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5 Jaw Dropping Hair Growth Transformations You Must See

Each year we ask thousands of our community members what their favorite products are for our annual Best of the Best and they vote on their holy grails and even share a few newbies that have helped improve their hair for the best. For the second year in a rowRighteous Roots RX  took home the gold for best hair oil (it has previously also won for hair growth treatment, scalp treatment and multi- use product”>. With so many curlies raving about this product we had to see what the hype was all about.

From postpartum hair loss to traction alopecia, 5 curly girls with various hair textures share their hair growth journey using the Righteous Roots Rx oil. These transformations will blow your mind. Scroll down to learn more about this miraculous oil that is taking the curly world by storm helping curlies all around the globe grow long, healthy hair.

Amanda @mandapanda_xo

5 Jaw Dropping Hair Growth Transformations You Must See
Image: @mandapanda_xo

I have been using Righteous Roots for three years now. This oil has definitely helped my hair so much throughout these years, so much that I even carry a bottle with me in my purse! There’s so many ways to use Righteous Roots! You can use it to pre-poo, scalp massage, to seal your ends, scrunch out your gel cast, etc. My personal favorite way of using this liquid gold however is for my scalp massages!

I take 2-3 drops of oil on my hand or apply some directly into my fingertips and I scalp massage for at least a good 5 minutes every night. You can also use a scalp massager and apply some onto it if you don’t wish to use your hands. Scalp massages are such a great way to promote hair growth and of course, relax after a long day.

Doing my nightly scalp massages has increased my hair growth tremendously to the point where my thinning/balding edges due to a surgery I had a few years back that caused quite a bit of hair loss, have made a complete recovery. Righteous Roots has also helped me combat my dandruff. Whenever I feel my scalp is extra dry and/or itchy I immediately add a little of Righteous Roots and my scalp is instantly soothed. It has been a very long time since I’ve had any scabs on my scalp or serious flaking!

Dominique @powerdomi

5 Jaw Dropping Hair Growth Transformations You Must See
Image: @powerdomi

I use Righteous Roots to massage my scalp 2 to 3 times a week. I get especially generous with it on the weekend before I’m due to wash my hair. I give myself an extra thorough scalp massage and even do a “pre poo” treatment sometimes as well.

I have found that since I’ve incorporated regular scalp massages with this oil my hair not only grows at a much quicker speed than before, but I’ve noticed that I seem to have twice the amount of hair that I used to. I don’t know whether I actually have MORE hair or just thicker hair (because it’s still fine”> but it’s visually the impression I get.

My scalp has never been healthier, the proof being the speed at which my hair grows at now. I don’t suffer from flaky or itchy scalp, it gives me zero issues.

I would urge wavies who are uncertain about oils to give scalp massages an earnest try because the RR blend is not overly heavy when used correctly. Anybody wanting faster hair growth NEEDS to scalp massage more frequently and RR makes it so easy ( the thin dispenser tip with adjustable nozzle is so, so handy”>. I would also urge wavies to try pre poo treatments before washing their hair. Some of my absolute best wash day results have started with a RR pre poo, the impact this has is not to be underestimated!

Read more on Dominque’s hair journey here

Verna @themestizamuse

5 Jaw Dropping Hair Growth Transformations You Must See

Image: @themestizamuse

I’ve been using Righteous Roots going on 3 years. Prior to transitioning to my natural hair, my hair was on a continuous cycle of chemical use and self-inflicted damage. I used relaxers, bleach, flat irons, curling irons, hair extensions, Dominican blowouts, keratin treatments, dealt with mechanical stress, bad hair care products, etc. In 2017, I got highlights added to my hair, but unbeknownst to me, my stylist used a new bleach which nearly damaged my curls. I literally had to transition all over again. And RR helped get the health of my curls back! I was losing so much hair on a daily basis, literally was on the verge of going bald, so I thought my hair was beyond hope. Since using RR, my scalp is healthy, my hair is thriving—it’s stronger and more resilient.

I use RR in three ways; as a scalp massage treatment, as a pre-poo oil treatment, and as a detangler. I massage my entire scalp with a small amount of oil for approximately 4 minutes, sometimes more, at least 3-4 times a week.

As a pre-poo oil treatment, I divide my hair in small sections. I rub my hands together to spread the oil from root to tip. Then work the oil into my hair using my fingertips. At the same time I finger detangle my hair to remove any knots or tangles.

For over 20 years, my go to hairstyles were either tightly pulled ponytails or buns. In 2016, I incorporated RR into my regimen and used it to massage my scalp for at least 4-5 times a week consistently. In approximately 2 months, I started seeing the hair growing back at my temples, where it was completely bald. Then, I noticed other parts of my hair growing back as well.

Bella @def_curls

5 Jaw Dropping Hair Growth Transformations You Must See

Image: @def_curls

I have been using Righteous Roots oils since 2016. Growing up in the 80’s, my relationship with oil went from using hot oil treatments available at the local drug store to smothering my hair with conditioning/hair dress pomades. The use of oils & conditioning pomades on my curly hair became an issue for my hair stylist who would occasionally blow dry my hair. It only took one time for her to tell me to stay away from oils and so I did. To my stylist, I was making it difficult for her to blow dry my hair with my overuse of oils, which I can understand, considering the state of my hair back then and my inexperience. I now firmly believe that it was not only the low quality of the products that I was using, but also how I incorrectly used them that did not allow my hair to flourish. My hair did not touch oil again until 2016 when I tried Righteous Roots for the first time. At that point, I was in a different state of mind. I was embracing my natural curls and I was excited to see what my hair’s full potential could be. I was willing to give oils another try, willing to learn the benefits of using a good oil, and willing to learn how to properly incorporate oils into my hair routine. Finding a product like Righteous Roots, a product that saved me the trouble of having to make a DIY concoction and more importantly a product that works, was a huge plus for me! I learned how to properly use it and how to get its full benefits. Because the oil is simply an incredible product, it is a win-win situation for me (and my hair”>.

“I look back at old photos and it amazes me to see how now in my 40’s my hair is healthier than it was in my 20s. The Righteous Roots brand and their oil has changed my life.”

I use Righteous Roots oil to massage my scalp about 2-3 times a week. A scalp massager may be used for added stimulation. I also use the oil once a month as a hot oil treatment. I do my RR hot oil treatments on clean dry hair. If I style my hair and a gel cast forms, I use a small amount RR oil to scrunch out the crunch (I add a few drops to my fingertips”>. On wash days when my hair is extremely tangled, you better believe that I am reaching for RR to pre-poo. My hair tangles terribly, especially by my nape. The oil is a tremendous help and helps reduce wash day hair loss. Last, but not least, I add RR to some of my deep conditioning treatments. I activate it with heat so that my hair gets the full benefits of its ingredients. The oil works very well with heating caps and hair steamers.

Angeliah @ange_liah

5 Jaw Dropping Hair Growth Transformations You Must See


I started using Righteous Roots RX oil almost 3 yrs ago towards the end of my pregnancy. I was super discouraged and depressed over the condition my hair was in so I didn’t get my hopes up too high. Within 1 month I noticed a drastic change. My hair was so much more manageable and the areas where I experienced the most breakage began growing back.

Today, I use RR oil as a deep conditioning treatment weekly. Usually in the sauna with a shower cap to really lock in the moisture. I always and I mean ALWAYS use RR oil as a pre-poo on wash day. It melts the tangles and single strand knots making detangling so much easier. At night I massage my scalp for 10 minutes with a little RR oil on the tips of my fingers and that helps promote hair growth.

“The RR oil worked a miracle on my hair. I first noticed the shedding during my detangling sessions was minimal whereas before it was excessive. My hair strands looked noticeably stronger and longer.”

I’m a Mother of 4 and with my first three pregnancies my hair looked amazing. I was expecting the same outcome with my fourth and was in for a rude awakening. In fact my hair was the complete opposite. It was awful, drier than ever and broke off very easily. My hair looked nothing like my previous pregnancies. I went from waist length hair to bra strap length in a matter of months (tears”>. The advice I would give is to be proactive about caring for your hair early on. Your hormones are so out of wack you have no clue how your hair will react to the changes your body is going through. Just a little extra TLC and Righteous Roots RX should do the trick!

It’s no secret that healthy hair starts at the root and these women have proven that to be true by sharing their honest experiences using Righteous Roots Rx oil which has countless benefits in growing strong healthy hair. No matter where your journey may lead, your curls can always bounce back.

Have you tried Righteous Roots? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments below.

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12 Must-Try Healthy Scalp Products

Do you feel like no matter how moisturized you keep your curls your scalp is still dry, flaky or irritated? If so, I assure you there’s no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed, but in order to maintain healthy hair, it truly does start with your scalp. There could be many causes such as an overuse of products which leads to buildup, not drinking enough water, possibly being allergic to a product or simply a dry scalp due to the weather conditions. It’s important to take time to be aware of the cause and get to the root of the problem.

Let’s be honest we’ve all dealt with dandruff and frustrating flakes, which is not a good look when you’re wearing black, but the question is how are you caring for your scalp? I’ve recently been paying more attention to my scalp now that I’m wearing a lot of protective styles as I grow out my hair from my big chop. I never realized the importance of a healthy scalp, until now and I have found that scalp-care is the new haircare. Scroll down to learn about what scalp-care essentials you should add to your routine to cure the itch.

Oils & Treatments

HPO Happy Scalp Oil

HPO Happy Scalp

“When you go to a good salon, and you get the whole treatment – shampoo, massage, aromatherapeutic oil…it is indulgent and rare – and expensive! This is like having that experience in a little bottle in your bathroom. A few drops rubbed in at the end of a long day (or the beginning of a great weekend”> is awesome – and then when you shampoo it fills the shower with delicious smells of relaxation and happiness.”

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Briogeo Scalp Revival

Briogeo Scalp Revival

“This treatment stands out from the rest because it is not oily or greasy. I have seborrheic dermatitis, which can be exacerbated by oils from other products. This scalp treatment is great for applying immediately after washing your hair or midweek to reduce irritation and flaking between wash days. Whenever I have to put off washing my hair, this product helps to alleviate my inflamed scalp. Great product!”

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment

“This scalp treatment is for you if you have dry, itchy, winter scalp. It feels amazing! It’s a little thick so you’ll need an extra rinse. But it works. Smells just like you would expect, MINTY.”

Phyto Botanical Scalp Treatment

Phyto Botanical Scalp Treatment

“Awesome product, I have really dry hair and this product helps to stimulate my scalp with the peppermint scent that is in the ingredients. You only need a few drops on the scalp and rub it with your fingertips. I have been using this product for over 7yrs. Healthy and shiny looking hair. You leave it in for about 7-10mins.”

Malibu Scalp Therapy

Malibu Scalp Therapy

“I had a very severe case of contact dermatitis on my scalp with huge amounts of flaking at hairline and terrible itching. The Malibu Scalp Therapy worked wonders! I love this product!”

SashaPure Deeply Therapeutic Hair, Scalp & Skin Elixir

SashaPure Deeply Therapeutic Hair, Scalp & Skin Elixir

“We had some unusually dry and cold days here in Texas recently and this product saved my scalp! I put it on at night and put my satin scarf on. When I woke up my scalp felt amazing!”

