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Beautycon 2023 Is Back And Better In Los Angeles This Weekend

As Beautycon returns with its new vision and mission, it aims to empower individuals, redefine beauty standards, and create a more inclusive and equitable beauty landscape for all.

Following a two-year hiatus, Beautycon, the global platform for influential beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, makes a noteworthy return with a fresh vision and mission aimed at challenging traditional beauty standards. Under the new ownership and management of Essence Ventures, Beautycon’s resurgence signifies a shift in the beauty industry, advocating for individual definitions of beauty.

According to organizers, Beautycon’s revamped mission is to rally “rising beauty rebels” and inspire them to transcend conventional beauty standards. The reimagined Beautycon now operates as both an experiential and content-driven experience, with its first in-person launch at the 2023 Essence Festival of Culture in New Orleans.

Guided by Essence Ventures, the convention strives to take back the power from brands and corporations, and returning it to the hands of individuals. The platform is dedicated to dismantling unhealthy beauty standards and nurturing a more equitable environment for both creators and entrepreneurs.

Caroline Wanga, President and CEO of Essence Ventures, said in a release, “For far too long, the beauty industrial complex has defined an unattainable and synthetic standard for what beauty is that permeates the spirits, bodies, and souls of humanity… As we re-activate Beautycon, we fully intend to not only democratize beauty but to also reverse the sequence of importance by returning the definition back into the hands of individuals.”

Now, following the EFOC, Beautycon is heading to Los Angeles, CA, from September 16-17, with Walmart as its exclusive retail partner. This event will provide a platform for a diverse array of beauty brands, from established industry leaders to emerging innovators. Walmart, renowned for democratizing access to high-quality, affordable beauty products, will curate a unique experience for Beautycon attendees, featuring some of its most beloved beauty brands.

Jill Toscano, Vice President of Media at Walmart, stated, “At Walmart, we aspire to be the most inclusive beauty retailer… By teaming up with Beautycon, we hope to create a celebratory space where everyone feels like they can fully embrace and express their whole self.”

This fall, Beautycon will take its mission global with an unprecedented virtual commerce experience designed to break down barriers and redefine the beauty industry. The event promises numerous avenues for exploring and immersing oneself in a new era of self-expression.

Under its new tagline, “Rally the rising beauty rebels,” Beautycon invites individuals to join a revolutionary path towards an inclusive landscape that celebrates individuality. The brand’s refreshed logo, featuring a heart intentionally designed as a beauty mark, symbolizes its commitment to this vision.

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