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How Maui Moisture Is Giving Back To Underserved Communities

Maui Moisture has serviced countless hair enthusiasts with the heart and soul of Maui in mind since their inception in 1987. The products–shampoos, conditioners and stylers included– are vegan, eco-friendly and filled with ingredients that can be found on tropical islands such as coconut and aloe. Now, they’re honoring their namesake in a whole new way. After the catastrophic wildfires in Lahaina, Hawai’i, the brand is giving back to locals who have been affected by the tragedy, which marked the U.S.’ deadliest wildfire in more than a century. 

While many people took to social media to document the devastation and encourage donation efforts, Maui Moisture stepped forward with a pledge. The brand announced, on Instagram with a heartfelt message, their donation of $250,00 to Direct Relief, a non-profit organization helping the community recover. 

“We’re absolutely heartbroken by the devastation the wildfires have caused to the families and communities on Maui,” the post stated. “We’re committed to supporting the island’s recovery.” In addition to their donation and their work with Direct Relief, they announced, “we’re working with Feeding America and Maui Food Bank, and our retail partners to mobilize the donation of personal care products and over-the-counter medicines.” 

But, this isn’t the brand’s first stint in giving back to their community. Maui Moisture makes it a point to educate consumers about mental health and well-being as well. Earlier this year, for example, the company made headlines after awarding $100,000 to PsychoHairapy, a skills-based training course founded by Dr. Afiya Mbilshaka. 

“We know that texturism, microaggressions, and discrimination have a deep and negative impact on how our consumer sees herself– affecting her confidence and overall mental health,” says Sheena Henry, Earned Media Manager for Maui Moisture. “We understand the deep connection between hair and mental health,” especially for Black women and girls. 

So, not only can you expect quality products from the brand, but you can also continue to rely on Maui Moisture to prioritize uplifting people at every turn. After all, what’s most important to them, as Henry says, is for “those in underserved communities to have the best resources for both their hair and their mental wellbeing.”

Exploring the Influence of Chicano Culture on Nail Art

Nail art has long been a significant form of expression in Black and Brown communities. Whether short, long, coffin-shaped, or almond-shaped, it serves as a powerful canvas through which many highlight the beauty of their culture – one fingernail at a time.

From the world of sports to the music industry, dynamic manicures have consistently made a mark. Florence Griffith Joyner’s iconic nails are as unforgettable as her world records, and ‘extendo’ nails have been proudly flaunted by numerous female emcees, further solidifying their place in cultural expression. 

Now, let’s delve into the unique and vibrant realm of Chicano nail culture.

With over 10 million views on the ‘chicano culture nails’ hashtag on TikTok, users show off their designs and have created a robust digital space, fostering a sense of community and solidarity, by offering thousands of tutorials showing off the intricate and precise process, long inspired by the rich history they originate from. 

Deeply rooted in history for many Mexican-Americans, nail art extends past simple colors. Including several cultural motifs like sugar skulls (calaveras), commonly seen throughout imagery to honour the past on Día de los Muertos (Day of the dead), the Virgin of Guadalupe, photo decals to celebrate the late Tejano star Selena Quintanilla-Pérez and Aztec motifs, their nails tell an important story which honors the past and celebrates the future.

Flexing their wide range of talent, nail artists employ various techniques such as air-brushing, 3D nail art, elaborate rhinestones, and hand-painting to truly elevate the nail experience.

Clearly setting many trends, the influence of Chicano culture on nail art has always been prevalent throughout popular culture and has been used as a vehicle to highlight political issues, albeit some designs may be viewed as controversial, nail artists get detailed as possible to communicate a message or appreciation. 

Never hesitant to make bold and vibrant statements, numerous nail artists and patrons who frequent salons, adorning their nails with Chicano nail art, emphasize the significance of femininity and empowerment.

To many, going to the nail salon has been viewed as a rite of passage, for nail enthusiasts seeking Chicano nail art, it’s a way to honor their heritage.