This conditioner also is infused with kale, giving you a dose of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. 

9 Curl Products for Your Matcha Fix

3″> DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture Matcha Green Tea Butter Conditioning Mask

DevaCurl knew what they were doing when they created this amazing “Melt Into Moisture” line! Using matcha that has been made into a butter, they have ensured that the product helps to retain moisture by sealing the cuticle.  

4″> Not Your Mother’s Matcha Green Tea & Wild Apple Blossom Nutrient Rich Butter Masque

Another green tea and apple match made in heaven! This butter masque has been created to help restore damaged hair thanks to the many antioxidants included in the ingredients.  

9 Curl Products for Your Matcha Fix

5″> Carol’s Daughter Green Supreme Leave-in Tonic

Carol’s Daughter’s Green Supreme line has a leave-in tonic mixed with matcha green tea, coconut water, and moringa. How great does that sound!? Simply spray this goodness onto freshly washed hair.  

9 Curl Products for Your Matcha Fix

6″> Graydon Matcha Mint Shampoo

Looking for something to help soften your curls and prevent split ends? This green matcha infused shampoo from ‘Graydon’ is guaranteed to hydrate working alongside the chia! Perfect for all hair types. 

7″> Matcha Green Tea Avocado Hair Mask Deep Conditioner

A curly girls dream combination, this hair mask is infused with organic matcha green tea and is 100% natural. The ingredients include avocado oil, bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar and more!

8″> The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Refreshingly Purifying Cleansing Hair Scrub

With the extra aid of the mint menthol and salt crystals, this hair scrub will get your scalp follicles moving and blood cells pumping, ready to replenish the scalp and encourage hair growth! 

9″> Aubrey Organics Green Tea Shampoo

The amazing natural alternative dandruff-fighting shampoo from Aubrey Organics uses the super ingredient Matcha to help aid the scalp and stimulate the follicles to promote hair growth.

Have you used matcha for your hair before? Share your experience in the comment section below.

And for more information about matcha, check out this article: Why You Should Start Using Green Tea, Now

6 Natural Hair Puff Styles for 2018
Many kinkier curlies are reluctant to begin their natural hair journey because they believe that their hair is too short to style, looks childish when natural or is too hard to look after. I’m here to tell you that with some practice and persistence, you’ll find that this is not true! If you ever feel stuck and uninspired when it comes to hairstyles, take a look at the gorgeous and creative puff styles below, perfect for the queens with shorter and kinkier hair types. 6 Natural Hair Puff Styles for 2018
Photo via @curlbellaa
This simple high puff hairstyle is quick and easy, perfect for those who don’t like to take a lot of time styling their hair in the mornings. For more of a ‘going-out’ look, simply add a bold lip colour and matching earrings to spice things up. $$AD$$ 6 Natural Hair Puff Styles for 2018
Photo via @AbbieCurls
Have you got a special occasion coming up? Want to spruce up your usual puff hairstyle? Try experimenting with this cute sleek flat twist bun. Start by sectioning off the front of your hair into five flat twists, and finish off with sleek edges and some cute braid cuffs for extra effect! $$AD$$ 6 Natural Hair Puff Styles for 2018
Photo via @trophdoph
Who said two puffs is a children-only hairstyle? You can make it grown and sexy by parting your hair in the middle, sleek both sides upwards into two neat buns. Add some big hoops and a smokey eye for a protective but also playful hairstyle. $$AD$$ 6 Natural Hair Puff Styles for 2018
Photo via @beautybybeemaria
Another quick and easy way to switch up your usual puff is by simply sleeking it to one side. Fluff out your curls to make the puff bigger, this will help to frame your face and create the illusion of a faux hawk with half of the styling time! $$AD$$ 6 Natural Hair Puff Styles for 2018
Photo via @Nae2curly Play with texture of your puff safely with a no-heat style by using perm rods. Once the hair is completely dry you can take down the rods to reveal this uniformed curled updo! Leave a section of hair out at the front to create faux bangs. $$AD$$ 6 Natural Hair Puff Styles for 2018
Photo via @thecurlycloset
Crown yourself with this decorated flat twist high puff fit for a QWEEN! Add some braid cuffs again for effect. All of the above hairstyles can be really quick and easy to do, so get your flat-twist practicein action to get really creative with your natural puff for a more versatile natural hair journey! What’s your go-to puff style? Share the details in the comments section below! And if you’re looking for more puff info, check out these articles: How to Co-Wash and Style a Puff and Get In Shape! 5 Tips for The Perfect Afro Puff
Zendaya Shares Her Curly Hair Routine
Zendaya Shares Her Curly Hair Routine
Image via YouTube/Zendaya

