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The Best Products for Locs
The Best Products for Locs
Image Source: @bonitalocs
The Best Products for Locs
Image Source: @naturalbabepro

These are the must-have products for keeping your locs clean, moisturized, and healthy

My favorite shampoos for locs

To keep your locs clean, washing your hair thoroughly every wash day is important. Like most naturals, wash day is a process. With locs, it is no different. Start by “opening up” your roots, which involves gently spreading the roots of your locs that may be loosely twisted (not yet loc’d) to loosen any product buildup. Once your hair is fully saturated from root to tips, massage your shampoo into your scalp first, then through your hair. 

The Best Products for Locs

I love the Jamaican Mango and Lime Tingle Shampoo. It has a minty smell and a gentle, tingly lather that refreshes your scalp and relieves itching. A little goes a long way with this product! 

“Sulfate-free” does not always mean “all-natural.” Wash day products that include as few processed ingredients as possible means cleaning hair with less stripping of the natural oils that your hair needs. Here are some other great suggestions:


My favorite conditioners for locs

I usually lather my shampoo and rinse twice, then follow that with conditioner on my locs before a final rinse with lukewarm water. I like the Jamaican Mango protein conditioner, which spreads super smooth through my locs and washes out easily.

Here are a few of my other favorite loc conditioners.

The Best Products for Locs


The best oils for a healthy scalp

Grapeseed, tea tree, and coconut, oh my! Essential oils are my favorites because they are light and easy to spread through your scalp and hair, which means little to no product buildup on wash day! It helps to know which oils are best for your scalp and any particular issues you may be dealing with.

The best products include natural ingredients that are easy for your scalp and hair to absorb. Massage a few drops into your scalp and locs for quick allover application, or apply to the areas that need it the most. You can make your mixtures at home or look for products that include essential oils as main ingredients that are lightweight and easy to rub in your hands to distribute through your locs as well. I like to apply my oils at night and let them marinate under my satin scarf or bonnet during my beauty sleep.

The Best Products for Locs

The best leave-in conditioners for moisturized locs

No one likes dry, brittle hair. I dye my hair a few times a year, and sometimes the lightening and chemicals cause my locs to need moisture more often. If your locs look lackluster, give them a good squeeze. It is because they are thirsty if they sound crunchy or feel dry! While washing locs daily is not a great idea, you can prevent dry-feeling locs by adding some moisture daily with a good leave-in conditioner.

The Best Products for Locs

Rosewater spray is one of my favorite everyday leave-in conditioners. It is lightweight and multipurpose (spray on a clean face for quick hydration) and smells amazing!

Here are some recipes to make your own. Almond oil is also perfect for softening dry locs that need quick nourishment. Either works well for a quick spritz of moisture when I’m on the go or rocking a longer-term style like curls, twists, braids, or an updo. I also love the Taliah Waajid Shea-Coco Condition Daily Leave-in Conditioner Spray.

Retwisting products for locs

When twisting your roots, you want to avoid products that are too thick or creamy to ensure that the product holds your roots in place and does not leave any residue in your fresh styles (that means no wax products). I like to keep it simple with Ecoco EcoStyler Professional Gel. It is easy to find in most stores, lightweight, and super affordable.

The Best Products for Locs

Hair ties to wear your locs up

When I finally reached ponytail status with my locs, I was so excited… until I popped my first hair elastic. During the summer, I love wearing my hair in high buns and ponytails without pulling too hard on my edges. I discovered the magic of these no-crease hair ties, and now they are all I use for ponytails, pineapples, buns, and more. Here are a few other ponytail holders that I would love to have on my wrist at all times.

The Best Products for Locs

Swirly Curly Snap Hair Ties

These are really cool ponytail holders that snap closed, and you can snap multiple bands together to make them longer- even long enough to be a headband!

Aztec Print Hair Ties

Sometimes the print on a hair tie adds the perfect amount of color or texture to a hairstyle. These are fun subtle prints that can work with many different looks.


Scrunchies have made a comeback, and I embraced their resurgence with a luxurious splurge on 100% silk scrunchies that are amazingly soft and on-trend. I get compliments every time I wear one.

… and a bonus!

The best edge products for locs

Nothing works better than the Ecoco EcoStyler Professional Gel for laying those edges down!

Jamaican Black Castor Oil, or JBCO, is an amazing oil for thickening thinner spots and strengthening the hairline. Some parts of my hairline were a bit sparse, so I began massaging a few drops of JBCO into those spots every morning and night, and I noticed some amazing growth. The oil is thick, so a little goes a long way!

The Best Products for Locs

The oil’s smell can be a bit strong, so try some options that are mixed with other oils, like peppermint, coconut, or lavender.

Do you have more favorite loc products? Could you share them in the comments?

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15 Protective Styles To Try for Fall

What do apple picking, changing leaves, and cooler temperatures have in common? They are all signs that fall is here! Now that we are waking up to mornings that are a bit too cold for a routine wash-n-go, it is the perfect time to check out protective styles to keep our hair cute, stylish, and healthy. Try out the easy protective styles below for more versatile options this fall.

1. Juicy twists:

These thicker twists are usually done on damp hair, so it is a style that can be done on wash day or after. Spray the hair with water and a little bit of leave-in conditioner, and twist away. This is a great style to sleep in because it is comfortable (hello, no rollers required”> and you can style the twists however you want for a few days. This style is great because it can be the basis for variations of other styles like twist outs. You can easily moisturize your scalp and hair by rubbing a light oil between your palms and running your fingers through your twists.

15 Protective Styles To Try for Fall
Image Source:@sodazzling
15 Protective Styles To Try for Fall

If you’re starting with juicy twists and changing your style up throughout the week, it helps to wash your hair and do a deep conditioner. Follow up with Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment after your regular wash routine for added nourishment.

If you are worried about your twists unraveling, try Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils Girls Baby Girl Curls Curls & Twisting Custard for extra hold in twists and braids.