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Shampoos & Conditioners

Girl + Hair Cleanser

Girl + Hair Cleanse

“I’ve been using this shampoo for the past 3 years and swear by it. It never leaves my hair dry or stripped, yet it cleanses thoroughly, which is very important to me as I often wear protective styles and need to ensure that my scalp is squeaky clean.”

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Balancing Conditioner

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Balancing Conditioner

“This product is excellent for those with dry scalp. It conditions your hair very well and seals in moisture. The product is 100% natural and works very well with curly hair. I love this product because it seals and moisture and keeps my scalp clean. I’m definitely going to continue using this product!

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo

“It smells sooo good—like candy canes (in the best way possible”> and tea tree. It’s a must for people on the activated charcoal trend. The texture is thick and gritty and leaves my scalp feeling fresh.”

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Vitabrand Scalp Shampoo

Vitabrid C12 Scalp Shampoo

Apart from the annoying flakes that trickle down onto your clothing, a dry and itchy scalp causes discomfort. This shampoo from Vitabrid not only reduces the amount of flaking, but also packs your hair with hydration and soothes your scalp.

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Cantu ACV Root Relief

Cantu Apple Cider Vinegar Root Relief

“I work out at least 3 times a week and this is my favorite product to use to keep my scalp clean and refreshed in between washes, plus it’s great for when I wear protective styles.”

DevaCurl Buildup Buster

DevaCurl Buildup Buster

“This product is the truth. I could not believe the results. My curls were tighter, they have bounce again, and the shine! I could not believe it. I shampoo regularly, but nothing was touching the buildup I was getting from hard water. It was slowly turning my hair limp, with loose, oily- looking, yet also dry, curls. Buildup Buster completely fixed that with one use.”

Have you tried any of these? If so, which are your favorites? Let us know how you care for your scalp in the comments below.

Jade Kendle aka @lipstickncurls is Empowering Thousands of Women to Rock Their "Naked Hair"
Jade Kendle aka lipstickncurls is Empowering Thousands of Women to Rock Their Naked Hair


One of the top questions we receive at NaturallyCurly is, “How do I know what my hair needs?”

Whether you’re an OG curly girl or a new natural, it can be overwhelming and frustrating learning to care for your natural hair in all its glory. Realistically every day won’t be a perfect hair day, but the best advice I can share is to take time to understand your hair’s needs, keep it simple, nurture it with love and it will flourish.

Beauty influencer and entrepreneur, Jade Kendle-Godbolt aka @lipstickncurls decided it was time to get back to the basics to understand what her hair needs, without layering on tons of products and manipulation. After becoming frustrated with her natural hair when her go-to products no longer were providing lasting results, she felt it was time to re-evaluate her hair regimen and take a break from using styling products. A few months ago, she shared an IG post on how she was battling the pressure to always feel the need to style her hair and how she couldn’t tell what products were doing what because she always had something in it.

Jade was ready for a reset and began sharing her #NakedHair moments with her digital community and helped to redefine natural hair without the pressure of perfection. What started as a challenge has fueled a #NakedHair movement where over 7,500 women fearlessly embrace their natural hair in its purest form and allow their hair to be free and flourish effortlessly.

Keep reading to learn more about Jade’s journey to falling in love with her natural hair, advice for women struggling with embracing their natural texture and the lessons she’s learned as a mom and wife. 

Share your inspiration behind the #nakedhair movement.

The #nakedhair movement started from my own hair-frustration. I was pregnant and probably more moody than normal (LOL”>, but I was frustrated with my hair. My go-to products were not working well and I was feeling overwhelmed with trying to find new products. I started wanting to blow my hair out straight more or even cut it ALL off. I was THAT irritated. Then one day, I just decided to let my hair breathe with zero products in it and I felt different. It felt like a “break”. I kept doing this and in conjunction with conversations I was having with hairstylists I trusted, I began re-evaluating how I chose products for my hair and how often I used them.

Jade Kendle aka lipstickncurls is Empowering Thousands of Women to Rock Their Naked Hair


What does a successful wash day look like for you?

A successful wash day for me includes an aromatic sulfate-free shampoo. I really enjoy lather with my shampoos, and one’s that leave my hair still soft afterward, not that “squeaky” clean feel! Then, I’ll go in with a great deep conditioner, I prefer treatments that have protein and moisturizing ingredients in them. Then, to make things even more hair-euphoric, I’ll grab my hair steamer. I’ll sit underneath for 20-30 min and rinse. Usually after allllll that, I’m going #naked! This way, I can see how my hair is doing from the previous week of styling and make sure the wash day was a good one.

How do you maintain moisture when using less products?

The common misconception with #nakedhair is that I’m going days on days without any products. The maximum I’ll go with #nakedhair is 2 days. At that point, I’m co washing and styling. Also – it’s summer. There’s a bit of humidity in Texas and going outside with damp hair is a common (and really enjoyable lol”> experience in this heat! So my hair is able to gain moisture from the water left in my hair from showering and/or the moisture in the environment. Also – let’s be real. If your hair is so dry that you can’t go a few hours or a day without anything in it- are the products in your usual routine REALLY getting the job done? Or just making your hair “look” moisturized?

What are your top humidity hacks?

I’ve learned that I stress less when I work WITH humidity and not against it lol places like New Orleans during Essencefest weekend taught me this! Instead of freaking out about trying to maintain a hairstyle, I plan to wear styles that are slicked down and pulled back, a protective style like braids, or use a humidity-resistant product like the Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel or the Living Proof Humidity Shield.

What ingredients, techniques and/or products help you achieve healthy hair?

I like to use products that have fewer ingredients (so I have less to try and understand lol”> and products that don’t contain a number of ingredients like phthalates, parabens, silicones, sulfates, or coconut-oil. There are so many options out there for naturally curly and coily hair now that the market is soooooo huge. This is a good and bad thing – lots of choice with lots of marketing lingo that can sometimes be misleading. That’s why I’m always trying to learn what my hair likes and how it’s affected by specific ingredients. This is how I’m able to look and feel my hair and figure out what it needs at that time. 

Jade Kendle aka lipstickncurls is Empowering Thousands of Women to Rock Their Naked Hair


What’s your advice to women who are still struggling with loving their natural texture?

The more you face it and embrace it – the easier it gets! All you need is to have a tiny bit of love – and the commitment to nurture that love over time. If you think staring at yourself in the mirror for one day and saying “I love myself, I love my hair” is going to magically change your perception of your hair – you’re kinda missing the mark. I understand that historical and current societal expectations (and completely ridiculous laws and norms like “afros and locs are not professional””> exist. We have to stop waiting on “them” to accept us. We have to show up as our authentic selves as much (and as safely”> as possible. The #nakedhair movement is about YOU. That’s it. It’s about YOU and YOUR HAIR – no product or no one else. Self-love and acceptance has to start and end with you. Showing yourself love, even in the smallest way, like resisting the urge to ALWAYS style your hair out of fear of not being accepted by others, is a step towards loving your hair, unconditionally.

As a mom and wife, what is the biggest lesson you’ve learned about self-care?

That it’s OKAY to take time for me. I know my husband needs me in a very real way and so do our daughters. I push myself to give them my best, and I can’t not do the same for me. My beauty routines are MY WAY of self-care. I grew up with the understanding that “If you have nice things, you take care of them”. I consider myself a “nice thing” , so I gotta make time to take care of Jade, too!

What has your natural hair journey taught you about yourself?

That I am so much better when I embrace my own wants & desires when it comes to personal style than trying to keep up with trends or other people. Comparison kills creativity. I have always been incredibly creative, and have gone through many moments where I was so engulfed in comparison, that I lost who I was. Going natural in college was part of my transition to womanhood and it continues to teach me how to let go of control and just be.

When was the last time you let your hair be naked? Share with us in the comments below.

Eva NYC Curl Collection is the Powerful Duo Every Curly Girl Needs

Whether you have loose waves, corkscrew curls or tight textured coils, Eva NYC has got you covered with their newest curl collection!

Eva NYC recently launched a CG approved duo collection that is guaranteed to help you simplify your hair regimen featuring two styling products including the Gotta Bounce Curl Defining Cream and the Bounce Back Curl Reviving Mist .

If you haven’t had the chance to try Eva NYC, here’s what you should know! Eva NYC is known for creating fun, effective and affordable hair products that are packed with powerful ingredients that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and completely free from parabens and phthalates.

Let’s get into these products to find out why you should add them to your hair regimen to achieve defined and moisturized curls, coils and waves.

Eva NYC Curl Collection is the Powerful Duo Every Curly Girl Needs

Gotta Bounce Curl Defining Cream delivers curl sculpting definition & smoothing hydration to create bouncy, touchable curls. This clean formula provides extra hydration to thirsty curls, providing added shine, definition and nourishing ingredients for your strands.

Key ingredients include:

  • Aloe Vera :helps to add moisture, combat frizz and defines curls.
  • Sweet Almond Oil: adds shine and seals in moisture for strong healthy curls.
  • Coconut Oil : protects hair against environmental factors and ensures shine.
  • Cactus Flower : smooths the cuticle & brings spring back to fallen curls.
Eva NYC Curl Collection is the Powerful Duo Every Curly Girl Needs

Bounce Back Curl Reviving Mist delivers an instant energy jolt to flat, lifeless curls. This lightweight mist refreshes your curls in between wash days to provide even the most fabulous on day 4 and beyond that are soft, springy & full of bounce!

Key ingredients include:

  • Aloe Vera: locks in moisture & reduces frizz, revealing smooth & bouncy curls.
  • Pequi Oil : highly emollient and is a rich source of essential fatty acids, making it a powerful moisturizer and conditioner that decreases frizz and restores the vitality of brittle hair.
  • Glycerin: a humectant that attracts moisture and adds slip to easily detangle curls when refreshing.
  • Cactus Flower: smooths the cuticle & brings spring back to fallen curls.


Eva NYC Curl Collection is the Powerful Duo Every Curly Girl Needs

We’ll be choosing TWO curlfriends for a special giveaway which will include the Gotta Bounce Curl Defining Cream + Bounce Back Curl Reviving Mist plus the Eva NYC Healthy Heat Pro-Lite Dryer with diffuser.

Don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself! In the comments below let us know why you would like to try the Eva NYC Curl Collection. The giveaway closes on August 14, 2020.

This post is sponsored by Eva NYC.

Sherrel Sampson Shares Her Innovative Approach to Scalp Care for Natural Hair
Sherrel Sampson Shares Her Innovative Approach to Scalp Care for Natural Hair

Scalp care is the foundation of healthy hair. For those of us that experience a dry itchy scalp, we know the struggle all too well of finding a calming cure that actually provides long-lasting relief and soothes our scalp without the harsh ingredients. Sherrel Sampson, the founder and CEO of Canviiy, recognized a significant void in the hair care industry when it came to scalp care after she experienced a persistent itchy scalp and couldn’t find an adequate solution, so she was inspired to formulate an innovative botanical-based scalp care brand called, Canviiy. 

Read more to learn about the revolutionary products she created to help you achieve your healthy hair goals. 

Share the inspiration of Canviiy and what makes these products unique. . .