Zendaya is a style icon in Hollywood, and we couldn’t be any more proud! She is a great role model for young people all over the world, but especially for our younger curly girls. Never afraid to stray from the ‘norm’, Zendaya has shared that she loves changing up her hair dramatically, be it a new hair color or cut, by wearing wigs, weaves, braids and her iconic faux locs look – all without having to damage her natural curls.

The curly community rejoiced when Zendaya also revealed her curly hair routine on her YouTube channel! Check out below some of the products she uses and techniques to get her hair poppin.

Products Zendaya Uses:

Zendaya styles her hair on wash day with the following steps:

  1. She shampoos every three days using the ‘CHI Argan Oil Plus Moringa Oil Shampoo’, followed by the ‘Argan Oil Plus Moringa Oil Conditioner’, which she uses every day.
  2. She then detangles her curls with a wide tooth comb whilst her hair is wet. She told Seventeen magazine that she swears by this hack, “When I get out of the shower, I use a wide-tooth comb. Otherwise my hair gets tangled or matted or the curls lock together.”
  3. She then goes in with her “special juice”, the Multi-Cultural Curls product by Miss Jessie’s, applying it evenly with her fingers.
  4. Afterwards, she dries her hair gently with a microfibre cloth.
  5. To finish the drying process, she then uses the Devacurl Devadryer and DevaDiffuser.
  6. At night, Zendaya sleeps with her hair in a pineapple. She doesn’t call it a pineapple, but we know what she means! “I put my hair on top of my head with a loose scrunchie. It’s not really a bun, it’s just piled there so I don’t crush the curls. And I sleep on a satin pillowcase. My older sister, who has hair similar to mine, convinced me to do it. It’s really good for hair.”

Extra tip:

“I carry around a little spray bottle with conditioner or oil mixed with water. Just spritz it on and it brings the curls back to life.”

Embedded content: Zendaya Shares Her Curly Hair Routine
Image via Instagram @Zendaya

The Disney star’s story is very much like most of ours: she grew up figuring out how to care for her natural hair and style it properly. During this process she says, “I wasn’t comfortable with my curls when I was a kid,” and that “I had to learn to appreciate and understand my hair.”

It looks like Zendaya’s dealing with some heat damage at the ends – something most of us can relate to at some point in our curly girl journeys. Zendaya tweeted how she feels about heat styling now, “I hate flat irons, curly irons, all of em, they make us look cute sometimes but then destroy our hair.. what kind of trickery, they’re evil.”

This is great comfort for those who are currently struggling with their hair, you are not alone. Even a Hollywood star relates!

For more on our girl Zendaya, read here. Also, share your thoughts on Zendaya’s routine in the comments below!

Curly-Approved Hats and Scarves You'll Want to Wear This Fall

Fall is officially here!

In London this means an increase in rain, wind and cold air, which all often lead to dreaded bad hair days! While us curlies just got over the struggle of the summer humidity, we now have a whole new season to conquer! Luckily, with the help of some amazing black female entrepreneurs, we now have some great hat options made specifically for us curlies to choose from when you need to hide your tresses on a bad hair day.

Instagram has become a great tool when looking for the latest fashion trends, and we used it to spot some popular curly girls who made us want to give these fall hat trends a try. Use this for your next shopping spree.