2. Twist-outs:

These styles are perfect for when you are ready for a bit more volume after rocking twists or flat twists for a few days. Once your hair is completely dry, it is easy to unravel twists for larger curly coils that add more dimension to your look.

15 Protective Styles To Try for Fall
Image Source:@miashantill
15 Protective Styles To Try for Fall
Image Source:@sodazzling

3. Braid Outs:

Looking for more crimps than curls? Braids are another great way to add dimension to your hair. For tighter crimps, braid damp hair and leave braids in for a day or two before unbraiding. For looser crimps, braid dry hair with a bit of leave-in conditioner. Separate unraveled braids for a fuller, fluffier look.

15 Protective Styles To Try for Fall
Image Source:@miashantill
Image Source:@micheledee_

When untwisting or unbraiding your hair, it helps to have a light oil on your hands for added moisture. Squeeze a drop or two of SheaMoisture 100% Pure Shea Oil into your hands and make sure to get some of the product on your fingers as you unravel your hair for a touch of added shine. Gently distribute the remainder of the product throughout your hair and scalp.

4. Defined Curls:

Our hair is naturally curly and sometimes we want more definition. You can play with perm rods, sponge rollers, and curling wands to change the size and definition of curls for different looks within a short period of time. These curls are easy to preserve with a pineapple or bonnet at night.

15 Protective Styles To Try for Fall
Image Source:@sodazzling

Image Source:@micheledee_

Defined curls can be done on wash day or on a whim with the use of a good leave-in conditioner. Use Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Leave-In Conditioner on dry or damp hair to add just the right amount of moisture for defined and frizz-free curls.

5. Combo Styles:

Sometimes the curls in the front fall a bit limp before the ones in the back, and you have to get creative with your styles. Luckily, there are ways to combine twists and unraveled twists, puffs, ponytails, and braids in cute ways that refresh simple hairstyles in fresh fun ways.

15 Protective Styles To Try for Fall
Image Source: @frizzeecurlz

Image Source: @lanasummer

6. Puffs and buns:

A quick and easy way to create an updo is with puffs and buns. Play with your curls to make your hair bigger or smaller and use light products for smoother looks. The great thing about a sleek bun or puff is that it can last for days if you tie a satin scarf around your head at night. Such easy maintenance!

15 Protective Styles To Try for Fall
Image Source: @clatodd
15 Protective Styles To Try for Fall
Image Source: @_angel.agbo

These are the perfect styles for playing with accessories. You can keep styles simple by using plain bobby pins, or you can add some bling to your look with metal hair cuffs.

7. Hair Extensions:

Faux locs, braids, and crochet extensions are a trendy way to give your hair a break. They are great for protecting your hair from daily combing and brushing because there is no need when your hair is in these styles. Extensions allow for you to play with length and color while having the versatility of styling the hair as if it is completely yours.

15 Protective Styles To Try for Fall
Image Source: @theafrohairpluguk

Image Source: @swellabeauty

Image Source: @curlsbybebonia

With extensions, it is important to keep the scalp moisturized so that your hair can remain in styles for longer periods of time. To prevent a dry scalp, massage a bit of Taliah Waajid protective Styles Healthy hair Under There Bamboo, Avocado and Peppermint Conditioning & Restoring Serum into your scalp at night. In the morning, you can refresh your look with a quick spritz of Aunt Jackie’s Grapeseed Style & Shine Recipes Shine Boss Refreshing Sheen Mist.

What do you think of these protective styles? Share some other favorite protective styles and products that you can’t wait to try this fall!

Here’s How I Care for My Locs With these Holy Grails

Admittedly, I have put my hair through quite the gamut over the past year and it has definitely taken a toll. The most disappointing thing has been dyeing my hair dark red (with permanent dye”> and having it fade back to brownish blonde over the course of a few weeks. While I now like to call my color more of a “rose gold” since it is still an auburnish color with some blonde and brown locs peeking through, I am glad that my locs have maintained their strength through my color experimentations. My struggle, and a common complaint that I hear from others who color their hair, has become keeping my hair moisturized.

I am always talking about the importance of keeping hair and scalp moisturized, and that has been my saving grace throughout this year of my hair journey. In year seven of my loc growth, I have been introduced to my core essential products from Shea Moisture and I hope that they will make as huge of a difference in your life as they have in mine!

Wash Day

I made the big switch from liquid shampoo to the African Black Soap Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar over the summer. I had tried black soap as a shampoo before and I loved it, and I made the switch for good over the summer for the ease of travel. This stuff is amazing! I wet my hair in the shower and the shampoo quickly works into a rich lather by gently rubbing the bar against your wet hair and scalp. The shampoo bar alone never leaves my hair feeling stripped once it dries, so it is perfect for the colder weather when I do not always have time for a conditioning treatment.

Since I wash my hair about every 8-10 days, I usually do some kind of strengthening treatment after shampooing. The Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Protein- Strong Treatment is a new one that I have been using for a month, as well as the Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Masque. When I am not crunched for time, I will do both, which adds about 30 minutes to my wash routine, but one or the other will do the job. I use these hair treatments instead of conditioner, and my hair is always so much softer after it dries and throughout the week.

After towel blotting my hair, I realized that this is the best time to moisturize my scalp. I was introduced to 100% premium pumpkin seed oil, and in honor of pumpkin spice season, I gave it a try. While it looks much like Jamaican black castor oil, and a little goes a long way, pumpkin seed oil is a bit lighter and easier to spread. I like to mix mine with a little bit of peppermint oil and massage it into my scalp. Another great way to use the oil is to add both to a spray bottle filled with water, and use as a daily scalp moisturizer.


Twistouts and braidouts are my favorite styles and, when it comes to air drying wet locs, I like to wash my hair at night, style it in braids or twists, and unravel them the next morning. If possible, I wait even longer, to ensure that my hair has dried completely. Lately, juicy twists are one of my favorite protective styles for my locs. The secret is to use the right products so that every twist unravels into soft, pliable waves and curls. I personally like to spray 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Leave-in Detangler onto each section of hair before twisting it. That way, I know that once I unravel my twists, my hair will be left soft and pliable for me to style it however I want. The leave-in also works well when I want to slightly dampen my hair with water for roller sets.