I recognized a significant void in the hair care industry when I experienced a persistent itchy scalp and couldn’t find an adequate solution. I researched many anti-itch products and brands to find that many were based in harsh ingredients and contained petroleum and mineral oil that clog the scalp. After trying several products that provided very little relief, I was inspired to formulate botanical-based scalp care products that calm scalp itch.

Canviiy is unique because we are inspired by innovative plant science. Canviiy’s revolutionary products are comprised of a proprietary organic complex infused with botanical minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to revitalize, repair & nourish scalp & skin irritations. Customers have seen results that last 3-5 days post use. 

What was the process like creating the formulas? What were your non-negotiable ingredients to avoid?

Our team is methodical in our innovation processes to ensure that we are delivering products with superior efficacy. We take our time to analyze ingredient synthesis that will yield the best product performance. For instance, many companies use zinc pyrithione as an active ingredient to clear flakes, however, we took an innovative approach to clear flakes and product buildup by developing a premium lactic acid complex to gently exfoliate dead skin cells while maintaining scalp and hair moisture. Product efficacy is a core value of our company which propels the uniqueness of our solution suite. To achieve long-lasting healthier results, all Canviiy products are free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrance and color.

Sherrel Sampson Shares Her Innovative Approach to Scalp Care for Natural Hair

What are the key ingredients in Canviiy and why did you select those specific ingredients?

The ScalpBliss™ Collection offers a long-lasting, concentrated itch-calming serum, infused with powerful, natural botanicals including aloe vera, lavender, witch hazel, manuka honey, jojoba and peppermint oil to give your scalp a blissful itch-free feeling. Equally innovative are the Collection’s custom-designed applicators which deliver the ScalpBliss™ serum with unparalleled precision to specifically reach targeted areas of the scalp. We selected those specific ingredients, as we wanted product infusions with restoring nutrients, ultra-cooling properties and aromatherapy calming benefits. The entire collection includes the Canviiy ScalpBliss Sea Mineral & Organic Herb Restorative Growth Serum, Canviiy ScalpBliss Scalp Purifying Foam Treatment ,the Canviiy Nourish + Calm Natural Cleansing Bar and the Canviiy ScalpBliss Itch-Calming Organic-Based Serum.

What misconceptions would you like to highlight regarding caring for natural hair and scalp care?

More than a misconception, there is misunderstanding on why scalp irritation occurs when wearing protective styles and after applying hair color treatments. Case in point, protective styles can overwhelm the scalp due to lack of air circulation, which causes heat to get trapped and induces an itchy scalp. On the other hand, hair dyes contain paraphenylenediamine and ammonia ingredients which are commonly known to cause scalp irritation. Therefore, caring for your scalp must be a delicate balance of selecting the best products to maintain optimal scalp hygiene and recognizing potential irritants.

What are your top tips for healthy hair growth?

  1. When in need of follicle growth, scalp stimulation is key to rejuvenate blood flow and absorption of key nutrients.
  2. Thinning hair more often than not may be linked to iron deficiency. Try eating plenty of dark vegetables to increase hair follicle strength.

What has been a memorable moment for you and the creation of Canviiy?

One of our proudest brand achievements is our thriving partnership with Moffitt Cancer Center. Moffitt has been nationally ranked by U.S. News since 1999 and of the 902 hospitals overall evaluated for cancer care in the United States, Moffitt’s ranking places it in the top 1 percent. Moffitt was actively seeking natural and organic solutions that deliver results without the use of harsh chemicals and toxins. Moffitt has been able to validate insights such as our product effectiveness against scalp irritation and the longevity of which the relief lasts. LaWanda Courtney, Director of Volunteer Services of Moffitt Cancer Center said “At Moffitt, we are closely attuned to the needs of our patients and one of those needs are to provide organic, hair and scalp care products. Therefore, we are incredibly proud to partner with Canviiy, as their natural-based solutions have proven to be effective across our patient population. We are excited about this partnership!” Next, they have allowed us to mirror externally the strength that these fabulous women display internally daily. Scalp Health is important to us and while we have been a trailblazer in the space since 2014 we are glad to see it will be one of the big trends in hair care today.

Want to learn more about Canviiy? Check out their products on SHOPNC.

@naptural85 Named Best Natural Hair Blogger for Coily Hair of 2020
naptural85 Named Best Natural Hair Blogger for Coily Hair of 2020

For more than a decade, Whitney White aka @naptural85 has selflessly shared her passion for natural hair that has inspired millions of women around the world to embrace their natural crown. In 2015, she decided it was time to share her love for natural, homemade and safe hair products on a larger scale so she created her own line, Melanin Haircare

Since it’s initial launch, it has continued to be named one of the best hair lines on the market and this year snagged a couple Best of the Best Awards including, Best New Collection and Best Cream for the Twist-Elongating Style Cream. 

Not to mention, Whitney was voted Best Blogger for Coily hair. Can you say #winning? 

Keep reading to learn more about what her natural journey has taught her, advice for new naturals and her holy grails from Melanin Haircare. 

Describe your hair in 3 words:

Robust, Evolving, Radiating

naptural85 Named Best Natural Hair Blogger for Coily Hair of 2020

What has your natural hair journey taught you about yourself?

Because my hair is an extension of me, my hair journey will keep evolving along with my life experiences and age. But so far, I’ve learned how to be bold in my self-expression. Not meaning loud or attention-seeking, but to be unafraid to present myself truly to the world, regardless of outside feedback.

I’ve learned patience as well. Caring for my hair has become almost like a meditative process for me within my hectic lifestyle. I’m able to focus on self-care, and it tends to be the time in my week when I’m able to think most clearly without interruption.

I’ve also learned how to let go. I recently cut my waist-length natural hair into a short bob. It was so therapeutic because I had been wanting to make this change for so long but kept telling myself that I couldn’t. Letting that hair go, and finally being able to match my outside appearance to how my spirit was feeling on the inside was like a rebirth for me. I finally feel aligned– body, mind, and spirit, which I feel is so important to your self-esteem and a healthy mindset.

What tips and/or techniques have you learned throughout your hair journey that keep your curls at their best?

The most important tip is to listen to your hair. You’ve really got to pay attention to what your hair and scalp specifically need and when. Sometimes your hair may be lacking moisture and you should re-treat. Sometimes your hair may experience some wear and tear and need a trim to tidy up and stop the damage from spreading. Sometimes your hair and scalp may become over-handled and need a protective style to give it a break from the pulling and fastening. It’s so important to pay attention to how your hair and scalp feel so that you can keep it healthy and thriving. 

naptural85 Named Best Natural Hair Blogger for Coily Hair of 2020

What are your holy grails & what makes these products stand out?

I’m a huge fan of my DIY hair products and have been leaning on my homemade mixtures for years! I love them so much that I created my hair care line, Melanin Haircare, based off of my own personal recipes, enhanced for additional nourishment and moisture, that I’ve been using to grow my hair healthy and strong throughout my journey.

My holy grails are most-definitely The Melanin Haircare Signature Trio, the perfect LOC/LCO pack containing our Multi-Use Softening Leave In Conditioner, our Twist-Elongating Style Cream, and our Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend! They work so beautifully together for the perfect amount of nourishment, structure, lasting moisture, and softness, but are also each amazing on their own. I love that I can use them in so many different ways, really reducing the amount of hair products I have in my pantry. The nourishing and plentiful natural ingredients are my favorite part of the formulations. They keep my hair structure thriving, healthy and strong, which affords me the confidence and freedom to experiment more with my hair, knowing that it will grow back quickly should I want to change it again.

What advice do you have for new naturals?

My advice for new naturals is to have fun, enjoy every stage of your hair, gather a lot of information – there’s so much free info online! And while you’re gathering information, be open to failing and discovery. Everyone’s hair is different! You won’t know what your specific hair and scalp needs will be until you experiment, and with experimentation you cannot avoid failure… and that’s okay! Learning about caring for your natural hair texture is literally learning a new part of you that you haven’t explored yet. So be kind to yourself, stay positive, and most-importantly have a blast! Discovering new parts of yourself is a blessing and a step towards complete self-love, remember that! XO!

@HonestLizHere Named Best Blogger for Curly Hair of 2020
HonestLizHere Named Best Blogger for Curly Hair of 2020

Loving your naturally curly hair is a journey rooted in self-love, compassion and grace. Even though there will be times of frustration, especially in the beginning when you’re still learning how to care for your natural texture, you can always rely on our supportive community of curlfriends to provide words of encouragement to keep you focused on your journey. 

Blogger, Elizabeth Alex, aka @honestlizhere, is a curly girl from India that has a passion for sharing hair tips, techniques, product reviews and recently got trained by the creator of the Curly Girl Method, Lorraine Massey to cut and style curls in India. 

Her motto is “serving and saving curls worldwide” and is doing just that by sharing her knowledge with over 100k curlfriends around the world. This year she was voted the best blogger for curly hair by our NaturallyCurly community in the Best of the Best Awards

Keep reading to learn more about her journey to loving her curls and the top techniques she has created to help curlies embrace their naturally curly hair.

What was it like growing up with curly hair?

I always had my hair short for better management I assume, but it didn’t help me get into school dances or plays. It was heartbreaking to watch girls with long straight hair get everything their way so easy. 

HonestLizHere Named Best Blogger for Curly Hair of 2020

When did you decide to embrace your natural curls?

I’ve always embraced them, but just didn’t know how to care for them properly. In 2017, I was going through postpartum depression. To cheer me up my mother took me to a local salon where after spending hours at the “hair spa” , I experienced protein overload. It was a devastating experience, but that was also the “aha moment” to figure out that these salons were not for curly hair. So I decided to research and fix my hair myself. That’s when I found the CG Method.

What has your curly hair journey taught you about yourself?

The process was hard, expensive, and time consuming, but my curly hair journey has made me realize that I am worth it! I finally love my body for what it was created, and caring for it brings me joy. 

What techniques have you learned throughout your hair journey that keep your curls at their best?

I created techniques like the 123 Gel Method  , which gives me great definition and volume! Also, after experimenting, my DIY oat conditioner, Hair Teas, and rice water rinses have enhanced my curl pattern and using Olaplex no.3 and styling over it has helped me a lot too. But the biggest game changer for me has been deep conditioning, twice a week! 

HonestLizHere Named Best Blogger for Curly Hair of 2020

What was a hair mishap you experienced in your journey and what did it teach you?

The protein overload I mentioned earlier was my first, but many others followed after too. These hair mishaps have always been lessons for me. I love analyzing washdays and experimenting. So any mishap now is a stepping stone I gladly welcome! 

If you had to share one tip with curlies what would it be?

As Lorraine Massey says, “put back what you take out”. So if you clarify your hair, deep condition after! Similarly, when you use oils or butters, make sure to take it out also. It’s all about balance. 

What are your holy grails & what makes these products stand out?

Only Curls London products mainly for how they smell and make my hair feel, it’s the perfect shine and hold for me.

What is your go-to styling technique for definition?

These days I love the simplicity of the Flip Coat Scrunch method! I learned it first hand from Lorraine Massey when I met her this year in Dubai.

What advice do you have for those who are new naturals?

Take it one washday at a time. 

