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5 Wash Day Mistakes that Make Your Hair Dry
It can take months and years to build the perfect regimen. Until then, it is important to make an intentional effort to pay attention to your hair’s needs over time, especially on wash day. Oftentimes wash day is dreaded, especially if you live an active lifestyle. The focus of wash day should be cleansing and replenishing the hair and scalp, in which both steps can be thwarted if done improperly. Want to know why your hair is dry only hours after washing it? Here’s why.

1. Rubbing your hair

Shampoo commercials and sensual movie scenes make disheveling your hair with shampoo and piling it atop your crown appear to be appealing, but it is actually detrimental to your strands. Tousling your hair not only induces tangles but also further lifts the hair’s cuticle. Shampoo expands the cuticle in order for it to effectively cleanse, so you want to stroke the hair downward to encourage the cuticle to lay flat. When scrubbing your scalp, the hold the ends of the hair taut with one hand and massage the scalp with the other hand. Remember to be gentle, as hair is elastic and prone to break when wet. Read more: Should You Detangle Wet or Dry?…It Depends

2. Co-washing after clarifying

Clarifying is a necessary and co-washing is optional. Clarifying is meant to thoroughly remove all product buildup, excess sebum, and debris from the outdoor elements. Co-washing is meant to refresh the hair with moisture while gently removing some buildup. Both are cleansing methods and should not be done subsequently. If you choose to clarify, then deep conditioning afterwards is important. If you want to co-wash, you do not have to follow up with a deep condition but you certainly can. Read more: You Need to Clarify: Signs that Co-washing is Not Enough

3. Deep conditioning before cleansing

Deep conditioners are to be used after cleansing, not before. Shampoos usually have a pH balance of 8, which is slightly alkaline, enabling the hair shaft to swell and raise the cuticle layers for thorough cleansing. Deep conditioners have a pH balance of 3.5-6 to close the cuticle and seal in moisture. Both have surfactants that function differently. Cleansers attract dirt and oil while conditioner leave a film containing moisturizing properties on the strands. If your cleanser is so harsh that your deep conditioner cannot restore the moisture, then change your cleanser, deep conditioner, or both. Read more: Reverse Shampoo- Conditioner Before You Shampoo

4. Not applying a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer

It is essential to apply a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer after washing your hair. Although conditioners leave a film on the cuticle, it is not sufficient to maintain moisture. It is important to apply a moisturizer or leave-in conditioner while the hair is damp or wet to trap moisture in the strands. Moisture comes from water, so it is important that there is a trace of water on the hair before applying a moisturizer. Going directly from rinsing off a deep conditioner to applying a styler will certainly leave your hair dry, especially if the styler is not formulated as a 2-in-1 product.

5. Not sealing

This may not be applicable to everyone, but there have been many testimonies and scientific backing for sealing your hair with an oil or butter after applying a moisturizer. This method is commonly known as the LOC method and it creates an extra barrier will also help to reduce moisture depletion after wash day. Read more: My Moisturizer Has Oil in It: Is Sealing Necessary? How do you prevent moisture depletion on wash day?
8 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Hair
8 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Hair
Image by Vonecia Carswell/Unsplash

Oh, the ever-polarizing coconut oil. What are we naturals going to do with you?

From the moment we fell curls over heels for coconut oil, every curlyhead has had a memorable experience with it. Some of us love it. Some of us detest it. If you are in the pro-coconut oil camp because your hair responds well to this natural ingredient, then we have 8 different ways to incorporate it into your curl routine.

Before you use coconut oil on your hair

No matter your texture, porosity, or curl pattern, you absolutely MUST steam your hair before applying coconut oil for best results. A curly-fav is the Q-Redew Handheld Steamer.

Don’t have a steamer? No problem! Simply hop in the shower to begin the process of lifting your hair strands’ cuticles. When this happens, the surface of your hair strands is ready to receive the moisture that coconut oil provides. This is how you can avoid the buildup and flaking that many curlyheads have experienced with coconut oil and coconut oil-based curly hair products.

Now, let’s take a look at eight ways to use coconut oil.

8 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Hair

Below we’ve listed the details on coconut oil usage and application. Check it out!

1. Coconut oil scalp treatment for dandruff

For many curlies, dandruff is a daily annoyance. If you’ve nearly given up, don’t! Simply try coconut oil, a natural solution to dry scalp.

Tip: After sectioning your hair, apply 2-3 droplets of coconut oil directly to your scalp and rub it into affected areas. Let the oil absorb into your scalp for ten minutes, rinse with warm water. This can be a pre-poo treatment or a weekly scalp treatment depending on your needs.

MORE: Mineral Oil vs. Coconut Oil: Which is better?

2. Natural shine enhancer

An all-natural option for shining curls is just an application away. For best results, cocktail the coconut oil with your favorite leave-in conditioner or daily moisturizer.

Tip: To avoid buildup and enhance your curls’ natural sheen, ensure that your curls are clean and product-free before application!

3. Coconut oil deep conditioner

Every curly/kinky/wavy feels her best when she showers her curls in love. What better way to add that tender, loving care to your curls than with a coconut oil-based deep conditioner? To make your own, simply add as much, or as little, coconut oil to your favorite deep conditioner. If you have a coconut oil-based deep conditioner, you’re already ahead of the game!

Tip: Using your finger tips, massage the deep conditioner into damp hair in a circular motion. Deep condition every curly strand for at least 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

4. All-natural detangler

Like most emollients, coconut oil is known for providing amazing slip to all texture types. No matter your porosity or hair strand width, this oil will help you easily detangle your curls, from ends to roots.

Tip: For easy detangling, curlies of a kinds need to wet their curls with good ol’ H2O, apply 2-3 drops of coconut oil to ends of hair strands, and use a wide-toothed comb to complete the process.

8 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Hair
Image by Timothy Dykes/Unsplash

5. Frizz fighter

One of the best things about coconut oil is its weight. It’s light enough to absorb easily into your hair strands, and weighty enough to keep your curls from going berserk when humidity strikes.

Tip: For medium and high porosity curlies, gently palm a pea-sized amount of coconut oil over your strands to keep frizz at bay. For low porosity curlies, use about a dime-sized amount.

MORE: DIY Coconut Oil Curl Mask

6. Light-hold styler

From dreamy ringlets to bouncing kinky curls, coconut oil is the perfect addition to any styling product. Cocktail it with your favorite gel or curl cream. Why? So that you’re hair strands can receive constant moisture throughout the day.

Tip: To ensure your style stays put, wet your curls prior to styling. This makes the strands more supple and helps them lock in the oil as the hair dries/sets into your desired style.

7. Seal in moisture

Protecting your hair strands is easy when you use coconut oil as a sealant. According to Evelyn Ngugi, “Sealing ensures that the moisture you put into your hair stays there. Moisture is lost when the cuticle is raised and water leaves the hair.” So, you’ll definitely want to seal those strands!

Tip: Section your curls, and gently finger comb 2-3 drops of coconut oil through your hair. By using your fingers, you’re able to better seal every curl.

MORE: 3 Hair Oils for Healthy Hair

8. Light moisturizer

As mentioned, you can cocktail coconut oil into your favorite moisturizer for amazing results. However, you can also use the oil on its own to add moisture to every curl!