Heres How I Care for My Locs With these Holy Grails

Juicy twists on locs

Heres How I Care for My Locs With these Holy Grails

A braidout on locs

Heres How I Care for My Locs With these Holy Grails

Flexi-rod curls on locs

My nighttime routine

I swear by my satin scarf at night. I like to keep my hair up in a pineapple or loose bun and my scarf keeps my edges smooth, which means less work for me in the morning. I have a natural widow’s peak hairline and I am very wary of styles that pull on my hairline too tightly. This means that tight ponytails, buns, or anything else that adds tension to my hair is usually not a style that I wear for too long. To help prevent hair loss along my edges and strengthen the shorter sensitive hairs in that area, I massage a mixture of Jamaican black castor oil (which is great for hair growth”> and pumpkin seed oil along my entire hairline. The satin scarf will not absorb the product the way cotton does, and I can wake up in the morning to soft, moisturized edges.

Do I notice a difference?

The greatest difference that I noticed after incorporating more moisturizing products into my regular hair routine was how soft my hair was. Using the protein treatment and hair mask on wash days made it less necessary to use leave-in conditioner every day because my hair felt nourished and healthy. I also took a break from retwisting my roots during this past month, and the couple of inches of new growth feel soft enough to run my fingers through. The softness makes it even more manageable when it comes to switching up the parts and wearing my hair up and down throughout the day. Softer roots make retwisting easier and while I like the added length freshly retwisted roots add to my locs, I love the added volume that my untwisted roots add to my hair even more.

Since my hair is moisturized, it looks and feels healthier. The auburn color in my hair has looked richer for longer than usual. The curls and waves that I created with twistouts, braidouts, and roller sets have lasted at least a week and they seem to get better with time.

I am loving the new look and feel of my hair, and I think that this is a hair routine that I am willing to stick to throughout the winter. My hair looks and feels amazing, my routine is easy to maintain, and I know that if I run out of any products, I can always find great substitutes and replenish my stock on NaturallyCurly!

Are there any products that you would like to see me try this fall? Do you have favs that have changed your hair for the better? Share in the comments below!

Two Women Experiencing Hair Loss Share Their Experience
Two Women Experiencing Hair Loss Share Their Experience

Image: @alopecianvida & @stephanie_sey

In honor of  Hair Loss Awareness Month, I got the chance to connect with Stephanie Sey, a London-based trichologist, and Rose Woo, a wife, and mom who is living with alopecia. 

Stephanie is a Trichologist with first-hand experience of hair loss. Her primary goal is to make sure that people are easily able to access help for their hair and scalp issues. She runs a clinic in Central London, has been featured in large publications, regularly speaks at events and runs workshops.

Rose lives in Charlottesville, VA with her husband and daughter. She is a former art teacher and now works as a process improvement analyst. Both ladies had lots to say about their experience with hair thinning and hair loss. Keep reading for their valuable tips and answers to some popular questions about their hair experiences.

Experiencing Hair Loss and Seeking Help

What is your experience with hair thinning/hair loss?

Rose: I started losing my hair in April of 2018, 6 months after having my beautiful daughter, Maxine. I thought it was just postpartum hair loss, but I was so wrong.  I started wearing hats and using hair filler. Then I finally swallowed my embarrassment and went to my stylist. She gave me an awesome short pixie that hid a lot of thinning spots, but she also said that this wasn’t normal and I should see a doctor. I lost all my hair a month and a half later and finally saw a dermatologist. We tried Rogaine and other topical treatments and prednisone. The steroids worked a bit, but I also started feeling hip pain so I stopped immediately. Hair is not important enough to experience bone death! That’s when I got my brows tattooed and started accepting my bald dome.

Many women are nervous about seeing a medical professional to assess their hair struggles. Who should see a trichologist and what happens during an initial consultation?

Stephanie: You should see a Trichologist if you identify any issues with your hair and/or scalp. This may be hair thinning, patches of hair loss, excessive itching and/or flaking. The list could go on, however, if I were to put it very simply then I would say when anything with your hair or scalp doesn’t feel right. Don’t feel shy about seeking the help you need especially because hair issues can identify other issues and imbalances within the body.

At an initial consultation, the concerns of the patient are discussed, a medical history is taken, I like to think of this part like a chat about what’s been going on with the person’s health and hair care practices. The hair and scalp are then examined and photographs are taken, if any tests are required such as blood tests we arrange for those to be done. A diagnosis is then made and a treatment plan is given.

Two Women Experiencing Hair Loss Share Their Experience

Image: @alopecianvida & @stephanie_sey

Misconceptions about Hair Thinning and Hair Loss

What are some common hair thinning/loss misconceptions that you have heard/encountered?

Stephanie: I think that the biggest misconception out there is that there is a cure-all lotion or oil that will cure hair loss and give thicker fuller hair.

Whilst there may be a hair loss treatment waiting to be discovered which can do all those things, how do you know the efficacy of this product without truly identifying the root cause of the hair loss in the first place? Hair thinning and loss is complex and some conditions can spontaneously get better, in these cases was it your body simply healing itself or the special remedy?

What are some misconceptions about alopecia?

Rose: Certainly, the very first thought, is that the person may have cancer or is sick in some kind of way, but really it’s just my own body kicking its own butt.  It’s thought to be an autoimmune disease because the body mistakenly attacks hair follicles. I’m perfectly healthy otherwise. Bodies are really weird. 

Two Women Experiencing Hair Loss Share Their Experience

Image: @alopecianvida & @stephanie_sey

Good Ideas for Women Experiencing Hair Loss

What are some excellent natural or at-home remedies, treatments, lifestyle changes, or tips that you can suggest for women who struggle with hair thinning and hair loss?