@SwavyCurlyCourtney Named Best Blogger for Wavy Hair of 2020
SwavyCurlyCourtney Named Best Blogger for Wavy Hair of 2020


If you have wavy hair, you may know the struggle of trying to tame your frizzy undefined waves and choosing to straighten and blow fry your hair for years simply out of habit. Blogger, Courtney aka @swavycurlycourtney, has had her share of hair challenges embracing her wavy hair, especially growing up with pin straight hair then once puberty hit her hair changed and she struggled to embrace it in its natural state. 

Over the past two years, Courtney has learned to care for her waves by following the Curly Girl Method and understanding the importance of moisture and protein balance. She wanted to help women embrace their naturally wavy hair and began documenting her journey on her blog reaching about 100K+ across social media.

This year, Courtney was voted the best blogger for wavy hair by our NaturallyCurly community in the Best of the Best Awards 2020.

Learn more about her journey to self-love by embracing her natural waves and empowering others to love themselves as they were wonderfully made.

SwavyCurlyCourtney Named Best Blogger for Wavy Hair of 2020


What has your curly hair journey taught you about yourself?

While I have learned a lot about how to better care for my hair, what I have really learned is to embrace how I am fearfully and wonderfully made! There is something so transformative about working with your hair to make it as healthy as possible rather than torturing it into something that it is not. 

What tips have you learned throughout your hair journey that keep your waves at their best?

Honestly patience, stubbornness, and being observant. You may be able to Amazon Prime 2-day ship the products to your door, but you cannot get the results that quickly. Even if you are doing everything perfectly, all the scrunching, plopping, diffusing, it will still take time for your hair to heal. Give yourself grace while you are learning the ins and outs of the curly girl method. 

Also, really taking the time to learn about your hair’s texture, porosity, likes and dislikes is so helpful. Instead of blindly using whatever products “works for everyone” take time to list your hair products to document what works and what doesn’t. If a certain application technique doesn’t give you your favorite wash day results, that is OK! Try something else! You can change things up to make this work best for you. 

Another thing that is helpful to me is taking a break from styling. As a wavy with oily hair, I tend to have to wash more often than most curly girls. And styling every time I wash can be exhausting. So my wash day routine with cleanse and condition with CG approved products, air dry and call it a day. I find that my hair isn’t detrimentally affected and I get a break! 

SwavyCurlyCourtney Named Best Blogger for Wavy Hair of 2020


What was a hair mishap you experienced in your journey and what did it teach you?

One of the mishaps that happened to me was wildly over moisturized hair. Turns out that weekly deep conditioning and using very moisturizing stylers was not the best for my hair’s texture.This is something that was kind of hard to correct. I have to really learn to read ingredients labels and incorporate lots of protein treatments to correct the issue. I wound up having to use WAY more protein in my hair care routine than most. But my hair not only tolerates it, it NEEDS it in order to stay healthy. This was something that really taught me to listen to my hairs needs, instead of blindly following what worked for everyone else. 

If you had to share one tip with wavies what would it be?

Do not be discouraged when you start doing the “Curly” Girl Method and your hair doesn’t transform into ringlets. Comparison is the thief of joy. And it can be frustrating when you are caught in the middle somewhere between straight and curly. I have had many girls with a tighter curl pattern than mine tell me that I have no business doing the Curly Girl Method and that it is almost rude of me to try. And those comments really hurt. But when I changed my mindset from trying to achieve ringlets that aren’t mine naturally, and started focusing on listening to my hair and the health of my hair, that is when my hair really began to shine, both figuratively and literally.

What are your holy grails & what makes these products stand out?

Turns out that I really really enjoy trying products and experimenting with different combos and techniques. But one of the products that really stands out to me is the Curl Junkie Repair Me! I haven’t found anything else like it. It is an actual protein treatment, as it contains a protein in the first 5 ingredients on the ingredients list. But it is also moisturizing enough to be used as a deep treatment without a follow up conditioner. 

What advice do you have for wavies who are currently transitioning?

Give yourself grace! You are learning something completely new. Remember when you were first learning how to style your hair in middle school? Remember how it would take you 2 hours and it still looked mediocre. Well eventually you became a pro with the blow dryer and flat iron. But that took time and practice. When you start doing the curly girl method, you are learning a completely different way to “do” your hair. Washing my hair upside down and scrunching in gel and diffusing felt so foreign to me when I first started. It took me HOURS to do my hair. Well now, after almost 2 years, I can do my hair in 30 mins. And bonus, my hair is so much prettier and healthier and holds a wave/curl way better than it ever did when I was heat styling.

10 Clean Hair Products for Curly Hair You Need to Try
10 Clean Hair Products for Curly Hair You Need to Try

Now more than ever, it’s important that we are mindful of what we’re putting in and on our bodies to live a healthy lifestyle. For years, we’ve used beauty products that are filled with toxic ingredients that has impacted our overall wellbeing.

Thankfully, over the past two decades we have ignited the natural hair movement to not only empower women to rock their natural crown with confidence, but also be even more mindful of what products we put on our hair and learn how to properly care for it.

Like many of you, I look at the ingredient list on products and immediately get lost in the large words I can’t pronounce and not sure what benefit each ingredient offers.

Lately, I’ve been intrigued by the “clean beauty” trend and definitely aim to slowly start transitioning to using clean products from head to toe. Since that can be quite daunting, I’m starting with my haircare prducts since I’ve already started avoiding harsh ingredients like sulfates, non-water soluble silicones, parabens, and drying alcohols.

Now, The actual definition of clean beauty depends on who you ask, but for the most part, a product is considered “clean” when it’s free of chemicals like phthalates, parabens, silicones, triclosan, oxybenzone and does not cause harm to you or the planet.


Just because it says “natural, organic, or botanical” on the packaging doesn’t mean it’s unaltered natural ingredients. Focus on the top 5 ingredients. When ingredients are listed, they appear in descending order, so whatever the top 5 ingredients are, the product has a higher percentage of those specific ingredients. Be sure that the first ingredient is water to help nourish your hair and retain moisture. Steer clear of harsh chemicals such as sulfates, non-water soluble silicones, parabens, and drying alcohols. If you are avoiding an ingredient specifically, carefully read the entire ingredients list.

Whether you choose to follow the Curly Girl Method or not, it’s extremely important to take a moment and read the ingredients to be sure you’re using safe ingredients for your natural hair.

In honor of Earth Day, here are 10 clean curly hair products that will help you achieve great hair days ahead, scroll down to see which products are worth a try!

Innersense Organic Beauty Hydrating Cream Conditioner 

10 Clean Hair Products for Curly Hair You Need to Try

If your curls are feeling dry and in need of a moisture boost, you’ll want to add this creamy luxurious conditioner to your wash day! This is one of my favorites and is packed with key ingredients like organic monoi oil and aloe to strengthen the hair follicle, smooth cuticles and control frizz while orange flower oil delivers beautiful shine.

Wonder Curl Moisturizing Hair Pudding

10 Clean Hair Products for Curly Hair You Need to Try

This product will help you achieve soft and moisturized hair, especially great for tighter coils. This hair pudding uses ingredients such as shea butter, castor oil and aloe to create a creamy moisturizer that leaves your hair feeling hydrated without being oily or weighed down.

EcoSlay Orange Marmalade

10 Clean Hair Products for Curly Hair You Need to Try

Want to achieve defined curls without the crunch? The Orange Marmalade firm-hold formula delivers frizz-free curls with incredible shine, hold and definition to make your curls pop. This all-natural gel is infused with ingredients like Flaxseed extract, Agave nectar extract, and Aloe Vera juice to help keep your hair at its’ best.

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask

10 Clean Hair Products for Curly Hair You Need to Try

It’s no secret that the key to healthy hair is to deep contioner regularly. Don’t Despair, Repair!™ blends rosehip, sweet almond and argan oils with vitamin B5 and biotin to revitalize dry, damaged hair while preventing future damage.

Rahua Control Cream Curl Styler

10 Clean Hair Products for Curly Hair You Need to Try

This cream styler uses plant-based ingredients to nourish strands, create hold, yet will leave your curls soft and touchable. The innovative formula is crafted with moisturizing shea butter and molasses delivers defined effortless curls that shine.

Dae Deep Condtioning Treatment

10 Clean Hair Products for Curly Hair You Need to Try

Formulated with vegan, non-synthetic ingredients, this treatment will deliver an extra surge of moisture to dry and over-processed strands, resulting in stronger, healthier hair. Even better? Its blend of jojoba, moringa and coconut oil help bring your curls back to life. 

Strands of Faith Intense Deep Conditioning Treatment

10 Clean Hair Products for Curly Hair You Need to Try

Give your kinks and coils some extra TLC with an intense deep conditioning treatment. This deep conditioner will add moisture to your hair and leave your hair feeling soft and moisturized to prep for styling.

Sham Free by Curly World

10 Clean Hair Products for Curly Hair You Need to Try

Lorraine Massey, the creator of the Curly Girl Method, created a product line to help simplify the CG method. Sham-Free Hair & Scalp Cleanser™ is a 100% sulfate free and is a great detangling conditioning cleanser, infused with plant based botanicals, starring the Resurrection Plant. Sham-Free detangles and detoxifies as it nourishes and moisturizes, resulting in a refreshingly clean scalp and hydrated hair. 

My Soigne Hair Cream

10 Clean Hair Products for Curly Hair You Need to Try

If you’re on the hunt for a one and done styler, you’ve got to try this hair cream! This whipped hair cream is a moisturizing and hydrating blend of shea butter, castor oil, jojoba oil, and chia seed oil. This has been become one of my favorites for adding moisture and definition to my curls. 

Cocomino™ Marula Cream Conditioner By Drunk Elephant Conditioner

10 Clean Hair Products for Curly Hair You Need to Try

Yep, that’s right! The popular skin care brand, Drunk Elephant now has a hair collection formulated with an advanced blend of amino acids and smoothing, hydrating ingredients like Marula butter and a nourishing mix of oils including argan, mongongo, baobab, tamanu and kalahari seed to leave your hair soft, frizz free and moisturized.

Have you tried any of these products? If so, which are your favorites? Share any other clean hair care brands or products in the comments below.

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Myavana: The App that Helps You Create a Personalized Hair Care Regimen That Works
Myavana The App that Helps You Create a Personalized Hair Care Regimen That Works

Image: Myavana

Whether you’re a new natural or OG curly girl, achieving healthy hair requires us to understand our unique hair type and create a plan to reach our hair goals, which can be overwhelming with hundreds of “natural hair products” on the market and infinite hair tutorials. If you’re wondering where to start on your natural hair journey, keep reading to learn how to easily create a regimen that caters to your hair type by using the mobile app, Myavana.

Myavana is the perfect blend of science and technology to help you simplify your natural hair journey and reach your hair goals, instantly! I spoke to the founder of the mobile app, Candace Mitchell on how she’s bridging the gap in the hair industry by using the power of technology to help women create a personalized hair regimen based on the science of their hair.

Can you share your natural hair experiences and what natural hair represents to you? 

I started transitioning when I was 20 years old and my first natural hairstyle that I accomplished was a twist out. It was my ultimate go-to style! I truly started to fall in love with my curls and not rely on always straightening it to feel beautiful or professional. My hair is very thick so my natural hair journey really helped me embrace my “lioness mane”. I learned to accept who I am and feel good about myself without needing to conform to any standard. Natural hair to me represents our God-given identity and unique DNA bursting from the follicles of our crown and giving each one of us our personal stamp on the world. My natural hair truly brings me joy! 