Tip: Remember to steam before applying coconut oil to avoid build up or hardened strands!

8 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Hair
Image by Sweet Ice Cream Photography/Unsplash

Does your curly, textured hair like coconut oil? How do you use it?

The Products You Need to Maintain Your Protective Style While Traveling

woman with box braids

Photo: @crystalotv

Admittedly, I am a lazy natural. Yet, somehow I am also a curly hair product junkie. When I like something, I go all in. I talk about it, dream about it, and even spread the word that I love this thing. My latest thing is protective styles! Yes, I know – I’m several #BlackGirlMagic-decades late, but I have no shame: I am absolutely pumped about the beauty and ease of maintaining protective styles. At this point, I will find any excuse to get my hair braided #BoxBraids #Fanatic.

One of the key reasons why I decided to get another installation of box braids is for the ease of maintaining them while traveling.

If you are a self-proclaimed lazy natural, and you also like to travel, you should consider getting a protective style. If you are preparing for your first traveling-while-braided experience, you might need a bit of guidance in terms of hair care maintenance. Take note of my recommendations for curly hair products that will keep your braids looking so fresh, so clean, and so neat!

While there are a multitude of protective style-specific products in the market, I wanted to see if curly hair products would be effective on my box braids. The following were! Take note of my favorite curly hair products that I use to maintain my box braids.

TIP: If you prefer to fly versus roadtrip-it to destinations, the following items can be poured and stored in 3 oz travel bottles:

1. Naturally Smitten Black Soap Shampoo 

Girl. I am not kidding when I say that this shampoo saved. my. life. When my scalp was itching beyond belief after a few days post-braid installation, I was nearly driven to tears. Fortunately, I had my Jamaican Black Castor Oil-rich shampoo on hand to help cleanse my scalp and braids. #Fan4Life

2. Groganics On the Spot Itch Relief Scalp Medicine Drops 

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this medicated itch relief and scalp treatment. The back of my neck, you know – where the beady beads are – was on fire for a day and some change. I applied a few other serums that offered temporary relief and are best used overnight. However, this serum is best for daylight hours when you absolutely must leave the house and function. That’s right: this is my new boo, right here. We go together, now.

3. Rich Argan Oil De-Frizz Shine Mist 

Glossy and floss-y is the name of the game, here. I am so with this shine mist. First of all, it smells like angel feathers… whatever angel feathers smell like, it has been bottled. Second of all, if you need your braids to look shiny and new on day 12, spray this shine mist on your roots and the braids themselves.

4. Mielle Organics White Peony Leave-In Conditioner (in a 2 0z. Spray bottle”>

As recommended by so many of you via YouTube and Instagram, it is imperative to not put product after product on your scalp and braids. I took heed, friends… but I was losing moisture!!! So, I reached for this leave-in that was lightweight, smells divine, and that I could use as a root refresher. I especially love it because it is in a spray bottle so the application is easy peasy. Perfecto!

5. Silk pillow cases

Although I do not have a favorite brand, I will forever be indebted to April Bingham for (quite literally”> forcing me to get a silk pillow case. I highly recommend that you pack your pillow case with you. There will be nights where you are simply too tuckered from traveling and/or fun times to wrap those braids. You will be ever so thankful for your silk pillowcase.

6. Toothbrush 

All this I am going to say: Baby hairs.

NOTE: The beauty of this list is that all the curly hair products share moisture-rich ingredients! From argan to coconut oil, these curly hair products will have you and me splashing in moisture while traveling from sea to shining sea!

Bonus Tip: The primary concerns of women with curly, textured hair is dryness. Even when traveling with protective styles, dry scalp and hair is an issue. The solution to this is packing the right travel-friendly curly hair products so that your curls can adjust to the environment. Take it a step further by researching the weather prior to arrival.

Traveling soon? What curly hair products are you taking with you to maintain your protective style? Share in the comments!


As ever, stay braided up!

Rave Review: All About Curls Worked On Our Different Hair Types

When Zotos Professional approached NaturallyCurly to tell our community about their new All About Curls collection, I was very excited. Getting a new set of styling products for curly hair is one of my all-time favorite things!

I was elated to receive the entire All About Curls collection and very surprised by the variety of products:

However, I felt that this collection was going to be different, and that prompted me to think outside the box with today’s review.

Rave Review All About Curls Worked On Our Different Hair Types

Of course, I wanted to try the products myself, but I also wanted a different perspective on this new collection. That’s why I connected with one of my favorite curly hair influencers Crystal Callazo, better known as @style_dose, to get her take on the new All About Curls collection.

Rave Review All About Curls Worked On Our Different Hair Types

In this exclusive interview, you’ll learn about Crystal, her regimen, and her thoughts on the All About Curls collection. You’ll also get a special in-store and online offer from Zotos Professional, the creators of your soon-to-be-favorite curly collection All About Curls. Keep reading for details!

Hi, Crystal! Will you please tell the NaturallyCurly community a little about yourself?

I’m Crystal known as style_dose on Instagram, where I share all my tips and thoughts on naturally curly hair. Creating social media content is something I enjoy doing during my free time. During the day, I’m a full-time Stylist for Century21 Department Stores.

Watch as @style_dose gets her curls to pop with All About Curls!

I’m a very creative person and love having an outlet to express my creativity, which is why I love blogging…and of course to help all my awesome followers who are struggling with embracing their natural curls!

I recently entered the 30s bracket this past May, so I’m currently out here just trying to live life, gaining as much knowledge as I can and learning from all my experiences, while enjoying it all!

Rave Review All About Curls Worked On Our Different Hair Types

What’s your curl pattern? Can you share the details of your curl texture?

I have a looser spiral curl pattern. Some people may identify it as a cross between 3a and 3b hair. 

Depending on what styler I use, I can have a tighter spiral curl or elongated loose curls. My hair is not thick but more on the finer side. I do tend to have high porosity hair, which is probably because my hair is often color treated. 

Rave Review All About Curls Worked On Our Different Hair Types

Tell us about your styling routine.

I prefer to use gels for styling. After washing and deep conditioning, I like to split my hair into two parts, apply a leave-in conditioner, and then comb it through to make sure the product is evenly distributed. I then flip my head upside down and apply my styler using the scrunching technique. Finally, I let my hair air dry.  

Rave Review All About Curls Worked On Our Different Hair Types

We’re very excited to hear your thoughts about the new All About Curls collection from Zotos Professional. Tell us which item in the new All About Curls collection did you like best and why?

I loved the All About Curls Divine Treatment! Being blonde can dry out your hair, so deep conditioners are a vital part in my hair routine. It helps add moisture to your hair, and All About Curls Divine Treatment did just that!…it gave my hair the perfect dose of moisture.

Rave Review All About Curls Worked On Our Different Hair Types

Will you be adding any of the All About Curls products to your Holy Grail collection?

I could totally see the All About Curls Divine Treatment and the High Definition Gel working their way into my collection!

That’s great to hear! I’m curious about your Type 3 curly hair journey? Have you always embraced your curly hair?

I have not always embraced my curly hair, it’s maybe been a little over 5 years that I finally and truly started embracing it. I used to hate wearing my hair curly, I’d straighten every chance I got. Especially for anything important like holidays, any special occasion, dates, and even interviews. I didn’t have the knowledge to style my curly hair that I do today, and that makes all the difference! 

Rave Review All About Curls Worked On Our Different Hair Types

Your curls are amazing! What tricks or tips have you figured out to make them look so healthy and lustrous?

To keep my hair healthy, I deep condition at least twice a week, consistently! As for styling tips, I learned that applying your styling products onto your hair while it is soaking wet will give you the best results. You’ll have more defined and less frizzy curls! 

Thanks for chatting with us today. Before we go, what words of curl wisdom do you have for new curlistas?

You have to keep in mind that it won’t happen overnight. Patience and consistency are key!

Also, you’ll have a lot of trial and error. What works for one curly girl may not work for you. Do not be discouraged, instead experiment with different products and techniques to find out what works best for you! In the end, the results make it all worth it!

Style Dose is so cool! I really enjoyed learning about her journey, and am glad that she liked the new All About Curls collection from Zotos Professional.

Are You Ready for a Discount?

? OUR GIFT TO YOU: Get a discount on new All About Curls products at Sally Beauty stores and on Sally! Enter 555209 at checkout to get $2 off ?

What About Type 4 Curls?

Oops! I almost forgot to tell you: I too liked the collection! If you’ve been keeping up with me @gerilynhayes on Instagram, you know that I keep my hair in protective styles every quarter of the year. But there’s always a brief period when I wear my hair in its natural Type 4c coily state.

Only a few weeks ago, I needed to take down my faux locs. Typically, I use clarifying shampoos post-takedown, but I wanted to try something a little different so, I used the All About Curls No Lather Cleanser while unraveling and unbraiding the extensions. I loved the scent, and its body lotion-like consistency that made me feel like I was treating my hair strands to a super nourishing experience. Once I removed all the extensions, I washed the cleanser our my natural hair and conditioned with the Daily Cream Conditioner.

After patting my curls dry with a microfiber towel, I touched them to see if they were soft or felt crunchy. I was surprised that not only were they super soft, but they were also incredibly defined! Seeing that definition just from the cleanser and conditioner alone got me thinking: I wonder what the gel will do? Although I had to get my hair wet again, I wanted to see what would happen.

Just like Style Dose mentioned in her words of wisdom, my soaking wet curls popped as I used my fingers to evenly distribute the All About Curls Soft Definition Gel from the ends of my hair to the roots. I loved that I used about a quarter-sized amount. My coils were actually shining (and, no, I didn’t have to use hair oil”>!

Rave Review All About Curls Worked On Our Different Hair Types

United We Curl!

Overall, I like that this collection worked from my coils and for Crystal’s curls. I think it’s collections like these that really can give curlies of all patterns and textures the bounce, shine, and moisture we’re looking for. I definitely have the Soft Definition Gel in my Holy Grail collection and am looking forward to my new protective style takedown routine using the cleanser and conditioner.

Don’t just take my word for it. Try it for yourself!

? Here’s a $2-off coupon code for you to use when you go to Sally Beauty stores or click over to Sally today: enter 555209 at checkout! ?‍♀️

You’ll love the brand new All About Curls collection from Zotos Professional! The full collection has something for everyone, including:

I can’t wait to hear what you all think about this incredible collection that curlies everywhere will be raving about.

As ever, stay curly!

This post is sponsored by Zotos Professional.

5 Things You Can Expect at Beauty Carnival 2019

If you love beauty, you’ll love Essence Beauty Carnival.

Every curly woman needs to attend Beauty Carnival in 2019. It’s a treat for us all.

Take note of the 5 things you can expect at Beauty Carnival 2019:

Beauty Stage Live

5 Things You Can Expect at Beauty Carnival 2019

Listen and learn from your all-time favorite beauty gurus. Each will show you how to enhance your beauty routine.

Museum of Black Beauty

5 Things You Can Expect at Beauty Carnival 2019

Take a walk through time at the Museum of Black Beauty. Learn about iconic Black hairstyles, hair trends that have shaped culture, and much more.

Glow-Up Stations

5 Things You Can Expect at Beauty Carnival 2019

Treat yourself to a full-scale glow-up. Relax your mind, body, and soul with therapeutic treatments. Shine now!

Meet and Greets

5 Things You Can Expect at Beauty Carnival 2019

Curlies everywhere love to connect. When we see a fellow curlista, wearing her curly crown, in all its glory, we go out of our way to give her a compliment.

We also love seeing our curl friends make waves in the beauty industry. Meet these amazing women who encourage us to be our best selves.

See who’s who at this year’s Beauty Carnival:

Essence Marketplace

5 Things You Can Expect at Beauty Carnival 2019

Everything you need to enhance your beauty routine can be found in the exclusive Essence Marketplace. Get the best in hair and skin care, beauty, and so much more.

Will We See You There, Curl Friend?

5 Things You Can Expect at Beauty Carnival 2019

Beauty Carnival takes place in New York from April 27 and April 28, and in New Orleans at Essence Fest from July 5 to July 7.

You don’t want to miss this event. Get your ticket to Beauty Carnival right now.

Gerilyn Shares Tips on How to Wash Your Hair When in a Protective Style

YES! It’s another year of curly hair goodness brought to you from us here at NaturallyCurly! This year’s Best of the Best – Leaders in Curl 2019 Awards are super exciting because we learned so much about what you, the NaturallyCurly Community, laud as the BEST hair products in the marketplace.

Gerilyn Shares Tips on How to Wash Your Hair When in a Protective Style

This past year, I’ve been taking very good care of my Type 4c, super dense, low-porosity curls with my trusted standbys. However, you know I love to switch it up, especially between wearing protective styles. I’ve learned a few things along this lengthy journey, and am excited to share which products I’ve update my regimen with this year.

Still not sure about your hair type? Has it changed? Take our quiz!


Step 1: Cleanse and condition scalp, braids, and twists with Sashapure Healing Shampoo and Bounce Curl Pure Silk Moisturizing Shampoo
After wearing my protective styles for more than two weeks, I need to cleanse both my scalp and my braids or twists. I reach for both of these cleansers, starting with the Sashapure Healing Shampoo for a gentle scalp cleanse. To seal moisture into the natural hair in my protective style, I cleanse with Bounce Curl Pure Silk Moisturizing Shampoo. Both are fantastic delivering moisture to my oftentimes dry strands and scalp.

Step 2: Condition Strands With Rinse-Out and Leave-In Conditioner
Even when your hair is in a protective style, you’ll want to condition the exposed, newly grown natural hair at the base of the braid or twist. I love using both a rinse-out and leave-in conditioner. My favorites are Reshma Beauty Henna Coconut Smoothing Sulfate-Free Conditioner and Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In Conditioner and Detangler. Both smell delightful and keep my strands in tip-top shape!

Step 3: Treat Your Scalp with Groganics DHT Blocker System On the Spot Itch Relief Scalp Medicine Drops and Hair Gro-n-Wild Intensive Growth Treatment.

Gerilyn Shares Tips on How to Wash Your Hair When in a Protective Style

The reason I’m an advocate for all things Groganics is because of its ability to keep my scalp soothed when wearing braids, faux locs, and Havana Twists. It’s also a great go-to if hair loss is a concern for any curly. Since protective styles can pull on sensitive areas of your scalp (read: your edges”>, it’s best to use a growth treatment that will help ensure health and growth.


When my curls are out of a protective style, or even when I’m taking them down, I like to reach for moisturizers than double as stylers. My number ones have been (and potentially always will be”> Flora & Curl Flower Garden Hair Styling Butter for its amazing slip and fast absorption into coarse coils, and Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Balm for it’s all-natural properties and delivery on shine! I’m also a huge fan of The Spriggle, a cool three-pronged hair pik that gives my Afro amazing volume!!

Gerilyn Shares Tips on How to Wash Your Hair When in a Protective Style

See if your favorites made it into the Editors’ Choice 2019 Awards winner’s circle!

Tell us all about your favorites and what you’re using in your regimen for Type 4c hair!

How to Take Down a Pineapple (and Love Your 2nd Day Hair)

Many women feel limited to stretched styles, because they cannot achieve second-day hair with a wash and go. Well, it does not have to be that way. Your natural hair journey should be all about doing what works for you, and sometimes (or a lot of times”> that means tailoring steps in your regimen to suit your needs. There are a few ways I have modified my pineapple process — from putting it up at night, to taking it down in the morning for a weeklong wash and go. A few of the most important tweaks I’ve made in my process have been discovering what not to do.

What NOT to do

Here are five things I don’t do when I pineapple. Watch my video tutorial afterwards to see my secret weapon (hint, I do it in the car”>.

Use a hair tie

Using a hair tie to secure your pineapple can create an impression after removing it in the morning. This may work for looser curl patterns, but it does not work for my afro-textured hair. Type 4 has the best hold memory out of the hair textures, so with that in mind, I coif my hair into a pineapple using only a satin bonnet and scarf. Forgo all hair ties and scrunchies, especially on short and medium lengths, as you may be pulling the hair, creating loss of curl definition.

Use an afro pick

Using an afro pick or comb creates great volume, but it can also cause frizz, which can shorten the longevity of your style. If you live in a climate with high humidity and high dew points, you can rely on the weather to do its job. Your hair will likely lift and naturally fall throughout the day.


This does nothing but create frizz. Since I have low- to medium-density hair, the only styles that I fluff are stretched styles because my scalp is more exposed. With a wash and go, I embrace the shrinkage. The pineapple will naturally create more height, and driving with the windows down is another way to achieve more volume.


Spritzing does nothing but cause tangles, frizz, and shrinkage with my coils. The way that my hair responds to spritzing with water is equivalent to walking outside when it is drizzling. It contracts and becomes slightly matted. I reserve spritzing my hair for when I am twisting and braiding for a style the next day. If you are moisturizing your hair daily, you should consider changing your moisturizer or leave-in conditioner. Here are my suggestions:

Aspire for perfect hair

I wish the back of my hair was perfectly round, but it is not, and I have accepted that. There is a difference between not wanting to look a hot mess, which is relative, and striving for perfect hair. I do not rush back to the shower if my hair begins to frizz on second or third day hair. Accept that your hair is unique like your fingerprint and embrace that. Now, if you are tired of experiencing frizzy, matted hair with your pineapple, check out my tutorial below.

Watch how I take down my pineapple

Have any tips to share for taking down your pineapple? Share them with us below!

This article was originally posted in 2015 and has been updated for clarity and grammar.
Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks You Need to Try Right Now!

Hi, Naturalistas of the world!

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks You Need to Try Right Now

We wanted to let you know that if you’re a fan of coconut oil, our friends at Coconut Restore have everything you need to give your curls hydration, moisture, and nourishment.

Watch as NaturallyCurly editor Alexandra Wilson styles her beautiful curls with the collection while incorporating coconut oil into her date night prep routine! She also shows you two very quick and easy beauty hacks using coconut oil that you’ll want to try today.

Feeling that coconut oil glow, yet? Well, you can get your own! These are the natural hair products that you’ll want to incorporate into your coconut oil-based regimen:

All of these natural hair products and more are available in SHOP NaturallyCurly, so why wait? Try them now!

As ever, stay curly!

Curls Unleashed Gets Up Close & Personal with Natural Hair All-Stars at Texture on the Runway 2018

No matter the time of day or what we’re searching for, there’s a reason why we “follow” people on social media.

Curls Unleashed Gets Up Close & Personal with Natural Hair All-Stars at Texture on the Runway 2018

Whether they are the funniest YouTube star of the last decade or the most glamorous reality television star you’ve ever seen rocking a full-on Afro, our favorite influencers give us plenty of reasons to double-tap their posts. It’s the most efficient way to say, “I love what you’re doing, sis. Keep shining!”

You see, we love influencers here at NaturallyCurly for the same reasons you do:

  • They inspire us to achieve our goals, one day at a time.
  • They encourage us to live our best lives and aspire to greatness.
  • They give us natural hair care and beauty tips that actually work!
  • They brighten our days with their positive posts and stories.
  • They help us all to feel connected through their community leadership.
Curls Unleashed Gets Up Close & Personal with Natural Hair All-Stars at Texture on the Runway 2018

For these reasons, I’m so thrilled to share this ORS Curls Unleashed video with you because our favorite natural hair influencers tell us why every community member is so important and why Texture on the Runway is pivotal for change. Listen to VH1 Love & Hip-Hop reality TV star Amara La Negra and YouTube sensation Evelyn from the Internets and many more influencers chat with me about their experiences within our natural hair community.

Watch the Influencers Chat with me on CurlTalk TV!

If you can’t tell from the video, these influencers are truly immaculate and worthy of every like, share, and follow from you. Not only for their amazing talents but because they are genuinely focused on the success of every Naturalista while she walks along her curl journey. I just love that about these women!

So, I want to share a few natural hair products with you from ORS Curls Unleashed that you can find in your local Sally Beauty to help you along your curl journey! Each item is formulated with curl-loving emollients such as shea and cocoa butter, and nature’s most effective humectant honey!

Curls Unleashed Gets Up Close & Personal with Natural Hair All-Stars at Texture on the Runway 2018

Put these items on your “I’ve got to try this” list:

If you’ve given these products a shot, go ahead and leave a review of your own in the comments section. That way, your fellow community members can get a good idea of how these natural hair products will work for your texture and curl pattern!

Curls Unleashed Gets Up Close & Personal with Natural Hair All-Stars at Texture on the Runway 2018

We’re excited to bring you this super cool CurlTalk TV and post thanks to our friends at ORS Namaste-Curls Unleashed.

As ever, stay curly!

Curls Unleashed Gets Up Close & Personal with Natural Hair All-Stars at Texture on the Runway 2018
Falling for You: Get the Fall Color that Leaves an Impression

It’s Giveaway Season!

Keep reading for details!

Enter the Coconut Restore Falling for You Giveaway!

Yes, yes, you can WIN every styler we used on Mélat’s curls — and much more — when you tell me why you’ve fallen for a new curly style, cut, and/or color for fall. All you have to do is add a comment below, and you could be one of three lucky winners who will receive these incredible prizes:


Oh, the sights and sounds of fall are here!

You’ve been contemplating so many new looks for the season that your head is spinning. So what if you went ahead with your plan to get that super cute cut, shape, and color for fall? How are you going to maintain it? How are you going to style it?

Falling for You Get the Fall Color that Leaves an Impression

That’s where Coconut Restore comes in! For the past year, you’ve been using their amazing deep conditioner and leave-in and maintaining your scalp health with their refined coconut oil. Now, you’re ready to up the ante with their brand new collection of stylers that will help you keep your brand new fall color.

Keep reading to enter the Coconut Restore giveaway!

What I’ve loved the most about this collection is its ability to give all curlies the big, voluminous curls we all desire. Yes, even me – your Type 4C curl friend. I’ve been able to rock my afro all day, every day in between my protective styles without worrying that my ends would dry out. I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and prime my hair after taking my protective styles out, and adding the new Texture & Volume Spray to my roots for a supercharged second-day big afro! I love it!

There’s even more to love if you dye your curls. We asked multifaceted singer-songwriter Mélat to use the new Coconut Restore stylers, and well… I’ll just let her photos speak for themselves. Take a look at how marvelous Mélat’s curls look in your new fall guide to the cutest, knockout ninja bun you’ve seen this year! 

Falling for You Get the Fall Color that Leaves an Impression

Talk about a force of nature! Mélat is rockin’ those curls thanks to Coconut Restore. What’s even better about this is that you can WIN all the new stylers! Scroll down for details.

Falling for You Get the Fall Color that Leaves an Impression

Want more curly hair #inspo? You know what to do: Follow @NaturallyCurly and @coconutrestore to try beautiful hairstyles that will stop onlookers in their tracks.

This post is sponsored by Coconut Restore.

If you’re like me, you want to get your hair fall-ready right now. So go to SHOP NaturallyCurly to get the Coconut Restore stylers that are keeping all us curlies cute as a button.

As ever, stay curly!

Falling for You Get the Fall Color that Leaves an Impression
Photography: Brio Photography | Hairstylist: Hazel Beauty, Inc. | Makeup: Ultraviolent
3 Kinky Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Some of the cutest hairstyles I’ve seen come from simple styling techniques and effective moisturizing products.

This is so important for every curly, but especially for curl friends with Type 4 kinky curls. 

3 Kinky Hairstyles for Natural Hair

No matter where you typically shop for hair care products, you can almost always trust that your neighborhood store will have the products you need waiting on a fluorescent-lit shelf next to hair grease and creamy cocoa butter body soaps.

You know what I’m talking about, my friend!

And those of us with kinky, coily curls are always on the lookout for these things when we’re shopping at discount stores like Dollar General:

  • Products catered to our kinky natural hair
  • Good quality ingredients that nourish and moisturize
  • Value, because we like the best bang for our hard-earned bucks
3 Kinky Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Fortunately, you can get all of those things and much more thanks to our friends at African Pride. Here’s what they have on offer for you at your neighborhood store:

3 Kinky Hairstyles for Natural Hair

These amazing products work wonders for those of us with kinky hair, and I can prove it! Watch as your favorite influencers @ohwendyoh@donedo, and @iamtraeh style their hair with African Pride Moisture Miracle stylers.

I am loving the life that these ladies are giving me.

Aren’t you? If I can learn how to flat twist, I’m definitely going to follow Traeh’s lead and do a flat braid out.

3 Kinky Hairstyles for Natural Hair

I love ?love ?love ?these styles that have me #feelingmypride with our partner African Pride!

As ever, stay curly!

Freshen Up for Fall with these 5 Curly Hair Essentials

Hi, NaturallyCurlistas of the world!

It’s time to make a few adjustments to your curl regimen. Why? As you know, winter is coming.

Freshen Up for Fall with these 5 Curly Hair Essentials
Photo — Tiki Giorgadze

Yet as we transition from excessive summer heat to the brisk, cold winds of winter, we need to ramp up our regimens with fall-friendly curl mists, scalp treatments, and more.

Freshen Up for Fall with these 5 Curly Hair Essentials
Photo — Eye for Ebony

So, don’t make like an autumn leaf and crunch! Stuff your online cart with these five amazing products your hair needs to make it through the fall season.

Freshen Up for Fall with these 5 Curly Hair Essentials
Photo — Becca Tapert

Get the best fall-friendly items of the season:

[Freshen Up for Fall with these 5 Curly Hair Essentials](”>

Freshen up for fall with these 5 curly hair essentials!

Freshen Up for Fall with these 5 Curly Hair Essentials

Jane Carter Curls To Go! Mist Me Over

FACT: The best thing for all curls is water ?

When this water-based hydrating mist is spritzed onto your curls, you will notice a softness and sheen that wasn’t there before. Why? Well, this mist is formulated with emollient shea butter, hair growth-stimulating sage and nettle, and soothing rosemary. It’s precisely the type of curl-rejuvenating product you need for those second-day hairstyles and for general maintenance as temperatures drop.

Ready to get this mist into your life? Great! If you’re one of the first 40 curlistas to purchase it, you’ll receive a FREE 8 oz. bottle of Jane Carter Solution Curls to Go Un-Tangle Me! You’d better get it while supplies last, friend.

Freshen Up for Fall with these 5 Curly Hair Essentials


When we curlies think about a “lifesaver” we most likely think about the ultimate detangling, hydration, and elongation tool:Q-Redew! This handheld steamer is the perfect fall-friendly product because, as mentioned, your hair needs water to survive and thrive. What you’ll love most about the steamer, in addition to how quickly it works for your hair, are the results you’ll get!

If you order your new Q-Redew handheld hair steamer right away, you might be among the first 30 purchasers, and you’ll receive a free Q-Redew storage bag. That means you can safely store your precious new must-have tool in your fall travel bag!

Freshen Up for Fall with these 5 Curly Hair Essentials

Twisted Sista Curl Perfection Crème Gel

No matter the season, every curly girl wants beautifully defined curls that aren’t weighed down by styling product. That’s why you need Twisted Sista Curl Perfection Creme Gel. It’s a lightweight formula that adds moisture to your strands while helping you maintain your desired curl shape and style. This gel also contains strand-strengthening keratin, a protein known for its ability to reconstruct the inner layers of the hair.

This gel also plays well with the Twisted Sista Intensive Leave-In Conditioner, the hydrating product that the first 50 people who buy the Crème Gel will receive for free!

Freshen Up for Fall with these 5 Curly Hair Essentials

Hairfinity Candilocks Chewable Hair Vitamins

Taking care of your curls, from the inside out, is essential for every one of us. I can attest to the merits of Hairfinity hair vitamin capsules because I’ve taken them every day for the past year, and they’ve been working wonders on my hair and scalp. So, when I tried vegan-friendly Hairfinity Candilocks Chewable Hair Vitamins I was so excited to tell you about them!

First of all, they taste like gooey, dewey cherry gumdrops (except healthy”>. Second, they’re very good for you because their key ingredients are biotin and horsetail to promote healthier, stronger, longer hair. Third, when you’re among the first 50 shoppers to buy these chewable hair vitamins, you will receive a Hairfinity scalp stimulator with your purchase! Get your vitamins today and tell me what you think about them in the comments section.

Freshen Up for Fall with these 5 Curly Hair Essentials

SASHAPURE Hair, Scalp & Skin Elixir

What I love the most about fall is the slower pace of life. To me, it’s as if the season causes everyone and everything to just kind of mellow out. When this happens, I like to treat myself to at-home spa days that include scalp massages and pampering my skin. The best formula I’ve found to help me have the greatest fall spa days ever is the certified-organic SASHAPURE Hair, Scalp & Skin Elixir.

I apply a few drops of the elixir to my hairline and all over my scalp. Then I gently massage each section with a hand-held scalp massager to stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair strands. Because the elixir contains wild-crafted ingredients, I also use it on my skin to replenish moisture and soothe my skin after a long day. If you suffer from skin inflammation, redness or if you want to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars, or wrinkles, I highly recommend this amazing elixir. When you buy it, you could be one of the first 40 shoppers and you will receive a free Sashapure Healing Shampoo, which I use in my fall and winter regimens!

Freshen Up for Fall with these 5 Curly Hair Essentials
Photo — Jessica To’oto’o

Getting your curls prepared for fall doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, all you have to do is stock up on these reliable, fall-friendly products on SHOP NaturallyCurly today. With all the free swag you get with some of the purchases, you’ll pat yourself on the back for being so diligent about your curls’ health!

Freshen Up for Fall with these 5 Curly Hair Essentials
Photo — Joanna Nix

This post is sponsored by Jane Carter, Q-Redew, Twisted Sista, Hairfinity, and Sashapure. Here’s hoping you have a gentle transition from summer to fall.

As ever, stay curly!

Freshen Up for Fall with these 5 Curly Hair Essentials
Photo — Hannah Grace
Is your curly hair dry as a bone? Then, you need Moisture Miracle right now!

If you’ve ever found yourself frantically searching in your kitchen cabinet for bottles of aloe vera, honey ?or ?coconut oil, then you’re most likely one of these types of naturalistas:

  • Didn’t Replenish That Tub of Conditioner Connie
  • Why Won’t My Curls Stay Hydrated Holly
  • Breakage is My Middle Name Natalie
  • In Search of a Moisture Miracle Molly
Is your curly hair dry as a bone Then you need Moisture Miracle right now

Don’t worry, friend. You’re not alone.

In fact, you can win the African Pride Moisture Miracle Giveaway – keep reading for details!

Admittedly, I’ve taken on several of these nicknames throughout my curl journey. It’s no fun being in a curly drought! Luckily for you, there’s a brand new collection from African Pride that I absolutely must tell you all about. It’s called Moisture Miracle, and it truly lives up to its name!

Is your curly hair dry as a bone Then you need Moisture Miracle right now

Since arriving on my doorstep, I’ve been consistently using the African Pride Moisture Miracle Coconut Milk & Honey Leave-In Conditioner and Strengthen & Protect 5 Essential Oils from this collection for about three months. These two products help me care for my curls so easily! Both products saved my hair from being super dried out during my beach vacation, and they smell so lovely that I want to take them everywhere I go from now on.

I absolutely ?love ?this collection! And I know that you will, too.

Another favorite of naturalistas everywhere have been using to care for and style their hair is the Aloe & Coconut Water Pre-Shampoo. It’s one of the most raved about products in the collection due to its unique texture, ingredients, and effectiveness. Watch the video to learn more about it and the complementary products in the collection.

Is your curly hair dry as a bone Then you need Moisture Miracle right now

Here’s what comes in the African Pride Moisture Miracle collection that you’re going to be raving about for months to come:

Care & Style

Of course, I could go on and on about how much I love every item in this collection, but I’d rather give you other perspectives. So take a few moments to learn more about Moisture Miracle with some of my all-time favorite influencers: @iamtraeh@ohwendyoh, and @donedo!

I’ve been so excited to share this video and all these reviews with you because I want you to be one of the first people to try this collection. That’s right, friend. I want you to WIN the entire African Pride Moisture Miracle collection today!

African Pride Moisture Miracle Giveaway

Is your curly hair dry as a bone Then you need Moisture Miracle right now

All you have to do is enter your email address in the form below. It’s really just that simple!

Enter to win!

This post is sponsored by African Pride.

Is your curly hair dry as a bone Then you need Moisture Miracle right now

Feeling ready to try Moisture Miracle?

Great! Hop on over to SHOP NaturallyCurly today to give your curls the miracle treatment they deserve. Don’t forget to share the love with your curl friends because we can all use a little hydration and moisture help.

Got questions about this amazing collection?

Leave me a message in the comments and follow me on Instagram @gerilynhayes for updates. You know that I love hearing from you so let’s chat!

As ever, stay curly!

Is your curly hair dry as a bone Then you need Moisture Miracle right now
Give Onlookers Curl Envy with this Edgy Hairstyle

Are you ready to spice up your look, but you don’t have hours to fret with fighting frizz and taming curls?

Give Onlookers Curl Envy with this Edgy Hairstyle

Don’t let these cumbersome curly concerns stop you from updating your look. Simply pick up a few Bed Head by TIGI styling products at ULTA for the ultimate waves, curls, and ringlets revival!

To give you the best advice about keeping frizz to a minimum while maximizing your curl definition potential, we enlisted the help of professional TIGI stylist Philip Downing. Using Bed Head by TIGI products to give our model Hailey a serious edge, Downing shows us how to get salon-quality curls and volume in the Weekend Warrior: Top Bun and Braids infographic pictured below.

Check it out and save it to your “Tried Pins” board on Pinterest this weekend!


What makes this look different from your traditional top knot is the addition of messy, but still remarkably cute braids! There are five in Hailey’s hair. Braids bring visual intrigue and texture to this look and are a great way to make your concerts-and-after-parties weekend look a standout.

To get this edgy look, grab these styling products from ULTA today so you can get ready for the weekend:

Pro Tip by TIGI Stylist Philip Downing: Angle blowdryer nozzle downward as you move the heat along the length of your hair strands. This downward motion simultaneously shapes curls while preventing the hair strands’ cuticles from raising up and causing frizz!

Looking this good doesn’t have to cost you hours in the salon chair. All you need is TIGI!

Give Onlookers Curl Envy with this Edgy Hairstyle

Enter the Bed Head by TIGI Giveaway!

Want to WIN everything you need to get saucy looks? Enter the contest below to get the following from our friends at TIGI:

This giveaway begins on September 5, 2018 and ends on October 6, 2018!

Are you ready to rock and roll this weekend? We want to see you getting into the groove on IG so follow and tag @NaturallyCurly and @bedheadbytigi! Who knows? You might get a repost in our IG Stories!

There’s no need to wait for frizz-free, voluminous curls.

Buy yourself a set of TIGI styling products at ULTA today.

Give Onlookers Curl Envy with this Edgy Hairstyle

This post is sponsored by TIGI.

Photography by Brio Photography.

As ever, stay curly!

Does coconut oil have proteins in it?

At some point during your curl journey, you’re going to ask yourself this question:

Is something wrong with my hair? – You, me, and every curly person in the world ?

If you haven’t asked yourself this at least once since going natural, you’re fortunate and I want to know your secret. If you have asked this question, and have even thought of nagging follow-up questions to it, you’ve probably tried several “curly hair cures and “curl recipes” and other concoctions to get your hair texture in a healthy state.

Does coconut oil have proteins in it
Photo — Courtney Clayton

What if I told you that something as simple as understanding the difference between hair protein treatments and coconut oil application could make all the difference? Would you believe me? Well, stick with me for a few moments so you can 1″> wrap your mind, and curls, around protein treatments 2″> understand the power of coconut oil and 3″> figure out which of the two are best for your natural hair needs.

With the help of industry insiders like Ashley Rose and Sabrina Perkins, I’ll tell you which products you need to get soft, easy-to-style hair.

Does coconut oil have proteins in it
Photo — Samantha Geja

Does coconut oil have proteins in it?

First and foremost, take note that coconut oil does not contain proteins. While some oils do contain proteins, but those proteins are completely different from the ingredients in protein treatments.

Convoluted, I know. So, let’s get into the science. Take a moment to digest what natural hair expert Sabrina Perkins has to say about this:

“According to scientific consultant Yolanda Anderson, M.Ed., essential oils are created through distillation, which is a purification process that separates substances from one another via condensation or evaporation. Proteins are destroyed as their bonds are broken down during the process of distilling. Beyond distillation, proteins have even bigger issues than just the separating of the substances.”

Does coconut oil have proteins in it
Photo — Ayo Ogunseinde

So what does this mean for those of you who swear that coconut oil leaves your hair strands overwhelmingly dry and brittle?

It means that you may be using products that are formulated with coconut oil that has not been hydrolyzed. When oils are hydrolyzed, it’s a good thing! It means that oils have had the naturally occurring proteins separated from them.

This is especially important to understand for curlies who use co-washes as an alternative to shampoo and conditioner. You’ll want to ensure that you’re using a co-wash, like Coconut Restore Crème Conditioning Cleanser, that contains oils that have been hydrolyzed!

Does coconut oil have proteins in it
Photo — Thought Catalog

Protein Treatment or Coconut Oil for Hair: Which one do I need?

If you’re not sensitive to proteins and are wondering what the big deal is about removing them from oils like coconut or jojoba or from milk, you need to consider that those superfluous proteins simply aren’t doing your natural hair any favors. In fact, they just sit on top of your hair strands for an unnecessary amount of time (think: build up“>.

“Most proteins are too large to be effective, so hydrolysis is necessary for them to be broken down and absorb to your hair shaft, which is why the popular eggs and mayonnaise DIY protein treatments may not do what you think,” Perkins states, “It sounds complicated but the work is done for you in the lab when added to your hair products. It is a safe practice and widely used and accepted, so when you see it on a label know it is done to help strengthen your hair.”

This is good to know for every curly girl, but most especially if you’re sensitive to proteins (or suspect that you might be”>.  You’ll want to avoid proteins altogether and look for products that cotain pure essential oils.

Read more: Are you protein sensitive? Find out now! 

Does coconut oil have proteins in it
Photo — Jonas Ducker

Moisture-deficient curls need coconut oil

Intuition usually helps us curlies determine what our hair needs. So what if you’re truly at a loss when it comes to hair breakage and limp, lifeless curls? Well, I’d say that you need to take a quick hair strand test by placing one of your hair strands in a bowl of water, taking it out, stretching it and seeing what happens.

If the hair strand breaks easily when you attempt to stretch it, you definitely need to consider protein treatments to add strength to your stands (keep reading for more information“>. If the hair strand doesn’t show signs of elasticity or stretch, your hair is most like in need of moisture. To add moisture to your curls, introduce coconut oil-formulated products into your haircare and styling regimens. As we progress in this article, I’ll give you links to fantastic new products you’ll want in your regimen that are all olive and coconut oil-infused.

Even if you don’t have a moisture deficiency, I recommend the addition of coconut oil to everyone’s regimen. My stylist, Valincia Johnson at Hazel Beauty (Austin, TX”>, agrees and has encouraged me on several occasions to use Coconut Restore Styling & Setting Gelee when I’m not in her chair. 

Does coconut oil have proteins in it
Photo — Gustavo Souza

Brittle, breaking hair strands need protein treatments

Although our hair strands are more than 90 percent protein and amino acids, they can break down over time. Think about it: We regularly expose our curls to environmental damage such as too much sun, humidity, and even arid climates. For the sake of fashion, we color treat and dye our hair, causing the strands to break down and become porous. Some of us wear our protective styles too long.

All of these scenarios point to one thing: The protein that makes up the majority of your hair strand needs to be replenished from time to time.

Although you can probably tell that your hair strands need some kind of protein treatment, it’s best if you visit your stylist for a complete analysis and recommendation. Due to the natural hardening components of these treatments, I highly recommend that you seek a professional’s assistance because you do not want to mistakenly make your hair more brittle. 

Read more: Your Top 3 Protein Treatment Questions, Answered

Does coconut oil have proteins in it
Photo — Miguel Runa

Post-salon visit, you’ll want to maintain the integrity of your hair strands after they’ve been treated with keratin. In between visits, I recommend applying the Coconut Restore Keratin Intensive Repair Masque. This masque is especially beneficial for curlies who have fine-textured, medium-to-high porosity curls. It’s doubly magnificent for color treated hair because dyed curls are remarkably porous. To ensure that it’s reaching the cortex of every hair strand, I like to place a plastic shower cap over my masque-saturated curls for about 15-20 minutes to allow my natural body heat create a steam effect. 

Does coconut oil have proteins in it
Photo — Ian Dooley

Are you still curious about coconut oil-formulated products?

If you’ve had reservations in the past about coconut oil and its ability to make a difference to your natural hair, I understand. However, I’ve used it for years for wash and go’s, in between protective styles, and for my general haircare routine. If you’ve seen my curls over the years, you’d know that my hair has been growing rapidly and I can attribute most of this growth to this oil.

I definitely want you to reap the same benefits I have with this new Coconuts ‘n’ Curls Kit filled with Coconut Restore products. It costs $10 and includes a favorite product of both my stylist and me: Triple Butter Moisture Cream. I especially love it because the company is focused on giving all naturalistas the most organic styling experience possible.

Does coconut oil have proteins in it
Photo — Eye for Ebony

Naturally curly means making no chemical alterations to the hair’s natural texture,” Coconut Restore representative Ashley Rose told us when asked about serving our community with the best possible products for curly, textured hair, “We have seen women (and men!”> showing more confidence with their natural hair rather than feeling pressured to conform to others’ hair expectations.”

Rose also told us that she is listening to you. Yes, YOU! That’s why their products are so great for all us curlies.

“Our brands have used Naturally Curly as a resource to see what products are being talked about,” she explained, “We’ve also used the information available to help us understand what the consumer is looking for so that we are developing products that will resonate with the next generation of consumers.” 

How perfect is that? You and your curls are getting well-deserved care and attention from one this brand. Do you just love that? I sure do! That’s why I really can’t speak about these new products enough. Here is what comes inside the Coconut Restore Coconut ‘n’ Curls Styling Kit:

Does coconut oil have proteins in it

If you’d like to try these new coconut oil-formulated products, hop on over to SHOP NaturallyCurly for the Coconuts ‘n’ Curls Styling Kit today! It’s only $10 for 6 brand-new trial-sized products your curls are bound to love.

Does coconut oil have proteins in it
Photo — Thought Catalog

This post is sponsored by Coconut Restore.

If you found this feature helpful, share it with your curl friends! Or if you have questions about protein treatments and coconut oil for natural hair, leave me a message in the comments section. I respond relatively quickly so you won’t be left hanging.

As ever, stay curly!

It's Giveaway Time: You Can Win Curls Unleashed!

Are you ready to show the world your amazing curls?

Its Giveaway Time You Can Win Curls Unleashed
Photo — Calvin Lupiya

??‍♀️If you’re affirmatively nodding your head up and down, this may be your lucky day!

NaturallyCurly wants to give you the opportunity to flaunt those lovely curls and coils with another giveaway!

Its Giveaway Time You Can Win Curls Unleashed

This time, we’re proud to give you a chance to win two exceptional styling products from our friends at ORS:

Its Giveaway Time You Can Win Curls Unleashed
Photo — Lucas Lenzi

We’re so excited to give you the opportunity to win one of the premiere collections that will be featured at NaturallyCurly’s Texture on the Runway this year. We can’t wait to see the phenomenal hairstyles ORS sends down the runway!

Its Giveaway Time You Can Win Curls Unleashed
Photo — Clarke Sanders


In addition to these stellar styling products, you can also win a $15 gift card to Sally Beauty so enter to win right now!

Its Giveaway Time You Can Win Curls Unleashed

The ORS Curls Unleashed giveaway closes on August 29, 2018.

Submit your email via the Runway Moves: Texture on the Runway 2018 Giveaway entry form below for a chance to WIN products from the ORS Curls Unleashed collection!

Thanks for entering the giveaway, which is open to U.S. residents only, as per our Terms and Conditions.

Its Giveaway Time You Can Win Curls Unleashed
Photo — Ayo Ogunseinde

This Texture on the Runway giveaway is sponsored by ORS Curls Unleashed. 

As ever, stay curly!

Hydrating Bedtime Regimen: The Naturalista’s Guide to Great Hair

Every naturalista has specific hair care needs. After several painstaking nights of detangling and sectioning curls, applying layers curl creams to strands, and sealing ends with oil, you’ve finally got this whole bedtime routine down to a science. ??‍♀️Right? Only your results in the morning will tell!

In order to get great hair, you’ll want to use the right curly hair products for your texture type and curl pattern.

And today you have a chance to WIN the right products for your hair thanks to Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula. Keep reading for details!

Hydrating Bedtime Regimen The Naturalistas Guide to Great Hair

So, do you have a bedtime routine in place that simultaneously hydrates and nourishes every curly strand on your head?

With Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula you will not only have the best products for your thirsty curls, but you’ll also see amazing results as soon as you wake up in the morning! I’m going to tell you all about it below.

I also have some great information about Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula and will recommend the products I know you’ll love if you’re seeking to strengthen hair strands overnight — and who isn’t?

Keep reading to WIN products from the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula collection!

Hydrating Bedtime Regimen The Naturalistas Guide to Great Hair

Just so you all know, I will vouch for Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray’s amazing efficacy. You should, too. Read more to learn why.

FACT: Being an advocate for all things growth-related, I’ve been massaging the Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray into my scalp to stimulate hair growth at my hairline for the past couple of weeks.

I’m doing this because my obsession with protective styling will not curb itself, and I need to maintain and grow stronger edges! Since this oil spray contains peppermint oil, I figured that rubbing it into my scalp would help me maintain healthy follicles. And it has! So far, my edges are looking better than ever.

,0 1px 10px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.15″>; margin: 1px; max-width: 540px; min-width: 326px; padding: 0; width: calc(100% – 2px”>;” data-instgrm-captioned=”” data-instgrm-permalink=”” data-instgrm-version=”9″>

You can see for yourself on my Instagram @gerilynhayes. Woot woot! 

Watch the Palmer’s “Have You Tried This?!” video and WIN BIG!

There’s nothing I love more than a good maintenance and styling regimen. The following video shows you how to use Palmer’s products to get a cute Flexi-rod twist out overnight when you use Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Leave-In Conditioner, Cream Pudding, and Strong Root Spray.

Watch it now!

Hydrating Bedtime Regimen: The Naturalista’s Guide to Great Hair

For hair as stunning as Angelica’s, you’ll want to follow this bedtime regimen:

  1. If you’ve planned to style your hair on wash day, make sure you’re using the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack to strengthen and hydrate curls before you begin!
  2. Detangle your hair with either Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Leave-In or their Olive Oil Formula Leave-In. Both leave-ins are fantastic for adding slip to dense, coarse curls that need to be detangled with ease.
  3. Plenty of naturalistas skip this step but it is so important for every one of us to do: massage your scalp with a lightweight, nourishing oil. I recommend massaging Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray into your scalp’s follicles to facilitate consistent healthy hair growth. Also, this step is relaxing to do right before bed. But don’t get too comfy. Move on to the next step!
  4. Once hair is detangled and your scalp is massaged, prepare curls for overnight shaping with the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Curl Styler Cream Pudding. Rely on the porosity of your curls to determine how much cream you’ll need to put on your curls.
    1. NOTE: Angelica applied about a quarter-sized amount for each section of her curls, raking the pudding through with her fingers to ensure every curl was covered. You can do this or use a wide-toothed comb or Denman brush if you prefer.
  5. Now, it’s time to set your style! You’ll see that Angelica used flexi-rods—a curly girl staple—to get defined, beautiful curls all over. However, you can use whatever rollers and tools you’d like to achieve the look you desire.

Now that you’re all done, wrap up your style in your favorite satin bonnet or scarf and go to Sleepyhead Town. When you wake up, do the following:

  1. Unwrap your curls from their nighttime curly cocoon.
  2. Then, unravel your hair from the flexi-rods, rollers, or the protective style (braids, twists, Bantu knots, etc.”>.
  3. Next, you’ll want to add a natural sheen to your hair by spraying an oil to the roots of your hair. As demonstrated in the video, you can spritz the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray a few inches away from your roots on your curly strands. (I highly recommend this root spray for all textures for healthy scalp maintenance.”> However, if you’re like me—a 4C naturalista who cringes at the idea of immediate shrinkage when any liquid falls on her strands—you’ll want to spray this formula or the Olive Oil Formula Conditioning Spray directly onto your roots and immediately massage it in for best results!
  4. Gently separate curls with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb, focusing on lifting the roots for a full, voluminous shape.
  5. Get up and out the door!

Easy breezy, right? 

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Hydrating Bedtime Regimen The Naturalistas Guide to Great Hair

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Hydrating Bedtime Regimen The Naturalistas Guide to Great Hair

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