Stephanie: If you are suffering from hair thinning or loss, you should look at your hair care practices as it may be how you are handling your hair that is causing breakage. The second thing I would suggest is looking at the diet. Are you eating a balanced diet of fresh unprocessed food covering all food groups? Protein is especially important for the production of healthy hair. Check whether your iron levels are adequate as well as your vitamin D.

What are your favorite hair accessories/products/treatments and why?

Rose: My absolute favorites are head wraps and turbans, but to be honest I was very intimidated at first. I watched some tutorials and thought they were way too complicated for me.  Then I learned my own (lazy”> ways of doing things and felt empowered. Again, you gotta take control and make things work for you. Don’t think you can rock a headwrap? Then buy a wig! Don’t like wigs, then buy some bandanas! Trying new things to find what makes you comfortable is truly freeing.

There are so many products on the market (natural oils, vitamins, supplements”> and treatments (acupuncture, scalp massages, hot oil treatments”> that are supposed to promote hair growth. Which ones actually work?

Stephanie: The only clinically proven product to grow hair is Minoxidil – known as Regaine in the UK and Rogaine in the US. It is difficult to say without studies which oils, vitamins, and treatments actually work. What I can say is that there is no harm done in trying some products out there. However, use your judgment in reason to really assess see whether a product’s claims can possibly be true. If it is too good to be true then it probably is.

Two Women Experiencing Hair Loss Share Their Experience

Image: @alopecianvida & @stephanie_sey

Bad Ideas for Women Experiencing Hair Loss

Are there any hairstyles, ingredients, or treatments that tend to be bad for the scalp and can cause hair thinning/loss?

Stephanie: In terms of hairstyles I would say broadly please avoid overly tight braids and weaves. If it hurts and you need to take pain medication – it is too tight. Leave baby hairs alone as they are not strong enough to withstand great amounts of tension and also avoid using excessive amounts of added extension hair.

Are there ways to naturally transform hair from thin to thick and strong? How long should one expect to wait before seeing results?

Stephanie: That really depends on your natural strand thickness and hair density. What I can say is to improve the general quality and health of your hair make sure you are nourishing your body and taking good care of your hair. Think of your hair like your favorite delicate garment, you wash it carefully, handle it carefully and sometimes take it to a specialist to look after it. Do the same for your hair. Any changes you make to your hair routine or diet you should allow at least 3- 6 months to see any results.

Two Women Experiencing Hair Loss Share Their Experience

Image: @alopecianvida

Getting Comfortable With Hair Thinning and Hair Loss

How/when did you become comfortable with your hair thinning/ hair loss?

Rose: I’m still not 100% comfortable and I don’t know if I ever will be. Even when I had hair, I had moments when I wasn’t confident, but now without hair, it’s been a completely new challenge. Beauty standards for women are so unattainable and ridiculous and losing my hair has really shifted my paradigm about beauty, self-respect, and confidence. I’m definitely stronger now and I think alopecia has forced me to practice self-love and self-care to survive this crazy world and its expectations. Self-love is so incredibly important, no matter what you’re going through. You always have a stay on the feelings about yourself. Take it easy and choose to be kind. 

You share lots of beautiful selfies on your Instagram page that reflect confidence in your physical appearance. What do you recommend for other women who are feeling self-conscious about thinning hair/hair loss?


  1. Do something about it. Even a small step, will create so much progress for your mental state. Bite the bullet and shave your head, buy a wig, invest in some dope head wraps or just go bald. Taking control of an uncontrollable situation is the best advice I can give. You control your strategy to combat it, you control your feelings about it, so BOSS UP and take control! 
  2. Find your tribe. I started a separate Instagram account just for connecting and sharing with fellow baldies and alopecians. I’ve cried, laughed and shared with them. It’s truly what saved me from going down a dark hole. 
  3. Embrace it. OWN IT. On my Instagram, I share mostly bald selfies. At first, it was to get myself used to my new identity. I needed to see myself as others see me. Then, it evolved to sharing selfies to make others comfortable with it. People have messaged me to thank me for representing the bald women and men that usually hide. This made me really sad and fueled my fire even more. My support has inspired me to support others, which has been a huge part of my journey.

Are you experiencing hair loss? Share your story with us below! 

My Trip to Europe Showed Me the Beauty of Natural Hair Around the World

I recently took a trip across the pond to visit Europe for my birthday. During my travels, I encountered so much beauty in the different foods, cultures, languages, accents, fashion, people, and, of course, the hairstyles. In the U.S., we have quite a bit of diversity in our curly world and the same is true abroad. I met some beautiful people during my visit to Amsterdam, Paris, and London, and I’m sharing some of the most popular styles that I loved!

My first stop was Amsterdam, a cool trendy city in the Netherlands. While trying out a popular french fry spot, Vleminckx, I noticed a couple of fashionable friends eating at a table nearby. Amahle and Zama were visiting from South Africa. Zama sported bright white long braids that were not only eye-catching but perfect for low-maintenance hair care while traveling. Amahle wore her brown locs, which complimented her skin tone.

My Trip to Europe Showed Me the Beauty of Natural Hair Around the World

I met Stephanie, Michelle, Sasha, and Charlene, who were in town from London or the Buju Banton concert. I noticed that each friend had a different hairstyle. Stephanie rocked Sisterlocks, the others had cornrows, traditional locs, and straightened hair. I loved the diversity of hairstyles within their friend group, and I also ran into them again at the Buju concert! I noticed many creative braided styles during my travels, some with additional hair in different colors and textures and others combining cornrows and loose hair.

My Trip to Europe Showed Me the Beauty of Natural Hair Around the World

The temperature in Amsterdam was a bit lower than the other cities I visited, so it was while in Paris and London that I noticed many women rocking their natural curls. The temperature was sometimes as high as 98 degrees, so wash-and-go styles, like Gigi’s and Shaniqua’s, were abundant.

My Trip to Europe Showed Me the Beauty of Natural Hair Around the World
Image Source: @honeyblondegigi
My Trip to Europe Showed Me the Beauty of Natural Hair Around the World
Image Source: @thecurlyhairnetwork

I also noticed lots of protective styles like Eloho’s faux locs, braids, and twists, like Jennifer’s. Hot temperatures can make styling our hair seem like the hardest job ever but protective styles make it easy to get up and go with a ponytail, bun, or a couple of hairpins.

My Trip to Europe Showed Me the Beauty of Natural Hair Around the World
Image Source: @sisterfrouk

What did I do with my hair? I also decided to keep things low-maintenance by doing braid outs. On most nights, I would dampen my hair with water, divide it into 4 sections, and braid two plaits into each section. In the morning, I kept my waves fresh and hydrated by spraying and squeezing leave-in conditioner into my locs. I completed my morning hair routine by spritzing the amazing-smelling Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer on my unbraided waves.

My Trip to Europe Showed Me the Beauty of Natural Hair Around the World
Image Source:@padjemisme

The primer protected my hair from the sun as I walked around the city for hours during the day (the sun did not set in Amsterdam until around 10 PM”>, and it came in a convenient travel size bottle that I could easily pack with my toiletries.

My Trip to Europe Showed Me the Beauty of Natural Hair Around the World My Trip to Europe Showed Me the Beauty of Natural Hair Around the World

I had such a great time meeting new people, seeing new styles, and getting lots of great ideas for how I can style my own hair for the rest of the summer. What other hair trends have you seen around the world? Share them in the comments

Why This Woman Decided to Cut off Her Locs and Embrace Her Afro

Everyone loves a great story and we all know that our hair can tell a million stories of its own! After talking to women about their hair, styling choices, and how their hair makes them feel, I became particularly interested in styles that involve “starting over” by cutting off a significant amount of length or changing the hair in other noticeable ways.

Why This Woman Decided to Cut off Her Locs and Embrace Her Afro

I spoke to a few women I know who inspired me with their locs and have since decided to cut them off in favor of other natural hairstyles. While many of them shared that they were ready for something “new” or “different,” I was curious about the specifics of what prompted such a drastic change.

Christiana is one of the women who cut off her locs because she wanted a change. She wore her hair in locs for four years and she inspired me to start my own locs in 2012. While her favorite thing about locs was not having to comb her hair, her least favorite thing was retwisting and styling, which became even more of a challenge since her locs were “long and heavy.” These details of her story are very similar to those of other women I spoke to, but her impetus for cutting off her locs was unique.

What was the final straw that prompted her to stop twisting her roots for two months and pick up the scissors for a big chop? “I came back from a family vacation with a bunch of sand in my hair after I had thoroughly washed and rinsed my hair every day after going to the beach.” As with braids and twists, sand is almost impossible to remove from hair that is not loosened, so the sand was an understandable nuisance.

Why This Woman Decided to Cut off Her Locs and Embrace Her Afro

Since her big chop, she has sported her natural 4C-textured hair in beautiful styles that make me miss my own afro sometimes. She shared that not only does she miss nothing about her locs, but there is not much difference between the way that she cared for her hair while it was loc’d and now that it is loose.

Christiana’s story proves that if we ever decide to go back to our loose hair, we will not necessarily have to totally revamp our haircare products. Christiana’s appreciation for her curls is something that she did not realize before her locs and she shared some of her favorite products from her haircare regimen, which include products from the L.O.C. method, deep conditioners, co-washing, and Jamaican black castor oil. These are all products that we loc’d girls can use, too!

Why This Woman Decided to Cut off Her Locs and Embrace Her Afro

Do you have a story about why you cut your locs? Do you have any awesome products that you continue to use after going from loc’d to loose? Share your story and product suggestions in the comments

15 Celebrity Hair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next Style

Lights, camera, action! Celebrities usually have the advantage of teams of professionals to help them look their best at all times. Here are 15 of our favorite celebrity hair crushes who inspire us every time they are in the spotlight.

Tracee Ellis Ross

15 Celebrity Hair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next Style

Tracee does a great job of sporting her natural curls in every form. She is not afraid to show us her hair when it is free and uncombed or expertly styled into buns, ponytails, or braids. Tracee is the queen of versatility and these waist length unraveled cornrows are a whole mood.


15 Celebrity Hair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next Style

Beyonce without a doubt slays every style from flowly blonde wigs to lemonade braids, these finger waves are giving us so much life.


15 Celebrity Hair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next Style

Ciara is another hair chameleon. Whether she is sporting almost floor-length straight hair or she decides to “level up” with a short pixie cut, she reminds us to be bold while having fun with our hair. These flawless ombre goddess faux locs are a great protective style for an effortless summer style.

Kelly Rowland

15 Celebrity Hair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next Style

Kelly has come a long way since her Destiny’s Child days. Now we see her embracing her natural texture and rocking some beautiful voluminous styles, not to mention these beautiful locs.

Issa Rae

15 Celebrity Hair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next Style

We’ve watched Issa’s hair evolution from The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl  to two seasons of HBO’s Insecure. She has sported twists, braids, waves, curls, and she can really do no wrong! Catch a closer back view here courtesy of her fab stylist, Felicia Leatherwood.

Amanda Seales

15 Celebrity Hair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next Style

Another Insecure regular, Amanda loves to show us her hair process. She has shown us bedhead freshness to her innovative braids and styles that keep us on our toes.

Elaine Welteroth

15 Celebrity Hair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next Style

Elaine’s natural curls are beautiful and she never fails to have them in tip-top shape. Elaine is also daring in her exploration of twists and braids to accessorize her curly looks.

Bozoma Saint John

15 Celebrity Hair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next Style

Known for her bold, colorful, fun style, we can always count on Bozoma for hair that defies gravity and makes a beautiful entrance in every room she enters.

Yara Shahidi

15 Celebrity Hair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next Style

Yara has rocked fun hairstyles on Blackish and now on her spin-off, Grownish. Her hairstyle changes make us wish that we had as much style and flavor in our college days!

Chloe + Halle

15 Celebrity Hair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next Style

Also Grownish stars, Chloe and Halle have always worn their long locs in artistic styles. Whether they wear them wavy, accessorize with jewelry, or pin their long locs into bangs, these sisters never fail to keep their styles innovative.