What inspired you to start Myavana? 

When I started going natural in college, I had a really hard time figuring out the right products to use for my hair. I was trying a lot of different things, using my roommates’ products, and sometimes the style would look nice but other times my hair would dry out really bad and break off. I remember looking in the mirror one day seeing how much length I lost and I was so upset. As a computer science major at the time, I had a lightbulb moment and came up with the idea for Myavana. I thought to myself, “There should be some type of app or software that can recommend the right products for your hair!” I started doing research on the science of hair and entered my first pitch competition as an entrepreneur. The rest is history! After my first year out of college, I received a seed investment to start Myavana. I am inspired to help millions of women along their hair journey so that we can be our best, confident selves. 

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Myavana The App that Helps You Create a Personalized Hair Care Regimen That Works

Image: Myavana

Tell us how it works… what is the process of determining a person’s hair type using your app? 

In our mobile app, you will simply take a photo of your hair and our technology uses artificial intelligence and image recognition to get a snapshot of your curls and compares that with a database of hundreds and thousands of hair photos that we’ve trained to detect and know the difference between kinks, coils, curls, waves, mixtures of textures and types, etc. It then returns your unique hair combination and recommends products that are uniquely best for your hair, instantly! It takes the guesswork out of caring for your hair. This is our solution when you need real-time guidance. For a more comprehensive analysis of your hair and what it needs, you can order our hair kit and receive a personalized hair care plan. 

Why do you feel more brands are now looking into personalized hair care? Can you share more about the science of curly hair and what makes it unique? 

Brands are starting to see how oversaturated the market is becoming and how consumers are experiencing information overload with all the YouTube videos, blogs, and influencer-driven tutorials that may or may not give you the same results. The entire beauty industry is shifting more to personalization as a way to engage consumers and stay innovative. The science behind all of this is that your hair is as unique as your fingerprint. There are so many variables that make each woman’s hair unique: hair type, texture, porosity, elasticity, health, damage, etc. Every kink and bend on the hair strand increases the weakness of the hair strand and our natural scalp producing oils can’t fully slide down the strand, which makes us so much more prone to dryness. Our textures can change along the strand as it approaches the ends, decreasing in diameter, which makes our hair care regimens more complex to maintain healthy hair. And of course, when you color your hair or apply heat, that introduces even more things to cater to. But don’t worry, we’ve simplified all of this for you. Just tell us your hair challenges or hair goals, and we’ll handle the science! 

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Myavana The App that Helps You Create a Personalized Hair Care Regimen That Works

Image: Myavana

What challenges have you endured along your journey that led to key findings for your company?

On the entrepreneurship side, it was very hard to obtain the funding needed to truly grow the business and sustain our operations as we expanded. We ran into many challenges as our customer base grew which led us to take a step back to re-engineer some things. Our customers wanted more real-time guidance which is why we introduced the new mobile app. A key learning that has been pivotal is that once we’ve provided your perfect product match, customers want to buy it right away! We started fulfilling the products ourselves, but that became very cumbersome. We are super excited to partner with brands and retailers like NaturallyCurly to provide a way to purchase products through our app so that we can stick to what we do best! It’s taken a lot of patience and persistence to get to this point. I sincerely appreciate every person that has helped me along the way. 

In your opinion, which of these factors is most important to consider when selecting hair products: hair density, hair width, porosity, curl pattern, all of the above or something else? 

It’s actually a combination of all of the above! That’s the beauty and complexity of it. We’ve been stuck for so long on the hair typing chart when it’s actually a blend of factors that affect product performance. That’s why we offer a hair analysis kit as well to take a deeper look at your strands under the microscope to provide a detailed assessment of your hair profile. We’ll continue incorporating our findings in our technology and make the app experience the best it can be. We truly have hair care down to a science :”> 

Myavana The App that Helps You Create a Personalized Hair Care Regimen That Works

Image: Myavana

What advice do you have for other women wanting to start their own business? 

I truly encourage you to understand what problem you solve for your potential customers and how great the need is for your business. Do customer discovery to uncover the real solution you should provide and at what price. Take into account all costs associated with building your product and make sure you have good margins. Then build the right team to execute (the most important part!”>. Write the vision and make it plain, be confident in yourself, have faith every step of the way, ask for help when you need it, and move forward persistently. Never give up! 

What can young girls and women with an interest in STEM do to equip themselves for success? 

Take time to really discover what you’re passionate about. Try different classes, courses, and camps, until you find what makes you excited. Then pinpoint what your best learning style is because it takes lots of research, studying, and practicing to truly master a field in STEM. Find a mentor who can guide you and help you when you get stuck because at some point you will but it doesn’t mean that you don’t belong. If you find yourself being the only girl or woman in the room, just remind yourself that there’s a community of us who is cheering for you and rooting you on. You just might become a trailblazer in your field! Women in STEM truly rock :”>

Celebrity Hairstylist, Lacy Redway Debunks Natural Hair Myths and Shares How She is Redefining Natural Hair in Hollywood
Celebrity Hairstylist Lacy Redway Debunks Natural Hair Myths and Shares How She is Redefining Natural Hair in Hollywood
Image source: Lacy Redway

Lacy Redway is using her talents to redefine how natural hair is portrayed in Hollywood by empowering women to embrace their natural crown. For far too long, we’ve been told natural hair isn’t “professional, pretty, or good enough.” Lacy enjoys being able to show the true beauty and versatility of natural hair at even the most prestigious events to help change how natural hair is perceived.

“My favorite thing to do is put non-traditional hairstyles on the red carpet.” – Lacy Redway

Whether you knew it or not, you’ve seen her influence in the pages of magazines and on the red carpet, where she has worked with celebrities including Tessa Thompson, Amandla Stenberg, Yara Shahidi, Zazie Beetz, and Lupita Nyong’o to name a few. What makes her such a notable hairstylist, is her versatile skill set, name it and she can do it. From cascading curly updos, knee length box braids, sleek ponytails, and bedazzled baby hair– she can literally do it all, no matter the hair texture. Keep reading to learn more about Lacy Redway and the top tips she has for curly girls, plus how she’s using her platform to push forward and empower women around the world to love their natural hair.

Celebrity Hairstylist Lacy Redway Debunks Natural Hair Myths and Shares How She is Redefining Natural Hair in Hollywood
Image source: Lacy Redway

What is your first hair memory?

I was born in Jamaica and came to the states when I was 8 years-old. Every Sunday, I would get my hair washed and styled by my sister who would do bantu knots, which would help dry my hair and also give me a style to wear throughout the week. Being that I’m a type 4 naturalista, doing bantu knot outs would help a lot with shrinkage.

What have been some of your most memorable moments in your career?

I was influenced by my sister and family to do hair, so it’s really been engraved in my DNA. Hair has always been a part of me, I was the girl in middle school doing everybodys hair. Braids and natural hair styles have always played a role in my love for hair. I started out as a braider because that was natural to me. As an immigrant that was my way to make my own money and be independent. 

“One thing I would tell my 11 year-old self is to celebrate your differences.”

Celebrity Hairstylist Lacy Redway Debunks Natural Hair Myths and Shares How She is Redefining Natural Hair in Hollywood
Image source: Lacy Redway

What do you enjoy most about working with celebrities?

I always stay as grounded as I can. By working with celebrities, together we get to influence culture. I’m truly blessed and highly flavored. There are so many things that can hold you back living in America, especially as an immigrant. I work with a lot of amazing women, but Tessa Thompson in particular definitely helps to influence culture by letting me experiment with fun natural hairstyles which now we see more of like the long braided ponytail and bedazzled baby hair. My favorite thing to do is put non traditional hairstyles on the red carpet.

What are the biggest misconceptions when it comes to natural hair and how are you using your voice to confront those ideas?

If you choose to use heat, use a heat protectant that includes key ingredients like argan oil, avocado oil or almond oil. Also, remember that the sun can cause damage to our hair, so in the warm weather use UV protective products. Lastly, hard water can also dry out our hair, consider shower filters.

Celebrity Hairstylist Lacy Redway Debunks Natural Hair Myths and Shares How She is Redefining Natural Hair in Hollywood
Image source: Lacy Redway

Your recent Vogue features highlighted beautiful braided styles. Let’s talk about scalp care and caring for protective styles…. What are your key essentials to scalp care?

Back in the day we used grease, but I like to massage my scalp with oils like tea tree and lavender oil. Also, be sure to use clarifying shampoos at least once a week or every other week to avoid build up. 

What are your top tips for healthy natural hair?

Healthy hair starts within, such as drinking lots of water, especially when traveling a lot. It’s important for the health of our hair and skin. Alos, getting regular trims and incorporating protective styles to tuck away your natural hair. 

Celebrity Hairstylist Lacy Redway Debunks Natural Hair Myths and Shares How She is Redefining Natural Hair in Hollywood
Image source: Lacy Redway

What are your top tips for maximum volume and definition for curly hair?

Diffuse upside down. Pin curl clips to lift the roots. Once your hair is dry, gently lift the roots with your fingers.

Use foam dry shampoo when you’re in a rush! It helps refresh your hair without the white residue that can get stuck in our hair. When I’m in a rush and running low on time that’s what I grab and always keep in my kit in case of emergencies.

Celebrity Hairstylist Lacy Redway Debunks Natural Hair Myths and Shares How She is Redefining Natural Hair in Hollywood
Image source: Lacy Redway

What advice can you share to keep natural hair hydrated in the winter?

Use a generous amount of moisturizer such as creams and butters, doing a protective style and hair steaming as needed or once a weekly.

Celebrity Hairstylist Lacy Redway Debunks Natural Hair Myths and Shares How She is Redefining Natural Hair in Hollywood
Image source: Lacy Redway

What inspires you to continue to elevate your craft and redefine how natural hair is represented, especially in Hollywood?

I feel so blessed that I have been put in this position to not only influence culture, but be an advocate. Coming up, I’ve been the only black woman in the room and to me that’s not what I want. I have a responsibility to help pave the way for women of color, we are the most underrated women in the country. I have to do so much more than my counterparts and I’ve gotten to the place as accepting that as the norm. I’m grateful to use my voice and platform to push forward. We have influenced culture from the beginning. I want to get to a place where black people aren’t a trend and we’re respected for our gifts.

I find that in the hair community, men have been seen as better creators and stylists. Thankfully with the spike of the natural hair movement, more women, especially black women are leading and creating hair products to pave the way and I’m grateful to be a part of this movement.

Keya James on How She Turned a DIY Shea Butter Recipe into a Successful Haircare Brand
Keya James on How She Turned a DIY Shea Butter Recipe into a Successful Haircare Brand

Image: @tailoredbeauty

In 2011, Keya James started her natural hair journey and she made the decision to avoid relaxers and harmful ingredients. She began researching the science of natural hair care and was inspired to create her own hair products after learning that most “natural” hair care products used artificial ingredients. Late 2015 Keya James along with her husband Aaron James started Tailored Beauty. The success has come fast, and the business is on a steady climb. Keep reading to learn more about the founder and CEO, Keya James, her mission behind Tailored Beauty, the key ingredients to healthy hair care using Ayurvedic herbs and how she plans to expand her brand by mentoring and investing in the community.

