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This Woman Teaches Multiracial Adoptive Parents How to Care for Natural Hair
This Woman Teaches Multiracial Adoptive Parents How to Care for Natural Hair

Tamekia Swint was never looking to do hair professionally — it just happened to be one of her jobs that made extra cash on the side during college. But after going on a missions trip to Poland where she taught a class on hair braiding, she decided to go back to her college days and do hair part-time.

“It was kind of through [the class] that I was open to the idea of working with kids and working with hair,” Swint said.

Years into her part-time gig as a hairstylist, Swint was approached by a friend who had a colleague at work who was struggling with how to manage her three adoptive daughters’ hair. Swint decided to lend her help to the mom, and through that relationship came Swint’s passion to help transracial adoptive parents who were in need of natural hair care services for their children — so she started her non-profit, Styles 4 Kidz, to help share her knowledge.

This Woman Teaches Multiracial Adoptive Parents How to Care for Natural Hair

“Nothing could have prepared me for this,” Swint told Naturally Curly. “It was a step of faith the entire time.”

Started in 2010, Styles 4 Kidz aims to provide high-quality, compassionate haircare education and services for African-American kids in foster care and transracial adoptive families. Shortly after starting her organization, Swint realized how much demand there was for her services, going from 3 clients in 2010 to serving over 500 clients throughout the United States. Swint’s approach to her work is simple: to provide a safe place to learn for adoptive parents to learn about their transracial children’s hair without judgment and negative criticism.

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Over the past several years, Swint has shared numerous tips with parents so they can better take care of their natural child’s hair. Swint’s biggest tip for maintaining kids’ natural hair is hydration. Most parents, Swint said, are not putting enough hydration in kids’ hair and it’s OK to use more product than you think in order to adequately moisturize the hair. Another key tip Swint gives to the parents she works with is making sure to shampoo once a week with sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and no co-washing.

“We don’t recommend co-washing,” Swint said. “What happens sometimes is that you get more product buildup and your coating it with conditioner. That’s not good for the hair.”

This Woman Teaches Multiracial Adoptive Parents How to Care for Natural Hair

In terms of product recommendations, Swint said every child is different and doesn’t think that a certain product will help everyone’s hair. But she does recommend using products that are specifically for kids and are sulfate-free, close to natural and organic as you can. If you want to take a step further, Swint says you can even make your own hair products with whole ingredients. But for every hair type, Swint does recommend using oils — like argan or avocado oil — to keep the hair shaft and the scalp moisturized. For the final step, Swint said to make sure the hair is covered with a satin scarf or bonnet at night and make sure the hair is in a protective style while sleeping.

“Start that process as early as possible so they’re used to it,” Swint said. “You want to wear a protective style so the hair doesn’t tangle.”

While Swint is just about an expert in all things kids’ natural hair, perhaps one of her biggest rewards with her work is empowering the children that she works with to not only look their best, but feel their best with their natural hair. Recently, Swint had a client who was from a group home and was about to graduate high school, but didn’t have anyone to help do her hair. She came into the salon, not confident, but Swint said when the girl walked out, she saw her transform into a confident, young woman.

This Woman Teaches Multiracial Adoptive Parents How to Care for Natural Hair

“She was literally a different girl when she left. Just to see a smile radiating on her face — that’s what it was about,” Swint said. “The connections I have with my clients because many times over the past eight years, I’ve been the only African-American person they’ve had an opportunity they’ve gotten to know on a personal level. It’s rewarding to me because I can give them that experience. It benefits both of us.”

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Here are ways you can help and get involved in the Styles 4 Kidz mission.

These Hair Refreshers Will Give You Amazing Day 3 Curls

We’ve all been there — you rock a bomb twistout, braidout, or even a wash-n-go and when you hit that third day, your curls could use some life. But there’s no need to re-do your hair all over again, when you can just give it a refresh!

When refreshing hair, it’s important to refresh it with water and use water based products. Water, especially in spray form, is great for getting your curls back —- but be careful not to use too much, or else your hair can get weighed down and take longer to dry. NaturallyCurly has rounded up our top 10 products under $15 that are great refreshers. 

Water + Your favorite conditioner  

Perhaps the easiest (and cheapest”> way to refresh your curls is with water and your favorite conditioner! All you need is a spray bottle — my personal favorite is XX, but any spray bottle will do. Just fill it up with water and one or two spoonfuls of your conditioner and spray it on your hair to revitalize your curls. 

Curly Hair Solutions H20 Water Bottle

These Hair Refreshers Will Give You Amazing Day 3 Curls

Price: $16.00 

Sometimes water is all you need! I’m not sure if it’s the water or the way the bottle sprays water, but this is a great way to wake up curls with no product necessary. 

Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-in Treatment

These Hair Refreshers Will Give You Amazing Day 3 Curls

Price: $9.99

Using virgin coconut oil and coconut milk, this product will help those whose curls on the third day feel dry and lacking moisture. 

Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream 

These Hair Refreshers Will Give You Amazing Day 3 Curls

Price: $6.99 

After spritzing your hair with water, use this product to finger curl your hair to revitalize it. 


Curl Theory Hair Gel Styler

These Hair Refreshers Will Give You Amazing Day 3 Curls

Price: $13.99

This product is amazing for defining type 4 curls — and great for refreshing girls. 


John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Spray

These Hair Refreshers Will Give You Amazing Day 3 Curls

Price: $13.66 

For those with type 3 hair, this product is great. While spraying the Ease Dream Curls Spray on your hair, use your fingers or a t-shirt to scrunch your curls and blot excess product and water out of the hair. 

Cantu Comeback Curl Next Day Revitalizer

These Hair Refreshers Will Give You Amazing Day 3 Curls

Price: $7.29

For type 4 curly girls on the go, this product is a great option for when you wake up late but still need your hair to look cute! 

CURLS Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner

These Hair Refreshers Will Give You Amazing Day 3 Curls

Price: $12.99 

If your curls are lacking moisture on the third day, use this product to scrunch your hair after spraying it with later. Plus, this stuff smells amazing!

Cococare 100% Natural Almond Oil

These Hair Refreshers Will Give You Amazing Day 3 Curls

Price: $5.99 

Oils are a great way to take your refresh a step further! Try adding this almond oil to bring back shine and moisture to your hair. 

Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll

These Hair Refreshers Will Give You Amazing Day 3 Curls

Price: $9.99

Scrunch and roll with this great product, which doesn’t leave residue as it air dries — plus, it’s great for colored treated hair.

What are your favorite refreshers?

The Best Natural Hair Products Under $5 That Keep My Type 4 Hair Moisturized
The Best Natural Hair Products Under 5 That Keep My Type 4 Hair Moisturized

Caring for natural hair can get expensive — if you’re like me, you love trying out new products, and you might have a whole bin overflowing with hair products in your bathroom like I do. With new products coming out every other week, means spending more money, but taking care of your curls doesn’t always have to cost big bucks. 

Some of my favorite products cost anywhere from $7-$22 each, and it’s not always budget friendly for me to keep repurchasing my favorites. So if you’re not trying to break the bank, I’ve rounded up my favorite products I use on my type 4 hair for under $5. 

The Best Natural Hair Products Under 5 That Keep My Type 4 Hair Moisturized

Palmer’s Deep Conditioning Protein Pack 

This is my holy grail. I used this product when I was transitioning, and I still use it 3 years later — it’s that’s good. Priced at $1.95, this protein pack is a lifesaver for type 4 hair, which needs the maximum amount of moisture. Not only does this product leave my hair incredibly soft and my curls defined, it also keeps my colored hair protected. 

The Best Natural Hair Products Under 5 That Keep My Type 4 Hair Moisturized

Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel

This is probably one of the top 5 most popular hair products in the natural hair community. While EcoStyler has many different versions of their gel, my favorite is the Olive Oil product. It’s my go-to product for my low buns and it’s the perfect price —- $2.99 —- which you can’t beat! 