15 Celebrity Hair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next Style

Remember her pixie cut? What about her red phase? Rihanna even wore faux locs for a movie role. Rihanna can do no wrong, and these days, she has been rocking loose carefree waves.


15 Celebrity Hair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next Style

Zendaya is also another style maven who can easily change her look. We love her new auburn color!

Lupita Nyong’o

15 Celebrity Hair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next Style

Lupita is one to watch because she loves to play with her hairstyles. She tends to keep her cut short, but her looks always remind us that a short style is far from limiting.

Let us know in the comments which style is your favorite, and check out these hairstyles as well!

10 Women Embracing Their Silver Curly Hair That are Redefining Natural Hair

Silver hair is no longer a look reserved for women of a certain age. Sporting those greys is a fun way to add character and a unique charm to your look in the most unexpected way. Here are 10 curlies who are living their best lives while rocking their silver curls and waves in style!


10 Women Embracing Their Silver Curly Hair That are Redefining Natural Hair

Samantha’s silver strands add a fun highlight to every look and her page shows that she loves to have fun with her hair. Follow her page for great style tips for silver curlies and anyone else who wants to style their beautiful curls.


10 Women Embracing Their Silver Curly Hair That are Redefining Natural Hair

If your curls are wavy, Mindy’s page is perfect for fun style inspiration.


10 Women Embracing Their Silver Curly Hair That are Redefining Natural Hair

For every look from rocking her hair full and free to up in a bun, follow Tenille for a look into the versatility of silver curls.


10 Women Embracing Their Silver Curly Hair That are Redefining Natural Hair

Follow Amanda for cute ways to sport a curly bang and accessories that make your silver curls pop in the best ways.


10 Women Embracing Their Silver Curly Hair That are Redefining Natural Hair

Follow @jjmua for makeup and hair tutorials that will show exactly how to create a beautiful face that is framed by your silver coif.


10 Women Embracing Their Silver Curly Hair That are Redefining Natural Hair

Yazemeenah’s soft long waves go well with her free and natural style. 


10 Women Embracing Their Silver Curly Hair That are Redefining Natural Hair

Carla makes it a point to rock her silver strands with pride as a host on The Chew. Her hair is always an amazing part of her complete look (along with her steady rotation of glasses frames”>.

8. @suddenlycurlyandgray

10 Women Embracing Their Silver Curly Hair That are Redefining Natural Hair

Nicole’s highlights add a pretty unique touch to each of her looks.

9. @terukolaura

10 Women Embracing Their Silver Curly Hair That are Redefining Natural Hair

Teruko’s soft curls stand out in every photo. All of her photos show ways that healthy silver curls complement great style. 

10. @carolinashairheaven

10 Women Embracing Their Silver Curly Hair That are Redefining Natural Hair

If you need style inspiration, Carolina’s Hair Heaven’s page features photos that show endless options.

Want to take your silver strands to the next level? Here are some major tips for caring for your hair:

  1. Find the right styling products for your hair. Want smooth curls? A frizz-free volumizing foam may be the way to go. Need some moisture? Try a nourishing leave-in conditioner.
  2. Try a dry haircut! If you normally wear your hair curly, a dry haircut can give you the intended look that you are going for because it is cut and styled in the form that you intend to wear it. Dry haircuts also allow you to see your silver hair while it is dry so you can determine the best styles for your hair and how it falls in real-time.
  3. If you feel like your silver hairs are looking a bit dull, try brightening them by washing with a purple-tinted shampoo, like Clairol Shimmer Lights.

Know of some other beautiful silver curlies that we should add to the list? Share in the comments!

10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Your Locs

Whether you like the loose waves of a cornrowed braid-out, the tighter crimps of a braid-out, curls from sponge rollers, flexi-rods, or tight coils from pipe cleaners, it is possible to have a different look for every day. I tried a few different curly styles with my loc’d hair, and I had so much fun sporting my new looks.

I personally love pipe cleaner curls. They start off as tight coils for the first few days, and the curls slowly fall over time so that they look different day-to-day and week-to-week. Sleep with a bonnet on to loosely hold your curls in place while you sleep, and then zhuzh your hair a bit with a spritz of leave-in conditioner in the morning, and you’re ready to go!

The curls hold best on clean, slightly damp hair with a little bit of leave-in conditioner and you can sleep with the pipe cleaners in overnight or sit under an overhead dryer. The curls are really easy to do, but you should plan to spend a few hours working on your hair if you are curling individual locs, depending on the length of your hair. All of the styles below are tried and true fun easy looks that work with any kind of curls. I tried them on day one of my pipe cleaner curls and I plan to rock each look as my curls fall. Try them out and let me know what you think!

1. Curly fro

10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Your Locs

Not in the mood to part your hair? You don’t have to! This is a fun style to rock during the first few days of curls while they are tight and short.
PRO TIP: If you want to add a bit more volume, use a hair pick to gently tug at your roots. This technique works well with locs that are not freshly retwisted.

2. Center part

10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Your Locs

This is an all-purpose look that works for any lifestyle, hairline, or mood. It may help to do this look when your curls have loosened a bit so that your hair stays put, but you can add in fun clips or hairpins to help.

3. Side part

10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Your Locs

This look is a great way to add volume to your hair. You can choose which side you like better and decide on how deep of a part you prefer.

4. Ponytail on top

10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Your Locs

Sometimes I want to wear my hair up and down at the same time. The ponytail will be shorter, longer, smaller, or more voluminous depending on how tight the curls are.

5. One bun on top

10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Your Locs

I love a “messy” bun. Try a fun alternative to a ponytail by wrapping your curls around each other and securing with a hairtie. You can also achieve a neater bun by wrapping your locs around a donut hair bun maker.

6. Two buns on top

10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Your Locs

This is an unexpected fun look for days when you’re feeling whimsical. It’s an easy casual look that can also be dressed up with jeweled hair pins or other loc jewelry. Buns are also a great way to incorporate additional afro-kinky hair for more volume or highlights of color.