What was it like for you growing up with natural hair?

Growing up during the 90’s, many of the brown girls who looked like myself did not have natural hair. My first relaxer was at the age of 6, so I had no idea what my natural texture was like. Once I attended college it was through a peer that I learned about natural haircare. I watched her hair transform over 2 semesters. She introduced me to forums and I was intrigued by images that women would share of their beautiful, thick natural hair. I did my big chop in the early part of the natural hair movement. My closest friends and family thought I was crazy, but I knew healthy natural hair was possible from my favorite YouTuber and forum member’s periodic length checks. In 2011 I started a YouTube channel to document my hair journey, having a channel was the perfect distraction from the stress of graduate school and work.

“My mission for the brand is the same as it’s been since I formulated the products in my kitchen. To create products with premium ingredients that are safe for all members of the household.”

Tell us about the creation of Tailored Beauty and what makes your brand unique?

I began creating products in 2013 shortly after having my daughter. I would read so many labels and could never find a single product that was gentle and natural myself and my daughter. I began creating hair products and documenting the results of both me and my daughter’s hair journey on my YouTube channel KeyaJ. My subscribers saw the results of my homemade products and asked if I could sell them. 

In 2015 I formally launched Tailored Beauty. My mission for the brand is the same as it’s been since I formulated the products in my kitchen. To create products with premium ingredients that are safe for all members of the household. Creating the perfect regimen was something that I struggled with early on in my hair regimen, I learned from my customers that they face the same struggles I faced as well. Tailored Beauty provides education about our products and we believe no two heads are alike. We provide a wide range of products for all hair types and offer personalized hair regimens to our customers which can be done by taking a simple 5-minute quiz on our site. 

Keya James on How She Turned a DIY Shea Butter Recipe into a Successful Haircare Brand

Image: @tailoredbeauty

What key ingredients do you use for healthy hair?

As a vegan it is important for me to understand each ingredient that I am putting into my body. For example, I wanted to incorporate vitamins into my personal hair regimen, however it was difficult to find a vegan herbal supplement to promote healthy hair. I created an herbal hair vitamin with herbs like Horsetail, Aloe, Fenugreek, Rosemary, and Sage to promote healthy hair. Since launching the vitamins my hair has grown and is visibly fuller. I also love the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs in my hair and body. Using herbs such as Fenugreek, Bhringraj, Gotu Kola Extract, and Neem are some of the key Ayuvedic herbs in our Golden Herbal collection to promote healthy hair. 

What are the hero products that customers rave about?

Customers love our Everything Butter, Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioning Treatment, and Curl Antidote Curling Cream. Tailored Beauty’s Everything Butter was the first product that I introduced in the early stages of my business on YouTube and continues to be our number one seller. We have a unique process for creating the perfect consistency of this butter which makes it the perfect moisturizer. Our customers with dry or low porosity hair have claimed that our Everything Butter is the only product that has helped them to retain moisture.

Our Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioning Treatment and Curl Antidote Curling Cream have become instant favorites after the Golden Herbal Collection launch last year. Customers love the slip and long term moisture that the Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioning Treatment provides and the definition and moisture that the Curl Antidote Curling Cream provides.

Keya James on How She Turned a DIY Shea Butter Recipe into a Successful Haircare Brand

Image: @tailoredbeauty

What advice can you share for entrepreneurs on building a successful business?

Learn every aspect of running a business before expanding. I have a business degree, but a business degree alone did not prepare me for running a business. My business scaled when I educated my self on every aspect of running a business. For example, understand digital marketing before hiring a digital marketer, learn how to send a press release before hiring PR, or learn to run and grow your social media before hiring a social media manger. Understanding these things will help you become a better leader and you will see better results.

Also, understand your target consumer so you are not creating or selling a product that just works for you. Figure out ways to solve a problem for your consumers. Always engage with your customers on social media, in person, and through surveys. I am very hands on with my consumers so I understand their painpoints with their natural hair and I am always figuring out how to solve their problems.

What legacy do you strive to leave?

Growing up in the Bronx, I did not see a lot of successful people who looked like me. Helping people is something that I am passionate about. This year Tailored Beauty will begin our brand ambassador program and it will be the first of its kind in the natural hair community. As an influencer and brand owner, I know the ins and out of influencer marketing. I will have over 20 women that I will personally mentor help to grow their brand as influencers.

 I believe in building relationships and providing knowledge to help people in my community grow. I also teach small business owners how to run a business on my personal social media accounts and speaking engagements. It’s important for me to spread my knowledge to the people in my community. Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs and that’s so amazing to me! There are so many entrepreneurs who want to start a business, but they don’t know where to start. I can relate, because I had so many questions in the early stages. For me, my success is not just about running a successful business, but its about how many people I can help on their entrepreneurship journey.

Natural Hair Influencer, Nia the Light, Opens The Curl Bar London
Natural Hair Influencer Nia the Light Opens The Curl Bar London

Image: @thecurlbarlondon

Nia Petit aka @niathelight has been recognized by her glorious curls and bright warm smile. She’s amassed over 500k+ followers on social media sharing  her passion for curly hair and self-love to empower other girls to not just love their hair, but themselves from the inside out. She has starred  in multiple beauty advertisements and traveled the world encouraging women to love their fro and now is the CEO and salon owner of The Curl Bar London.

“The Curl Bar London journey began in 2013 when a friend of Nia messaged her to ask for hair tips. Nia then invited her to her home where she ended up big chopping her hair to begin her natural hair journey. From then all of her friends started sharing her talents and Nia began doing hair from her Mum’s living room. Months went on and she found herself meeting women who travelled from Germany to Australia just to get their hair cut and shaped by her. Soon after, she began University and embarked on a journey as a content creator but the love of hair that she had at 16 always found its way back to her somehow. At 21, she went to view an old shop in Crouch End and the rest is history.”

Natural Hair Influencer Nia the Light Opens The Curl Bar London
Image: @niathelight

From the living room to a beautiful salon, can you share your journey of becoming a stylist and salon owner?

“I started doing hair for my friends who needed help with their hair. My journey of being passionate about hair truly began at that time as I was learning about my hair too. So seeing friends tell their friends and so on, it just became my little hustle for days I wasn’t in school. I loved every moment of it as it felt so good to make other women feel good.”

What makes The Curl Bar London unique?

“The Curl Bar London is a safe space for women with natural hair to feel embraced. We aspire for each client to feel confident when they walk out and empowered in knowing they have a stylist they can trust and feel pampered. The experience is a one of a kind from having your scalp thoroughly massaged during shampoo’ing to gentle detangling and one to one teaching so each client can maintain the same standard to themselves once they leave the space. We want you to feel at home with our refreshing teas, mellow music and a polaroid wall for each client to be a part of our family. Each client will have a consultation to learn how they want to feel when they leave the space and which service is best suited to them. We envision a community and home to be built for new customers and returning ones who will enjoy every moment of their treatment. We will also have classes with a range of topics for Mothers, students and women in the professional industry who want to learn new styles for their day to day lives. This is not just a salon, this is your home.”

Natural Hair Influencer Nia the Light Opens The Curl Bar London

Image: @thecurlbarlondon

What are the top curly hair concerns you hear from friends and clients? How do you hope to address those at the Curl Bar?

“It is always dry-ness because of the London weather and water. Styling is also a big problem as people want advice on learning that.”

From learning how to care for your own hair to helping other women love their curls, what are your top tips for curly hair?

Detangle with your fingers from the bottom then work your way up. I find that using a brush to smooth it all in will really give you a great smoothing finish. Styling on wet hair is a great way to get the best results from styling.”

Natural Hair Influencer Nia the Light Opens The Curl Bar London

Image: @thecurlbarlondon

What advice do you have for women who are a new natural and struggling to embrace their natural hair?

“Do not compare yourself to others, enjoy your hair for what it is rather than focusing on what it can be. Treat it as a self care routine but don’t become too attached. You are not your hair!”

Natural Hair Influencer Nia the Light Opens The Curl Bar London

Image: @thecurlbarlondon

As the natural hair movement expands, what do you hope to see more of and how do you plan to shine your light in 2020?

“I hope to see more diversity in campaigns and to see more women shining their light on social media!”

Congrats again to this curly Queen on this major accomplishment! We can’t wait to see what you do next, we’re rooting for you.

What's Good: The Top Natural Hair Products that Launched in January 2020

New year, new curls! This past decade we learned so much about how to properly care for our curls, coils and waves. Natural hair is not only inspiring a movement, but a lifestyle to living a conscious and confident life. 2020 is in full effect and January is filled with lots of new haircare launches for the product junkie that lives within us that eagerly awaits for new products to hit shelves to nourish our curls. At the top of the year, hair care brands tend to drop major launches such as Taraji P Henson’s new line, TPH, to Emerge, for the Gen Z curlista. Keep reading to find out what’s new in the curly world where there’s something for all of our curlfriends to try to reach our hair goals.

Wonder Curl 

Whats Good The Top Natural Hair Products that Launched in January 2020

Using ingredients like castor seed oil and shea butter, WonderCurl aims to help you achieve moisturized hair that helps define curls. Recently added to the collection includes a hair butter to seal in moisture and a hair treatment to repair damaged hair. Give this vegan line a try to combat dryness this season. 


Whats Good The Top Natural Hair Products that Launched in January 2020

This vegan international brand is expertly formulated to deliver salon-style results, at home. Your hair will be manageable, frizz free, and impossibly shiny, effortlessly. The 72 Hair line includes an entire collection of products for all hair types such as an intense moisture shampoo, hydrating conditioner, nourishing shampoo, mask, repairing oil, and blow dry cream.

Originals by Africa’s Best Honey & Castor Collection

Whats Good The Top Natural Hair Products that Launched in January 2020

The Honey & Castor Collection combines the strengthening & hydrating benefits of 100% all-natural Honey with the vitamin-rich & antioxidant growth properties of Castor Oil to give your hair the healthy foundation it needs for all of your styling wants.The collection includes a co-wash, curl creme, thermal moisturizer, edge gel, plus a texturizer. 

Adama Beauty Co. 

Whats Good The Top Natural Hair Products that Launched in January 2020

Whether you rock curl, kinks, waves, braids, up-do’s, extensions, locks or twists– Adama Beauty has you covered. Adama Beauty Co provides satin accessories designed to keep your crowning glory beautiful from curl caps to satin pillow cases protect your curls overnight. 

The Mane Choice Peach Black Tea 

Whats Good The Top Natural Hair Products that Launched in January 2020

If you have medium to fine hair and are experiencing excessive shedding, the Mane Choice has something just for you in mind. The Peach Black Tea Anti-Shedding and Intense Volume collection is jam packed with vitamins and nutrients to bring your curls back to life. You can grab the entire collection including the shampoo, conditioner, mask,  mousse, and hairspray.

Swirly Curly

Whats Good The Top Natural Hair Products that Launched in January 2020

Formerly known as Snapee, Swirly Curly offers premium accessories for curly girls. From headbands to scrunchies, these accessories are stylish and adjustable to keep your curls fabulous on the go.