The Best Natural Hair Products Under 5 That Keep My Type 4 Hair Moisturized

Difeel Premium Natural Hair Oil Argan Oil 

I used this product a lot when transitioning, and I still grab for it sometimes when I’m doing braidouts or twistouts. Argan oil is not only great for hydration, but can revitalize damaged ends. The size of this product is also great for traveling. 

The Best Natural Hair Products Under 5 That Keep My Type 4 Hair Moisturized

Aussie Three Minute Miracle Moist

I used this product with my relaxed hair, during my transition, and with my full natural hair — which shows that’s it’s just that good. The reason why I like this product so much is because of the hydration it packs. Although the product only needs three minutes to conditioner, I recommend keeping it on anywhere from 30-45 minutes to maximize moisture. 

The Best Natural Hair Products Under 5 That Keep My Type 4 Hair Moisturized

Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Clarify & Renew Hair & Scalp Masque

As someone who deals with product buildup on my scalp, I’m always looking for ways to refresh and renew my scalp during washday. This Cantu product is great because it’s a mask, so it has time to penetrate your scalp with ingredients like bentonite clay, which clarifies your scalp without stripping away its natural oils. 

What are your favorite products under $5? Let us know below! 

These Are the Hottest Summer Hair Colors for Curly Hair

Something about the summer always has me testing the waters with fun and bold styles I can rock to match the excitement of summer. One of the ways you can try out something new this summer is to take a major step and color your hair — or rock a protective styles that has colors if you’re not ready to dye your hair just yet. If you’re looking to dye your hair permanently or semi-permanently, consult with your stylist first to check and see if your hair is healthy enough for color treatment. If not, no worries! We’ll also share some protective styles you can rock, without having the deal with the price and upkeep of coloring your natural hair.

Here’s Naturally Curly’s top picks for the hottest hair colors for the naturalista:

Vibrant Purple

These Are the Hottest Summer Hair Colors for Curly Hair
Image Source: @naptural85

One of the internet’s most popular curlistas, Whitney White a.k.a. Naptural85, always has twistouts and wash-n-gos that are a natural girl’s dream — she’s true #curlgoals. But Whitney took her curls a step further recently, using Hair Paint Wax, a temporary water based hair coloring solution. Hair Paint Wax is a great option if you don’t want to bleach your hair, or you want to try out a color for fully committing to it.

Fiery Red

These Are the Hottest Summer Hair Colors for Curly Hair
Image Source: @imadamejay

This auburn color on @imadamejay just screams summer!

Raving Rainbow

These Are the Hottest Summer Hair Colors for Curly Hair
Image Source: @naturallytash

Rainbows make just about everyone happy —- so why not add one to your hair? We’re loving this bold rainbow look from @naturallytash, and it’s sure to be a showstopper and any and all summer functions.

Deep Red

These Are the Hottest Summer Hair Colors for Curly Hair
Image Source: @suhtaruh

We’re loving this deep, yet bold red hair color. It’s a perfect color for those not wanting to go too red (think Rihanna circa 2012″>, but still want their colored curls to be a show stopper.

Bright Purple

These Are the Hottest Summer Hair Colors for Curly Hair
Image Source: @imsors

These take your beach vacation protective style to the next level and rock this bright purple box braids!

Royal Blue and Teal

These Are the Hottest Summer Hair Colors for Curly Hair
Image Source: @melvinurenaa

There’s nothing that makes dyeing your curls more fun than dyeing them with your friend! This is another Hair Paint Wax feature, including a royal blue and eye-catching teal color.

Beautiful Blue

These Are the Hottest Summer Hair Colors for Curly Hair
Image Source: @tiffanyjana

Feeling blue isn’t always a bad thing — and this is a blue that we’re definitely feeling! This bright blue hair color will light up any space you walk into summer.

Colored Tips

These Are the Hottest Summer Hair Colors for Curly Hair
Image Source: @quaiyashairstory

Wanting to take on color, but not fully? Try adding color to the end of your protective style!

Rockin’ Rainbow

These Are the Hottest Summer Hair Colors for Curly Hair
Image Source: @frizzybri

Can you tell we’re still loving the rainbow look? @Frizzybri’s curls are giving us Scary Spice vibes with a side of summer.

Brilliant Blonde

These Are the Hottest Summer Hair Colors for Curly Hair
Image Source: @alannanicolex

Just because it’s not a color of the rainbow doesn’t mean it can’t be included in this list of fun summer colors. These blonde braids may be simple, but are a beautiful summer look to rock on vacation or to the summer cookout!

Which look is your favorite? Share with us in the comments!

I Tried Curl Theory and it Gave Me The Best Twistout Ever

Sometimes you just want your curls to pop. Yeah, your hair feels moisturized and its shiny, but the cherry on top is your curls looking on point — and that they stay popping. That’s exactly what I was looking for with Curl Theory. Curl Theory’s products are focused on hydration as the “building block of healthy hair”, while maintaining curl definition — and with some products, we have to sacrifice one for the other. When I was introduced to Curl Theory, I was in desperate need of a curl revival — and some of these products definitely delivered!

Curl Theory Scalp Refreshing Conditioner Hair Wash

I Tried Curl Theory and it Gave Me The Best Twistout Ever

It’s hard to find a good shampoo for natural hair. My problem is that I have a lot of product buildup and a dry scalp, so I look for a shampoo that cleanses well, while providing moisture. This time around, I was looking for moisture because it had been over a week since I’d washed my hair and I didn’t use a lot of products during that week. While my hair felt clean, it felt more moisturized than anything. For the future, I’ll probably use this product when I’m looking for some moisturization, rather than cleansing.

Curl Theory Super Deep Conditioner

I Tried Curl Theory and it Gave Me The Best Twistout Ever

Because I have Type 4 hair, a deep conditioner is my best friend. I can’t go a week without it, or else my hair is dry, tangly, and my curls aren’t popping. I was looking forward to this conditioner, especially because it has ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil, which are great for locking in moisture into those locks — and the Curl Theory Super Deep Conditioner delivered. I left it on my hair for about 45 minutes, and after washing it out, my hair felt soft and moisturized — which made it easy to dentangle! I’m definitely going to grab this product next time I wash my hair.

Curl Theory Leave-In Miracle Worker

I Tried Curl Theory and it Gave Me The Best Twistout Ever

I’m a big proponent of Leave-In conditioner for my hair, because it needs all the moisture it can get. This product has ingredients like castor oil and aloe vera, which can help maximize moisture. I thought this Leave-In definitely delivered in terms of moisture, but didn’t leave my hair weighed down like some other leave-in conditioners do. It also made my hair easy to detangle a second time after using the deep conditioner.

Curl Theory Hair Gel Styler

I Tried Curl Theory and it Gave Me The Best Twistout Ever

Here’s the thing about my hair: it doesn’t like gel. I’ve tried a variety of gel based products, and while my curls has looked defined, it’s left my hard and dried out — so I was hesitant about using the styler. After adding this product to my hair, I let it sit for an hour to see if I would experience the same thing. This product actually ended up doing the opposite for me, it left my curls moisturized, I didn’t notice a huge difference in definition.

Curl Theory Multi-Style Cream

I Tried Curl Theory and it Gave Me The Best Twistout Ever

This is the standout product for me. The final step of my wash day routine was twisting my hair up with this product. When applying the product onto my hair, it felt lightweight and didn’t weigh my hair down like a lot of other styling creams I use — but a little goes a long way with this product. I added the cream and twisted my hair into 10 twists and let them dry overnight. The result: Probably one of the best looking twistouts I’ve ever had. My hair felt incredibly soft, but my curls looked amazing! Half way through the day, I checked out my curls and they were still looking as good as I woke up! Typically, I would have to do a mini twistout after a day in the humidity, but with the Multi-Style Hair Cream, I won’t need to manipulate my hair at all. I’m definitely adding this cream to my styling routine!

I Tried Curl Theory and it Gave Me The Best Twistout Ever

Final Result: My curls not only looked good, but my hair felt incredibly soft — even on the second day!

Try out these products, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

The SheaMoisture African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal Line Cured My Dry Scalp

SheaMoisture has a lot of different lines of hair care that use special ingredients to target specific hair types. I’ve tried several of Shea Moisture’s product lines, but the African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal line might take the cake for the best SheaMoisture collection that has targeted the specific needs of my hair. With ingredients like African Black Soap, Bamboo Charcoal, Tea Tree Oil, and Willow Bark, these products target dry itchy scalps to create a “cooling” sensation on the scalp to revive your scalp.

I have type 4 hair, and my main problems with my hair are moisture retention, frizziness, and dry scalp. In terms of my dry scalp, I’ve had that problem even when I had relaxed hair — so I’ve been dealing with it for a long time. So when I saw that this line specifically catered towards dry and oily scalps I instantly got excited — but just how well did the entire African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal line do for my hair? Keep reading for my final thoughts.


The SheaMoisture African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal Line Cured My Dry Scalp

So this looks like a little odd when you take off the cap — the top has silicone bristles that don’t look like you should use them on your hair. But if you’re like me, and you have a dry scalp or a lot of product buildup on your scalp, this just might be your saving grace. This product works best when your hair is wet and detangled so you can really work up a lather from the scrub on your scalp. Once you rinse out the scrub, your scalp feels fresh and tingly — I felt like I had a new scalp!

The tingling feeling is thanks to the tea tree oil in the product, which is great for natural hair, targeting issues like dandruff, itchy scalp, and problems with sebum buildup.


The SheaMoisture African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal Line Cured My Dry Scalp

As if your scalp wasn’t tingling enough before with the pre-poo exfoliator, you’ll definitely feel it after using this shampoo. This shampoo is a great cleanser for the hair and removes all the product buildup from your scalp and other parts of your hair. It didn’t leave my hair feeling “stripped” which happens often with certain shampoos I use on my coily hair. I’d definitely use this product again because of how clean it got my hair!


The SheaMoisture African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal Line Cured My Dry Scalp

When I look for a good deep conditioner, I want three things: moisture, definition, and detangling — and I found all three of those with the Deep Balancing Conditioner. Just like a typical deep conditioner, I kept this product on my hair for around 30-45 minutes after shampooing. When I rinsed the product out, my curls were soft and defined — before I had the chance to put any of my styling products in it!


The SheaMoisture African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal Line Cured My Dry Scalp

Everyone loves a good hair masque, especially after your hair has been in protective style, you’ve been swimming or sweating, or your hair just needs a little extra TLC. According to SheaMoisture, this product works to absorb excess oil and removing clogging impurities from the scalp. Because I had already gotten my scalp pretty clean and refreshed with the three former products, I didn’t feel like this masque did anything for my scalp in particular, but my hair was soft. I would probably try this product again, perhaps using it on co-wash day instead!

Have you tried this collection? Let us know your thoughts and drop your favorite scalp care products below.

Tried it: Revlon Realistics Black Seed Oil Collection

Revlon Realistic uses Black Seed Oil as one of its major ingredients to help give natural hair strength and shine. Black Seed Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the scalp and prevents flakes, and also helps with hair growth and strength. The line also includes ingredients like sweet almond oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and argan oil, and is formulated without parabens, sulfates, colorants or harmful additives.

On my wash day, I gave four products a try from the Revlon Realistic line: Strengthening Shampoo, the Strengthening Conditioner, the Strengthening Curling Custard, and the Strengthening Twist Pudding. Check out my thoughts below!

Strengthening Shampoo

Tried it Revlon Realistics Black Seed Oil Collection

First off, I love when products have a pump, because it makes it easier to control how much product I need. I washed my hair with the Strengthening Shampoo twice, before moving on to conditioning. My first thoughts was that it lathers a lot — I mean a lot. Personally, I feel like my hair gets cleaner with a lather, so I really enjoyed that about this product. I feel like the product did a job cleaning my hair, but nothing extra outside of that. For the record, the shampoo is very fragrant, almost like a perfume. Some people don’t like heavy smells like this, but I thought it smelled pretty nice!

Strengthening Conditioner

Tried it Revlon Realistics Black Seed Oil Collection

This conditioner is your standard conditioner that normally gets paired with a shampoo, versus a deep conditioner. I tried to use it as a deep conditioner, leaving it on for 30 minutes, but it didn’t do an intense conditioning like my typical deep conditioner. But my hair was soft after rinsing the product out and it really helped with detangling — which is what I struggle with having type 4 hair. I recommend using this as a co-wash or detangler, rather than a deep conditioner!

Strengthening Curling Custard

Tried it Revlon Realistics Black Seed Oil Collection

After I rinsed out the Strengthening Conditioner, I added the Strengthening Curling Custard to my hair, sectioning my hair into four parts and finger combing the product through my hair. I thought it did a good job of making my curls more defined, but that’s really it. I will say that a little bit goes a long way with this product — you don’t need a lot if you’re sectioning your hair like I did!

Strengthening Twist Pudding

Tried it Revlon Realistics Black Seed Oil Collection

If you know me, I love a good twist pudding or cream. For the longest, I used curling custards to do my twists or braid outs and I’d always wonder why they wouldn’t stayed defined for more than a day. Since using twist puddings, my hair style have changed for the better — so I was excited to use this product. After I combed the Curling Custard through me hair, I sectioned my hair into eight sections before adding the Twist Pudding to my hair. Like the Curling Custard, a little bit goes a long way with this product, so keep that in mind when braiding or twisting your hair. The product went on easily, but of course the big test was how your hair looks when you take the braids down — and my hair looked okay. My curls weren’t defined as I would have liked, but what I did enjoy was the fact that the product didn’t weigh my hair down so that it wouldn’t be fully dry the next day.

Overall, I was a little surprised at the quality of the products. I will definitely reach for the shampoo again to get a nice clean, and I’ll use to conditioner to co-wash. I wouldn’t use the Curling Custard or Twist Pudding in my regular routine, but it might work for someone else!

Have you tried out Revlon Realistics? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

What I Wish I Knew Before Transitioning to Natural Hair
What I Wish I Knew Before Transitioning to Natural Hair


When I made the decision to go natural at the end of 2015, I mostly did it because I thought keeping up with my relaxed hair was “too much work” — but little did I know that “work” would be nearly doubled when taking care of my hair while transitioning and when it was natural. Transitioning can be a difficult time — working with two hair textures isn’t easy and trying to find a way to keep your hair healthy AND looking cute should constitute as an Olympic sport.

If you’re currently transitioning to natural hair, or thinking about making the leap, I’ve rounded up some of the things I wish I knew when transitioning to natural hair that would have saved me a lot of time, energy, and my natural hair probably would have been healthier from the start!

No Heat

When I first started transitioning, I wanted to transition, but not deal with my curly hair until I had fully transitioned. So for the first six months or so, I kept my hair straight. That meant washing, conditioning, and blow drying and straightening once a week, and some touch ups in between. Now, I’m not anti-heat, but I think a mistake a I made in the beginning was using a little too much heat when I should have just let my hair grow naturally, and only use heat when I really wanted to. Using heat took a lot of moisture out of my hair, which I spent a year or so trying to regain. If you have to use heat, use it in moderation, and use a heat protectant spray — I recommend the TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Protectant.

Deep Conditioning is so Important!

And if you think you’ve deep conditioned enough, add an extra five minutes! I never knew what deep conditioning was until I decided to go natural. After reading articles on how important deep conditioning was, I started to do it, but only for 10 minutes or so. I also used conditioners that weren’t actual “deep conditioners” and/or weren’t meant for curly hair. If I would have deep conditioned earlier on (along with not using a ton of heat”>, my hair wouldn’t have had to go on a long journey of trying to regain its strength and moisture back. It’s wasn’t until a few months before my big chop that I started to truly deep condition, where I kept the product on for longer and used products that were geared towards my hair, like the SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque. I recommend getting a deep conditioner that has lots of slip that can keep both your straight and curly hair moisturized and easy to manage.