7. Two ponytails

10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Your Locs

Maybe you’re getting closer to wash day or you have a loc or two that have decided that they no longer want to remain curly. This style works perfectly for locs that are freshly curled or have fallen after a couple of weeks. I like the look of looser ponytails so that my curls maintain their volume.

8. Headband

10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Your Locs

A simple accessory can be functional and fashionable, and headbands work well to hold hair back in a simple and sometimes colorful way.
PRO TIP: If you cannot find a headband that is the color or design that you like, you can always create your own with a cut of fabric.

9. Headwrap with bangs

10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Your Locs

I always wanted bangs, but I refuse to permanently cut them into my locs. Headwraps are a great way to add color, texture, and prints while creating the illusion of bangs! To achieve this look, I pushed all of my locs forward toward the front of my head and tied a triangular-folded wrap over most of my locs. This look is one of my go-tos to complement outfits, add a little drama to a lewk, and keep my hair up in a fashionable way.

10. Headwrap with loose hair on top

10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Your Locs

I like to put my hair into a loose bun or ponytail and wrap fabric around my head to frame my hair. You can get really creative with this look by playing with different fabrics, wraps, and knots. Use the fabric to tuck and maneuver your locs for your desired look.

What are some other fun curly styles for locs? Try these out and let me know what you think!

Everything to Know About Maintaining and Styling Locs, According to an Expert
Everything to Know About Maintaining and Styling Locs According to an Expert

Image: nappstar_nyc

We don’t talk much about locs in the NaturallyCurly world, but Annette Roche, owner of NappStar Salon in New York City, is on a mission to change that by showing the world about the versatility of natural hair through her specialization in locs and her mission to enhance your loc journey. I first learned about Annette through Franchesca Ramsey, @Chescaleigh on Youtube and Instagram, when she named the stylist who slayed her locs for everything from red carpet events to television appearances, and I’ve been following them both ever since. I got the chance to chat with Annette before her Midwest tour, where she will be traveling and teaching all about locs. I asked her questions about NappStar, products, loc care, styles, and everything in between. She shared her expert tips as well as advice that she would give anyone who is on the fence about starting their own loc journey. I left our chat feeling like I wanted to start my locs all over again!

The NappStar Salon

Annette has been doing hair for 15 years, starting at her mother’s African hair braiding salon in Maryland. Both she and her sister, Melissa, own NappStar salons, and while Annette works out of New York, she worked between the Maryland and NYC locations for 6 years. Ultimately, Annette made NYC her home base, and she’s helped NappStar build a social media following of over 40K followers. It’s no wonder- the salon’s social media is loaded with photos of intricate styles, fun and bright dye jobs, the freshest retwists, and videos of stylist confessionals for your entertainment and inspiration.

Everything to Know About Maintaining and Styling Locs According to an Expert

Image: nappstar_nyc

Annette says that things really took off around the time when many women of color were starting their natural hair journeys. “When everyone did the big chop, Franchesca Ramsey, @chescaleigh, she was a really big advocate for us,” Annette says. “She just organically talked about us on her YouTube, which really helped us. She was one of the beginning people on YouTube to really show tutorials on how to take care of your locs. And then we just backed it up with the actual brick and mortar experience. So that was a great combination early on and we had really awesome work.”

What other natural styles does NappStar Salon do?

“We specialize in locs and our number one best services probably our loc extensions because we manufacture them ourselves. That’s our FashionDreads line. As expert locticians, when we first started doing loc extensions, we noticed that the old technique, which was the wrap method, didn’t look as natural. Then we started offering the crochet loc extensions. It really, really blended in! Clients liked it a lot better, so it pushed us to start manufacturing our own and it really drove a lot of revenue to our business. And then we started creating other services around the crochet, like Instant Locs. So now instead of going through the six months to a year phase of locking your hair, we can do it in one day where your hair is already mature. And that’s just with your natural hair without adding extensions.”

What would you say makes NappStar Salon unique?

“We’re a natural hair brand that exclusively focuses on locs. So our niche is locs and that’s what makes the salon unique because we find ourselves as the locs experts and the locs standard. We really want to provide a professional salon experience and elevate that because I feel like in black hair, in general, the salon experience has always been so stereotyped. It’s always a long day thing, so we’re really trying to change the black salon experience as well.”

What’s next for NappStar?

“So many things! We’re about to launch the clip-ins for FashionDreads, which is our extension company. We feel underrepresented at the beauty supply stores and we don’t think that it’s fair. You go to the beauty supply store, you can’t buy anything for locs that looks like your locs. It’s either shiny or synthetic, but it doesn’t look like our natural locs. So I developed clip-ins the same way you would have curly hair clip-ins or any other type of clip ins for straight hair, but it’s for locs. This is going to be a great option to have more versatility with your locs if you want more volume. It’s a great way to play with color and not commit yourself or damage your hair by coloring it.

Loc Facts

Everything to Know About Maintaining and Styling Locs According to an Expert

Image: nappstar_nyc

What is the difference between freeform locs and like a more stylized loc?

“Freeform is where you kind of just let your hair be free and literally what it sounds. It takes up a loc form within itself. You don’t really do much to it. You might get it crocheted once a year just so it doesn’t start growing all together, but the whole point is to just let your hair be free and it’ll just do whatever it wants. Whereas a more stylized fashion dread person is someone who gets their hair maintained and manicured. I would say it’s the difference between you going to get a manicure versus never doing your nails at home.”

What advice would you share with people who are just starting their locs?

“I would say you’re going to go through a lot of phases in the next couple of months, especially if you didn’t add in hair. If you’re just going through your “ugly phase,” which I don’t believe in, you’re going to be learning a lot about yourself and you’re going to have to be patient with your hair. It’s not going to look the way you want it to look everyday. You’re not going to instantly have that length that you got locs for. You’re really going to have to go through it and it’s going to be beautiful. Enjoy it because once it gets long, it’s just long. You’re never going to get those organic short days back. So enjoy it and trust the process!