SLAP hat
Photo courtesy of Grace Eleyae

This beanie-like hat is amazing for the colder fall weather. SLAP hats help curlies to protect their hair thanks to its satin lining, which prevents friction, frizz, and keeps moisture locked in! Rocking the SLAP hat is like wearing a trendy bonnet all day long. Grace Eleyae has a great choice of colors for fall, from black to nude to pink.

pineapple scarf
Photo courtesy of @chelliscurls

Silk or satin headscarf

Add a pop of color to your pineapple or curly bun the next time you head out by using a satin or silk headscarf. Sometimes, we like to still have our curly ends out on display while protecting our length, so this a great way of having the best of both worlds. This style has been popular on Instagram lately with the likes of @Chelliscurls creating gorgeous curly hairstyles with them. You can pick 1 of these up at your local beauty store or Amazon.

turban ruby


Turbans, or headscarves tied like a turban, are a great way to get full coverage for those days when we need to hide a bad hair day from edges to ends! This style is popular amongst hair bloggers and celebs alike! The Ruby Sampson Headwrap is another silk lined gem perfect for bad hair days to slay and protect. For the full fall fashion effect, the only thing you need to style is your edges.

beyonce backless hat

Backless cap

Beyoncé hit the nail on the head with this one! This hat blew up the natural hair corner of Instagram, as we all felt like it was made specifically for us! For those of us who love the cap and snapback look but honestly can never get 1 to fit all of our curls, the Ivy Park backless cap allows room for them to breathe.

tylauren fedora
Pictured: Ty Lauren


Nothing says fall more than a fedora. As autumn arrives you’ll see more and more of these posted on the gram, and this straw version is perfect for this transitional season. A great way to rock this hat if you have tighter curls is to create two plaits (Beyonce style”> or wear it on top of a twist out or braid out so it’s easier to fit around your curls! Get one on Amazon now.

Now you have 5 hats perfect for the fall season — they’re not only great for style, but be practical for your hair!

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6 Hairstyles that will Make You Want Shaved Sides

Ever thought about shaving the sides of your hair? As naturals we can sometimes repeat the same styles over and over again to avoid too much manipulation or damage. Experimenting with length, however, is a great way to make a statement and be edgy with your style without damaging your hair!

Not feeling brave enough? Check out some of the styles below that will give you an extra push to go for it!

6 Hairstyles that will Make You Want Shaved Sides ###### Photo courtesy of @patreseapeppers ### 1. Fade with criss-cross pattern

We love with this low cut with a fade all around the sides and back. The cirss-cross pattern compliments the shape of the hair too, giving it a clean finish! This is definitely a style for those who want something edgy!

6 Hairstyles that will Make You Want Shaved Sides ###### Photo courtesy of @arispella ### 2. Curly mohawk

Want to embrace your curls while having a bit of fun with your shaved sides? This is the style for you! The curls are shaped in a mohawk, meaning you can rock them out with a fringe or even style into a bun. Any way you style your curls on top, you’ll still be able to see any cute patterns cut into your sides.

6 Hairstyles that will Make You Want Shaved Sides

AP Images

### 3. Bright colors

Kelis is such a trendsetter! If you are a fan of wild colours, you’ll want to give this style a try. Kelis has colored all of her hair blue, including the sides. If you want to match this look but fear the damage of dyeing your hair, use the many temporary colour sprays or hair chalks available on the market.

6 Hairstyles that will Make You Want Shaved Sides ###### Photo courtesy of @theabigailmartina ### 4. Subtle highlights

The most natural looking of the styles! To jazz up your haircut without doing anything too drastic, just add a small pop of color. This is a great way to brighten the look, as the highlights add some fun to your natural hair texture.

6 Hairstyles that will Make You Want Shaved Sides ###### Photo courtesy of @tjluvsbeingnatural ### 5. Pompadour

Pompadours are such a cute natural hair updo perfect for special occasions! This hairstyle paired with shaved sides is a match made in heaven. You can even add in some gold bobby pins or braid rings for decoration.

6 Hairstyles that will Make You Want Shaved Sides

AP Images

### 6. Protective styles

Why not jazz up your protective styles by shaving one or both of your sides? This gives you the option to either hide or show off your shaved sides! If you wear your braids, twists, or locs down, you won’t see the shaved sides as clearly, making your look way more versatile!

All of the ladies above are killing it with these hairstyles! Rocking shaved sides screams fierce, confident, and beautiful. You can get creative with your look by using colour, patterns, extensions and accessories.

Thinking of getting your sides shaved? Let us know!

10 Top UK Curly & Natural Hair Salons
Many of us UK naturals have horror stories of unnecessary haircuts, receiving the wrong colour, and getting heat damage. Finally, the experts are catching up to the demands of curly and natural hair.