What I Wish I Knew Before Transitioning to Natural Hair


Detangle, Detangle, Detangle

It’s obviously hard when working with two different hair textures while transitioning. Sometimes when I would deep condition, I’d do a “light” detangle — meaning I would go through my hair once with a comb and that was it. I had been so used to doing this with my relaxed hair, that I didn’t realize how important it was to really take the time to detangle my natural hair. My recommendation: start at the ends and work your way up when your hair is freshly washed. Take the time to detangle now, so your styling will be easy later! I recommend the Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils Knot On My Watch Instant Detangling Therapy.

Keep Your Scalp Clean and Moisturized

When I was transitioning, I was always trying new products to see what worked with my hair. This resulted in a lot of product buildup by the end of of the week! I probably would have benefitted from washing my hair twice a week on occasion, just so my hair wasn’t so weighed down my products. My favorite shampoo I used while transitioning was the Creme of Nature Argan Oil Sulfate-Free Moisture & Shine Shampoo.

Don’t Set a Time

This was probably the hardest part: Not trying to set strict deadline of when I was going to do the big chop. For one, setting those deadlines can be unrealistic because hair tends to do it’s own thing — and there’s no way to predict what your transitioned hair will look like in 3, 6, or 9 months. Everyone’s hair grows differently — so focus on your own journey! When the time comes, you’ll know when you’re ready to do the big chop because you’ll feel ready.

What are some things you wish you would have known while transitioning? Give us your advice below!

Top 10 Natural Hair Products with CBD and Hemp Seed Oil To Try

We all know April 20 or 4/20 as the pop-culture holiday that marijuana smokers and non-smokers recognize as the day to celebrate cannabis. But what’s not commonly known is that ingredients like CBD, cannabis and hemp are used in a variety of beauty products, including products for curly haired people — and they have properties that helps our curls grow and shine!

Here’s some background on the compounds found in marijuana:

  • Cannabis: Cannabis is a family of plants with two primary classifications, Indica and Sativa, in which marijuana can be classified under those two families. Cannabis is not to be confused with hemp, which only belongs to the Cannabis Sativa family. Cannabis contains two rich properties, THC and CBD, which are known to produce psychoactive effects, i.e. getting “high.” In the United States, the cannabis industry has generated billions of dollars in states where it’s legal either medically or recreationally, or both.
  • Hemp oil: Hemp oil is harvested directly from the marijuana plant, but it does not have the same properties that get people “high”. The oil has a ton of great benefits for natural hair, including strengthening your hair against breakage, moisturizing your scalp, and triggering hair growth.
  • CBD: CBD oil is having a popular moment right now, where you can find the ingredient infused in products from food to lotion to body oils — but you can also find it in hair products, too! CBD is extracted from both marijuana and hemp plants and has anti-inflammatory and cell regeneration properties as well as the ability to help with conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. With hair, CBD oil can stimulate hair growth and improve scalp health.

Looking for a new hemp hair product to try, scroll below!

In light of the 4/20 “holiday — and yes, these are all legal to put on your curly locks.

EcoStyler Cannabis Sativa Oil Styling Gel

Top 10 Natural Hair Products with CBD and Hemp Seed Oil To Try

Ecoco, known for their popular hair gels, released its Eco Natural Cannabis Sativa collection last summer, which included a styling gel (pictured above”> and a Texturizing Salt Spray. All of the collection’s products included CBD oil to protect and strengthen the hair.

“Eco Natural fuses the therapeutic properties of Cannabis oil with modern formulations,” Ecoco business manager Talia Tiram told NaturallyCurly last year. “Entirely non-psychotropic, CBD boasts anti-inflammatory benefits which can aid in calming stressed skin and minds.”

Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner

Top 10 Natural Hair Products with CBD and Hemp Seed Oil To Try

This product targets detangling and conditioning hair thanks to its honey-hemp oil infusion that targets tangled strands, giving extra slip to the hair while maintaining moisture. You can also use it as a pre-shampoo deep conditioning treatment or nourishing leave-in conditioner!

Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Tamanu Fortify & Soften Co-Wash

Top 10 Natural Hair Products with CBD and Hemp Seed Oil To Try

This product is used to soften the hair while reducing frizz to ensure defined and bouncy curls. On days where you’re doing a co-wash and wash-n-go, this product is great to help define girls before adding in your final layer of moisture.

SheaMoisture Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture-Seal Masque

Top 10 Natural Hair Products with CBD and Hemp Seed Oil To Try

If you’re looking to gain all of the moisturizing and protective properties of Hemp Oil, try out this SheaMoisture mask! The hemp oil helps seal in moisture and form a protective layers over your curls to prevent future damage. For a deep condition, SheaMoisture recommends you cover hair with a plastic cap after applying the mask and use moderate heat on your hair for up to 30 minutes.

Taliah Waajid Black Earth Tight Hold

Top 10 Natural Hair Products with CBD and Hemp Seed Oil To Try

Tight Hold offers all the same great options for starting locks, lock grooming, two-strand twists and more that Lock It Up does, only it offers superior hold for hard to hold hair. It’s also great for wavy hair and color-treated hair. Tight Hold is infused with Yarrow Root Extract, Rosemary Extract, Soy Bean Oil, and Indian Hemp for an all-natural herbal hair experience!

Pure Flaxseed Gel with Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Top 10 Natural Hair Products with CBD and Hemp Seed Oil To Try

CurlMix started as a DIY subscription box to create your own hair products has now taken the curly world by storm with their innovative and clean hair products. This flaxseed gel in particular is their top seller made with hemp seed oil to help lock in moisture and is packed with vitamin E, iron and zinc.

ECO Natural Cannabis Sativa Oil Moisture Lock-In Conditioner

Top 10 Natural Hair Products with CBD and Hemp Seed Oil To Try

Another product from the brand that brings you EcoStyler Gel is this Cannabis Sativa oil conditioner that happens to be a spray rather than a heavy cream that we typically find as conditioning products. The spray, that’s meant for all hair types, is supposed to lock-in moisture and keep frizzy hair away, thanks to the moisturizing properties of the Cannabis Sativa Oil.

Nature’s Gate Hemp & Argan Oil Nourishing Conditioner

Top 10 Natural Hair Products with CBD and Hemp Seed Oil To Try

This conditioner that helps seal-in and retain moisture with argan and hemp oil ingredients that you can either wash out or use as a leave-in conditioner. A SHOPNaturallyCurly reviewer used this product as a leave-in while visiting the beach and claimed that it maintained moisture!

EMERA Nourishing CBD Scalp Therapy

Top 10 Natural Hair Products with CBD and Hemp Seed Oil To Try

Infused with CBD, Emera’s Nourishing CBD Scalp Therapy deeply penetrates the hair shaft to stimulate strong scalp health. When paired with EMERA’s “exclusive massage technique”, the CBD scalp therapy is a relaxing experience like none other.

SheaMoisture Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture-Seal Shampoo

Top 10 Natural Hair Products with CBD and Hemp Seed Oil To Try

Formulated using ultra-hydrating Mongongo and Hemp Seed Oil, this product targets frizzy and damaged curls and turns them to hydrated and smooth strands, thanks to the protective property of Hemp Oil.

Have you tried any of these products? Let us know your favorites below.

Nancy’s Kitchen Products Revived my Coarse Dry Natural Hair
Nancys Kitchen Products Revived my Coarse Dry Natural Hair
Image Source:

I’ve spoken a lot about how my 4b hair is always up against the battle to find moisturizing products. A lot of natural hair products can use oils, like almond or coconut oil, that have proven to seal in moisture, but I want the extra step further, where some sort of butter is used.

Here’s where Nancy’s Kitchen comes in: Nancy’s Kitchen is a natural hair care brand started in 2014 by Donna Jenay, named after her late maternal grandmother and the recipes and hairstyles created in her kitchen. The brand focuses on “coily and kinky” hair types, aiming to dismiss the idea that certain hair types are more “difficult” than others. Nancy’s Kitchen’s products are also cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and silicone-free — which is good for someone like myself who actively seeks out ethical products to use in my daily life.

Nancys Kitchen Products Revived my Coarse Dry Natural Hair
Image Source:

I got the chance to try three products from Nancy’s Kitchen line: The Curl Smoothie, The Argan Conditioner, and The Curl Custard. Here’s how they worked on my type 4b hair.

The Silk Buttercream Argan Conditioner:

This conditioner is your average conditioner, where you add it to your clean hair and leave it on for 3-5 minutes. There’s sweet almond oil and argan oil in this product, which are two ingredients my 4b hair tends to love. This product didn’t give my hair the deep conditioning I love, but it did help with detangling my hair after I washed it, which is one of the steps I dread the most during my wash day routine. If you’re washing your hair in a hurry, or co-washing it, this product would be great, rather than using it for a deep conditioner. My comb glided smoothly through my hair, I didn’t have to be rough with getting the detangles out, which made me incredibly happy and cut down on my detangling time!

Nancys Kitchen Products Revived my Coarse Dry Natural Hair
Image Source:

Silk Buttercream Curl Quencher:

This product used a new ingredient that I’ve never used in my hair before: Avocado butter. Avocado butter has moisture-sealing properties to help nourish natural hair and fortify the hair strands but maximum protection and hydration. Although the instructions packaging said you can use it as a twist cream for twist outs, it also suggested that you could use it as a deep conditioner, which is what I did after using the Argan Conditioner to detangle. I think this product might be better suited as a twist cream or to revive your overnight curls, rather than a deep conditioner. The custard was very moisturizing, thanks to its ingredients, but didn’t provide the deep conditioning my hair needs.

Silk Buttercream Curl Smoothie:

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect curl smoothie for my wash-n-go’s, because my heavier twist and bradining cream don’t define my wet curls as much as I want them to. Nancy’s Kitchen’s Silk Buttercream Curl Smoothie has Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Rosemary Essential to help lock in moisture for whatever style you choose to do: A twistout, a braid out, or a wash-n-go. Because I didn’t have time to do a twistout, I opted for a wash-n-go with this product. After a couple of hours, my hair was very moisturized, but my curls didn’t have the definition I wanted them to have. I then decided to do a twistout with the curl smoothie instead, and see if I got better results with another style — and the results were in fact, better!

Overall, Nancy’s Kitchen knows how to target the needs of type 4 hair when it comes to moisture. My favorite was the Argan conditioner, because my hair needs a good detangling product before I deep conditioner, and their product does the job. Have you ever used Nancy’s Kitchen? If not, what product are you looking forward to trying out? Sound off in the comments below.

I Tried Melanin Hair Care on My 4b Natural Hair

When I was transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, Youtube, was my best friend in figuring out just what I could do with my hair. One of the YouTubers whose videos I watched religiously was Naptural85, aka Whitney White, whose viewer count on her Youtube Channel has reached over 103 million views, thanks to her hundreds of videos on how to care for type 4 hair.

I Tried Melanin Hair Care on My 4b Natural Hair
Image Source: @melaninhaircare

In 2015, Whitney took her love of natural hair and co-founded Melanin Haircare, a natural hair product line that uses natural and safe ingredients that are non-toxic and synthetic-safe that helps your hair and scalp stay healthy and moisturized. According to their website, Melanin Haircare’s products are formulated without silicones, parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, petroleums, phthalates, and formaldehyde, and are super transparent about what’s in their products, so you can see how your coils are being protected.

I Tried Melanin Hair Care on My 4b Natural Hair

I tried The Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend and The Twist Elongating Style Cream. As someone who is twisting or braiding their hair 3-4 times a week, I’m always on the hunt for products I can incorporate into my LOC method. Keep reading as I share my thoughts on Melanin Haircare and how it worked on my coily hair!

I Tried Melanin Hair Care on My 4b Natural Hair
Image Source: @melaninhaircare

The Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend:

My 4b hair tends to get pretty dry year-round, so you can guarantee I’m using some sort of oil to seal in moisture when styling my hair. I love how brands have started creating oil blends, where a variety of oils are mixed together to target your strands in different ways. So when I saw Melanin Haircare had an oil blend, I was automatically intrigued. The product includes baobab oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, sage oil, geranium oil and vitamin E, which are meant to penetrate the hair shaft and promote growth.

I decided to apply the product onto my damp hair, after I had washed and conditioned it, and added leave-in conditioner. The oil was very lightweight in my hair and my hair didn’t feel weighed down when I applied it. After adding the oil to my hair, I let it sit for awhile for adding the next product. After 20 minutes, my hair already felt soft — and it felt like the oil had penetrated my hair shaft, rather than just sitting on top of my hair.

After twisting my hair with the The Twist Elongating Style Cream (I’ll get to that later”> and slept overnight, I put some of the oil blend on my fingers and undid my twists — and they were incredibly moisturized! Bonus points go to the cap of the bottle, which makes it easy to not only control how much you’re using, but also allows you to easily oil your scalp as well.

I Tried Melanin Hair Care on My 4b Natural Hair
Image Source: @melaninhaircare

The Twist Elongating Style Cream:

I have a love/hate relationship with styling creams. While I like the definition styling creams give my twist out and braid outs, my hair sometimes can feel weighed down due to the heaviness of the product. According to Melanin Haircare, their Twist Elongating Style Cream is not only meant to moisturise your hair, but also help detangle and reduce knots with ingredients like shea and mango butter, along with avocado and sweet almond oil. What I like about this product is that it’s specifically targeted for thick, coarse hair — but despite that, the product was still very lightweight.

I sectioned my hair and did eight twists around my head, putting a dime sized amount of product in each section. After sleeping overnight with the twists in, I took the twists down, and like the day before, my hair felt super soft! My twists were still a little damp when I took them down (oops!”>, but I like how it looks like a wash-n-go.

I Tried Melanin Hair Care on My 4b Natural Hair

Overall, the two products worked extremely well together, and I liked how my hair remained soft and not weighed down like other products! Melanin Haircare does a good job over targeting type 4 hair, which is rare to find amidst all of the curly hair products on the market. The oil blend will most definitely be incorporated in my daily routine!

Have you tried Melanin Haircare? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

This Texas Natural Hair Festival Gives Naturalistas a Place to Celebrate Their Locs

Last year, when Coco Bates created the Curly Girl Picnic, an inaugural natural hair festival during SXSW in Austin, she knew she had a responsibility to create something for a community who had very few large-scale events that were meant to celebrate them and their hair.

“I saw the need for having something like [the festival] — something for us,” Bates said.

This Texas Natural Hair Festival Gives Naturalistas a Place to Celebrate Their Locs
Image Source: @shespeakz55

Renamed this year as the Blossom and Sol Natural Hair Festival, the event is the only one of its kind in all of Texas, featuring over majority of Black-owned brands in natural hair care, skin care, makeup, and more. From product giveaways to live hair tutorials and demonstrations, Blossom and Sol was a curly person’s dream, complete with live music, food trucks, and vegan ice cream.

While some people wore their curls out and proud, others rocked styles ranging from locs to twists to braids, and produly snapped pictures with their friends, showing off the sunflowers and lilies they decorated their hair with.

This Texas Natural Hair Festival Gives Naturalistas a Place to Celebrate Their Locs
Image Source: @blossomandsolfest 

Although there were beauty and clothing brands featured at the festival, the biggest attraction were the haircare brands, who traveled as far as Houston to feature their products. Naturally Curly got to check out every single brand at the festival and here are some of our favorites:

Natural Rizado (@naturalrizado“>: This Houston-based natural hair care brand is target for fine natural hair and many of their products don’t include coconut oil, proteins, and glycerin — which can cause problems for people with finer curls.

Melanated Moisture (@melanatedmoisture“>: Their Cream to Oil Mango and Mafura Moisturizer not only provides moisture to keep your locs hydrated and not weighed down, but the product doubles as a body cream as well, meaning you can be moisturized from head-to-toe . Founder, Celestial Randle said the brand focus on 4c hair, due to the limited amount of natural hair products targeted specifically for that particular texture.