How often should locs be retwisted and is there a right way to do it?

“Yes. Locs should always be twisted to the right hand side. We recommend in the beginning phases, year 1-2, getting your locs retwisted every four to six weeks. Once your hair is mature, I’d recommend getting it twisted every six to eight weeks. But it’s also a personal preference thing. If you have to be in a corporate environment and have to look professional all the time, then every four to six weeks, but just remember, don’t over twist your hair.

Locs were not always fashionable and trendy as they are today. What do you think made people more accepting of loc styles?

“I think men are just doing a lot more with their locs, personally. So that’s really nice because when they use our extensions, they love it because it blends in instantly so they don’t have the thought of ‘Oh, people think I have extensions in my hair,’ and they feel really confident with that. I think it’s becoming more trendy because after the big chop, we kind of were in limbo with what to do with our Afros. So locs are a great choice because your hair’s always done. It always looks cute. You can just throw it up into any style. Even on your worst day, it looks good. So you’re just part of this community. And I think because there’s so much social media, we have a lot more access to styles. We have pioneers like Franchesca who showed us how to do our hair at home. With locs, it’s not something you necessarily have to go to the salon for, but it’s really nice that in between the salon visits, you can maintain your hair very easily. We want movement. That’s why we have braids and that’s why we wear weaves. We want movement with our hair, whereas Afros just kind of stay in one position, even though it’s a beautiful crown. And most of us don’t have wash and go hair. So it’s like what do you do now?

Everything to Know About Maintaining and Styling Locs According to an Expert

Image: nappstar_nyc

What do locs represent to you?

“I feel like we’re rebels. Locs represents us. It’s our hair. It’s an expression of ourselves. I feel like we took a stand against society’s norms and that’s why we’re discriminated against. We chose to be different. We didn’t used to look like everyone. We didn’t choose to wear straight hair. We chose to wear our hair- and do it proudly and boldly.”

Loc Care

A healthy scalp is the secret to healthy hair, and the same goes for locs.

Moisture seems to be the secret to healthy hair and scalp. What are your top five products to use?

“For your scalp, grapeseed oil, avocado oil and almond oil. For the locs, you can use rosewater to mist them as a daily hydration or you can get distilled water and mix a little bit of almond oil with to help strengthen your locs, and it’s like a leave-in conditioner.

Are there any products to avoid on locked hair?

“Don’t use black gel, and NO WAX. You wouldn’t believe the amount of product buildup that people come in with in their locs from wax. For gels, I would recommend nothing with wax, nothing with shea butter. Shea butter is great for the skin but not for locs. Joie Naturals has a product called MyGel. It’s an awesome all-natural product. And honestly, I know it’s super cheap, but Eco Styler gel is great. With locs, you want to use something light that will wash out well. Also, before you wash your hair, make sure you open your roots to get product build out. For shampoos and conditioners, we use Giovanni, but anything sulfate-free. And then, at least once a year, do an apple cider vinegar detox on your locs. If you go to the gym, I’d recommend you use Sea Breeze on your scalp. If you get sweaty a lot, Sea Breeze your scalp and towel dry your hair that way. And then, of course, don’t forget to wrap your hair every night to avoid lint because lint does not come out.

How often should you wash and retwist your hair?

“I would say every time you get a retwist, that’s when you should normally wash your hair because, with locs, if you wash at home and you don’t know what to do with your hair, it’s kind of all over the place. So every time you are going to do your hair is when you should wash it. So I wouldn’t overtwist it. I recommend every 4-6 weeks.”

Everything to Know About Maintaining and Styling Locs According to an Expert

Image: nappstar_nyc

Loc Styling

A common misconception about locs is that there are limits to the styles that you can do with your loc’d hair, and this could not be further from the truth. At NappStar, there are styling options galore!

With locs, your hair will go through growth and maturation phases, and the comb coiling method prepares the hair for each one. “Normally the first one to six months is called the budding phases. So That’s where your hair kind of starts to lock at different points. It doesn’t like fully washed out yet, but it’s not mature. And after a year, the natural comb coil method is mature and that’s when you start having weight to your locs and when they start hanging really nicely.”

Another option saves years of going through the loc journey and gives you the look of mature locs in one salon visit. “If you want to lock your hair instantly, but with no hair added, we also offer the Instant Locs. That’s done with our NappStar Crocheted Technique. And that’s similar to how the loc extensions are also made. That’s great for very straight hair or curly textured hair. Like if your hair has a hard time locking, Some people have really loose hair so it’s a really great technique, also if you want to free form your hair, the Instant Loc is a great way to do that.”

Another familiar style may be loc extensions. They can be done with different textures of hair but they are a great option for temporary added length. ”If you don’t want to start your locs, you can start with the loc extensions. That gives you length instantly, so you can get up to 16 inches instantly and it will blend in with your natural hair as you go through the locking process. And that’s a great option for people who have a certain job or need to look a certain type of way instantly versus going through a bunch of phases.”

What are some fun things that people can do with their locked hair?

“You can get Expressions Hair or Marley hair and add ponytails to your locs. You can add jewelry to your locs, like gold wire or gold string that you can get from Michael’s. You can add the gold cuffs to your hair. That’s super cute. There are so many style options! You can get the FashionDread clip ins and make yourself a bang. That’s what I did with Franchesca Ramsey, and people really, really loved that. With the FashionDreads, we do have a six inch clip-in bang that is really cool.

Since you use your own brand of loc extensions, What else can they be used for besides adding length?

“We do a lot of crochet and repair with the locs. We do loc combinations with the crochet method. So you may have 120 locs and then you wanted 50 locs. We can combine your locs and it looks beautiful. I actually did that for a lot of the NFL players. You can take the extensions and add them into styles. If you have short hair and you wanted a bigger bun, you can make a bigger bun out of it if you want. You can use it for a bang piece. It just gives us a lot more variety. Anything you can do with regular kinky Marley hair or Expressions braiding hair, you can do with our loc extensions.

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