I could tell you a few of my hair salon horror stories but that would be a whole ‘nother article!

As NaturallyCurly’s resident UK-based contributor, I have searched high and low for some trusted hair salons in the UK that have natural and curly hairdressers who have been Deva trained or have years of experience with natural hair care.

You will be sure to find someone in the salon with similar hair to you — instead of the extreme opposite as what you’re used to. Finally, the UK salon culture is catching up to the times.


This boutique style salon has great reviews when it comes to their natural haircuts. Located in the heart of London, Old Street, both the exterior and interior decor are fit for a princess. Even popular curly hair blogger Curly Ella Bella loves 3 Thirty. A natural cut and blow dry starts at £55

Unruly Curls | West London 

You can tell by the name — this salon will become your go-to curl haven. Put trust into Unruly for curly hair colouring expertise. Semi-permanent color begins at £45, with permanent root touch-ups from £50.

Hunter Collective – Lindsey Hughes | Birmingham/London

For the Northerners! I can say Lindsey is amazing because she has actually cut my hair before. I was so impressed by how defined and moisturised my curls were afterwards. She is an advanced DevaCurl specialist and travels between London and Birmingham to serve her clients. A curly consultation with natural products, cut, and style starts at £95.

Nuala Morey Hair & Beauty | Bristol

This salon is very passionate about cutting and styling curly hair and they also provide help to parents of curly kids. It’s also considered more affordable than other salons in the area. Curly hair styling begins at £25, and add a Aveda Dry Remedy Treatment for £15.

Darren Scott Salon | West London

Another West London gem, Darren Scott is a top trusted expert in the UK curly hair salon scene. You know it’s natural hair friendly when you see a twist out on the menu! He focuses his expertise on mostly European and Afro-Caribbean clientele. For a wash and twist-out, pay only £60.

Curly Hair London | Central London

​Another whole salon catered to curls and in the heart of central London! This salon takes it all the way by using only products that are sulphate, paraben and silicone free! Curly styling using Curly Girl Method is from £22. 

Belle and Blackley | Glasgow

If you’re in Scotland it can be hard to find products and hairstylists who are knowledgeable on curly and natural and afro-textured hair but this salon offers the famous dry cut. Ask for Scott, the resident curl expert.

Spring | Birmingham

This Birmingham hair haven lets curl specialist Matthew James shine his light. He offers a curl cut, style, cleanse and hydration beginning at £45.

Jones & Payne | East & West London

If you want a high end experience check out this salon–it has a beautiful setting and 2 convenient London locations to chose from. Upon your visit ask for Lisa. She prides herself as a curly hair expert with twelve years of experience and an attention to detail. It helps clients feel comfortable as she has type 2 wavy hair as well.


The Hair Lounge | West London

Charlotte Mensah is a protective style pro. This salon has won plenty of awards to prove it. Catering to natural and relaxed hair, you’ll also get to try out Charlotte’s own line of hair products during your appointment. Natural hair styling like a twist-out or braids start at £55.

Did we miss any UK curly hair salons? Let us know in the comment section. 

Don’t forget to leave your own salon review in our Curl Salons section.

What it Looks Like to Be One Year into a Natural Hair Journey

Transitioning to natural hair after years of relaxing or straightening can be a very difficult task! Suddenly putting down the heat tools and relaxers pushes you to either “big chop” all of your damaged hair off or slowly grow out the damaged/relaxed hair you once loved and start from scratch, learning to effectively love and care for your natural hair!

It took me about two years to completely transition, with just two haircuts in between. Here is my pre-transition hair:

What it Looks Like to Be One Year into a Natural Hair Journey

But one year in and my curls looked defined, moisturized, and healthy! I just needed to get rid of the straighter/coloured ends and achieve more volume.

What it Looks Like to Be One Year into a Natural Hair Journey

Everyone’s head of hair is different, so let’s see what a year-long natural hair journey looks like for other curlies. I have spoken to eight women who have been through this experience successfully!

### Julie What it Looks Like to Be One Year into a Natural Hair Journey

One year in to my journey, I was both surprised and pleased with the progress I’d made. Not only in terms of the health and condition of my hair, but I was also pleased with the growth too. I always knew I was making progress, but I didn’t really know how much until I compared the two pictures.

I’d been using relaxer for eight years prior to going natural, so I just continued to follow the same routine. I wasn’t tempted at all to go back! I’d been relaxed most of my life and had a successful relaxed hair journey, so I felt I’d achieved what I set out to do. As for length, it has taken me some time to adjust, especially going from long relaxed hair to short natural hair, but I’m used to my length now and trying to embrace the shrinkage too.

### Shirelle What it Looks Like to Be One Year into a Natural Hair Journey

My hair has started to thicken up a bit after a year and has started growing. I still didn’t like the length that much so had it tied up a lot. I never got tempted to relax it because my hair stays pretty straight anyway but I was more tempted to straighten it because my length felt longer. I still felt like it wasn’t a nice a nice length to wear down and curly because of shrinkage.

### Candi What it Looks Like to Be One Year into a Natural Hair Journey

I have always been natural but hid behind clip-in hair and ponytails, and straightening my hair. I was very tempted at the beginning to go back to wearing clip-in ponytails and straightening my hair because I expected to see results instantly and that is just not how it works.

A year on and I’ve seen a huge difference in my hair. My natural hair journey has also been a self-discovery journey. My hair is part of my personality, and my confidence has grown a lot since starting. I had a trim because, yes, my hair was long but it was weighing my hair down, and those dead ends needed to go. Because of this my hair has now bounced up so much healthier.

### Chantelle What it Looks Like to Be One Year into a Natural Hair Journey

When starting my journey I hated my “curls.” There was nothing to them — no life, no real curls. I decided to make a change. A year later I had somewhat of an understanding of how to properly look after my curls (deep conditioning, pre poo, scalp massages and silk wraps/pillowcases”>. I was sometimes was tempted to go back, but after a year I was happy. I started to love my new curls and am still excited to try new regimens and new products.

### Annabelle What it Looks Like to Be One Year into a Natural Hair Journey

I’ve always had really long hair, so doing my big chop was terrifying and if I’m honest… I absolutely hated my hair after I cut it short! I didn’t know what to do with it. I couldn’t get braids as it was too short and I didn’t have the confidence for weaves or wigs.

I watched video of girls with looser curls and I longed for my hair to grow out, convinced that it would grow in to lucious, loose curls. It never did, so I cried a lot and I had a lot of regret and I thought it would never grow. Throughout the year it grew slowly and I was able to wear braids until it grew to a length I was comfortable with. Then I was finally able to begin experimenting and fell in love with my natural hair!

### Ioni What it Looks Like to Be One Year into a Natural Hair Journey

A year into my hair journey my hair was quite long actually, or voluminous at least, but with virtually no curl definition. I felt very ‘up-and-down’ when it came to my hair, as some days it would look exactly as I wanted and others it would be terribly frizzy and knotted. I had no idea how to care for my hair at this stage and had no particular regimen at all, so it really felt like a lottery when it came to styling my hair.

In my first year at university, my hair started to break off at the back, which was really stressful. I was never tempted to relax again but I did revert to straightening now and again. Over a year into my journey, I am so much more clued up and I would never ever touch my hair with straighteners again!

### Yolanda What it Looks Like to Be One Year into a Natural Hair Journey

One year into my journey I had quite a bit of regrowth and felt like it was long enough to wear on its own, without the relaxed ends. Cutting off my relaxed ends at 12 months post-relaxer was a spontaneous decision for me—I didn’t plan it at all. Once I cut it, I felt great. I wore it in my little afro puff (as pictured”> and honestly, I felt like this puff was huuuge. I think because I was so used to my relaxed hair, which was very thin and lifeless. Natural hair of any length just felt so big to me.

I was never tempted to relax because I wouldn’t have stopped relaxing unless I experienced some kind of shift in how I felt about my hair. When I started transitioning, I sort of had an epiphany were I thought, “Hold on, wearing my natural hair is actually beautiful.” Throughout my time I have never thought about relaxing my hair and I never will!

### Tanisha What it Looks Like to Be One Year into a Natural Hair Journey

One year into my journey I was pretty impressed how far I had come. My hair wasn’t where I wanted it to be but had improved a lot! I didn’t use any heat for a whole year and was starting to use the right products for my curly hair. My curls were getting tighter and actually forming nicely. I also noticed a lot of growth, too, just by changing products and doing regular scalp massages.

At this stage of my hair journey, I did NOT want to go back! I didn’t even miss my straight hair extensions, which I had LOVED! I got braver wearing my natural curls out instead of tying them up all the time and felt confident in my curly crown. I also started to get more into a hair routine after watching many YouTubers, and I fell in love with deep conditioning, which I still do now religiously! This saved my curls. I can’t recommend doing it enough!

How amazing is it to see the different hair textures and changes after a year of no damage?! I believe that sticking with your natural hair journey is totally worth it as your hair will flourish and you’ll begin to love it naturally just like all of the women above.

How far along are you in your hair journey? Comment your best transitioning tips!

A Quick & Easy Back to School Hairstyle for Type 3c Curls

My expectations of going back to school were always very high when it came to haircare. I always vowed that I would have my hair styled to perfection every day, deep condition weekly, and moisturize nightly.

However reality always set in within the first few weeks of school and I found myself drowning in work. My hair became the last thing on my mind!

Below I have created a curly hairstyle that you can put together quickly in the mornings to jazz up your hair throughout the week. This look can also be styled the night before if you don’t move around a lot in your sleep. Check out these steps to achieve a back to school hairstyle for medium to long length 3c curls.

What you need

Start on a wash-and-go. You will need a hairband, a leave-in conditioner, some gel, a bristle brush, and your hands!


1. Create a side part at the front of your hair.

woman with natural 3c curls down in a middle part

2. Split the front section of your hair into two sections (one on each side”>.

styling natural 3c curls for back to school

3. Apply leave-in conditioner to the sections and some gel to the edges of the hair. Once moisturized, smooth your bristle brush on your edges to make sure the flat twists look sleek before twisting.

styling natural 3c curls for back to school

4. Begin to flat twist both sections. Start at the top of the section, split into two halves, and twist around each other while grabbing sections of your hair as you twist downwards. This motion is similar to the technique a traditional 3-strand braid.

styling natural 3c curls for back to school

5. Moisturize your ends with some leave-in conditioner to further protect them.

styling natural 3c curls for back to school

styling natural 3c curls for back to school

styling natural 3c curls for back to school

styling natural 3c curls for back to school

6. Grab your hairband and gather the two twists towards the back of your hair and style in a ponytail.

styling natural 3c curls for back to school

7. Twist the ponytail into a bun.

styling natural 3c curls for back to school

You’re all done!

To perfect the style, you can also use the pads of your fingers dipped in some gel or edge control to lay down your edges even more. This is a simple protective style that can be transitioned into a ponytail, pineapple, braided headband, high bun and low bun, 2 space buns — it is versatile enough to restyle.

styling natural 3c curls for back to school

This hairstyle is perfect for the weeks of school that leave you feeling lazy or overwhelmed. Bonus: it will also prevent the dryness that comes with neglecting your hair for days on end.

Have a great first day back!

10 Curly Products You Can Buy in London
10 Curly Products You Can Buy in London

Photo by Sam Edwards — Getty Images

Living in London as a curly in 2018 is amazing! Everywhere you go, you are bound to see girls (and guys”> rocking their natural hair with pride! Head to central London and the hipster areas like Shoreditch and Camden, and you’ll spot all types of colors and crazy cuts.

However, it wasn’t always like this. Rewind four or five years back in time, and there were considerably fewer curlies confident enough to embrace and wear their hair out and curly. Along with this, we didn’t have great access to products or tools aimed at us and finding a curly hair specialist was simply impossible.

The rise of the natural hair community in the United States — including bloggers and social media — has influenced a hair care revolution in the UK. Brands, stylists, and stores have had to catch up. Now it is much easier to live in London with curly hair, and below I will list 10 curly hair products you can buy in London online or in store.

1. Boucleme Curl Cream

This amazing UK natural hair care line is one of my favourites for styling wash and go’s! The curl cream is my go-to for creating curl definition and always gives me amazing results while leaving my hair soft and moisturized.