This Texas Natural Hair Festival Gives Naturalistas a Place to Celebrate Their Locs

Infinite Per’et Hair Care (@iperethaircare“>: Infinite Per’et’s showstopper product is their Root Oil, which features a unique combination of neem, lemongrass, marula calendula oil, and more, to promote root and scalp growth. The smell of this product alone makes you want to use it as a light perfume — but with all of its natural, moisturizing ingredients, we’re exciting to try it out!

With any launch of a new project, Bates said she learned a lot from the inaugural year of the festival — and this year, she decided to take more of spiritual approach to natural hair and how it defines not just what styles wear, but also how it connects to self-love, black empowerment, natural hair, and beauty, with a series of panels throughout the festival.

“I want the festival to reflect a little bit of who I am,” Bates said. “When I went natural it was solely for my hair’s purpose. But later on, that grew into the spiritual aspect of my hair.”

Amidst all of the hair, beauty, and clothing brands at the Blossom and Sol Festival, the best part of the event was the inviting atmosphere, where strangers bonded over their love of their hair — no matter the texture, style, or color.

“We’re more than just our hair,” Bates said.

What are your thoughts on the festival? Share with us in the comments!

This Texas Natural Hair Festival Gives Naturalistas a Place to Celebrate Their Locs
Image Source: @tiffanymalonee
Tried it: For.ti.fy’d Naturals

For.ti.fy’d Naturals — a vegan natural hair care line that handmakes their products daily and uses all natural ingredients that prevent product buildup on your hair. For.ti.fy’d Naturals places an emphasis on hydration, using the “True Hydration Technology” — the process of using carefully selected ingredients with small molecules to penetrate the hair strand to lock in hydration without product buildup.

It was washday for me and my hair was in desperate need of some moisture. The weather has been pretty cold (well, cold for Texas”>, so my hair definitely needed a good deep condition. I’ll take you through the three products I used from the Fortify Naturals line, and what I thought of each.

A few things before we start:

  • Hair type: I have 3c-4a hair, but according to For.ti.fy’d Naturals, their products can be used on all hair types, which is great!
  • Price: I would say Fortify’d Naturals lies in the middle price point of natural hair care products. The three products I used were $12-$17 each.
  • Smell: If you’re sensitive to smells, be careful with this product. I’ll explain more later!


Tried it For.ti.fyd Naturals

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay:

Before washing my hair, the first step was to use the For.ti.fy’d Naturals Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Mask. I’m familiar with clay masks on your face, but I’ve never used a clay mask on my hair. Because the product comes as a loose clay, it can be a little intimidating when you first look at it, but the directions are very easy to follow.

The clay mask has multiple benefits, including removing product buildup, detoxing the hair and scalp, aiding in detangling, and restoring moisture — all things that I aim for when taking care of my curly hair.

All you need is a plastic or wooden spoon and bowl, water, and Apple Cider Vinegar, if you have it. Following the instructions, you’ll end up mixing it all together and adding the concoction to your wet, unwashed hair. Fair warning — creating the mask can get a little messy, so make sure you have a towel nearby to wipe off an extra product on your hands and face.

The mask won’t feel moisturizing when it’s on (because it hardens a bit, like a face mask would”>, but when I rinsed it out after 20 minutes, I was blown away. Not only were my curls hydrated and defined, but my hair and scalp felt so clean — before I had even shampooed my hair! Another benefit is that you only need a couple of scoops of product to make the mask, so you’ll get plenty of uses out of it. I sometimes dread wash day, but this product makes it worth it.

Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner:

Tried it For.ti.fyd Naturals

I love a strong, hydrating leave-in conditioner, especially in the winter time. After washing my hair with the EDEN BodyWorks Hibiscus Honey Curl Hydration Shampoo, I added the For.ti.fy’d Naturals Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner — and it might be my favorite new leave-in conditioner! Similar to the mask, the leave-in conditioner left my scalp feeling fresh and tingly, thanks to Tea Tree Oil, which serves as one of the key ingredients in the product. According to Fortify’d Naturals, the tea tree oil will also “help create and maintain a sanitary and healthy environment for growth to occur because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties.”

Another key ingredients is Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, which “coats strands as it nourishes and smoothes hair cuticles”, while retaining moisture and volume. This product was incredibly hydrating for my hair — but I will say that the smell of the product is very strong. It’s not a bad smell (it’s a cross between tea tree oil and almond extract, in my opinion”>, but if you don’t like strong smells, you might not like this product.

Tried it For.ti.fyd Naturals
Me after using the leave-in conditioner. My curls felt soft and easy to work with when it came to detangling.

Intense Hydrating Potion:

Tried it For.ti.fyd Naturals

After detangling my hair and letting the Leave-In Conditioner set, I started to begin the process of twisting my hair into 5-6 strands around my head, which is what I normally do after shampooing, conditioning, and detangling my hair. According to For.ti.fy’d Naturals, their Intense Hydrating Potion is “The LOC Method in one bottle” — which definitely peaks my interest as someone who swears by the LOC method for my styles.

After adding the potion to my hair and then twisting it, I let my twists for about 14+ hours. The potion dried incredibly fast, where after 8 hours of sleep, my hair was almost dry, which rarely happens. After taking my twists down, my hair was incredibly soft and manageable.

For.ti.fy’d Naturals definitely delivered on their hydration promise and I will use the clay mask and leave-in conditioner again! Have you used For.ti.fy’d Naturals? What’s your favorite?

These Natural Hairstyles Slayed the 2019 Oscars

It’s that time of the year again — awards show season! NaturallyCurly is here to round up our top natural hair looks we spotted on the 91st Annual Oscars. From a 1940s pixie cuts, cornrows, and chic updos we’re obsessed with how these stars rocked their natural hair at the 2019 Oscars.

Amandla Stenberg

These Natural Hairstyles Slayed the 2019 Oscars

Getty Images

Amandla is known to rock some beautiful hairstyles in the past — she cut off her locks in 2017 and has rocked her natural hair short since. This year, Amandla went with a cornrow braided bun style, complete with a braided swoop in the front, giving her look at 1940s vibe.

Elaine Welteroth

These Natural Hairstyles Slayed the 2019 Oscars

Getty Images

The former Teen Vogue editor rocked a curly low ponytail with tons of volume, which paired perfectly with her glitzy dress.

Hannah Beachler

These Natural Hairstyles Slayed the 2019 Oscars

Getty Images

Despite her dress being a eye-catching orange dream, Beachler didn’t take it simple with her hair — and we glad she didn’t! Her bold fohawk is everything with this look.

Lisa Bonet

These Natural Hairstyles Slayed the 2019 Oscars

Getty Images

Lisa Bonet has been rocking her natural locks on-screen for over two decades — so we know she’ll always bring her natural style every time she comes to the red carpet.

Danai Gurira

These Natural Hairstyles Slayed the 2019 Oscars

Getty Images

The Black Panther star rocked her beautiful twists, with flat twists in the front of the hair. The gold headband is a beautiful way to tie the look together and compliments her dress!

Zuri Hall

These Natural Hairstyles Slayed the 2019 Oscars

Getty Images

The E!News co-host sported her beautiful natural hair with a curly updo, keeping the looks simple, yet elegant.

Jenifer Lewis

These Natural Hairstyles Slayed the 2019 Oscars

Getty Images

Jenifer Lewis is known to rock her natural hair on-screen in the show Blackish, but she also does a good job rocking it off-screen on the red carpet.

Kiki Layne

These Natural Hairstyles Slayed the 2019 Oscars

Getty Images

The If Beale Street Could Talk star wore a beautiful braided look, putting a twist on the typical one braided halo style we often see. The part in the middle makes the look even more elegant, complete with a braided bun at the back.

Did you watch the Oscars? Let us know who your favorite naturalista was in the comments below.

My secret to a poppin’ twist out

January marks the two year anniversary of my transition to relaxed to natural hair — and what a journey it has been! While transitioning, there’s no doubt I logged in hundreds of hours sitting on YouTube watching hair videos and even ready the forums on Naturally Curly trying to figure out how to style my new hair.

The possibilities were seemingly (and still are”> endless — braid outs, twist outs, bantu knots, twists, box braids, wash and go’s, and more — and I tried it all. Trust me.

But after two years into this journey, I just now discovered what style works for me and why it works for me; and it’s a twist out. For those who are stuck with what to rock for their daily style or can’t seem to figure out how to get that twist out that you see on Instagram, here are some of my secrets to a poppin’ twist out.

For the record, I have type 4 hair — meaning my curls are more coily, and more prone to losing moisture. This may or may not work for you depending on your hair type, and even if we have the same hair type, all curls are different!

My secret to a poppin twist out
Image source @freddieharrel

1. Make sure your hair is dry!

This is a big mistake I made in the beginning when I did twist-outs — not letting my hair dry all the way before taking them down. I would think that the twists looked nice and defined, but an hour later in the Texas humidity would prove me otherwise — I’d just end up with a frizzy mess! If you’re doing a twist out on wet hair and you want to rock it the next day, try patting dry the hair as much as you can with a t-shirt. T-shirts are great when it comes to reducing frizz and getting excess water out of hair. If you’re comfortable, blowdry your hair on the lowest setting before twisting it.

If you’re going with the blow drying option, use a heat protectant like the TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray.

2. Moisture is your best friend.

We’re mostly familiar with the LOC method, but I can’t stress enough how important the ‘O’ is for twist outs. Whenever I do a twist out, I make sure to coat my stands in a little oil. My favorite product is the Organic Oil Blend from CurlsDynasty, which has a mixture of coconut and avocado oil, along with shea and mango butter. The oil will not only keep your hair moisturized, but will also give your twists that beautiful shine. And don’t forget to add a little oil on your hands before taking down your twists — it helps seal in the moisture even more!

To make the style go even further, using a cream specifically for twisting or braiding. I go back and forth between Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding and Curl Dynasty’s Twisted Definition Twisting Cream to achieve the definition I want for my twist outs.

3.Twist tight!

Well, not TOO tight, but if you want more definition with your twists, try twisting the ends of your hair tighter. It sounds simple, but I noticed a big difference doing loose twists vs. tighter twists. Also, depending on your hair length, I’d argue the more twists the better when it comes to definition. I have chin-length hair, so 10 twists typically do the job for me.

4. Hairspray

Okay, hear me out: Hairspray works for natural hair. I grew up in the dance world where hairspray was abundant in terms of hairstyles, and I always thought it was only for straight and wavy hair. But after transitioning to natural hair, I kept having the same issue I had with relaxed hair: the frizz was abundant — especially in the Texas heat.

In order to maintain my frizz and keep the shape of my twist out, I do a quick passover of hairspray on each strand I unravel. My favorite is TRESemmé Hair Spray’s Ultra Fine Mist — it doesn’t make my hair feel crunchy.

5. Try Stretching!

Stretching your hair, that is. My hair is more prone to skriange (Type 4 naturals deal with this the most!”>, even when it’s in a dry style like a twist out. There are many methods you can use to stretch your hair, but I prefer a heat-free option. After I finish twisting my hair, I divide it into two section and put two ponytails in my hair. It easy, but it goes a long way and I’ve noticed that my twist outs look fuller and longer when I stretch them.

What are ways you achieve your poppin’ twist out? What did you learn along the way that didn’t work for you? Sound off in the comments below!

Product Review: CurlsDynasty

This year marks my two year decision to transition to my natural hair — and what a journey it has been. For those familiar with the transition from relaxed to natural hair, it’s a lot of trial and error, which products work for you, how much porosity your hair has, and which hairstyles you can rock.

The hairstyles have probably been the hardest for me. Braidouts and twist outs have been my go-to and although I had good techniques for both, I couldn’t find a product that “wow’d” my dry, thick, coily, hair. That is, until CurlsDynasty changed the game for me.

CurlsDynasty is what I like to call the “lowkey” brands. They don’t have a huge presence in the natural hair care world like cult-favorites Shea Moisture or Carol’s Daughter — but CurlsDynasty is small, yet mighty. Founded by Nickie Nougaisse in 2014, CurlsDynasty products are formulated with natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals, preservatives, or dyes or fragrances — and there’s a huge emphasis on hydrating hair.

Product Review CurlsDynasty
Me rocking one of my favorite half-up half-down twist out styles, thanks to CurlsDynasty.

Featured Ingredients

CurlsDynasty loves moisture – and the ingredients in their products speak to that. Aloe Juice, shea butter, castor seed oil, and avocado oil — all great hydrators — can be found in many of their products, along with Organic Marshmallow root in one of their products. It sounds tasty, but Marshmallow root is a powerful herb that’s been used for thousands of years for things like coughs and colds to skin health to cleansing kidneys.

In terms of your hair, it aids in treating ailments like psoriasis, dry scalp, and eczema, while giving hair a good “slip”, meaning the slipperiness of the product can help easily remove tangles and knots — which sounds like my type of ingredient.

First Impressions: Packaging and Scent

I don’t have a sensitivity to scents, but if you do, CurlsDynasty’s styling products almost get the label of being scent-free. There’s a smell to it, but not overpowering like many styling products on the market. The collection’s washing and conditioning set, however, does have a strong smell, particularly their Cocoa Mint Moisture Rich Shampoo, which smells like a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie. Sounds delicious, right?

In terms of the packaging, it’s colorful and cute and definitely stands out in my never ending collection of hair products. The floral design makes it even cuter.

Product Review CurlsDynasty
This is a first day twistout using both CurlsDynasty’s Organic Oil Blend and the Twisted Definition twisting creme. My hair left so soft!


Here are the CurlsDynasty products I tried:

  1. Shampoo: This sounds bad, but I don’t put much thought into my shampoos — I really just want something that gets all the yuckies out my hair so I can focus on moisture retention during my conditioning and styling process. The Cocoa Mint Moisture Rich Shampoo is sulfate-free and, to my surprise, does a good job at not only cleansing, but moisturizing as well. Normally, my hair feels stripped after I use shampoo (hence why I’m big on moisture”>, but after washing it twice, my hair felt very soft. Plus, the mint gave my scalp a nice invigorating cleanse, which is always an A+ in my book.
  2. Conditioner: The conditioner, when used generously, can provide you with a close to intense hydration for your curls. On its own, I don’t think I’d use it to co-wash or as a deep conditioner, but with the shampoo, I think it did its job. I did notice my hair wasn’t as tangled as it normally is after I shampoo and condition, which gave me (and my arms”> a nice break when I had to start detangling.
  3. Organic Oil Blend: This is where I start to get excited. Remember when I mentioned earlier I had a problem with dryness? CurlsDynasty’s Organic Oil Blend worked wonders for my dry curls. I immediately put the oil on my hair after I rinsed out the conditioner, and before I put in a leave-in conditioner. It left my hair feeling soft and moisturized, and not frizzy and dry like how it normally is when I t-shirt dry it.The ingredients in the Organic Oil Blend are a moisture-lovers dream — Olive, Coconut, Jojoba, Grapeseed, Safflower, Avocado, Black Castor, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oils, and Essential Oil Blend. It’s brilliant.
  4. I realized later on that the Organic Oil Blend also is great to use for the LOC method and scalp massages, or when you’re restyling your hair and it needs a little shine. I wish they made this in a Costco sized bottle, because I don’t think I’ll find anything better than this blend.
  5. Twisting Cream: This is a holy grail product of mine now. It takes a lot for a product to become a holy grail of mine, especially hair products. But the Twisted Definition Twisting Cream changed the game for me and then some. The first thing is the hydration I got from this product. Many stylers I’ve used only have focused on the styling aspect and not so much retaining the moisture of the styles. This product has Aloe Juice and Shea Butter, which made my hair feel soft when I unraveled my twists — and kept my hair feeling soft the entire day. The second thing is the definition I got from the cream. To put it plainly, my twist outs were poppin’. 

