Spring Cleaning: When Is It Time To Get Rid Of Your Makeup?
Beautiful young Black woman holding facial cream bottle and applying it at home. Beauty and body care concept

We all have those products that are vital to our glam routines, and with the days being shorter and with much to do, cleaning or decluttering your makeup is probably on the back burner. As we head into March and the spring season is upon us, now is the perfect time to check out the expiration dates on those powders you’ve been using for a while. Not sure where to start? Scroll ahead for five beauty flags to look for when deciding whether to keep or trash it. 


Did you know that most liquid products can last from four months to a year? If your mascara, foundations, concealers, or eyeliners are drying up, starting to crack, or oozing oil after application, it’s time to throw it away. Still trying to figure it out? A sour aroma is the first and easiest flag to recognize. Ignoring these signs can form bacteria on your face and cause your makeup to look a bit cakey.


Powders can usually last up to two years with proper care. By spritzing some alcohol, the sanitation ensures your powder is clean to use every time. However, neglecting the cleanliness of your setting powder, eyeshadows, or blushes can lead to a white crust around the edges or crumbling, significantly if you alter the package’s environment by putting it in hot and humid settings.


Lip products, including glosses and lipsticks, have a lifespan from eight months to a year. While you can sanitize it with alcohol to increase its usage, a build-up of bacteria will inevitably alter the product’s structure, whether it turns into a mushy paste or a bad smell, which can cause inflammation or a cold sore.

Sponges & Brushes

Though sponges can last up to eight months, brushes could be everlasting. It’s recommended that both be cleaned once a week with a gentle cleanser and water. A few signs to note when it’s time to depart your brushes are if they don’t return to their original shape after washing or if their bristles are falling out more than usual.

Creating a routine to clean and clear your makeup may be helpful. Thursday nights are best for cleaning them so they’re dry for those night outs on the weekend. If you haven’t considered it, this is your sign to clean your makeup.