The products are available in retail stores in London and also online. If you are in the London area, you can pick up the curly hair friendly products in Space NK stores and the health superstore Planet Organic (Look out for when they have special offers on!”>. You can find Planet Organic stores in the below areas,

  • South London: Wandsworth
  • West London: Westbourne Grove
  • Central London: Tottenham Court Road
  • North London: Islington & Muswell Hill

To grab the Boucleme products online, you can find them here:

2. SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In

One of the most popular brands in the natural hair community was finally made easily accessible in London (and the UK”> back in 2015. You can now pick up your favorite products from the below SheaMoisture lines in your local Boots and Superdrug stores.

  • Coconut & Hibiscus Collection
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collection
  • Superfruit Complex Collection
  • Raw Shea Butter Collection
  • Fruit Fusion Collection
  • Shea Cupuacu Collection
  • Argan Oil & Almond Milk Collection
  • 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Collection

Also you can find some of the other collections like the Red Palm Oil & Cocoa Butter products in your larger local Afro Hair and Beauty high street stores. Some I would recommend are:

  • PAK Cosmetics in Finsbury Park, London
  • Beauty World in Brixton, London
  • Catwalk, in Tooting, London

Or online at Beauty By Zara.

3. Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel

I bet you didn’t think you would be able to get your hands on this! Bounce Curl took the internet by storm via Instagram with amazing posts from curly girls with their results after using the Bounce Curl GEL. It originally was only available via the Bounce Curl website in the United States, which had a large shipping cost for us in the UK.

Now you can grab these products from:

4. DevaCurl Supercream

Again like Bounce Curl, to get a hold of this brand you were going to have to dip low into your pockets for shipping costs to the UK. Now we are lucky enough to be able to pick the line up from Naturalistic Products.

Even some of the larger Afro Hair & Beauty retail stores sell the products, but I have found that they can be much more expensive there. Also look out for the products if you ever visit a Deva Curl specialist for a cut in the UK they may be selling some too.

5. Flora And Curl Jasmine Oasis Hydrating Hair Mist

I am a recent fan of this product line! It includes the hair mist which is great for refreshing curls and a staple for a lot of curly bloggers. I received the line in a UK curly hair care subscription box ‘Curlee Box’ but you can also get yours from trusted UK online retailers like,

6. Noughty Hair Care To The Rescue Moisture Boost Shampoo

Noughty! Another curly hair friendly brand made for US and easily accessible for us. I am a huge fan of the moisture boost shampoo as it does exactly what it says on the packaging! So moisturising and I can even detangle my curls with it!

You can pick up these amazing moisturising and VEGAN products from your local Superdrug store (Usually in the stores with larger haircare sections”> available all across London.

7. Maui Moisture Revive & Hydrate Shea Butter Hair Mask

Again another curly hair friendly brand you can find in your local Boots and Superdrug. For us in the UK this is huge as our mainstream stores a few years ago had no choices whatsoever for natural or curly hair.

Maui Moisture has amazing reviews on their Curl Smoothie and Hair Masks. Look out for when they are on offer in store (they usually do buy 1 get 1 half price deals”>.

8. Mielle Organics Moisturising Avocado Hair Milk

Mielle Organics is a natural brand I was referred too early on in my natural hair journey. Back then I only found it available via Amazon but it then arrived in the local afro hair and beauty stores.

I recommend getting your hands on the Avocado Hair Milk which you can also pick up online at Beauty By Zara.

9. OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

OGX is a favourite of many curlies due to its affordable price, great slip and how surprisingly moisturising it is. OGX is the most accessible brand available to curlies in person as you can pick this up all over the UK in stores like Tesco, Asda, Superdrug and Boots (pretty much anywhere that sells hair products.”>.

Popular lines from the brand are the Coconut Milk and Brazillian Keratin Smooth products.

10. CURLS Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin

I get asked the most out of all the above, where to find the CURLS liquid vitamins! Which are high in demand but again purchasing from the US comes with high shipping costs. Luckily trusted online retailers now sell them but we haven’t yet gotten them in our local retail stores.

You can get the vitamins via the following websites:

You’ll never have to worry about curly hair care in London again thanks to the above sources! Curlies across the globe do not fret, your hair will be able to survive and flourish here in London so no need to overpack on hair care products!