Maui Moisture Combing Cream

Whats Good The Top Natural Hair Products that Launched in January 2020

Detangling curly hair can be a struggle at times, especially if you don’t have enough slip or patience. Maui Moisture has created two new vegan, silicone-free combing creams to answer all your curl wishes. The Maui Moisture +Coconut Milk Combing Cream  and the Heal & Hydrate Shea Butter Combing Cream are multi-benefit creams that work to moisturize, detangle and tame frizz for added shine and for your most hydrated, bouncy curls yet.

TPH Collection

Whats Good The Top Natural Hair Products that Launched in January 2020

It’s no secret that healthy hair starts at the root. Tarji P. Henson, actress and natural hair queen, created TPH collection to prioritize scalp care and show the versatility of natural hair care with her inclusive hair collection that includes scalp scrubs, cleansers, heat protectants and so much more. 

Carol’s Daughter Wash Day Delight

Whats Good The Top Natural Hair Products that Launched in January 2020

In need of a deep cleanse, but don’t want to leave your hair feeling stripped of its natural oils? The Wash Day Delight  is formulated with micellar water which acts like a magnet to attract and lift away buildup for a thorough hair and scalp cleanse without stripping hair. Perfect for curly hair and coily hair, our targeted applicator helps the liquid formula instantly flow through hair providing easy scalp access and quickly rinses clean. 


Whats Good The Top Natural Hair Products that Launched in January 2020

The new haircare line created by Unilever is a hair care line designed for the Gen Z natural girl who’s just as innovative as her coily, curly and wavy styles. Whether it’s braids, twist- outs or a well-defined wash-n-go, her creativity shines through with every hairstyle she rocks. The line is available at Target and includes a six products from a shampoo to a buttercream all under $10.

Prose Curl Cream

Whats Good The Top Natural Hair Products that Launched in January 2020

Imagine the perfect curl cream, that was created for your specific hair type. Prose introduced a truly personal approach to curls, from 2A to 4C: a curl cream created to speak to your unique flow. Since all curls have different needs, each cream is custom-made to fit its user, so light waves get their lift and thick coils get their moisture. Use it when, where, and however you need—it’s yours to define.

Which of these launches are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments.

Everything You Need to Know About The MoKnowsHair Collection Created by Monica Stevens

When I first started my natural hair journey I remember coming across Monica Stevens blog and learning so much from her on how to care for my curly hair. She is a wealth of knowledge and has styled hundreds of naturals all over the country and continues to elevate the natural hair industry with insight and education. Keep reading to learn more about her new hair collection, MoKnowsHairCurl Collection, and how she strives to simplify natural hair care.

Everything You Need to Know About The MoKnowsHair Collection Created by Monica Stevens


From being a natural hair influencer to a stylist and now creating your own hair care collection, how did you pivot and what advice do you have for other women looking to elevate their skills?

My goal was a career in the beauty industry and blogging was a way to create an experience in a space where I had none. The “pivot” was becoming a licensed stylist in 2016. That allowed me to have more opportunity in the space. If you are interested in advancing your career, enhancing your skill set with any available certifications is a good idea. 

Tell us about MoKnowsHair collection and your inspiration for this hair care line. 

After styling hundreds of natural, curly heads of hair in my salon, I found many had something in common; too much conflicting information leading them to damaging hair care practices. The misconception that natural hair care is a miserable, time-consuming process, with lots of steps and even more products is keeping you from living your best curly life! It is time to take the mystery and misery out of natural hair care. With my knowledge as a licensed cosmetologist and connection to the natural hair community, I created MoKnowsHairCurl Collection, a line of salon-quality products with a simple approach to caring for all curl types and textures.

What was the process like creating your own hair care line? What were your biggest challenges and how did you overcome them?

The process was very time consuming, but very much a labor of love. I LOVE all things hair and beauty, so being able to combine my natural talent with years of experience to create something in this space is nothing short of amazing. The biggest challenge is remembering that you can’t be all things to all people. No one product will solve everyone’s needs or desires. I think it is important to produce from your heart, with proper research and experience, and know that it will have a positive impact in the industry. 

Everything You Need to Know About The MoKnowsHair Collection Created by Monica Stevens

What are the key ingredients? Why did you select those ingredients specifically?

Each product is formulated with botanical extracts such as chamomile, rosehip and lavender to nourish, essential oils like apricot, Abyssinian and Argan, butters like mango and cupuacu to enhance manageability, and powerful proteins like quinoa and hydrolyzed wheat protein to repair and improve elasticity, ultimately restoring scalp and curls to their optimal health. 

What are your top curly hair tips for healthy hair?

Deep condition weekly.

Get your ends trimmed at least on a seasonal basis (4 times per year”>.

Clean your combs, brushes and clips weekly, and replace them at least once per year.

What are the CG questions/concerns you receive from clients? How do you address them?

Most are concerned about moisture, and even though they do all of the steps of cleansing and conditioning, they feel their hair is dry.

Everything You Need to Know About The MoKnowsHair Collection Created by Monica Stevens

What have been some of your most memorable moments in your career?

Quitting my very stable job in higher ed to pursue MoKnowsHair full time in 2015

Appearing and presenting on Wendy Williams with Johnny Wright

Being given the opportunity to attend Aveda Institute NYC on full scholarship from the brand

Owning my own salon in Manhattan for three years

Becoming Sally Beauty’s Texture Expert and Stylist

Creating MoKnowsHair Curl Collection

What are the biggest misconceptions when it comes to caring for naturally curly hair?

That shampoo is “bad” or will dry the hair out…. it wouldn’t be possible to dry out the hair with something that requires water to apply. SOME shampoos can make the hair feel too squeaky clean, but that’s just a small percentage of the ones out there. You have to cleanse your hair. Not shampooing is like taking a shower with no soap, toweling off, applying lotion and calling yourself clean; you simply are not. Focus on finding a shampoo that solves your need – moisture, detangling, color preservation, repairing – there’s something for every need. I created a range of cleansers in the MoKnowsHair Curl Collection for that reason!

What's Good: The Top Haircare Launches that Debuted in October You'll Love

This season calls for extra moisture as the temperatures drop. So you’ll want to implement a thick creamy deep conditioner, tingling scalp oil and hydrating shampoo in your regimen to combat parched curls. Keep scrolling to find out what products debuted in October and what products are worth snatching up because you can never have enough products, amiright?

Whats Good The Top Haircare Launches that Debuted in October Youll Love

OOLI Beauty

If you have dread locs and are on the hunt for a few essentials to combat dry thinning dehydrated locs, you’ll want to add this Magic 17 Hair & Scalp Oil and Loc’d Leave-in to your regimen to maintain healthy healthy hair. OOLI is an organic, nut free, paraben free, and SLS free hair care line that is specially formulated for locs with key ingredients including sunflower seed oil, castor oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, tea tree oil and many more. 

Whats Good The Top Haircare Launches that Debuted in October Youll Love

TXTR by Cantu

This multi-functional hair care line created by Cantu called TXTR treats dry scalp and moisturizes waves, curls and coils. The collection includes ACV + Tea Tree Soothing Shampoo, Leave-in + Rinse Conditioner, Strength + Restore Moisture Mask, Scalp Saver, Curl Defining Cream, Gel, Control Paste, Cleansing Oil Shampoo.

Whats Good The Top Haircare Launches that Debuted in October Youll Love

Mane Choice “Do it for the Culture”

For ICONIC, REVOLUTIONARY, BOLD afro-textured hair! Powered by Black Charcoal & Black Cumin to eliminate toxins beyond surface level, allowing nutrients & moisture to penetrate more effectively and encouraging true texture to blossom. This collection includes shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, mask, buttery gel and sheen spray.

Whats Good The Top Haircare Launches that Debuted in October Youll Love


Created by the amazingly talented curly hair expert and master stylist, Nubia Suarez, launched a curly hair collection called RëzoCurls. The haircare collection includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Gel and Serum for curlies to keep curls hydrated, defined and frizz-free. Infused with nurturing ingredients such as Black Tea, Rosa Rugosa Flower Extract, and Jojoba Seed Oil this collection is vegan, cruelty-free, silicone approved, paraben free and CG approved. 

Whats Good The Top Haircare Launches that Debuted in October Youll Love

Crece Pelo

Are you trying to grow long healthy hair? This line This is the first phito therapeutic brand that consists of the use of natural plants, for the capillary growth. Its innovative formula contributes 100% active natural extracts necessary for the good state of the hair. This treatment adds the nutrients necessary to return health, beauty, vitality, softness and flexibility to the hair, helping it to grow. To add a few inches grab the shampoo, rinse, leavin-in, and treatment committed to helping you reach your hair goals.

Whats Good The Top Haircare Launches that Debuted in October Youll Love


Natural hair influencer and stylist, Monica Stevens, launched a curly hair collection featuring eight salon-quality products with a simple approach to caring for all curl types and textures based on the science of hair. Each product is formulated with botanical extracts to nourish, essential oils and butters to enhance manageability, and powerful proteins to repair and improve elasticity, ultimately restoring scalp and curls to their optimal health. 

Whats Good The Top Haircare Launches that Debuted in October Youll Love

As I Am Pure Oils

With temperatures dropping this season, it’s imperative to lock in moisture with an oil. As I Am created a Pure Oils collection including Argan Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Black Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Coconut Oil .

Whats Good The Top Haircare Launches that Debuted in October Youll Love

Botanika Beauty

Created by Afro-Latina beauty blogger, Ada Rojas, and beauty entrepreneur Aisha Ceballos-Crump to provide Latinax women with nourishing products to awaken the inner goddess within you. The collection includes a protein treatment, light curl cream, mousse, styling gel,  curl cream, deep conditioning mask, and an oil serum.

Which of these will you be trying out? Let us know in the comments below?

What's Good: Top Curly Hair Products You Need to Make A Smooth Transition into Fall
Fall is officially here. If you’re looking to give your hair some extra TLC after your summer festivities look no further. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new moisturizing hair butter or multi-purposeful styler to give your curls the love they deserve. Keep reading to learn more on the latest and greatest natural hair products of September to add to your list. Whats Good Top Curly Hair Products You Need to Make A Smooth Transition into Fall

Bomba Curls

Bomba Curls was created by Lulu Cordero, an Afro-Latina who believes that natural is better! She wanted to share the tightly kept Dominican beauty secrets used by generations of women to naturally boost growth and maintain fullness with the world. This month, Bomba Curls released their first product, Dominican Forbidden Oil. The premium elixir is infused with pure coffee seed and castor oil to moisturize the hair and scalp to promote maximum healthy hair growth.

Whats Good Top Curly Hair Products You Need to Make A Smooth Transition into Fall


If you have colored treated hair, you have probably heard of Olaplex. It’s a holy grail for colored curls because of the amazing benefits to preserve the integrity of curly hair not only when applying color, but afterwards to maintain a healthy hair regimen. You can now care for your colored hair at home with these essentials including the No.3 Hair Perfector, No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, No.5 Maintenance Conditioner, and the No.6 Bond Smoother.