Final Thoughts

CurlsDynasty stayed true to their mission to create hydrating products — every product I tried gave me some kind of moisture and gave my curls what they needed. My favorites were the Organic Oil Blend and the Twisted Definition Creme, because of how good my twist outs (and braidouts”> looked in the end. The shampoo comes in third because of how nice it felt on my scalp. Last is the conditioner — it wasn’t terrible, but it didn’t knock my socks off.

Product Review CurlsDynasty
This is my my hair on a second day twist out. You still see some definition, but the hydration was still there!

I’ll definitely continue to use all of the four products until they run out, but the oil blend and twist cream is going to be restocked to my collection.

You can find the entire CurlsDynasty collection on SHOP NaturallyCurly.

Have you tried any of the products in the CurlsDynasty Collection? How did they work for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Top 5 Poinsettia Hair Decorations

When we think of flowers — especially as hair accessories — we think of dandelions or lillies in your hair as you’re enjoying a summer picnic or laying out at the beach. But just because the weather is cooler and the layers are piled on doesn’t mean that you should skip adding flowers to your look.

‘Tis the season for poinsettias: a popular Christmas flower used for decorations, drinks, and yes — even your hair! Adding these flowers can make your curls a double take-worthy look at your work holiday party, or at Christmas dinner. NaturallyCurly has rounded up our favorite poinsettia hair accessories so you can have the best festive look wherever you go.

Top 5 Poinsettia Hair Decorations

Keeping it simple

Top 5 Poinsettia Hair Decorations

Never rocked a hair piece before, let alone a poinsettia? Looking to keep it simple, but cute? We recommend this red poinsettia hair clip from Etsy store Unplannedwhimsy! The good thing about the headpiece is that you can add it to just about any style — wear your hair down, in an updo, half-up half-down, a bun, a ponytail — the possibilities are endless!

Flower child

Top 5 Poinsettia Hair Decorations

Flower crowns are often mostly reserved for summer events like concerts, musical festivals, and weddings — but they can most certainly be incorporated into the holiday season with poinsettias! Check out this super-fab poinsettia flower crown from Etsy shop WelcomingGrace, who has a slew of holiday-themed flower crowns to wear at your fun parties this season. Let your curls down and throw on this flower crown, and you’ll definitely get some compliments with this unique spin on hair decorations for the holiday season.

Flowers fit for a royal

Top 5 Poinsettia Hair Decorations

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got hitched back in May, it wasn’t just the bride’s dress that everyone had their eyes on — people were also eyeing what kind of headpieces the royal guests would wear to the ceremony. If you’re looking to give a little taste of the royal wedding in December, we recommend giving this head-turning poinsettia headband from MyWickedWhimsy a try at your holiday festivities this holiday season. The headband has the perfect balance of the classic red flower, and hits of gold shimmer, making this hair piece impossible to miss — and perhaps even the talk of the party.

Give them gold

Top 5 Poinsettia Hair Decorations

Poinsettias don’t have to be red — gold is great if you’re heading somewhere fancy, or just want something a little extra to show off! This gold poinsettia headpiece from the Etsy shop LaCasaDelFlores is the perfect piece to add some personality to a curly updo. Check out Naturally Curly’s list of 24 updo styles for curly hair, and then add your gold poinsettia for a head-turning look!

Or give them silver!

Top 5 Poinsettia Hair Decorations

If gold isn’t your go-to accessory color, try a silver poinsettia instead! This silver poinsettia holiday hair clip from Vivid Bloom is great for those wanting to add some shimmer and shine to their holiday outfits. Have a go-to style that you don’t want to stray away from? Luckily, this hair clip can be integrated into just about any curly style — NaturallyCurly would love this look with a twist-out out or a low bun!

Know of any other cute styles to adorn with poinsettias, or any places to get cute poinsettia accessories? Share them with us in the comments below! And don’t forget to share your favorite styles with us on StyleNook!
How to Avoid Heat Damage
How to Avoid Heat Damage
Photo by Sam74100/Getty Images

The word ‘heat’ for curly girls can dredge up memories of standing in your bathroom mirror as the ‘hsss-ing’ sound came from your trusty flat iron. As a small cloud of smoke escaped from in between the hot plates of your flat iron, your curls and coils were transformed into straight hair, with no shrinkage to be found.

It’s those memories of the hours spent straightening hair that leave many curly girls shuddering — not because of how long it took, but because of how much damage they caused their hair. After all, heat damage can cause breakage, frizz, and even a looser of curl pattern. But sometimes, you get that urge — yes, that little urge — to see what your hair looks like straight after all those months, and in some cases, after all those years.

Avoiding heat styling may seem like the best way to prevent thermal damage during your healthy hair journey; however, there are ways to incorporate heat styling and still have your healthy curls.

What is heat damage?

Let’s start with the process of heat styling. Cosmetic chemist Tonya McKay> says, “Application of heat to the hair breaks hydrogen bonds, and the use of tension or pressure allows hair to be re-shaped so that the new hydrogen bonds form to support the new shape (straight or curled”>.”

Hair damaged by heat can often appear and feel dry and frizzy, with the possibility of split ends and even breakage. You can also spot heat damage on your curls if they have these qualities or they don’t appear to curl and “bounce” like your other curls.

Prepare your hair

When heat styling, start by cleansing your curls. Clean hair is the best kind of hair to work with when implementing heat outside your normal routine — so always shampoo and condition your hair before heat styling. Product buildup can cause your hair to be weighed down — plus, those burnt smells you have flashbacks about can occur if there is still a lot of product on your hair.

After shampooing, give yourself a nice deep condition before you start with the heat. My go-to leave in conditioner is the Palmer’s Deep Conditioning Protein Pack, which helps prepare my hair for the heat by keeping my hair moisturized.

Preventing heat damage

After you rinse out your conditioner, thoroughly detangle your hair and apply a heat protectant of your choice. When searching for a heat protectant serum, it is important to look for key ingredients. Silicones can be found in heat protectants. Not only will they protect your hair during heat use, but they will also assist with moisture retention — after all, we want to make sure our curls bounce back with moisture when we wash them again.

Which product you use can depend on whether you’re blow drying or using a flat iron.

When I had relaxed hair and used a flat iron, I used the TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Protector Spray — and for as many times as I straightened my hair both before and during my natural hair transition, this product saved my hair from a lot of heat damage! Another product I’ve had good luck with is Motions Heat Styled Straight Finish Sealer.

If you’re blowing out your hair, I suggest using Shea Moisture’s Red Palm Oil & Cocoa Butter Curl Stretch Pudding, particularly if you’re planning to do a braid out or twist out on your blow-dried hair. Not only does it make your styles more defined, but also helps to stretch your style, especially if you have oily, shrinkage prone hair.

How to Avoid Heat Damage
Photo by iprogressman/iStock

After applying your heat protectant, divide your hair into manageable sections so you can methodically address each section of hair without applying too much heat to any particular area.

It’s best to use heat tools with temperature adjustments, so you can select what level is suitable for your hair. The flat iron should not be used any higher than 400 degrees if you would like to avoid heat damage.

If you are drying your hair with a blow dryer, use a comb attachment or a paddle brush. This will allow your hair to not only be straighter, but also helps with making sure the hair is detangled.

Life after heat tools

When you next shampoo your hair after a straightening, notice how your curls respond. Do they revert back to normal? Are they frizzy or looser? If your curls do not revert back to how they were before, use a strengthening conditioner or protein treatment to whip them back into shape. It may take a few wash days for your curls to revert completely, and if they don’t, it’s a sign you have heat damage. From there you have two options: cut the heat damage from your hair or grow the heat damage out like you’re transitioning. Now you can look back at your experience to see what you could have done differently and learn from it — it’s all a part of the journey!

Searching for products to try on your next blow out? Try our top products for your best blowout! Follow us on Instagram for inspiration.

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