Have you found any other great curly hair product finds in London? Please share in the comments section below.

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This is How to Use Vitamin E for Hair Growth

Need some growth improvement? Vitamin E is going to improve your natural hair health whether it is taken as a supplement or a hair oil.

hand holding vitamin e supplement

When it comes to natural hair and oils we are all aware that they can be a great savior for dry and thinning hair. The scalp loves to be massaged with oils that stimulate the follicles and although coconut, olive, castor and jojoba oils are the main suspects for this you may want to introduce Vitamin E into your hair regimen.

It has many uses and is great to heal the skin from problems like eczema, its properties strengthen the capillary walls improving moisture and elasticity (both great for the hair”>. It is a very important nutrient and antioxidant to help balance hormones, heal the skin, improve vision and most importantly to us, grow healthier hair!

How to consume and use Vitamin E

You can consume Vitamin E via supplement, or find it in foods like, nuts, eggs, cabbage, carrots, and dark leafy green vegetables. You can also add the oil to your hair products. You can also use it alone as an oil, but note that it is a sticky substance.

Vitamin E pre-poo

For hair growth I recommend using Vitamin E oil as a pre-poo treatment.

You can either puncture Vitamin E capsules and squeeze them out, or you can purchase Vitamin E oil. For ease you can mix this with your favorite carrier oil, such as apricot oil (also a source of Vitamin E”>. Massage some of the oil onto the scalp, using your fingertips, applying to the length of the hair while softly detangling. Once you let the oil sit and work its stimulating magic for 10 to 20 minutes, wash your hair with a Vitamin E enriched shampoo for an extra boost.

Below are some examples of products you can introduce into your hair care routine.

Curly hair products with vitamin E

  • Cococare 100% Vitamin E Oil: This is a 100% Vitamin E oil that you can use to soften hair and skin along with maintaining moisture and repairing skin tissue — it is great for scalp care. Use this oil daily or weekly for a more intense hair treatment.
  • Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils Girls E-Blast Vitamin E & Flaxseed Nourishing Scalp Remedy: Aunt Jackie’s a popular curly hair scalp remedy daily for a dry, flaky scalp. Regular use maintains the hair’s nourishment, encourages healthier hair growth. Bonus: it is also a great maintenance product for naturalistas rocking braids, twists and locs.
  • ApHogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner: ApHogee are 1 of my favorite brands for repairing hair damage and have a curly staple protein treatment used by both professionals and those at home. This leave-in conditioner is carefully formulated with the minimum daily requirements of Vitamin E so you will get the full benefits of the oil daily without causing any damage in the long run. You can use this leave-in conditioner on wet curly hair.
  • Curls Blissful Lengths Hair Growth Vitamin: I recently did the Curls length challenge taking the above vitamin daily for 3 months and saw such a difference in the thickness, health and length of my hair. It is taken in a liquid form so you will get a daily dosage and no need to apply directly to the hair. It works from the inside out, you take 1 TBSP per day and keep in the refrigerator, you’ll see best results when taken for 2-3 months.
  • TGIN Twist & Define Cream: TGIN has an amazing styler will all natural ingredients. This product defines and smooths twists and produces the perfect curl definition all whilst benefiting your hairs health.
  • Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo: I recommend if you want to choose just one Vitamin-E enriched product, that you go for a shampoo. This is because when applying shampoo you really apply well to the scalp giving it stimulation and the oil a chance to really get into the scalp benefiting your hairs health in the long run. This shampoo targets dryness and softens leaving your hair manageable once rinsed out.
  • Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask: Curlies love a deep conditioner and I would start to include 100% natural Vitamin E oil into your usual deep conditioner, or buy an already made deep conditioner infused with Vitamin E, like the above! This product goes hand in hand with Vitamins B5, D and A to increase elasticity and replenish damaged and broken hair.

A note about Vitamin E dosage

Although the benefits are enough for you to want to intake it non-stop, please be aware that with most things in life, too much can become harmful. The recommended intake of supplements is 15mg (24.4 IU”> per day — do not take more unless advised by your doctor. Are you now convinced to apply this super vitamin to your curly hair routine or have you already been using this game-changer?

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