Whats Good Top Curly Hair Products You Need to Make A Smooth Transition into Fall

Chi Aloe Vera with Agave Nectar

Developed for women with natural curls and texture, CHI’s new Aloe Vera with Agave Nectar Hair care Line is a 7-piece collection providing solutions to enhance definition, moisturize hair, and maintain frizz for smoother styling. Its special blend of Aloe Vera and Agave Nectar paired with a Super Hydration blend and a low pH will moisturize, protect and care for curls while helping to define, create and maintain the natural curl pattern of each strand. The formula locks in moisture to guard against humidity and provide easier maintenance of curly hair. Not to mention, CHI’s brand-new Aloe Vera with Agave Nectar Hair care line was used to achieve the beautifully defined styles on both Miss USA and Miss Teen winners. 

Whats Good Top Curly Hair Products You Need to Make A Smooth Transition into Fall

Curl Theory

The Curl Theory Moisture Collection is designed with you in mind. Each product in the Collection prioritizes hydration as the basic building block of healthy hair, using a special blend of oils to maximize moisture and elasticity. No more choosing between curl definition and moisture; now you can have both. The collection includes a Scalp Refreshing Conditioner Hair Wash, Deep Conditioner, Leave-in Miracle Worker, Multi-Style Cream, and Gel Styler. Check out an exclusive review on how this line worked on NC contributor, Sydney Green’s type 4 hair. 

Whats Good Top Curly Hair Products You Need to Make A Smooth Transition into Fall

Mane Choice Tropical Collection

When you need endless summer moisture, grab the Mane Choice Tropical collection that is packed with vital moisture and nutrients to improve shine, strength and manageability. This collection includes Sweet Oil & Honey Endless Moisture Shampoo, Rinse out or Leave-in Conditioner, Hair Mask, and Pearly Braid-Out Glaze.

Whats Good Top Curly Hair Products You Need to Make A Smooth Transition into Fall

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Refresh Styling Spray

Refresh your curls with ease with this water-based style booster that instantly reactivates “next-day curls”, removes odours, and adds volume to roots. Refresh never builds up so curls stay bouncy, beautifully defined, and frizz-free – even in intense humidity.

Whats Good Top Curly Hair Products You Need to Make A Smooth Transition into Fall

Gro Secrets

Say goodbye to stripped and brittle hair! The secret to groplex’s amazing effectiveness is the infusion of oils and nutrients into the formula, increasing its absorption into the hair. The collection has powerful ingredients such as Shea butter, keratin, olive oil and coconut oil, to soften and nourish your hair. Their line offers a Creme Cleanser, Creme Conditioner, 10 Minute Hair Mask, Leave-in Lotion, Curl Creme Enhancer, and Shine Pomade.

How this Natural Haircare Founder Created an Innovative Fragrance-Free Line, CurlyCoilyTresses

Angela Fields is the owner and creator of the innovative, clean, natural haircare line CurlyCoilyTresses, that is fragrance free for the chemically sensitive and allergenic. Learn more about her entrepreneurial journey from unemployment to finding her destiny.

How this Natural Haircare Founder Created an Innovative Fragrance-Free Line CurlyCoilyTresses

Tell us about your natural hair journey and what made you decide to embrace your natural hair….

I considered going natural for years before I actually started. I spent a lot of time researching the process, options, and products and learning from those who were willing to share their experiences. At times it was overwhelming as so much conflicting information exists. 

Once I started transitioning, it became very obvious why so much conflicting information exists. No one process or product works equally well for everyone. The uniqueness of natural hair as well as previous hair experiences affect outcomes. After the big chop, I realized different was only just beginning. Like so many others, I wondered why my texture was so different from everyone else’s. I kept seeing beauty in the curls of others.

Eventually, I learned to embrace my uniqueness. Once I embraced my uniqueness, it became much easier to identify the most appropriate ingredients and techniques. 

What challenges did you experience and how did you overcome them?

While still working a corporate position, I began transitioning to my natural textured hair. At that same time, the scope of my ever-present allergies increased to include fragrances, amongst many other items. I was struggling to moisturize and hydrate my natural textured hair and was completely frustrated at the lack of available options.

Almost 20% of the general population is sensitized to at least one allergen, and studies find that fragrance is one of the most frequently identified substances causing allergic reactions. Indeed, fragrance allergy affects 2-11% of the general population. Yet a whopping 96% of shampoos, 98% of conditioners and 97% of hair styling products contain fragrance, according to Secret Scents from Women’s Voices For The Earth! Wow!

The remaining products I found did nothing for my natural textured hair. I found better options in Canada and Europe, but I still wasn’t completely satisfied.At this point, I knew the ingredients I needed. I just couldn’t find fragrance and allergen free formulations. So, I started making products in my own kitchen! I’d try different formulations – again and again and again – until I found what worked. It was a huge sense of accomplishment! I couldn’t purchase what I needed, but I crafted solutions by myself! Huge! My friends and family told me I needed to sell my formulations, but I had a full time job – until I didn’t. My position was eliminated and I was released from employment. I wasn’t sure what would be next for me. I hadn’t been happy with my employment for years, but it was in my comfort zone. So it wasn’t easy to stay.

About 3 weeks into unemployment while driving – stepping away often brings clarity for me – over the Howard Frankland Bridge, I realized my destiny was already in my kitchen. I just hadn’t been listening – seemingly deaf for years. But I’m listening now!

Unemployment pushed me from my comfort zone right into my destiny!

What key lessons did you learn a long your entrepreneurial journey that you’d like to share with other business owners?

Network and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs – both more and less experienced than yourself. Both types will contribute to your growth and development. Actively seek investor funding before strategic initiatives requiring financing are needed. You will hear no often. Keep expanding your search and asking anyway. People are more likely to invest in you before you actually require investments.

Get intimate with your ‘avatar’, the collective general impressions, thoughts, and beliefs attributed to your target audience. Grow your audience of ‘avatars’ before launching products. It is significantly easier and more economical to sell to an existing, engaged audience than it is to acquire an audience once products are on hand. Speak to your ‘avatars’ frequently over social media. Be reachable so they can engage with you.

Grow and nurture your newsletter list. Invest in reliable automations to communicate with your newsletter list outside of and in addition to social media channels. In general, choose automations over manual processes. Automations will grow with you while manual processes will require more attention during growth.

Tell your story. Make it organic. Get comfortable with telling your story. Share aspects of yourself.

Master your ‘elevator pitch’, a short description of an idea, product or company that explains the concept in a way such that any listener can understand it in a short period of time. Get comfortable with selling your ‘elevator pitch’.

Be fearless. Know that entrepreneurship will stretch you beyond your self-determined ability. Be fearless anyway, especially when it’s uncomfortable.

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How this Natural Haircare Founder Created an Innovative Fragrance-Free Line CurlyCoilyTresses

What makes CurlyCoilyTresses unique?

CurlyCoilyTresses is clean, natural textured hair care for the chemically sensitive and allergenic. With CurlyCoilyTresses even sensitive beauties can discover defined curls with confidence! With CurlyCoilyTresses you can expect:

Freedom from allergens, fragrances, scents and masking agents

Moisturized and hydrated hair even days after wash day

Styling flexibility from wash and goes to defined styles

Ingredients are so important; can you share how you choose ingredients for your products? Key ingredients and benefits found in your products?

At CurlyCoilyTresses we create products that help soothe scalps and moisturize and hydrate hair. We’ve helped hundreds just like you lengthen and strengthen their hair, soften, moisturize and hydrate their hair, and improve the overall appearance of their hair.

CurlyCoilyTresses are well-received formulas that are guaranteed to provide satisfaction. When you invest in CurlyCoilyTresses you can expect to be complimented constantly because your hair is gorgeous, to enhance your confidence so that you can put your best face forward while accomplishing your dreams, and to stop feeling self-conscious because of bad hair days.

CurlyCoilyTresses creates non-toxic formulations that are ageless and genderless and made without ingredients we deem unsafe including:

  • Fragrances
  • Essential oils
  • Masking agents
  • Harsh preservatives
  • Drying alcohols
  • Non-water soluble silicones
  • Dyes
  • Sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS”>
  • Sodium laureth sulfates (SLES”>
  • Unnecessary chemicals

All ingredients used by CurlyCoilyTresses must provide a direct benefit to product effectiveness. 

Our chosen ingredients are:

Purified water: The ultimate moisturizer!

Cetearyl alcohol (unrelated to drying alcohols”>: Emollient fatty alcohol that provides conditioning and emulsifying properties. Enhances slip and penetration of other ingredients.

Hydrolyzed oat protein: Hygroscopic humectant, meaning it grabs and retains water in the hair shaft. Film-forms (coats hair”> and porosity-fills (fills hair gaps”> to counter water loss. Adds luster and helps in reducing breakage. Softens and smooths hair.

Sodium lactate: Naturally occurring moisturizer found in human skin. Effective humectant and pH adjuster.

Gluconolactone and sodium benzoate: ECOCERT-approved, broad spectrum, food-grade preservative.

Behentrimonium methosulfate  (unrelated to drying sulfates”>: Incredibly gentle emulsifier. Very mild detangling ingredient that provides crucial detangling slip. Does not cause build up and is non-irritating to the scalp.

Organic oils and butters (coconut, avocado, babassu, cupuacu, macadamia, olive, sweet almond”>: Minimally-processed, cold-pressed, unrefined, premium oils and butters (only the best!”>.

Can you tell us about your products and a few tips on the best way to use them?

Product selection, knowledge, consistency and technique are all required for moisturized, hydrated and happy hair. Immediately after shampooing, apply Enrich Moisturizer to water-saturated hair while you’re still in the shower. Do not towel or t-shirt dry. Your towel and t-shirt don’t need the moisture and hydration, but your hair does! Always apply Enrich to manageable sections of hair while keeping other sections clipped or loosely twisted out of the way.

‘Shingle’ or ‘finger comb’ Enrich from roots to ends section by section. Enrich provides amazing detangling slip. Apply your desired oil followed by your desired alcohol-free gel (if needed”> using the same technique.

Either air or diffuse dry. If air drying, resist the temptation to touch your luscious curls. You’ll cause frizz! If diffusing, hang upside down and target your roots first. Then, mid-lengths, then ends. Once dry, gently fluff targeting the roots and shaking front to back and side to side.

Always protect your hair at night by gently and loosely ‘pineappling’ and wrapping with silk or satin. Trim your ends regularly. Use Nourish Treatment as a pre- or post-shampoo treatment. The frequency depends on the condition of your hair. The addition of heat will intensify the nutritional boost. Use Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil as a scalp treatment to help with excess shedding and to encourage growth. It’s also a great treat on cuticles during manicures and pedicures! 

What can we expect from you in the future?

CurlyCoilyTresses recently transitioned order fulfillment to a fulfillment team and had already been using a manufacturing team. Our next key milestones are to expand our product offering to include additional styling products and shampoos, to expand our sales footprint by being available in major retailers, and to launch international sales. We receive product offering and availability and international sales requests often. The right complement of investors will facilitate the successful implementation of our strategic milestones.

More than 80% of women with curly and coily hair say they purchase products specifically for textured hair rather than general market products, according to the 2018 TextureTrends Report from NaturallyCurly.

CurlyCoilyTresses®seeks to disrupt the beauty industry status quo by offering innovative, clean, fragrance free and effective textured hair care options! Our heroine product is Enrich Moisturizer and its supporting cast is Nourish Treatment and Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil.